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Posted: 2017-11-14 12:16

Expat chronicles – I’m not really sure where to get started on your rather terrifying analysis of women coming under only two categories – the ‘whore’ and the ‘non-whore’ who is intent on ruining your life with her views on whores. I would, however, like to remind you that we are not living in the 6955s anymore. Most women in England do actually have jobs now and are quite capable of supporting themselves.

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I don 8767 t like the hypocrisy of some of the female readers here. There 8767 s tons of older, ugly western women going to places like the Caribbean and northern Africa to get 8775 romanced 8776 by good looking local guys. And they pay them, of course. Not always upfront but in the form of substantial 8775 gifts 8776 and 8775 assistance 8776 to the poor guys 8767 families. It 8767 s the same thing so please stop whining.

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Yes true it 8767 s a sad world , is it right a women goes for the easy way instead of a nurse study offer of 9 year to 5 and sent to other country will say I don 8767 t want to study no more they want easy way , u got to remember u might take the study , but most rather bend over and get easy money also people most love sex as most girls cheat same as guys , but again your a good one so it 8767 s hard to understand bad ,

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Richard I disagree. Americans and Canadians are actually the best foreigners in our eyes. You treat us with respect and are kind. Except of course for the pedophiles and sex tourists. The ones we don 8767 t even want in the country are those from other countries who think just because they have money, they can treat us and our country like dirt. They 8767 re gross, they leave their dirt around, and talk down to us. I don 8767 t know if I 8767 m allowed to mention those countries but they are very oil rich but the tourists who come here are low class.

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re in such of a pickle. It was very nice of you to help you pal when he was down. The positive thing is that it sounds like you have a decent house to live in. I’ve been told several times it’s best to be at least an island away from her family. I hope that you’re able to resolve your problems, or somehow find a way to get back to NZ, or your home…the UK. The lack of trust in your wife is a major issue that you will have to overcome. I assume that you’re retired. Hang in there…

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John Excellent blog man! I appreciate your very direct and informative Intel on the realities of what an ex-pat encounters in other parts of the world. I have no preconceived notions about some easy transition. As you say this decision is MIT one made lightly or on a whim. It requires great skill and planning if a person has any hope of it working out for them. I just lost a long message I had posted so I want to send my responses in stages

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You know John, even before I read this blog I was sure there would be so many of your views I would disagree with. Not because of you but because I just don 8767 t have a lot of faith in opinions as fact as so many would like their views to be. Instead I agree with all but maybe one area. I say maybe because after traveling here for about 8 years and living here for 9 (next month), I am not sure about going out without a family member that knows the place and provides much needed respect from the locals many times. Other than that, I agree completely with you.

Great article, and follow-up discussion, John, and everyone. And, living here in Palawan, with my mabait, maganda wife is truly heaven. Sure, those of us from other cultures will make mistakes. Though with love, genuine respect and honest goodwill, both for your binibini and your new country of residence, any mistakes will soon resolve themselves. Best wishes those brave enough to take this chance!

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Well, I sort of know where Bill is coming from. I think they see an American and think, 8775 $$$ 8776 . They will try to pick you for what they can get. HOWEVER, do Like I did: go without cash, get your plastic shut down by your bank have your Girl Friend defend you to her family, the whole neighborhood knows your business. NOW walk down the street. 8775 Thirsty sir? 8776 8775 Sorry, no money. 8776 8775 No Problem, you take. 8776 These people can be as nice as they are cunning. I think a lot of it has to do with how you treat them too.

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I even told him if ever he wanted to buy a property, yes it would be under my name but we would make a loan agreement that I owe him money, or any legal terms we can come up with just to show my sincerity that I 8767 m not here to scam him. I have that much pride that I can get my own money if I want to. And btw I did just buy my own house and told him he can stay with me until he can find a job/start a business like he wanted. He 8767 s a smart guy and know the precautions, I 8767 m a smart gal and understand his concerns and we both agree on a lot of fair deals, and that favors us both ways.

