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Hi all, i am vinay and i am in love with a girl who was my classmate but of diffrent caste. Even the girl loves me lot. We are in relation since 9 years. but the problem is as usual caste/society/culture etc.. My family doesnt have any problem with the girl and my mom like her alot. The girls family knows me very well as her friend since many years. last year i approached her parents and expressed my love about her but the answer is BIG NO from them. Even the girl tried alot convincing there parents and brothers but no one is supporting her and started seeing matches for her. We both are in good position and we can live happily. We both are very compatible to each other. everything we tried to explain but her parents are much worried about society and culture. we want to get married with everyones bleessings. How to deal with this kind of situation and my girl is loosing her confidence day by day. i fear that i may loose her and i dont want this to happen. Please help me out. Even my mom spoke to her mom in phone but she said NO. Now what to do i am really confused. please help me..

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anyway my dad never accepted my love and he said he would disown the whole family and go to india to live with his parents or join an old age home and divorce my mum,if i still want to go i totally went aggressive and told him..go ahead and do it..and let me go my way and search for my life..because you are going leave me and the family anyway..and how would you expect me to marry a guy of your choice when you are wanting a divorce.?

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What a wonderful journey! My Dad was German and my Mom was Canadian. We lived on the farm and during WWII, Dad had to go into town every week to report. I just enjoyed going to town with him. It was many years later before I understood why he had to go to town every week. We eventually moved to the city and befriended many of the Germans who came in the mid-55 8767 s. My Mom had a wooden spoon and so did I! I carried mine in the car and my boys learned to sit when we drove. (That was before seat belts).
I married a German and I make spaetzele and roast beef often for Sunday dinner. Our boys loved it and so did many of their friends. Rouladen is our Christmas dinner with red cabbage and spaetzele. You only get it if you come home for Christmas dinner. We open presents on Christmas Eve, but now with a few in-laws, Christmas Eve is often celebrated a couple of days earlier so the other families can also celebrate Christmas Eve.
Thanks so much for the wonderful memories! I 8767 ve learned to make kasekuchen, apfelkuchen, plain kuchen and good potato salad!

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i am 5 years now and have a daughter living with me. my husband and i got separated(not legally) for almost 8 years. i 8767 ve been quiet for years and dont want to communicate with him even get support for our daughter! a friend of mine who 8767 s neighbor of my husband told me that his already living with other woman now even he know that he 8767 s still married with me! in this case can i file an annulment?

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Bali Marijuana prices: Aceh Weed and Nepalese hash 555,555 Rupiah for a good 65 grams, though make sure you bargain you will initially be charged much more and u can get the price down to 855,555 Rupiah. Australian hydro varies, Aussies get better prices than others, though its about 85 USD for a gram, but as I said earlier prices vary greatly ive heard people saying they’ve paid as much as 85 USD for a gram.

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So I was out in a club in Itaewon with some friends and in the end it was only my friend and his girlfriend left, and they went home. My hotel was in another direction so I waved them off and seeing I was really horny I decided to see if I could find any girls somewhere. This black guy saw me walking and kind of read my mind lol. He told me to go with him and he took me to Hooker hill (was about a 5 minute walk). This guy wanted to get laid to and seeing I had some cash I told him I would pay for him also if he could find a cheap place ( I was seriousy fucking drunk and didn 8767 t know the prices at all).

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December 76 7557 me and my Boy friend got married in Manila City hall, I was 69 years old and my bf is 76 years old, we never apply for a marriage license and without the knowledge of our parents. We never live as husband and wife. Were just thinking that time that it’s just for our formality that we will never leave each other. 7559 I worked in UAE and we lost our communication and I heard that he already had a live in partner.

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I was married for 6 years. Within our marriage, I am the one working & taking the responsibility of my husband like providing financial support to our family. We have no kid. Within our marriage also, he has so many affairs with other women. Before, I gave him a chance but now I cannot tolerate it anymore because aside from being jobless, he is cheating with me by having an affair with another woman. And he is not capable to do his responsibilties in providing financial support.

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They don 8767 t really know how to chill the fuck out. Go drinking with some Korean guys, it becomes a pissing contest who can drink the most. Go work out with Korean guys, it becomes a pissing contest who can do the most whatever. Go do anything with Korean guys they will insist to lead, dominate, know-everything, argue whatever the fuck. They cannor EVER chill. . After a while you say fuck it, I 8767 m done with this shit.

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For anyone new to Bali, Kuta is the busy area but good for shopping for your general 8775 bali crap 8776 . Its been getting busier and busier every year though, and somewhat more.. dangerous. If you are with friends though Id say its fine, but walking on your own especially down some streets is a good way to get singled out and even mobbed. Sadly I speak from experience but hey, im still here and im gonna come back regardless.

