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Like a bright flower blossoming in the heart of Paris, Le Narcisse Blanc is a contemporary pleasure dome where guests can breathe the magic of the French capital.

Situated between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, this 5-star hotel and spa casts an incredible view to the Seine and the most majestic Parisian buildings from its bohemian terraces. Le Narcisse Blanc offers the proper Art de Vivre feeling through its cozy sitting rooms, luxurious spa with swimming pool, hydrotherapy massage jets and sauna and last but not least its 87 spacious bedrooms and suites in silky champagne tones.

Designed in luxurious and refreshing taste by "Laurent & Laurence", the hotel creates a perfect balance between Art Nouveau and Art Deco that are fused with contemporary elements, serving as an homage to the perfect Parisian lifestyle. Because, in the words of Victor Hugo “Respirez Paris, preserve l’âme”.

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Over the past six months or so, a dear friend of mine for forty years, an Orthodox Priest whom I respect and who is beloved of my heart, a man of infinite wisdom, patience, a gifted pastor, and himself a counsel to his brother priests contacted me because he had a similar situation. I cannot adequately convey to you the enormous suffering of the mother, her child, and my friend, yet you are so cavalier and unfeeling (and heaven knows how Mr. Michalopulos is able to complain we have 8775 been so feminized, 8776 so detached we are from our feelings) as to consider the base instincts of a mother the confusion and fear of the child and the anguish only felt by a pastor and spiritual counsel when seeking the lost sheep, but the breed is nothing like he 8767 d ever expected. And it was here I reassured him, the overwhelming number of adolescents resolve these issue with no intervention whatsoever. This much we know.

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You have to admit, there is a certain realness to this blog. These are real people honestly expressing their real opinions on things. Sometimes it gets ugly. Personally, I believe the worst thing for people is to become enclosed into their own personal safe spaces, whether they be conservative safe spaces, liberal safe spaces, or just plain safe spaces. George is willing to post most of what people want to share and engage discussion on. I don 8767 t always agree with what George posts, and he probably doesn 8767 t always agree with what I post, but I appreciate his willingness to facilitate discussion.

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Nick Cave began creating his Soundsuit series in an attempt to process his trauma associated with the 6997 Los Angeles riots. These full-body, wearable sculptures act as symbols of endurance and a form of protection by obscuring all signs of the wearer’s race, gender, age, sexual identification and class. Bearing some resemblance to African ceremonial costumes, Cave’s Soundsuits are made from everyday materials sourced largely from flea markets, including dyed human hair, plastic buttons, beads and feathers. They are joyous and spectacular, reminiscent of a marching band in procession. Cave’s Soundsuits rattle and resonate when worn in performance.

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To be clear: I 8767 m not objecting in any way to the essential truths of the Christian tradition 8767 s millennial teaching about human sexuality. It 8767 s just that stupid, ignorant, generally malicious and almost always hypocritical poseurs and religious charlatans pretending to be teachers are the other side of the coin in this cultural decay. You draw one another out of the void. You are brothers.

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Actually, Brian, I do believe, or hope, that many Orthodox Christians are members of Christ 8767 s Mystical Body, together with some Catholics, Jews, Protestants and others probably Muslims and Buddhists, too, and so forth. It 8767 s just that I see scant evidence of His Real Presence in many of y 8767 all , judging from what we can read here. Though you clearly would have others think so, by your profession and association, and are constantly sending out virtue signals to that end. But talk is cheap, as they say.

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Such is the madman of experience he is commonly a reasoner, frequently a successful reasoner. Doubtless he could be vanquished in mere reason, and the case against him put logically. But it can be put much more precisely in more general and even æsthetic terms. He is in the clean and well-lit prison of one idea: he is sharpened to one painful point. He is without healthy hesitation and healthy complexity. 8776 ~ G. K. Chesterton

So, I 8767 m unsure as to what we are disagreeing on. As a parent, you 8767 d want to keep open communication with a child/teen who expresses to you that they feel they are gay, you 8767 d want to keep him in your sight and prayers, guide him by continuing to bring him to services, confiding in a parish priest & staying involved in The Church. And, yes, as a parent try to walk with him through this extremely challenging and confusing time. (Substitute 8775 her 8776 for 8775 him, 8776 and the same applies)

8775 This is the age of the “postmodern self,” an amalgam of symbolic interchanges and interpretations that aren’t anchored or rooted in an organic, authentic way of life any more: everything is an interpretation, a choice, a preference, an unfolding of the individual as he or she sees fit to “create.” As an academic, surely she is aware of the vision of humanity presented in the Church’s theology. Why not guide one to its discovery? 8776

Availability  -  ''Availability''  is one of the primary heuristics or ''nudges'' identified by Kahneman and Tversky, and is featured in Nudge theory by Thaler and Sunstein. ''Availability'' refers (rather misleadingly) to the  perceived popularity or rarity of something , which is significant in people''s (heuristic, unreliable) assessment of its credibility, level of threat/opportunity, social acceptance, etc. An alternative broad name for this heuristic or nudge is ''visibility'' or ''commonness''.

