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Imagine if it were the other way around and sports were just gaining popularity and acceptance. 8775 So let me get this straight you watch a bunch of people you 8767 ve never met before throw a ball at each other and run around on a field and you cheer for them? To throw the ball better than each other? And then you make fake teams out of these people and bet against your friends for who makes the best fake team? And you even have entire TV channels where all you talk about is who 8767 s throwing the ball best lately? And sometimes they get awards for it!? 8776

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My boss will ask, 8775 What have you read lately? 8776 They can answer Popular Mechanics, Jane Austen or Star Trek Forever, but he 8767 ll sit and wait until he gets an answer. He says it gives him an idea of the person. I doubt anyone was ever *not* hired because of their answer, except maybe for the lady who said she was an avid reader and then could not come up with a single book or magazine she 8767 d read. She didn 8767 t get the job, but that wasn 8767 t the main reason. (Although, come to think of it, my boss will bring her up on occasion.)

Why do interviewers ask about your favorite books or

In one of my best/worse interviews I got asked favorite book and movie and what was the last concert I attended I had been at a New Kids on the Block reunion concert the night before!!! I answered honestly and got a few laughs Did I mention this was in a mass interview with 7 people??
They also handed me my resume and said 8775 we found one grammatical error on your resume can you tell me what it is? 8776 No I could not!! If I had seen a grammatical error on my resume I would have fixed it before sending in of course lol.

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I would feel that the interviewee was 6. shallow or immature and 7. had poor judgment for bringing it up in an interview for a serious grown up job. I read mystery novels but those are not the ones I would bring up if asked in this context as I also read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books that are more 8766 respectable. 8767 The thing about guilty pleasures is that they are 8766 guilty pleasures. 8767

Actually, you can get away with citing mystery novels as your favorite (speaking from experience, as I had a good chat with one of my interviewers about books once). But, I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, who is obviously pretty well-known and respected as far as the mystery genre goes. So, you can claim any genre as your favorite, as long as you cite the 8775 right 8776 (most intellectual/least weird) books in that genre.

I once did get a question along these lines that I answered poorly, however an interview asked me who my favorite Disney princess was, and why. I admittedly got pretty flustered because I wasn 8767 t expecting a question like that, and at the moment I couldn 8767 t remember who was Disney vs. Pixar or some other animation studio after composing myself I stated that I admired Drew Barrymore 8767 s character in Ever After (a Cinderella retelling) to which my interview snapped harshly that I hadn 8767 t really answered the question and that she was looking specifically for Disney princesses, not derivatives. I didn 8767 t get that job nor did I really want it after that interview experience (the interviewer would have been my immediate supervisor). (And, this was a standard office admin job not remotely related to the animation/art/entertainment industry.)

I had this come up when I interviewed for a retail job at Suncoast. My interviewer asked me what movie I 8767 d seen recently and liked, which actor I really liked and why, etc. This was actually relevant to the position though, as Suncoast is primarily a movie store and a knowledge of and enthusiasm for movies was needed to do the job well. I actually really liked working there even though it was a dreaded retail job. The people were really chill and fun to talk to. Plus, I like alphabetizing things so I was their favorite employee when it came to tidying up the store XD

I 8767 ve found it a little awkward at times to explain the martial arts thing sometimes folks get all 8775 hi-yah hi-yah 8776 about it and act kind of ha ha only serious like I 8767 m some sort of death ninja. I do have a spiel though 8775 it 8767 s a traditional martial art from Korea, kind of like Aikido, fairly different from MMA, we do locks and kicks and throws and things, I 8767 ve been doing it for 67 years and am an assistant instructor 8776 .

I have good socially acceptable responses for the 8775 what do you do in your free time 8776 question (theater, running, travel), but the real answer is that I spend an embarrassing amount of my free time wasting it on the internet. Obviously I 8767 d never say that in an interview, but an interviewer is also not going to learn much about what I really spend the majority of my free time doing by asking that question. (Note: I do spend time on theater, running, and travel. I just spend far more of it on the internet.)

If you’re the only person that can see the clown, things are a wee bit more complicated because it means that the being you’re dealing with is supernatural. The great thing about human clowns (killer or not) is that with enough willpower and adrenaline, you can put some distance between yourself and them. Supernatural clowns are a little bit trickier because no matter how far you run from them, chances are that they’ll catch up using one of their inexplicable abilities.

While you should have already called the local authorities to inform them of the clown menace prowling their streets, supernatural clowns are notorious for their ability to confound and evade people they aren’t immediately targeting. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the police will believe you if you try to explain that an undead/demonic/otherwise-magical clown is trying to kill you. You’re more or less on your own here. Still, though, don’t panic.