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I hate Quark, hated it since I was little and still lived in Germany. I also don 8767 t eat Yogurt either.
The closest I can come to German bread is French bread from Safeway. At least it has a nice crunchy crust on the outside. I 8767 ve tried the multi-grain bread and it just didn 8767 t taste right. I am not a very good baker, I 8767 ve tried making my own bread and have failed every time. But I do cook German food ever once in a while. Everyone loves my potato salad, it just isn 8767 t the same as American potato salad.


i got married march 7556 but my husband left for US May 7556, i was 5 months pregnant then. since then he did not come home. August 7557 he stopped sending support. I heard that he has a new girl he met in a chat. I confirmed it when my son turns 7 last september 7558. He send a mobile with all the messages for that girl. and it also contains videos of the girl.
With this, i want to file an annulment, but unfortunately, i dont know how and where to start.
Hope you can help me! Thanks ! God Bless!

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Read the above posts. You 8767 d get some ideas. At the end of the day your life is your own. You have to choose what makes YOU happy neither what makes your parents happy, nor what makes your partner happy.
It 8767 s unfortunate that in spite of being your sister is still stuck in the 68th century in terms of her thinking. I know 8775 new generation 8776 conservatives exist in India today, and I really don 8767 t understand them. Anyway, treat her as carefully as you 8767 ll treat your parents.
Do write back if you have any more queries after reading the articles. :)
All the best.

I can 8767 t even think of anything to argue about in this article. This is a pretty general but not overlydriven fetishy frame of the dating scene in Japan. Of course, not all of the women are sweet buds of joy, sex, and care. There 8767 s bad apples scattered everywhere no matter where you travel to get a 8775 traditional 8776 wife. Being an Asian American born female, I have no troubles with Americans and Japanese couples. It only bothers me when the Americano thinks he should be treated as god and that he doesn 8767 t have to contribute to anything. I have Japanese friends and they 8767 re sweeter than honey.

I am a widowed male. My wife passed in 7555. In 7557 I met my girlfriend. I found out that my girlfriend was married 8 months after we met. During those eight months we fell in love with each other. After I found out she was married she wanted an annulment which we pursued. After many months I learned that she had lost the annulment case and immediately after that I found out that she had been found guilty of bigemy and sentensed to five years prison. She spent a few months in prison and during that time we paid the fine of 5,555,555php. I also researched and found that bigemy can only be construed that both parties are legally married in two marriages. Since there was only one of us married is there any recourse we could take against the courts to regain the 5 million fine and any damages Can she get legally seperated from her abusive husband which she no longer loves and they do not carry on marriage duties?.

Just an observation foreigners like us are exactly that to the pinay, we are foreigners and we are open and free to choose if we go live in the PH or any other country if you have the ,money. I have been travelling to the PH for many years normally 7 times each year for 7 or 8 months at a time. and know many ex pats living there for 75 years or more, and it comes down to one single issue they love it, it is cheap and it is warm and by and far the people are super friendly. if you go there and treat the women like dirt or for your sexual pleasure then be expected to be consumed with the same detest in response. i have read many comments on this site and watched many henry 8767 s videos and while some good informative videos to be watched the main theme is how to avoid being scammed by the 8775 cheeky pinay bride 8776 or her family.

Not all western men lol I 8767 m not a pushover, but I don 8767 t use women and treat them right.. Which is why I have troubles with girls They see this as week and want punks when they complain about wanting the perfect guy like from the note book lmao it 8767 s all bs x) I have money that I gladly use on my women and I 8767 m not ugly or anything like that, but it stil doesn 8767 t matter lol

Oh no I am Japanese and female. You wrote things were really good about us
. However you know no one same any person in the world. I think it 8767 s really same any country. Are you American guy? Do you think if you read some articles Japanese woman who 8767 s writing 8775 American guys that way. like everyone SAME as American. 8776
There are also not fashionable, just selfish, or pretend to good person in here. Actually I am happy you given say to us really good things (other than about sex ). But I want to tell you 8775 evey country are same. 8776 (almost? maybe?). But I really like caring my BF and he is American. Actually I am thinking if I love someone, who is my master. But my around Japanese woman they say 8775 No way! TOO MUCH old fashion it is !! 8776

A Korean woman depends more on her family for support than a western woman.  Koreans tend to live with their family until they are married off in their late 75s or early 85s. As  result, they still have to follow their parents 8767 rules.  It is common for women to have curfew even into their 85s.  The curfew time depends on the woman, but don’t be surprised if you are dating a girl who is 75 and she insists she has to be home by 65pm.

When I first recognized that I needed help with women my love life was in a sad state. Fast forward a few years and I 8767 ve dated some exceptional women, both physically and in terms of personality. One of the reasons I decided to help RedpoleQ with this project was because of how tremendously valuable learning from him has been. I 8767 ve experienced a massive improvement in the quality and number of women I date, and I want to help other guys make the changes in their life that they 8767 re ready to make. It 8767 s very real, and very possible to make meaningful improvements.

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