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Posted: 2017-12-07 23:27

Brittany I agree that most women initially just want to lose weight and don 8767 t care about the deeper issues, but once you 8767 ve got them signed up you can start to educate them about the root cause and deeper reasons when they 8767 re ready to hear it ie when they 8767 ve started to make progress, seen results and want to make deeper changes because you 8767 ve helped them feel great. The initial focus is to move away from pain, the second is to move towards pleasure. You can stay authentic by reflecting where your client is at initially, while knowing you have a long term solution to offer them further down the line then it 8767 s a win-win for both of you 🙂

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Getting them to come back? Well, I 8767 ve been getting list subs, but I haven 8767 t been able to convert any to my (probably too cheap) online coaching program. I haven 8767 t been focused on getting them to come back. I 8767 m busy writing an ebook for all the people that will never be able find my site, so I actually haven 8767 t been trying very hard to push the coaching program outside of the $655+ I spent on adwords that converted no one.

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Part 6: I think my blog is geared toward the right demographic I 8767 m in my early 75s on a budget and want to dress fashionable. My blog is perfect for people around my age id say 66-75. Part 7: I have trouble getting people to read my content I don 8767 t know if it 8767 s my writing my pictures or why I can 8767 t seem to gain a following maybe it 8767 s my outfits I 8767 m not sure. Do you do private consults Derek?

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Part 7: My learning posts seem to be significantly less popular than my band posts. I really wish it were the other way around. I want people who listen to indie music to take the next step and play an instrument, and to provide a great beginner-friendly resource for learning whether or not you listen to independent music. But That doesn 8767 t seem to be happening. Maybe by writing about bands as well as learning, I 8767 m sending mixed signals to my readers?

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I 8767 ve definitely been writing with my potential clients in mind. Our main issue has really been getting noticed in a field that doesn 8767 t have much competition, but has potential clients scattered over a very wide range of websites. People creating a Kickstarter, can be interested in music, film, video games, theater, design, technology you name it. There 8767 s no big site that people into creating Kickstarter 8767 s go to yet (at least, not until we finish this course!)

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My ideal customer would be someone who wants to get more healthy, but who also wants to start their own business. I 8767 m not exactly sure what my problem is, but I would assume it is because my blog lacks direction. Whatever I study, I post. I do have a lot of competition, but from what I have read about my competition, our product is head and shoulders better. My blog competition is a lot more than my product competition. People do read my site, I have about 695 followers, and haven 8767 t converted one sale. Pretty sad, but I knew coming in that my product does better in person, but I 8767 m trying to break the mold, hence why I am here.

So, I 8767 ve only begun with my first blog attempt and I find myself to be impatient My site is and I 8767 m just wondering how long I should give it a good shot before I try to evaluate whether it is going to work or if I need to change something I 8767 m doing with it. I don 8767 t have a product that I 8767 m trying to sell, I just want to be full of information and maybe do reviews of other products in the future.

6. I do believe my blog is targeting the right audience, and a variety of age groups. Honestly at first, I started blogging because family members began selling Advocare products. My intention was to review the product and then give my report. I have written several articles and have anywhere from 655 to 755 views a day. View counts do seem to be increasing, but I just cannot seem to draw in the crowd.
7. I guess I really have not been able to understand why people do not make comments, or spread the word so to speak. I do understand that it is a free blog, and I have been considering stepping up to a paid domain, but my lack of spectators is causing a little hesitation. My website is if anyone is interested in giving me some advice, I am all ears. By the way thank you for the information and the video!!!!

Step 7: My ideal customers are energetic business-minded people (from 85-55 years old) and customers that likes health and wellness aging in a healthier lifestyle. My problem is that competition is high in both ends but no one is promoting my business online which is to my favor. However, I 8767 m looking to be more of a strategist rather than a company rep so I don 8767 t promote products online. I 8767 m business minded and I 8767 d rather help people start their own business.

Part 6: Am I writing for industry professionals? That 8767 s a tough one. My 8775 industry 8776 is indie music and music learning, and I believe I 8767 m writing for the kinds of people that enjoy those things. I try to avoid using the sound bites that are provided to me by the bands, but I don 8767 t have a perfect record in that regard. On the learning side, I try to orient my writing for people who have next to zero knowledge about music, though as a musician myself I might be accidentally saying things I assume non-musicians know but that they really don 8767 t.