This is such a minefield for me! I work in film, so it 8767 s a legitimate question that people ask to gauge fit (does your taste/aesthetic line up with who you 8767 d be working for), but part of the reason I work here is because I love SO MANY books and movies that I can 8767 t pick. Luckily I know it 8767 s coming so I 8767 m prepared. I usually pick both Breathless (classic Godard French New Wave), Amelie (the pop rom-com version of the former), and a high-end documentary.

Oh god. I would die. I got in trouble during a month-long stint on a grand jury. There was lots of waiting around, and it was my turn to pick a movie I chose Bridesmaids (everyone else chose terrible Eddie Murphy movies). I forgot that the opening scene was graphic and the court officer came in and yelled at me for putting porn on the tv. And then he stayed and watched the rest of the movie and loved it. The person after me chose Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (the one with the graphic um, stuff going on with the hiney). We were all so embarrassed when that scene started.

Agreed. I LOVE the Harry Potter series, but if someone else says their favorite series is Harry Potter, it 8767 s kind of a non answer. Especially people my age (I 8767 m 78), it doesn 8767 t even imply YA as a genre, since we grew up with it. It 8767 s like 8775 what music do you like? 8776 8775 The Beatles. 8776 I mean, cool? It doesn 8767 t say anything about your actual taste unless your answer is kind of obsessive (my friend with the deathly hallows tattoo comes to mind)
Better answers, both socially and in an interview I think, are like what Alison said: A genre or broad category, with a couple examples.

I 8767 ve had this question come up twice before, for a job in a bar and in a bookshop. I was in my late teens and early 75 8767 s. For the bar job, it was to see if I 8767 d get along with the sort of people that worked there. For the bookshop job it was more that people would come in and expect you to know about this book or that author, how to get to the beach, where the tourist office was etc. Was it suitable for a boy of 8 who is a good reader, what has princesses in it, what is similar to Harry Potter etc. The questions in my interview were along the lines of 8775 what was the last book you read/film you saw/what did you like/dislike about it/what was the last concert you went to/what book did you start but never finish? 8776 To date, it is actually the best interview I 8767 ve ever had (and I was there for over 7 years) because we started talking about various bands we 8767 d seen recently.

I was recently asked what I was reading. I 8767 ve been re-listening to the Dark Tower audio books for 6+ months so that 8767 s the answer I gave. The interviewer had probably never heard about them, but I did get invited for a final interview (I ended up declining). I think SK is a very good writer, most of what I read is fantasy or sci fi, and I won 8767 t try to hide it. (But I do work in software development!)

Yes, I 8767 ve never had the book or movie question, but I have been asked if I have any hobbies in interviews. First, I feel like I have to come up with *something*. But second, all of my hobbies are quiet, unimpressive, homey hobbies. I love to read, I watch prestige TV, I love to cook, I enjoy spending time with my family but I 8767 m single, so that translates into BFF time with my mom. I 8767 m certainly not ashamed of my hobbies, but I feel like they 8767 re not impressive in an interview setting. I feel like it would come off better if I ran marathons or restored classic cars or something.

Good call. Maybe I just need to be more specific about it I 8767 m watching higher quality stuff like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, etc. and I 8767 m really passionate about reading critical response and interpretation. I 8767 m not binging on Kardashians and Housewives (although I do guilty pleasure-watch those sometimes, but I don 8767 t make a point to see them).

My question is, what are interviewers looking for with these questions? I mean, obviously I guess they want someone who is intelligent, can think on their feet (which I did not do), and has varied interests, but how do you convey that with these types of answers? I can come up with an answer to the book question now (I 8767 m planning to say I 8767 ve been into Neil deGrasse Tyson 8767 s books recently, because I have), but I 8767 m stumped as far as movies in case I get asked this again. My movie tastes aren 8767 t exactly sophisticated (Mean Girls? Boondock Saints? Fight Club? When Harry Met Sally?). Is this a question you find helpful or not?

I 8767 m a copywriter by trade and when I hire people, I don 8767 t ask about favorite books. But I could imagine doing so as a test of whether or not this person is literate and enjoys language. If she comes out immediately saying, 8775 I loved [insert name of book here] because [insert reason here]! 8776 then it *almost* doesn 8767 t matter what the book and the reason are* I will see this as 8775 this person likes to read, which is a good thing in copywriters. 8776 And if she hems and haws, I 8767 m going to wonder whether she reads much not that this would stop me from hiring someone who otherwise rocked the interview, but it might change me from 8775 hmm, maybe 8776 to 8775 no. 8776

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