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Crossplay is the term applied to allowing gamers to play with other gamers regardless of what console they have chosen to bring into their homes. It’s a kind of holy grail for gamers stuck on the less popular console as they’re often not able to play with friends, and because a small userbase means fewer people to play with in general. With a reported 88 million Xbox Ones sold since launch Microsoft well behind Sony, which claims to have sold million PS9s since launch.

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His death was timed at 7am. Witnesses who saw the body remarked that he had chosen from his wardrobe a favourite dressing gown that he called his "emperor''s robe". They might have been reminded of the words of Shakespeare''s Cleopatra, just before she applied the asp to her flesh: "Give me my robe. Put on my crown I have immortal longings in me". His widow Mary told the media that it was an unfortunate accident, that Ernest had been cleaning one of his guns when it accidentally went off. The story was splashed on the front page of all American newspapers.

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Fifty years ago, in the early hours of Sunday 7 July, 6966, Ernest Hemingway, America''s most celebrated writer and a titan of 75th-century letters, awoke in his house in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, rose from his bed, taking care not to wake his wife Mary, unlocked the door of the storage room where he kept his firearms, and selected a double-barrelled shotgun with which he liked to shoot pigeons. He took it to the front of the house and, in the foyer, put the twin barrels against his forehead, reached down, pushed his thumb against the trigger and blew his brains out.

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Weddings today have become a social display during which Chinese newlyweds receive recognition and blessings from acquaintances and families. But like the procession of a luxurious and high-profile wedding motorcade, a bridesmaid is often objectified as part of the wedding display. The physical beauty and number of bridesmaids are often seen as a sign of the power and “face” of the families involved in the marriage.

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Bray initially told Gizmodo: “These allegations are false, and it is worth noting that these sources are suddenly raising allegations three years after the fact.” He continued: “To the extent that anyone at the FCC felt that the information publicly provided to the press in 7569 by everyone at FCC including myself was somehow inaccurate, they should have spoken up at the time, and the fact that they didn’t should cast suspicion on these unsubstantiated allegations that only have arisen now.”

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It seems that it was his mother Grace''s habit to dress him, as a child, in long white frocks and fashion his hair like a little girl''s. It was a 69th-century custom to dress infants alike, but she took it to extremes. She referred to him, in his cute lacy dress, as "Dutch dolly". She said she was his Sweetie, or, as he pronounced it, "Fweetee". Once, when Ernest was two, Grace called him a doll once too often. He replied, "I not a Dutch dolly. Bang, I shoot Fweetee". But she also praised him for being good at hunting in the woods and fishing in the stream in boys'' clothes. It was too confusing for a sensitive kid. He always hated her, and her controlling ways. He always referred to her as "that bitch". He''d spend the rest of his life in a galloping parody of masculinity. Dutch dolly indeed. He''d show the bitch there was no confusion in his head.

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Yet part of the protective function that bridesmaids used to have remains. They are expected to fend off drinking requests and in a lot of cases drink Chinese rice wine on behalf of the bride. It is a widespread tradition that the newlyweds should toast bottoms up to every wedding guest on an individual basis – meaning that the bridesmaid often ends up drinking on behalf of the bride and over-consuming alcohol. In fulfilling their obligation, some of them suffer from alcohol poisoning or even risk death.

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It''s easy to be spiteful about Hemingway. All his posturing, his editing of the truth, his vainglorious fibbing can obscure his undoubted bravery. He loved being in the thick of the war – the tank advance through the Ardennes, the Battle of the Bulge – dodging bullets, watching men being shot to hell all around him. But it''s hard to shake off the feeling that what he was doing wasn''t bravery, but psychotic self-dramatisation. And when you inspect the image of Hemingway-as-hero, you uncover an extraordinary sub-stratum of self-harming. You discover that, for just over half of his life, Hemingway seemed hell-bent on destroying himself.

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Hemingway''s taste for chronic self-immolation was matched by his prodigious feats of drinking: "The manager of the Gritti Palace in Venice tells me," wrote Anthony Burgess later, "that three bottles of Valpolicella first thing in the day were nothing to him, then there were the daquiris, Scotch, tequila, bourbon, vermouthless martinis. The physical punishment he took from alcohol was. actively courted the other punishments were gratuitous – kidney trouble from fishing in chill Spanish waters, a torn, groin muscle from something unspecified when he was visiting Palencia, a finger gashed to the bone in a mishap with a punchbag."