However, whatever one 8767 s thoughts on that may be, that isn 8767 t the issue I found interesting. It seems to me obviously, I could be wrong that Sister Vassa is a 8775 phenomenon 8776 created by our mediated world. Her podcasts are funny at times, self-conscious and ironic, and carefully crafted on one level. She has become a 8775 personality, 8776 a youtube star of sorts. Whether consciously or not, she draws on cultural and religious symbols that, given the media of the Internet and the relation between 8775 the watched 8776 and 8775 the watcher, 8776 make it seem like she is playing a part a simulation of sorts. And this, I would argue, is at odds with monasticism.

(A pompous king is persuaded by mischievous tailors that a ''magnificent'' expensive suit they have produced for him can only be seen by clever people, when in fact there is no suit at all, so the king is in fact naked. The king, his courtiers, and crowds, are all tricked into agreeing that the king''s suit is wondrous, even though the king is naked, because each person does not dare to appear to be stupid - except eventually a small boy, unaware of the tailors'' claims, who exposes the sham.)

Shinjuku Station in Tokyo is the world’s busiest train station, and the subject of Yamagami Yukihiro’s installation Shinjuku calling, 7569. The work consists of two parts: a meticulous pencil drawing of a streetscape provides the surface onto which the video is projected. The drawing depicts an external view of the station, with pedestrian crossings, elevated railway tracks and neon-adorned buildings, and the video projects ghostly footage of passing pedestrains, trains and traffic, as well as the changing light as day passes into night. The work fuses into a complex, multifaceted evocation of place imbued with a melancholic sense of transience.

To Saunca, It is not just the homosexuals called to repentance but all of us. The call to chastity is for the teen, for the divorced, for the widowed, for the aged and also for the married at times. There is loneliness found in all these situations. Following Christ often means loneliness because the gate is straight and the way narro, wide enough for but one Church provides profound brotherly love, but, it is Christ the Bridegroom who is the Friend that sticks closser than a brother. However, this is experienced in repentance, in the very lonely cross of forsaking the Wor!d for Christ. The Cburch cannot offer other. God help us toward true repentance so that we may be enlightened and found well pleasing before the Lord. 8775 Ye are my friends if ye keep my words. 8776 we all are called to turn from sin. Forgive me.

Every remedy is a desperate remedy. Every cure is a miraculous cure. Curing a madman is not arguing with a philosopher it is casting out a devil. And however quietly doctors and psychologists may go to work in the matter, their attitude is profoundly intolerant—as intolerant as Bloody Mary. Their attitude is really this: that the man must stop thinking, if he is to go on living. Their counsel is one of intellectual amputation. If thy head offend thee, cut it off for it is better, not merely to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a child, but to enter it as an imbecile, rather than with your whole intellect to be cast into hell—or into Hanwell.

The list of sins not accepted by our culture at large, is near zero. 8775 Churches 8776 that simply put a cross on a building, does not make it a Christian Church. Hell government sanctioned murder(abortion) has never really offended the culture, and millions killed in wars are cool, so long as our flag is The Righteous Flag, and I 8767 m not talking about Religious wars. Welcome to the dark side, awaiting The Light.

Following the herd  -  ''Following the herd''  is a Thaler and Sunstein ''nudge'' which basically means  conforming  to a group view or behaviour/behavior. This may be due to the need to be affirmed/validated to feel powerful (strength in numbers), or the attraction of being part of mob rule. There are other causes, and this is a very significant heuristic in group and societal behaviour. It relates to the  spotlight effect.

In this regard, Sr. Vassa is as much a celebrity, a media personality (albeit on the Internet) as other 8775 characters 8776 presented through various media. She carries with her an array of semiotic markers that assign her a place much like we interpret Charlie Rose, Jimmy Fallon, or Flo the Progressive Insurance lady according to formulas provided by mutually reinforcing exchanges between culture, celebrity, and media. She is ironic, self-effacing, and adept at her self-conscious borrowings of pop culture to inject humor into her style. She is, in short, an expression of this age of the virtual where things seem to be a simulation of a simulation (thank you, Baudrillard.) As an academic, surely she is aware of the vision of humanity presented in the Church 8767 s theology. Why not guide one to its discovery? Why reinforce the idea of the postmodern self and, in a subdued way, the Foucaultian idea of the 8775 deployment of alliance 8776 and the 8775 deployment of sexuality 8776 ? Perhaps the medium is the message

(One quite interesting example among the exempt: We clearly recall Fr. Webster’s publicly expressed fondness for the anonymous Misha and, implicitly, his extremist, not to say utterly treasonous, views, a poster and featured essayist here whom he wished to contact privately, and meet in person. And Archpriest Webster mischaracterizes me as incendiary! That cyber-rendezvous made quite an impression, and I doubt only on me! Another now-ROCOR clerical poster here, a Deacon . Mitchell, who once served at the DC OCA cathedral, was also most eager to meet up with this objectively radical, anti-democratic and pro-autocratic extremist. Mr. Mitchell practically made a public date with him. It 8767 s all on the public record.)

Accordingly if you seek to understand Thaler and Sunstein''s work first-hand, or to research and extract from the original Thaler-Sunstein source material, then you should obtain their book ''Nudge'', and also explore Kahneman and Tversky''s earlier work. If you extract/quote from this article please clarify in the citation that the extract is taken from this article/webpage, (which is therefore a ''secondary source'' in terms of the theories of Thaler, Sunstein, Kahneman and Tversky). Like any review this article is open to debate as to how precisely it interprets and represents the original (Thaler-Sunstein/Kahneman-Tversky) work, and this is especially so because of the adaptive and developmental nature of this article.