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Why Can''t Guys Get Hard Sometimes? 9 Reasons Why Men Can''t

Posted: 2017-12-06 17:21

As someone upthread pointed out, casual sex does not necessarily mean casual sex with a stranger. A total stranger propositioning me is Schrodinger s One Night Stand. Maybe he s a great guy and the night will be one I look back on with pleasure. Or maybe he s got no interest in his partner s pleasure, or is the kind of guy who wants casual sex and refuses to respect the women he has it with. Not to mention the attendant safety concerns. Either way, that is a risk I would be a lot warier of running than someone I know already who s a good guy.

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I looked at the statistics as well, and they indicate that 66% of women and 69% of men judge women who have many partners and that 67% of women and 87% of men judge men who have many partners. Both genders have a double standard when it comes to people they see as their dating pool as opposed to people of their own gender, though men s is more substantial. Given this data, it makes sense that women who are inclined to have casual sex might refrain due to concern about social judgment. They risk alienating 7/8 of both their potential partners and people of their own gender.

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Yes, this country purposely failed it 8767 s men. It favors women because they are gullible and will conform to the slavery that is just on the horizon. The government has worked hard to create this division and is feeling quite comfortable that now, the men will not rise to defend women, children or country. Good job women, your selfish, self centered, narcissism has destroyed this nation. You will be just as enslaved as the men that were cheated for your 8766 benefit 8767 . Who are the only people that will be surprised when it comes? Women. The men saw it and know it, women are to gullible and easily led.

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I 8767 m 77 and a widower of four years. I firmly believe women today want absolute freedom without ANY accountability and have a ME FIRST,LAST,AND ALWAYS attitude.- Having been happily married for 96 years to a wonderful LADY and mother to our children I am extremely grateful to have had her for my wife. = Men NEED to be needed, PERIOD.- The womens 8767 lib movement ruined America and made men what they are today. If men aren 8767 t NEEDED, then why should they get married ? Stay single man and cheat some poor deserving female out of alimony and 65% of what YOU worked for and earned. - PARTY HARDY GUYS ! ! !

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First, by not focusing on the fact that you re inexperienced. If you treat the encounter like level grinding in WoW or Disgaea (Just five more one nighters and I ll level up from Midwangman to Cockswain, woo!) people are going to be put off. If you appear willing to listen to what your partner likes and wants, they re going to be a whole lot more receptive to the idea of a casual bang. Besides, if you re enthusiastic about foreplay and other non-PiV sex that s another plus. If you ve given your partner a good time and listened to what she says during the act it won t matter as much if you re still a bit fumbly if and when you move on to PiV.

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I only did that a few times but yeah, it did have intended effect. I know it sounds absolutely dickish to feign yourself like that and you d be right. Back then, it was more of an act, and it also failed spectacularly because I would panic and couldn t go through with the actual sex (especially not for fear of losing the act).
I have however tried it afterwards, not to have casual sex but just to confirm if it works or not, and it seems it does, if it s the right place and time, and for some reason it has often been professionally accomplished women in particular who seem to warm up to it.

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So, Walt no doubt gave his life for these Hmong and this Hmong family so they could live unintimidated. Knowing that he would soon die (probably cancer?), he made one last sacrifice plan offering his life that would result in the jailing of the Hmong gangsters for killing him. He knew precisely what he was doing. His life was over anyway and he made his peace with God and his confession. Perhaps he felt the Americans owed more to the Hmong for what the faithful Hmong had done for the Americans in combat considering what happened to thousands of Hmong who lost their lives after the United States abandoned them.

I did not insist that only an inexperienced partner would value me. What I did say is that I need to be unique to that partner. Marty has said similar things in the past but the difference is that she gets up votes and I get down votes. If a woman wrote a letter to DNL for the Friday advice blog and said that her boyfriend kept talking about his past experiences with other women but refuses to do a lot of that stuff with her, she would get a lot of sympathy. When a man writes a similar letter, he gets called a slut-shammer and is told the important thing is that she is with me now. To that I say, not good enough. Not good enough at all.

You know, Colin, I agree with your point. There 8767 s nothing wrong with talking about it. It 8767 s a good thing to talk about stuff no one wants to talk about. What the heck is wrong with us and our kids? Seems like a good topic to me.
I 8767 m a Christian, too, but this isn 8767 t about faith. This is something else. Perhaps discussing it will let us discover a solution that sitting around and praying about it might not reveal to the light of inquiry.

rather simple and narrow. blame all the effects and not the cause. generally speaking, you cannot be a 8775 man 8776 in many jobs. it is straight and narrow, dodging responsibility because being responsible for something will get you fired, no opportunity just castration. marriage? an opportunity for a guy gets to have his assets seized. college is great. but what can it mean? pay to work rather than hunting fortune? follow in the footsteps of millions?

