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Don’t let the appearance deceive you! Phil is not a female minion by any chance. Phil is a male minion who dresses up like a maidservant. Phil only appears in “Despicable Me 7”. He was happily vacuuming the foyer when the doorbell rang. He goes to answer the doorbell and sees Dr. Nefario, Gru’s old henchman. But little does he realize that he was there to kidnap him and the other minions. Phil is a cleanliness freak. He freaks out even if he sees a speck of dirt on the floor. This habit of Phil makes him unpopular with the other minions.

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John is a small, two-eyed minion with short hair. In Despicable Me 7, John acts like a boss of the working minions to make the jelly. He inspects how well the minions make the jam. Jerry asks Donny and another minion to carry the fruits for the jelly. In anger, he breaks a glass of jelly because it tastes terrible. It makes the other minions scream at him. A few scenes later, El Macho kidnaps John and turns him into an evil minion. The antidote mixed jelly cures all the minions except John. Then Steve helps John to get back to normal by throwing the remaining jelly at him. He immediately turns back to normal.

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I think people are getting hung up on the phrase 8775 working off the clock, 8776 when I think it means that Cathy is just using flex time. Say she is getting paid for working 8 hours. She works a couple of hours, then spends an hour with her son homeschooling him at the library. Then works for another hour, then spends half an hour with him. Then spends an hour and a half working, then another hour with him. Then another two hours working, then goes home. Then works the hours left at home that night after her son goes to bed. It 8767 s not that she 8767 s not being paid probably it 8767 s that she 8767 s being allowed to work on her own schedule.

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I 8767 ll go along with you in terms of not being able to give a child a high-quality education this way. But that sadly does not mean that it 8767 s necessarily going to be better within the school system. I homeschool one of my kids, and have been fighting the school district tooth and nail to get the other what she needs, and that 8767 s just for kids who are exceptionally bright which IS a special need, though not under the government 8767 s definition it 8767 s just a relatively easy one to deal with. They 8767 re not even doing that, except when I force them and I can 8767 t always successfully force them.


The library in the town I grew up in had a little cafe in the same building you had to go out into the main lobby to access it, which meant that you couldn 8767 t just casually have a snack or a drink and read a book because you would have had to check out the book(s) first if you didn 8767 t want to set off the security alarms. But it was there, and there wasn 8767 t anything saying you couldn 8767 t check a book out, go have lunch at the cafe and read while you ate, and then check the book back in once you were done reading and eating.

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I know I 8767 m late to the party, but I find the 8775 taxpayers pay your salary 8776 argument really possessive? entitled, maybe? I 8767 m having trouble with just the right word here. It feels like a weird justification for everyone in the world to be able to judge your performance and workplace accommodation. It 8767 s often better and more efficient for an organization, any organization, to have well-qualified, desirable employees working at it, and the public sector often has trouble attracting those people because it is really hard to offer comparable salaries and accommodations to people because the regulations can be suffocating. So to look at a specific arrangement that we have limited information about and cry 8775 public waste 8776 is weird to me. The OP said that before Mark showed up, Cathy was doing well with her unconventional arrangement.

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The minions coloring page shows Dave running with a banana in one hand and apple in another. Minions totally love bananas. The mere sight of bananas can lead to a complete chaos. Another favorite food of the minions is apples. The coloring page shows an apple tree and a banana tree in the background. It clearly suggests that Dave has stolen these fruits from the trees and is running fast, so that nobody catches him.

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I am just stunned that people in positions of management don 8767 t manage. This situation is only continuing because the manager is a total doofus. No one likes confrontation but an employee who has abused the good graces of the employer this dramatically needs to be confronted. The first time this happened, she should have been told that she cannot socialize with Fergus at work, cannot entertain his son with her son, and that the lap sitting was appallingly non -professional. And the second time this occurred she should have been fired. This is gross abuse of having been given special accommodations.

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Disagreed I think it 8767 s completely possible to have genuine consideration for someone 8767 s perspective and still think they 8767 re wrong. The end result of empathy isn 8767 t always a middle ground. I don 8767 t want to get onto dicey political ground, but I think this is a common fallacy these days: that if you just understood the other person 8767 s side of it, you 8767 d be more willing to compromise.

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Stuart is one of the main minions from the “Despicable Me” series. He is a short, one-eyed minion with combed hair. Stuart is a playful, funny, friendly and intelligent minion. You can also say he is one of the most sincere and innocent of all the minions. But he seems to have a rebellious attitude too. Stuart is always hungry. He once also tried to eat Kevin and Bob, thinking they are bananas. He also attempted to eat a yellow fire hydrant, thinking it as a banana as well. In “Despicable Me”, Gru appoints Stuart to watch over Agnes, Margo, and Edith. And he does a pretty good job at it. Stuart also has a crush on Lucy Wilde. Your little one will love adding colors to this minion coloring page.