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It always makes me laugh when I see a celebrity complaining to the press that they need their “privacy”. I often wonder what the reply would be if the press said sure we won’t bother you again! I bet the celebrity would fall out of their chairs. If celebs were not in the spotlight they wouldn’t be considered to be a celebrity. They don’t get much privacy sure, but this is exactly what they signed up for in the first place. If you ask any celeb though what they’d like most in life they’re going to say to be left alone but don’t believe that for a second. It’s like saying that Ray J didn’t expect to make a buck out of selling the sex tape that he made with Kim K.


Being here from the wartime I have seen the need and I intended to help.
Every school Vacation I would take the family with me, spending 6 weeks, mostly in the Bay Area of San Francisco, but then back to Cebu, as this, I have called my home for how many many years now and still do, as I am now turning to 95 years old. As I said Mark went to Cebu Eastern, Joshua went to . a Private School in Inayawan Cebu, though we have live in a few different places, Taganol Road, White Road, we have and still live in this Apt. on Gumamela St. Bulacao for 79 years.

Foreigner or not you can 8767 t go bragging or they 8767 ll harass and shoot you (locals)
I 8767 m not dissing my own people here. I 8767 m telling what it 8767 s like to live in that country. It is a very progressive country with many decent jobs that can be offered to the masses, but its the people who have a problem. They can 8767 t work together. Some would like to be serve in a silver platter. Others just eat you like a dog.

Not to preempt John 8767 s response, my personal OPINION is that the best and quickest way to immerse oneself into a new culture is to jump right into it. There is no doubt in my mind that both she and her daughter will be welcomed with open arms. I find that Americans in urban areas are more open-minded about race and are accepting of immigrants than in the rural areas. If your concern is racial discrimination, I highly doubt it. On the contrary, both mother and daughter will be considered fresh air in a stale room. My guess is that neighbors will be competing among themselves to be your wife 8767 s first and best friend. Yes, even in the lily-white section of Atlanta. Being around other Asians occasionaly is fine, but to be around Asians exclusively does nothing but retard the acculturation process.

I agree with you that you need to visit a few time before moving. Talk about walking into the fire blindfolded. I lived there for 9 yrs in the 85 8767 s and I 8767 m going to visit just to shake off the cob webs and see first hand how things have changed. My asawa has been back a few times and wants to live there, but I need to see it for myself just to make sure it 8767 s right for both of us. Because when we go we go together good or bad.

Cagayon De Oro is a fairly large provincial city the type I find easiest to live in. Not overwhelmingly big but still possessing most things that a foreigner needs. There is 8 or 9 big malls and a immigration office. Nightlife is varied and caters to the large student population. One interesting development recently has been street bars casual spots springing up outside convenience stores. Good places to sit and watch the street.

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A lot of guys think that sex online is some sort of fleeting and hard to find phenomena. A lot of us even convince ourselves into thinking is like an oasis. If you’re and thirsty and you’re driving down a desert highway, you better not blink because you might miss the oasis and there goes all your chances of enjoying some clean water. Well, don’t believe that bullshit. Don’t allow yourself to believe that crap because it’s not true.

They love Western countries where sex is controlled by women and the courts at one level or another. Men are miserable pack mules providing for them and their children, who may or may not belong to the man, while they 8767 re likely banging someone else behind his back. This is why more and more men are opting out of marrying Westernized cunts or having children with them. It 8767 s just a bad, one sided deal. Ultimately the whore is better because at a very basic level at least she 8767 s appreciative.

My main point of the comment wasn 8767 t to say whether prostitution is right or wrong or to disprove any of the comments above, it was to open peoples mind to a broader picture and to see that its not a simple topic or a definative right or wrong and that the exploitation isnt just innocent girls that have no choice. Basically its not black or white and its actually a huge grey area with exploitation from both sides of the industry along side with mutual benefits and advantages from both side of the industry and that its not just a dark and gloomy place with seedy old men.

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