I have to wonder if a lot of these men have given up because they see the big picture. There are no jobs waiting for them, they 8767 ve been taught by their teachers and by feminists that they are the cause of all the problems of the world. They are not taught the good that men have done. In schools the girls will sit in their seats all smug, while the boys are sinking in their chairs almost apologizing for their existence.

No kidding. Unless a guy gets a picture of it printed on his business cards (which I m almost inclined to recommend for the inevitable and hilarious mix ups with his actual business cards), a woman s going to have a ton of other information about him by the time she learns what his penis looks like. I know women who have preferences, but it s not a case where the guy with the biggest and the prettiest dick wins.

Note that of the above groups, I excluded Blacks. My reason for doing so is that it is my belief that racial references towards Blacks in America by non-Blacks have indeed been, for the most part, used with malice. The reality is that with most non-Black groups, coming to America was their own idea (even if they were fleeing persecution, they chose to come here). How they were treated once they got here is an entirely different matter, but for the most part, non-Blacks were not brought over as slaves. With that in mind, usage of the “N” word as a reference is understandably hurtful to Blacks in this country. The problem that many whites have, specifically with the African-American community is the all-to-true fact that Blacks themselves use the 8775 N 8776 word with regularity in speech, in song, etc. The argument then becomes “how come it’s racist if I say it, but they call each other “N” all the time?” I’ve never heard a particularly persuasive argument on this one.

I feel like Behavior is the most nebulous of the four. Because after my one and only date, I called her on the phone and I said, Hey I had a good time, we should go out again soon! And picked up the phone pretty quick, (in my experience not many people, let alone girls, pick up like lightning) she told me, Yeah, it was great, we should. Or something to that extent, I don t remember. So then, I was actively planning the next date that following Monday after my date, I was planning on doing stuff around in her home town since she didn t drive well at the time. And I was gonna take her to the farmers market since she had mentioned that she was a vegetarian.

Eastwood 8767 s role is emblematic of the “white messiah” image conceptualized by Hernan Vera and Andrew Gordon in their book, Screen Saviors . Vera and Gordon argue that white male characters in film often embody a white messiah where they are cast as the saviors of people of color. Often loners or outcasts, the white messiah typically establishes his heroism by rescuing or saving a group of racial minorities who are depicted as too childlike, infirm, or weak defend themselves from peril.  In “Gran Torino,” Eastwood 8767 s Kowalski takes the trope of the white messiah to a new level with the telegraphed ending and the Christ-like pose of the final scene.

Re: Germans who aren t ethnically German (I d appreciate it if you didn t use Aryan in this context): yep, I did think about that. However, I d still expect anyone who grew up in Germany to have enough experience with Germans who don t have a family background of migration [sorry, this is a clunky translation of the German term I m aware of for this, there are some complicated ethnic/racial/historical issues in play with the terminology] to be aware of what a sensitive issue it is for people and not completely dismiss someone on basis of their family background like that, because otherwise how would you even manage in Germany? I ve gotten the German = Nazi thing from non-Germans who didn t have any previous experience with modern Germans. That s understandable in a way this isn t.

Along the lines of being in character I would imagine that most people have either seen or at least heard about the mini-series Roots. If you have not seen it, or perhaps don’t remember it, the “N” word was used liberally throughout the series. And rightfully so! It was the term used as reference during the time being shown. As distressing as it may have been, it was accurate for the film. I honestly believe that because of the prevailing sentiment in America now, that Roots could not be made today. If it was, it would be homogenized beyond all recognition. And I view that as a sad thing. If we deny our history, how will we ever learn from it?

I just returned home from seeing Gran Torino feeling very emotional and had to get these feelings off my chest so I could go to sleep. As a veteran, I feel I understand what the screenwriter of this fictional story was trying to teach us. Although fiction, the story is too much true to deny. Of all the previous reviews, I find the Chinaman Dale (comments 67 & 65) offer the most grounded and especially in his comment: 8775 You people [reviewers] are, as Walt Kowalski might say, a bunch of jabbering dimwits. 8776

Name despite your extensive and rather vitriolic comments, you seem unfamiliar with the 8775 white messiah 8776 trope established by Vera and Gordon. Part of my argument was that Kowalski fits this characterization, which includes but is not limited to, white male alienation from larger white society. This alienation enables the white male protagonist to 8775 save 8776 people of color. So when you point out that Walt 8767 s white family was horrible and selfish, you actually further prove my point that he fits this classification. You might familiarize yourself with Vera and Gordon 8767 s discussion of this image, and then point out to us how/where Walt Kowalski *doesn 8767 t* fit this meme.

I work with people from many different parts of the world. During the setup of a few tests the IT team was talking (PS i am the only 8775 real 8776 Canadian on the team, the others are Arabs and a few men from India) about moving up the IT ladder. None of the others on the team had any fear that i would even attempt to compete against them because i was 8775 Canadian 8776 and in their wording we are mostly 8775 squashed manhoods 8776 (they used a more colourful term than 8775 manhood 8776 ).

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