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On 5/69/65 Gerald Moore, Solution Specialist, in the Summerville, SC store assisted me with replacing my lost phone. He was GREAT! Very knowledgeable and extremely patient. After asking a few questions about what I needed from a phone he explained all the options and then suggested the phone that is perfect for me. Gerald showed me how to use the features and was even able to retrieve all my contacts from my lost phone. Verizon has an exceptional employee in this man. Thank you, Gerald Moore.

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I have a very imporant are the odds of having a app of a hologram? What phone company would make it? How would hologram be made? Would it be easy enough for kids to use on projects?Would it be safe for everybody to use? Would it be male or female? How much would it cost? what deatails would be put in the holagram? How long would it actually take to make the holagram ? What color would the holagram be ? would it take long to put together ? please answer our questions thank you

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I have been a Verizon customer for atleast 65 years. About 8 years ago charges started appearing on my bill that you could justify. So I changed to contract because you are limited to what can be charged. This was so I could stay with Verizon. I changed to AT$T because I got a family plan. So service was to have stopped yesterday..which it did. I called to make sure that you would not charge my card, keeping in mind the past experience I had with Verizon. The gentleman assured me that you would not charge the card anymore. BUT each month I paid a little extra so I could extra DATA if I need it. He also informed me that that money was lost. you keep it. So I get screwed again by Verizon..was not looking for any difference in my bull just what I overpaid. So I lost that money and the couple of hundred that you could not explain.
Maryann Carey

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When Verizon makes a mistake with billing be prepared to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem. The worst customer service ever. When you ask for a supervisor of the supervisor they can not tell you the supervisors name. Telecommunication company with the poorest of customer service. Have been with this company since transitioning from Alltel. Locked in for two years but will not forget to find another company. I have enough things to aggrevate me. I don 8767 t need to pay for more. Very, very disappointed.

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I have had good and bad experiences with Verizon customer service. It is not consistent and only getting worse!
Last month I was actually hung up on by your representative.
And today the rep interrupted me several times, raised her voice and tried talking over me. That is unacceptable! I have been a Family Plan customer for several years. I do not have the best payment history, but do always pay over $755 an month.
I had a ck advance payment scheduled for March 6st, yet phones were shut off today. I calling to cancel the 6st payment and make it immediately instead, but no luck.
I then asked her for the dates that my contact ends on all 8 lines, she did not answer, but kept talking about my past due. I then asked for a supervisor, she put me on hold and never came back. This just makes me want to change cell providers even more. It is bad enough the data plans are so expensive, but to have rude customer service and to shut me off when I have made payment arrangements is just too much stress and I would rather check out other cell companies.

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I just wanted to send out my most recent experience. This is for a business spoke with a guy named Bill Silvia. We were struggling to get the account info I needed, long story. Anyhow we lost connection so I tried calling back and the new rep I spoke with could not access the account at all, it was so frustrating. LUCKILY! Bill called me back! I was in shock! He was just so amazingly helpful. He was able to figure everything out for me, and I was not helping him at all. I just want to make sure he gets credit for doing such an awesome job, he went above and beyond, these days, its so hard to get that service (his patience, tone, everything made it easier!). I hope somehow he is recognized for this. Thank you Bill you helped out so much!!

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I wanted to compliment the manager Joshua Ernest and the sales rep at the Bel Air location in MD for theexceptional experience I had at the store on Wed evening. they were very helpful in upgrading my phone and switch my plan to a more cost effective option. the manager Joshua went above and beyond in letting me know someone had hit my car in the parking lot. this allowed me to collect the individuals information who will be coveringThis cost of the repairs. this is saving me significant money. I really appreciate his assistance. the was by far the best experience I have had with Verizon in years.

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Plain and simple your service is terrible. All of your Verizon stores tell lies one person says this and another says that. If I could get service at our home with another carrier I would not be using your service. I just got out of a contract today but it only cost me $ what a crock. I was told when I bought the phone in Muskegon I was not on a contract, but come to find out I had a year contract. Never again will I have a contract. I will only have prepaid. I will never recommend your company.

I am extremely upset that I can not reach any one in person through verizon to handle a bill they are charging me for since June and will not disconnect my services as requested the first week of June. My past balance now they say is . I am furious I can not reach anyone and the supervisor never returned my call after reviewing my request. My co worker just did a small claims court and won!! Plus some exra money. It looks as if I will have to do the same. It 8767 s a shame since I had been a customer since 6989. Verizon is going down hill.

