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OP, you 8767 re worrying me. I 8767 m looking at your tendency to make self-definitions and use them as justifications rather than identifying them as flaws and weaknesses your 8775 inability to interact with societal norms, 8776 for instance, isn 8767 t likely to be a character trait but a lack of skills and a pattern of behavior. You 8767 re talking about it as if it 8767 s immutable when it 8767 s not it 8767 s just something you currently aren 8767 t doing.

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You might also want to consider doing contracting work. You and an employer agree that you 8767 re going to work on something for six months or a year. Then, after that time, you move on to the next gig. I did this in my days and it worked well for me. I got bored very easily, too, and found that contracting worked well for me because when I found myself in a situation that was not challenging and/or boring, I knew I only had three more months go to.

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The Investigative Theme is divided into four Basic Interest Scales, including Science (for those who work best with logic and show an interest in the natural and physical sciences), Research (for those who enjoy the act of formulating and conducting studies to establish patterns and uncover facts), Medical Science (for those who not only hold an interest in the physical sciences, but also enjoy helping others with their skills) and Mathematics (for those who prefer numbers and statistical analyses).

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Lets say Person A is 75% Feelings und Person B is 75% Thinking. Person A will always be more confident und relaxed with everything F (People and Emotion) related. Person B, though having 85% F themselves, not so much – pretty sure they will resort to deal with it in a T manner. Now does the gender of a person changes anything? I don’t think so. A Male F will probably say the same things a Female F would say. The whole idea of MBTI is that you categories people by who they are, regardless of gender.

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In ancient Cyprus, a king named Pygmalion, unsuccessfully set out to seek a woman whom he felt would be his equal. Upon not finding such an equal, he had commissioned an ivory statue of what he considered to be the perfect woman. He worked long and hard at his work. When he finished, it was so perfect to him, that he fell in love with the statue but alas, his object of desire was stone. The goddess of love, Aphrodite , took pity on him and made his statue come to life.

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The Strong Interest Inventory assessment Social theme revolves around helping, instructing, and care giving.  Individuals that score high on the Social theme tend to like working with people directly and in groups more than those that prefer the Realistic, Investigative, or Artistic theme.  Their likening for group work is due in part to the idea of shared responsibilities and working together, with clear duties for each person even in collaboration. They tend to gravitate to teaching professions and feel comfortable being the center of attention in a group setting, especially if their work involves instructing or nurturing the generation.  They problem solve through discussions of feelings.  In addition, interactions with others are focal points of related occupations. Their work environment preferences are often those of education or outreach, but high scores in the Social theme are also known to work in areas that involve training or hiring others or caring for the sick.

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OP It also sounds like you are trying to find 8766 legitimate 8767 reasons why these jobs just don 8767 t work for you, as if it is all on the company, and your personality type, (meaning things you can 8767 t change) that is causing you to not work out at jobs. I completely agree with Allison though, to get where you want to be, you have to work for it. No one is given their dream job right off the bat, they put in years of hard, usually tedious work, to get to those more challenging, higher up, more satisfying jobs.

This relation allows the Basic Interest Scales to bridge the gap between The General Occupational Themes and the Occupational Scales.  The Basic Interest Scales can help a career professional and their clients understand the underlying interests measured by the General Occupational themes.  It also can be used along with the Occupational Scales to interpret the likes and dislikes that determine the client’s Occupational Scale results.  Optimally, a trained Interpreter can cross reference all three scales to see what career fields simultaneously score high in the appropriate General Occupational Themes, Occupational Scales, and Basic Interest Scales.  The results that match all three criteria are excellent starting points for career exploration and have the highest chances of being an appropriate match for the individual taking the assessment.  Based on the example in the previous paragraph, an individual that scored high in Realistic, Protective Services, and Law Enforcement Officer would be a strong candidate to explore a career in Law Enforcement. (Donnay, D et al. CPP, 7555)

And here 8767 s for me the main weakness of Myers-Briggs it utterly fails as a predictor. Schools that MBTI test students find that the results tell you nothing about how well they 8767 ll do, what area they like, etc. It can be meaningful for people to explain how they think, but it doesn 8767 t make any difference to what you actually do you can 8767 t hang a job or skills failure on an MB category, because there 8767 s no correlation.

In addition to the ongoing changes made to the clinical version of the Strong Interest Inventory®, another update released in 7559 was a version of the Strong Interest Inventory® specifically designed for research. This version is used by colleges, universities, and private research organizations to gain additional insights into career counseling, to continue to assess the validity and reliability of the inventory itself, and to bring to light any additional interests or career subject areas that ought to be added to new updates of the Inventory.

Another challenge that can arise is that of the “elevated” profile, which means that an individual scored unusually highly in a large number of General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales and Occupational Scales. This could be due to many reasons, including fear of appearing negative, trying to please everyone, a desire to keep all their options open, a genuine diversity of interests, and multi-potential interests and abilities. Interpreters can study specific strategies to help take away these challenges.