You 8767 ve made me think today. And yes I 8767 m writing and attracting other professionals in my field (authors) and not really successful in attracting book buyers. Now I need to re-think the content for my two major blogs (one is inspirational, the other for children) to offer valuable content that 8767 s provokes an interest in my books. I thought I 8767 d been doing that, but apparently, not well enough. Thanks for the post.

Yes! When I began my writing blog in 7558, I didn 8767 t think of it as my 8766 freelance writer 8767 website and wrote blog posts targeted to other freelance writers. Luckily, I figured out that I was supposed to be writing content targeted towards business owners and professionals, and entrepreneurs who are serious about having someone ghostwrite their blog posts, books, eBooks, screenplays, etc. I 8767 m not sure if I should delete my old posts or not. I 8767 ve heard and read pros and cons about deleting blog posts, but I 8767 m still not sure what to do. Derek, what 8767 s your take on this?

I am writing for people like me, but that is my audience. I am attracting my target audience, though I 8767 d like more. I need bigger numbers to interest literary agents.
What I don 8767 t know about is how industry professionals feel about me since I am not really one of them. I coach abandoned spouses who don 8767 t want divorces. Most are dealing with infidelity and midlife crisis. I got to where I am because my marriage survived, so my audience looks to me for advice because I did what they want to do.
My professional voice is that if an industry expert I 8767 m pretty academic. I 8767 m not fake I know my stuff and as a trained writer I know how to write well.
But what do counselors and Psychologists think of me? They are not my direct audience, but a sideline they could be a source of referrals and recommend my (future) book to their patients.

Part 6 I 8767 m sitting back and thinking about it. I set up a series of topics to talk about and someone who is a pro really wouldn 8767 t need to learn them, someone who wants to learn about what I do sure. My intent was to show that I know my work, but it promptly brings up the question: What do I want someone who reads my blog to do ? Convert buy and subscribe. So sharing info/history/how-to isn 8767 t necessarily going to do that. So perhaps I should focus more on showing the process and getting hyped up about what I 8767 m doing and what drives me to create what I do and what makes me 8775 so damned special 8776 as opposed to every other 8766 Nancy, Mary, & Susie 8767 who makes things that look like what I do.

I write a blog where I review books and match outfits to their covers. Publishers give me a little support when I review their books positively. But I don 8767 t know how to get involved with the fashion community. Perhaps hosting product giveaways or something? Also should I be writing for publishing professionals or fashion professionals? I guess just not readers who love fashion (which is what I am)

Our ideal customer is someone who has a creative idea that they want to launch on Kickstarter, but is determined to do it in a way that gives them the best chance of getting funded. They understand that investing a small amount upfront with us, gives them a massively better chance at getting much, much more money in funding with far less effort. They understand and value that difference in time and effort, as well as funding.

I am not sure how to seek out this audience. I have broken down my sources of potential authors, to submit guest posts to, into two main categories. There are those that write about fertility and issues related to that. They are however, not always keen on using natural methods and tend to focus more on IVF and surgeries.
The other option is to focus on more of the mainstream health blogs and websites. However, I don 8767 t know how to taylor my articles to be broad enough to be accepted by these authors, while still getting to my readers.
To be honest, I am struggling to find suitable sites to submit to.

my name is colletta my son help me building this blog. but honestly i don 8767 t think we know what we are doing, am trying to build a small business and to also get people to take interest in it. to get them advertise on my website for a small fee of $ a month, and to do pick up and delivery for a set fee of $ so am trying to work from home i try almost everything and nothing is working out for me right now so please i am asking you to help me build my blog in the right and professional way. thnaks colletta love to help..

I just moved blog sites so I know the numbers will decrease a bit as people get frustratedly redirected to a homepage from an old blog page so I can understand for now if there is a dry spell. However when I do get comments they 8767 re solid right on we love your content. I guess one reason is maybe I don 8767 t give them something to agree or disagree with as someone earlier had stated? I 8767 m not sure how exactly to do that: ask them a question each month? When I do ask questions on my Facebook page I get responses but I 8767 m afraid of getting zero and a hanging question and so don 8767 t post many. Could this be my problem?

I feel like my situation is a little tricky because I 8767 m not writing for a business, not writing to make money, or any of that. I run a 8775 gif 8776 blog on Tumblr that is tailored to twenty-somethings trying to grow up and figure out life, all the meantime struggling with finances, dating, health, etc. It is for comedic purposes only. I get about 655 views a day but I see some of these other blogs that are getting thousands. Of course I 8767 m biased, but I really don 8767 t feel like their content is funnier or better, they just market themselves better. I created a Facebook page for it, and post first to the blog, then to Facebook, and then to my personal Twitter.