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We hindus do not mind people of other religion and culture doing we mind is 8775 appropriation 8776 of our religion for commercial can people in west separate yoga from Hinduism.
Vedas,Upanishads,Bhagavad-Gîtâ these are all hindu religious text and all of them ask us to do yoga. yoga as a way of life was taught to us by krishna in Bhagavad-Gîtâ.
what yo people in west do now days is not yoga but hatha yoga.
Hatha yoga was given to us by lord read the story of sage matsyendranath Matsyendrasana is dedicated to it.
Hindu people have this image of lord shiva sitting on top of himalayas and doing pranayam,dhyan and yoga all shiva is the ultimate salutation you do is dedicated to sun to sun god is hindu pose that is virabhadrasana is dedicated to an avatar of shiva.
separating yoga from hinduism is like cutting a limb from the poeple have been doing yoga for thousands of is not a weight loss program for people have been doing yoga for last 95 years and want to define yoga for us.

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Namaste Timothy Burgin,
I read all the connection of replies and topic of the conversation.
it seems to me that you are that teacher who really have practice yoga only to practice Asan, you have to go further in that inner quest , in order to go further you will have to trace back the history.
The origin of YOG, is 9 pre-Vedic literature practice. It was codified through hymns, and spiritual songs and chantings,
than Varanasi born Patanjali codified in 698 Aphorism ,which was to have our own direction experience and perception of that practice ,later on it was very limited and only privileged to Brahmins and Arhankaras.
so since you are so stuck on trying to teach of YOG , where you are not qualified as a teacher based on limited knowledge of yours, which is based on your ancient study on Sanskrit ,translated into english, where most expression and meaning cannot be explained, so explaining a bling person how to admire beautiful sunset , i hope you get what i am trying to say here ,
Namaste :-)

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Thank you for such a thoughtful response. The word 8775 Hinduism 8776 is a western concept and it was created to group a bunch of beliefs and practices together into something that made sense to a western mind and belief system. Most of my responses here have been towards Indians who take a very dogmatic approach to Hinduism and believe that Westerners are being disrespectful of their religion or culture if they practice yoga without being a Hindu, or specifically, they seem very upset if someone writes a history on yoga without mentioning their religion. So while I agree that most Hindus could 8775 care less 8776 some do care very deeply and are adamant on making a big stink about it. I don 8767 t know much about nationalist Hindus to know what their agenda and rational for doing so is, but I know I have little tolerance for their small minded beliefs and unkind judgements.

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Disclaimer I eat beef, pork, bottom feeders, looove cheeseburgers, practice ahimsa daily, pray, work towards presenting the most kind, compassionate, empathetic sides of myself, believe that Jesus existed, and I practice and teach yoga. But I am not Christian, Muslin, Jewish or Hindu. I am a human being who seeks God and yoga helps me access Him in the most tangible and directly connected way through my physical body, the one given to me by Him. I am an instrument that I learn how to play and then share with the world the expressions that are possible within me.

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Consciousness can be unfair and cruel and even sad and mad look at the baby animals eaten by other animals higher in the food chain or the venus fly trap and its carnivorous appetite for flys. Reality is always the same no matter how these people debate about it. Its ok to not have the same views or recollections of the past. After all, it was once us in spirit its just we can only experience one body-mind conscious at a time (in most cases although Im sure there are gurus who can enter other realms of the matter time space connection. Does it really matter the history of Yoga? After all do we have a past really or is it merely a matter of collected thoughts too difficult for out distracted minds. Buddhist do it and so do Hindus and so do Christians its evolved into a self love practice not a debate topic about our feeble attempts to understand something so scared and connecting. Westerns are as much allowed to practice and teach Yoga as a scared practice as long as we leave commonly practiced entitled western directions and egos out. my two cents

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rabi Yoga and Hinduism share the same common roots, but that does not mean that 8775 Yoga is entirely a Hindu practice. 8776 Your analogy of the Gospels and Christianity is flawed because Christianity existed prior to the writing of the Gospels. You cannot say that Hinduism existed prior to the Vedas. Also many of the early Christian texts are also intertwined with the Jewish texts, which according to your logic would make Christianity an entirely Jewish practice.

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Timonthy I am glad you are passionate about Yoga but at the same time we can not reep out of our learning without thanking or giving 8766 Guru Dakshina 8767 to our Gurus (Teachers) Here you are not even ready to recognise their contribution.
For those who want to know more about Yoga, there can be no place better than India to learn about it, you will find it every where in our culture some times fully some times in parts. And rather than reading people who have picked some knowledge from secondary research, read about people like Maharishi Patanjali who compiled Yoga sutras and dedicated his entire life for good of mankind.

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This 8775 forum 8776 of sort is very interesting: I know nothing about the origins of Yoga but I am a student at a local yoga studio, and I am also a Christian. I enjoy yoga very much and I feel I have benefited from it in 7 ways: 6. in a physical sense the practice of it has improved my flexibility, and 7. it appears that I am settling down and becoming more open minded about things and somehow I thiink this is partly because my teachers always display and teach the positive.