This letter shows why work/life balance is so important. Being able to find some sort of purpose in life through your job is a luxury that most of us do not have. Sure, we learn to like certain aspects of our work, or we derive pride from working within our industries as a whole, but our identities come from the things we do by choice. If you 8767 re bailing on jobs because they don 8767 t cater to you as a 8767 s an attitude you need to get rid of immediately.

What changed for me was landing in the psychiatric ward for two weeks and the subsequent decision to leave my fun city & remaining friends behind, to go live with my elderly mother at the age of 89 in a rural area. Having no friends, no fun activities, no temptations is probably why I am doing OK now relatively speaking. And a HUGE motivator was living with my mom in her tiny apartment. Suddenly I had a goal that I could not see myself sabotaging get out of my mom 8767 s house AT ALL COSTS. A year later I 8767 m still in this nowhere town, but I have kept this job for 8 months and got my own place and pay all my bills.

6) You will have A LOT more autonomy in college then the typical work situation. In college you can choose most of your classes, choose your professors, choose where you study, when, how etc and you have control over almost none of those in a typical job.
7) This will change your narrative from, spotty, unreliable sort to a turn around story. Many people recognize earning a degree as a great accomplishment and this will be the fastest and easiest way to show people you have changed.
8) It will open up more interesting, more challenging jobs for you FAR faster and much more likely than working 9 years at Dairy Queen.
9) I think you have a higher probability of succeeding at gritting your teeth through 9 years of college than a service position.
5) The issues with authority are much easier to deal with as you grow older and mature, so 9 years where occasional 8775 unprofessional/innappropriate 8776 behavior is forgiven is a great place to begin working on this.

How do you support yourself today? If you are dependent on someone else (parents?), might you want that to stop? And is independence enough of a motivator to remain focused and work? I think we 8767 ve all had jobs we didn 8767 t like. College was a means to an end in some respects (a degree and a shot at a better job). You can 8767 t change your future if you don 8767 t change your today (and quitting college, jobs) is just prolonging the situation you are in today. There are jobs out there working for reasonable people that will enable you to pay your bills. They may not be intellectually stimulating at all times, but that is why it is called work and you are paid to be there.
This isn 8767 t a resume 8766 fix 8767 that will get you that rocket science job you 8767 re boredly awaiting. You need to stick with something (college or a job) long enough to achieve something it is up to you to make the experience meaningful.

Look, OP Unless you are in an exceptional situation (or going into business for yourself, or in a highly specialized field), I highly doubt you will get your dream position right away, especially given your current resume. Most people need to 8766 pay their dues 8767 , as the saying goes and forget their entitlement and pride and do what 8767 s needed in whatever job you are in. Entitlement is a big issue, it seems, with generations so, you aren 8767 t alone. You actually need to prove your worth to an employer and work hard to move up the ladder. It 8767 s not always ideal, but having a job is a privilege and not a right.

I 8767 m a bit like you in the challenges department and I 8767 m always searching for patterns- it 8767 s for fun, but sometimes it turns out to be a useful connection I 8767 ve just made. I also tend to fall into a lot of quality improvement work because I 8767 m always thinking of puzzles and what 8767 s the best way to approach something. So even though it 8767 s not explicitly part of my role, thinking in this way adds to the type of work I get to do.

Accepting that there are certain aspects of your personality that you don 8767 t necessarily like is tough, but what 8767 s even tougher is realizing that 8767 s only step 6 of the process. From there, you have to learn to accept that you do actually have control over your actions even if your brain tries to tell you otherwise, and then you have to force yourself to do those things even though it fights every natural instinct in your body.

I definitely agree with this. As someone who is slightly than the OP, I 8767 ve seen a lot of my peers falling into this way of thinking. I actually read an article not too long ago about 8775 special snowflake syndrome 8776 and how 8775 millennials 8776 have been basically coddled their whole lives and now there 8767 s an entire generation who expects things to be handed to them, just because they 8767 re so great. I hate the generalization that it makes because there are plenty of hard working people in their early twenties, but I definitely met some snowflakes in college who really do think that way, and they 8767 re the ones having the most trouble securing a job. It 8767 s just a part of life that you have to go through some drudgery to eventually get to where you want to be.

I can think of various things, maybe the OP can come back and give us some idea of what they enjoy doing and what they have some experience in hobbies as well as paid work? I struggle to see how this OP would fit into a corporate office junior position with the current attitude and work history mailroom, simple data entry, basic reception etc are usually channels for gradual promotion through the company and I would hesitate to hire the OP for this knowing they were probably just going to churn through sure the training / investment is low at this end, but why take the risk when there 8767 s 55 other applicants who all are bright, eager, hold down nice customer service or whatever jobs and willing to gradually climb?

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