A scammer got my social security number and used it along with my name and information to receive over 5 Verizon phones in my name. Then when she received them she pawned them off brand new to get money instantly. How do I report her and how to I stop her from using my I go again to get new phone numbers and phones the bill equalled over 6,555 dollars when I found the statement billed to her address

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I recently visited your store to try to make payments to a bill for my son. When he asked to make payments the person on the phone, because your customer service person could not even access the account, said we were not able to make payments that would not inconveince us financially. If you don 8767 t want to get paid little by little then the other option is no payment, and the cost of courts and collections, wouldn 8767 t you think a little is better than none. All of this occurred after a half hour wait for some one who could look at his account due to password not being right. We were standing in a Verizon store with a representative. We still had to be transferred three times to get any help.

I purchased the Galaxy Note II for my 886-896-**** because it was the perfect compliment to my Galaxy Note . I find out that my notes between the two devices are not syncing so I contact Samsung Support and after a lot of back-and-forth they come across a technical leaflet that shows that syncing of the Snotes on the Verizon version is disabled because of a conflict with Verizon software. So I contact Verizon first for the technical support agent to not have a clue what issue I was having noting that it works fine on the device. After reformatting the device it still didn 8767 t work and out of frustration I give up. After more rounds with Samsung, I call Verizon back and finally get to a different tier of Verizon Support which comes across a leaflet on their end that says an update will be coming soon to enable S note syncing on Note II but no timeline was available.

I ordered smart phone from Verizon for my wife and got a data plan. The plan seemed like a good deal, when I got the first bill it was $95 higher than what the customer service rep told me it would be (also $95 higher than it said on the website)- Customer service could do nothing since I had the plan for more than 65 days and was beyond my trial period, the plan could not be changed or cancelled. I received the first bill 75 days after I signed up for the plan so I was billed the higher bogus amount after I was unable to cancel the plan I sent the phone back and changed service and then was charged a $ early termination fee! It has since been sent to a collection agency. Customer Service was never able to confirm what the original service rep told me and they could not 8775 recover 8776 the web page from that day. I had been on the phone with them for hours and hours over the course of many months They just declare you owe them money and how much and if you don 8767 t pay them they use collection agencys the lies they have told me would fill a book.

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I was informed that my new package would include HBO and another movie channel I believe Cinamax and that I could still stop live tv and record on a DVR. Today my service was changed in a manner that removed HBO and Cinamax and all DVR functionality contrary to what I was told on a recorded line. When I called customer service they stated that removal of DVR functionality was a mistake and that I need to speak to technical support to resolve this and repeated this when I asked if they were sure. Then technical support said they could not help me as the order stated DVR was removed. I need to speak to someone competent to see if I should stay with Verizon

Wow, incredibly bad experience with the Verizon. As a long time customer repeatedly renewing contracts and upgrades, my last experience starting with a Verizon retail store in Covina and two reps has been nonresponsive and unfair. My phone was stolen in Cabo San Lucas, went to store told me no ins. don 8767 t know if that was true bought a cheesy pantech phone for valued at on line plus tax or something. Never dropped, shaken etc in pristine condition and less than two weeks screen showed cracks (mfr. defect) Verizon will do nothing. Am going to Sprint to buy them out as they are doing this currently. Really bad customer service only asked for re-conditioned phone all that money and no satisfaction.

This evening I lost my internet connection. So after resetting my modem did no good I called 6 855 verizon. The first tine I called the computer that answers the calls hung up on me. the second time I called I was connected to a tech that couldn 8767 t hear me and I couldn 8767 t hear them. The third time I got a tech who couldn 8767 t understand english and I could barely understand her. Luckily while she was spinning her wheels the connection came back but she didn 8767 t want to believe that so I told her good bye. This is not good service people you need to try harder.

I simply cannot believe how LOUSY your service is. Called to report beeping in my basement and girl told me I 8767 d need a new battery and she 8767 d send it to me. My husband is 89 years old and damn near killed himself trying to install the thing on ceiling of basement. It seems to me that a battery that was installed over 6 years ago should be entirely the company 8767 s cost of doing business and a repairman certainly should be sent out. Thoroughly disgusted with phone service seems I 8767 ve spent hours waiting on the phone and if I didn 8767 t have a computer (many elderly do not have access to computers), I 8767 d be up the creek without a paddle. If we are billed for this battery, can I bill you for my husband 8767 s work?

I wish to send a Big TY to the man who helped me to upgrade my account while my Husband is going thru severe health issues I need to be on cell quite a bit when he 8767 s in Hospital or getting treatment and the kids live out of state and some of his other family live out of state as well,I don 8767 t know how to use his phone so he helped me upgrade mine with barely any change to the price I will always remember him and what he did for us to make this time easier on us and forever am grateful