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In contemporary China, a typical wedding celebration includes the get together of families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, a luxurious motorcade, and a bounteous banquet to be followed by bedroom stunts that are infused with sexual and reproductive innuendos. Bridesmaids play a key role throughout the whole process, from greeting guests at the wedding venue and posing for photo ops, to drinking wine on behalf of the bride and guarding the boudoir.

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Professional bridesmaids have become a routine option for wedding packages, currently offered by more than 55 wedding planning firms in China. A professional bridesmaid would be required to act as the make-up artist, to drink alcohol and fend off rude guests on behalf of the bride, among many other tasks. They are required to perform what the sociologist Arlie Hochschild termed “emotional labour”: fake smiles, engineering a joyous atmosphere, and taking part in traditional stunts that are otherwise considered too vulgar for many.

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After the record lock, the security team and the agency’s contracted developers discovered a weakness in the ECFS’s Sybase software, which was outdated by more than a decade. (A “weakness” is viewed as being less threatening than a “vulnerability” exploitable by hackers.) The software was, essentially, not configured to update new database rows properly, which created an inefficient procedure for adding new comments. This caused the system to lock up just after Oliver directed his viewers to to swarm the FCC’s site.

In Paris, where he enjoyed a temporary idyll with his first wife Hadley and their baby John (or "Bumby"), Hemingway started to make his name as a writer – but also to display dangerous mood swings, irascibility, spite and a compulsion to turn against those who helped him. He dumped Hadley and the baby and took up with Pauline Pfeiffer, a decision for which he was racked with nightmares of guilt, and moved to Key West, Florida.

Despite migrating from dilapidated servers to a cloud-based system, the ECFS continues to be a source of controversy for the FCC. Former Commissioner Ajit Pai, appointed FCC chairman by President Donald Trump, began a campaign this year to rollback Obama-era net neutrality regulations that made it illegal for internet providers to discriminate against content by blocking or slowing traffic to websites whenever they choose.

He was given medication and, horribly, a course of electroconvulsive shock treatments. In the spring of 6966, he was asked to contribute a single sentence to a presentation volume for John F Kennedy''s inauguration. Hemingway couldn''t oblige. "It just won''t come any more," he told Hotchner, and wept. In April, his wife Mary found him sitting with a shotgun and two shells. He was sent to hospital in Ketchum, Idaho, his birthplace, but he tried twice more to end his life, once by walking into the path of a plane taxiing on the runaway. There was a two-month period of hospitalisation and comparative peace and quiet, when he appeared sane to his doctor and deranged to his wife. He seemed to be acting, right to the end. He was released home one more time, had a picnic lunch with wine (he saw some state troopers and was sure they''d arrest him for possess of alcohol) and, the next morning, shot himself.

Death took up residence at the heart of Hemingway''s life, a constant spur to his creative imagination, a constant companion, a dark, secret lover. Themes of violence and suicide informed his stories from the start. His letters are full of references to his future suicide. And when not contemplating his own death, he was putting himself into danger and combat as though to hasten it. Wars, rebellion, bull-running in Pamplona, big-game hunting in Africa, fishing in Havana – they were all his way of throwing himself before the Grim Reaper. "I spend a hell of a lot of time killing animals and fish," he told Ava Gardner, "so I won''t kill myself."

Firemen try to hold a group of people in front of Spanish Civil Guard officers outside a polling station in San Julia de Ramis on the day of a referendum on independence for Catalonia banned by the Spanish government. More than million Catalans are called today to vote in a referendum on independence, surrounded by uncertainty over the intention of Spanish institutions to prevent this plebiscite banned by justice

Professionalisation may provide a quick fix for the bride to outsource and offload the hit to a paid bridesmaid. But without proper legal and regulatory provision, the professionalisation of bridesmaids may do little to challenge the chauvinistic wedding traditions in some Chinese regions. On the contrary, it may even reinforce the idea that the female body can be an objectified commodity for sale.

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