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RIGHT?! And again, if it were a random patron coming in and giving homeschooling to their kid while working remotely on their laptop or something , then it might not be anybody 8767 s business as some other posters commented. But as the manager has specifically given Cathy permission to do this while working it becomes the collective workplace 8767 s business. If the manager clearly isn 8767 t going to do something about it, a coworker should

But here 8767 s the thing about working off the clock. As long as the employer is content, out can spend all the time you want twiddling your thumbs and doing nothing. As long as the employee is content (and Cathy has a massively unorthodox accommodation in place) they won 8767 t sue over the 8775 off the clock 8776 work. Everyone is acting as though Cathy is doing fifteen hours of work a day that she 8767 s not paid for but a) we have no idea how much work she is being paid for if her employer is happy to pay her 79 hours a week for 75 hours of work, then she owes them in a strict accounting of work done/work paid and b) that 8767 s not what the OP wrote in about anyway. The off the clock work is only an issue if (and I haven 8767 t seen this addressed thus far) Cathy is justifying her crappy behaviour with Mark by telling herself she 8767 ll finish the XYZ program work off the clock when he 8767 s not around to canoodle with, and I 8767 m making a massive assumption that she has ANY mental justification of her actions going on there.

This was how I felt going into a new age / religious store that I 8767 d looked up on the internet and was really excited to check out. The owner took 65 minutes with one client while I wandered around trying to find something, not even acknowledging me. He was nice and friendly when he did finally get to me and directed me to another shop when he didn 8767 t have what I wanted, but the total lack of interaction and acknowledgement and feeling like I was stepping into someone 8767 s home and interrupting for 65 minutes was really uncomfortable, so I left a lukewarm review on Yelp.

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As far as the LW is concerned, I would urge her to be blunt with Cathy when she gets physical with Mark. Simply saying, that 8767 s not appropriate and makes patrons uncomfortable. However, LW, this isn 8767 t your problem to solve. If you manager won 8767 t confront Cathy, you can 8767 t really fix that. If you are close, you might mention that this could jeopardize her job, but after you say that once, than I think you are out of options. I wish you so much luck and I can 8767 t imagine how uncomfortable this is making you.

If people feel unwelcome to post their opinion because other people might disagree with them, they have some personal issues that need to be addressed. You 8767 re kind of an example. We 8767 ve all considered your words, we just don 8767 t agree with them. But you just keep dismissing our consideration as not good enough because we aren 8767 t unequivocally agreeing with you. You really don 8767 t seem to handle disagreement very well.

Her being a single mom with a special needs child is not a reason to keep an employee who 8767 s engaging in wildly inappropriate behavior, getting upset with her boss when her boss tries to correct that behavior, and trying to go above the boss 8767 s head. I 8767 m not saying that firing is necessarily the way to go, but Cathy 8767 s single mom status and special needs child shouldn 8767 t be a factor. I would feel different if the trouble she was having actually stemmed from being a single mom or having a special needs child like she has a lot more absences than other employees or can 8767 t be flexible when it comes to working late or on weekends. But plenty of single moms know how to behave appropriately at work.

I know exactly what you mean. At my son 8767 s first play school, the owners / teachers were very friendly with a lot of the moms dropping their kids (it was mostly moms). They pretty much ignored me besides a cursory wave. I wasn 8767 t there to chat but it was uncomfortable. Even if I needed to speak one of them about my son, I 8767 d have to wait for them to finish socialising, often just standing there making polite but futile attempts to catch their attention. It made me feel that this was a hobby for them, not something they took very seriously, and I removed my son from that school to somewhere far more professionally run.

Exactly. I 8767 ve worked numerous retail jobs at stores where my friends shopped. While my bosses generally didn 8767 t have a problem with my friends being there, there were also specific professional ways to handle it, which basically was 8775 if I had work to do they could go shop in another section 8776 and 8775 customers take the priority at all times, 8776 etc. I would never even imagine PDAs at work, even on days when my boyfriend would come to pick me up and come in the store. You can speak to your friends, even talk with them if work is slow. But she 8767 s obviously crossed a line and it 8767 s just inappropriate, and would be at basically any business.

Allison, I hope you 8767 ll come back and take a fresh look at these comments again some time. It really is a perfect example of the problem being discussed. Someone brought up an idea outside the mainstream. In response, people said they didn 8767 t have the same problem, suggested it 8767 s just a perception issue, and talked about how much better this comment section is than the internet at large. What nobody did was address the subject as though the OP could be correct. Since when do we need to agree with someone to take their concern seriously? The reaction not from you, but from some others seems weirdly defensive to me. I think this was intended in a constructive manner, to bring up something that several people see happening before it becomes a problem that everyone sees. I 8767 m not saying it needs some major effort to resolve. Just maybe keep an eye on the responses to comments that take a different perspective from the majority, especially if they come from less frequent commenters to get a feel for how much they actually engage with the content of the post.