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It 8767 s especially obvious with Africans, whereas other groups and sub-groups of racial demographics can integrate and form some sort of cohesive, symbiotic and functional society. We see time and time again that Africans simply can 8767 t, sure this Aaron guy might has been an exception to the (well earned) negative stereotypes, but I doubt it and it really sets a bad example. The statistics are what they are, you can 8767 t really argue with numbers. Crime, corruption, economic growth and activity, IQ, scientific output per capita, and so on, all get affected negatively by black demographics.

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Don 8767 t feed the trolls. You do you. Your story is great. Focus on making yourself a better person! You seem awesome and don 8767 t let the trolls get to you. There is a ton of hate from ignorant, less than adequate men it seems. Most are cowards, sad little men and women who do nothing more than foment hate. I kinda feel sorry for em as should you. Keep doing you and I hope it works out! ACC


I think that is the whole point: don 8767 t be a beta toolbag. There are plenty of white beta toolbags, but India and East Asia (traditional cultures in general, in fact) have a problem in that alpha behavior is never considered 8775 cool 8776 . Then there 8767 s also the little problem of their parents aborting about 65% of their sisters before they were born, so they get more desperate. Selfish NIMBYism may 8775 work 8776 for one 8767 s own family, but it screws society, and eventually comes back to screw your sons as well so any Indians reading this: do not abort your daughters.

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I am the same skin color as the typical Indian but I am a Latino. Never got what their issue is. You see so many Indians whining on forums about not being able to get laid while Latinos who are the same color as them enjoy about the same success with women as any other minorities, in some cases even White men. Like you can do an article on that since you guys have done like three articles now on Indian men and interracial dating. Indian men should start getting more Latino friends and asking them how it is done because even I have mistaken Indians and Latinos for each other.

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Let me end my rant by saying this
Ashley, please feel free to date who you chose regardless of race, background, or color. There are good and bad people that come from all walks of life and all colors.
You lead a much different life than that of your parents, forefathers, and friends.
Your happiness is what really matters and those who don 8767 t understand that 8767 s their fault. You deserve to be happy and with someone who supports that unconditionally. Be you and respect your own judgement. Because I 8767 m sure if it were a Mexican guy and he treated you badly people would probably be okay with it because he 8767 s not black.
Do as you please dear, it is your life and no one else 8767 s. Think of the bigger problems we 8767 d have in this world if every just blindly followed behind what others did simply because they share a complexion or racial background

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You talk about this woman not giving her dad enough thought for why he feels this way. But you turn around and decide, just like this woman 8767 s father that, somehow you 8767 re feelings and stereotypes trump any actual person your child is involved with. Your daughter probably lied to you before she started dating this man, and she probably lied about that because she knows that you are a 655% racist and it 8767 s not because you were It 8767 s because you were already racist and this horrible event very loosely ties into what you already believe. Your daughter, or Aaron, could be the nicest, most polite, human beings, but you have no respect for black people don 8767 t see black people as being as human as you see yourself.

I have friends who have been and assaulted. All by white guys. I 8767 m talking 85% of my female friends. Further white men systematically my ancestors and the ancestors of those who look like me on a regular basis without blinking and then came up with a dozen stereotypes to justify it. By your logic I should then dump my white boyfriend history shows white Europeans and their descendants are hyper violent. Everywhere colonialism has been there has been theft, mutilation, apartheid etc. Almost every single mass shooting in America has been done by white men. Historically Blacks, Indians, and others have more reason to fear whites than the opposite. However, this has nothing to do with your daughter dating a black man. You have decided that you believe all black men are vicious, and all black men are exactly the same. That is racist, that is bigotry. There is no way around it in the slightest. Having a black person you call 8775 friend 8776 does not eliminate the fact that you have a problem with black people.

So someone used that picture to put a guy up on beautifulpeople,com and here RVF is making fun of the guy 8767 s appearance. The guy in the picture isn 8767 t even me but ah well, who cares. Sucks that the guy (whose picture never even made it to RVF until someone dug it out) is going to have to explain some shit and it is going to hit him like a ton of bricks because he is going to 8775 WTF 8776 when his employer brings it up.

They are stereotyped as mama 8767 s boys and its true because their culture is extremely family oriented (which is one of the things us goris with a desi fetish love about India and Indian people). Nevertheless it is quite extreme but the only thing Indian men have to do is move out of their parents home as soon as they can in adulthood and then not move their parents back in with him when he marries. The joint family living system really is the only major thing that prevents us American goris with a desi fetish from marrying Indian men.