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I can not eat beef and love a cow and not be Hindu.
I can not eat pork or bottom feeders or not put cheese on my burger and not be Jewish.
I can love others and be kind, compassionate, empathetic, believe in Jesus 8767 existence and not be Christian.
I can pray and not be Muslim, Christian, or Jewish.
I can practice yoga and not be Hindu.

. Timothy 8767 s 8775 yoga ≠ Hinduism 8776 isn 8767 t him saying Yoga is not a part of Hinduism, he is saying that Yoga does not equate to/equal Hinduism. It 8767 s like, all humans are animals but, not all animals are human. Animals ≠ Humans, animals do not equal humans. But certainly they come from the same Source. :) Just because you speak different languages, who owns the birth of sound? When was the first sound made? Is sound a religion, because it seems most people make it, use it, believe in it, even if they are deaf or mute, sound can be made with the body. Is sound proprietary to any one religion? I think not, yet all religions use it and even those who do not believe in anything religious, spiritual, or Godlike use sound. Is sound therefore being commercialized and misappropriated by everyone? Or sports if I 8775 hit a ball 8776 am I playing baseball, golf, tennis, hockey (okay it 8767 s a puck), volleyball, or table tennis? Is hitting a ball only 8775 allowed exclusively 8776 to one sport?

Their thorough and modern academic research has shown a lot of what you 8767 ve written here (which is the same as I had been teaching trainees for years) to be incorrect, so you 8767 ll probably want to re-write it for accuracy 8767 s sake. Too much stuff for me to go through line-by-line but you can read the above book and see for yourself, I think it 8767 s important that we stop spreading these inaccuracies forward.

I stand by my assertion that yoga and Hinduism are separate but related. I agree with your statement that it is difficult to know exactly where yoga ends and Hinduism begins but this does not equate to them being the same. They emerged and evolved together in the same culture so it makes perfect sense that they share some philosophical ideas. From my decades of study, research and practice of yoga I have not seen, heard or read anything that says one must practice Hinduism to be a yogi. In fact, holding tightly onto strong religious and cultural beliefs will only hinder any attempts at vairagya (detachment) and thus inhibit one 8767 s progress along the path of yoga.

I will have a lot of respect for anyboy or any publication that is honest and open-minded enough to use Shiva or any other Hindu symbol as an icon next to a discussion of yoga, instead of having a chic meditating Buddha in Lotus position, a misleading, but more tolerated symbol of eastern relgion/philosophy in the west. A truth, however unomfortable, remains the truth. By suppressing it, you only subtract from the true meaning of yoga.

Yoga is as old as the God 8767 s themselves. It is a knowledge which was given by Lord Shiva himself to Parvati when she asked him how would humans find liberation from the cycle of birth 588 death. Siva Samhita is a treatise of his answer in dialogue form between Shiva 588 Parvati.
Hence, I humbly submit that dating Yoga according to our prsent day Calender may be futile. Please add to my knowledge if what I have said is not correct or erroneous.
In quest of the Truth,

Thank you for your article, you have written it very well. It is clear and precise, yet makes you aware that the history of yoga is still very much uncertain. I am just starting out on my yoga journey and I have a lot to learn. However, having first started yoga in Vietnam I felt 8766 united 8767 with myself and those around me, and this was without knowing the meaning of yoga. I was the only Westerner in the class and could not speak any VIetnamese, yet I felt welcomed and connected to everyone in my class. Based on the comments below and the little knowledge I have, it appears that although the history of yoga is VERY important it is not the most important thing. The most important aspect of yoga is being united your mind, body and those around you regardless of religion, race and culture. We are all the same person and should be helping one another to seek both inner and world peace. Namaste 8

Here 8767 s another one: 8775 The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests. 8776 I suppose I should be happy that the word 8775 Vedic 8776 is mentioned because that 8767 s what we Hindus are Vedic. So, why couldn 8767 t the word 8775 Hindus 8776 be included in parentheses after that statement so that people could make the connection and be truly educated?

There is no evidence that Hinduism was practiced or invented by the Indus Valley Civilization. Secondly, yoga ≠ Hinduism. Yoga is a spiritual practice (like prayer) and Hinduism is a religion. They share similar aspects and philosophies, but were developed as separate practices. If you disagree with this viewpoint please cite any modern yoga research to back up your claims. Lastly, Indian yogis brought yoga to the West, and if it were not for western interest in yoga it most likely would have died out to become just a curious footnote in India 8767 s long history.

I feel that some of the anger in the other comments is toward 8766 western yoga 8767 and the fact yoga is now a billion dollar industry in the west and we walk around with our Ganesh Tshirts, Mala Beads and say Namaste at the end of our classes (which I find incredibly weird so don 8767 t do it) and much of this which the west associates with yoga, is in fact, much of hinduism. I get that some people are a little peed off. What is important though, which I believe you do well Timothy, is stick with the factual history and research, which I don 8767 t think many others have. If they had, they wound 8767 t be disputing you. What I think we can all respect is that yoga has been a part of Hindu practice for a very long time. and it was the Hindus, of another name, who did set the foundations. It was the ancestors of hindus we know today, the people who modern Hindus actually do see as fellow Hindus.

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