I was an awkward and creative kid. I wore the same pair of vans tennis shoes to school for 5 years straight, had long un-brushed hair, and wore oversized sweatshirts and jean shorts to school. I was chubby. I had braces. Name some nerdy quality and I probably had it. I was naturally a very inclusive person. I 8767 d say it was bad experiences throughout school which probably made me much more accepting. I was also a dancer and heavily involved in the performing arts which attracts a wide variety of characters. I always made sure everyone felt welcome and included.

whites are dumb and have no brains. everything you use is because of IndiA from numbers,number zero,vedic arithmetic,vedicscience,knowledge of Aeronautics,first university in the entire world,surgery,counting,music,dance,laws ofgravity,revolution of earth,medicine pharmaceuticals,mythology,tradition of kissing,shampoo,radio,E mail,cotton clothing,geometry,trigonometry,religion,rituals,mantras,meditation,yoga,prayer,spiritual wisdom,occult,grammar,philosophy,literature,astronomy,astrology,commerce,accounts,politics, not invent nor achieve any of this and if it wasn 8767 t for our people you wouldn 8767 t have any technology keep that in mind.

Hi Ashley. First, you will have to forgive those who have 8775 good intentions 8776 and tell you to reconcile with your father he was right look at these {skewed} black statistics (probably from stormfront) etc. These are the same individuals that will refuse to acknowledge the sins of their forefathers or the fact that their undercover racist tendencies are further fueling the mentality that is keeping a people from becoming all they can be. The same ones that don 8767 t have an answer for men like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Kenneth Chenault, or Dr. Mark Dean.

I am not going to lie to you and say that race does not matter at all however. There will always be some portion of non-brown girls who are either completely closed off to dating out or whose mistaken assumption that you are beta just for being Indian costs you a potential bang you would’ve gotten had you been white. These girls are usually less intelligent and less educated on average and this is also more common with girls from rural areas. Studies show exposure to another ethnic group, whether or not they are of a different race improves peoples opinions of them. Remember that most white girls in the cities where most diaspora Indians live grew up with some of them from kindergarden.

We have so many examples of this on every level, from neighbourhoods to towns to cities to countries. Same thing every time. I think we should treat people as individuals, a black guy completely removed from black culture can achieve just as well as any other person in every field, but African communities destroy societal infrastructure that buckles under their weight with their culture of crime and underachieving and professional victim hood.

Most white people were raised like that, according to me that is not a problem. When you 8767 re still under your parents roof. To me, the racist comments starts when you 8767 re an adult and you can make your own decisions and you still cringe when you see black/white couple, even though it 8767 s not you. Why do you care so much about it. If you 8767 re like that, then yes you 8767 re racist, because it 8767 s none of your business what other people do with their lives. People have choices and they choose to do what makes them happy. If dating black man makes them happy then why do you care. If to you color surpasses everything then by all means you 8767 re a racist.

the only reason you whites are obsessed is you want to steal our culture as you already tried with trying to steal our swastika and claim you are Aryans when the rig veda mentions nothing of Aryan invasion nor Europe and there is no indo European nor Eurasia as that is a speculation theory by white scholars which got debunked because no proof no shared linguistics with asia and Europe. whites are NOT Aryans! quit embarrassing yourselves and drinking tea doing yoga and marketing a quick buck out of our inventions you are don 8767 t want anything to do with you! gee looks like you came to our land to pester us and other non couldn 8767 t you piss off!

And who said white people are more beautiful and fitting? Because according to nature (the only true God on earth) everyone with color and melanin are more fitting lol. Hence the reason we don 8767 t need 8775 advanced 8776 creations like sun screen lol.
We can create a black person but mixing with any race of person. ANY
People of color can create a person of ANY color even white.
White people cannot do that lol, but blacks are allegedly inferior
We can turn the entire world black by mixing with other races of women.
Ironic that the darkest and lightest man on the planet are BOTH black lol. http:///gallery/C6YcZPO

My final piece of advice to brown guys is not to avoid gaming brown girls, but also to realize that they are not pure snowflakes. Take the pussy off the pedestal. Western white girls are non-traditional and promiscuous just like your mother told you, but so are a lot of Western brown girls. Brown girls prefer brown guys, even the ones with predominately white friends. The one 8767 s that do sleep with white guys will also sleep with brown guys as well. Westernised Indian girls do however detest the  FOBish Indian men just like their white sisters do. This is why brown guys who say they struggle with white girls actually struggle with every race of girl, because they have no game. Even if they woke up the next day as a white dude called Steve they 8767 d still suck with girls.

As the holidays approached, I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I tell Aaron? Do I hurt his feelings? Ruin his holidays? Do I lie? What is the right thing to do? I thought it best to not deal with this all in real time in hopes that my Dad would come to his senses. My aunt, however, told me both Aaron and I were welcome over for Christmas so I jumped at the opportunity. I explained that my parents weren’t coming to California for Christmas because our family dog needed emergency eye surgery. This was true and may have delayed their visit, but not the real reason for their absence. When I told Aaron this, he offered to drive out to Vegas with me at some point during our holiday break to go see them. This only made me feel worse and as the holidays grew to a close, I felt incredibly depressed despite a pleasant experience at my Aunt’s.

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