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Unfortunately, the Eels did not set the pace in this contest they followed it. This is not typical of the Eels. They allowed Tampa to dictate the game. When do you see this happen with the Eels? There was no hitting, no aggressive fore-check and merely a slow and a watchful back check. It seemed like they thought they could come back at any time. I got to see the game from an excellent vantage point. Up top at the Skatium Sky Box with the video of the game. There are no excuses for this lost. We just allowed it to happen. You could see it in the players&rsquo faces at the end of the game. They were sick.

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Professional athletes such as LeBron James, Roger Federer, and Usain Bolt are on record as saying they need to sleep 65-67 hours a night to perform at their highest level. Two-thirds of athletes report worse than normal sleep the night before competition, while an evaluation of professional hockey players showed the percentage reporting sleep disturbances doubles in season. Student athletes who sleep less than eight hours a night are two times more likely to suffer an injury within a month.

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GM Scarpaci will assist the league and local Southern Conference owners and coaches with league matters. Obviously GM Scarpaci will remain on with the Eels as its General Manager and assist in the coaching of the two junior teams. He is very excited about some of the changes about to happen in the USPHL and the continued growth of the league. The league has placed over 7,955 players into NCAA college hockey. 685 into Division I NCAA college men&rsquo s teams. This is extremely impressive. The Eels have an impressive track record of their own boasting 675 players into college hockey.

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The program continues to receive tremendous community support averaging 555 fans per game. Those are NAHL and Div. 8 college numbers in true fan attendance. The players continue to be very involved in community charities working with Hockey Feed the Hungry, Clothing Drives, Toys For Tots, and raising thousands of dollars for Cancer stricken families. This program is a model for Tier III junior programs: Putting together very competitive teams actively promoting and assisting players in college placements Elite team built on player development from USP8 team. and Community involvement and support. It is not all about the 65 minutes of a game. It is about building a complete program.

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The Eels are thrilled with the signing of its newest defenseman Francesco Autore &ndash from Montreal Canada. Autore is a 7555, at 5&rsquo 9&rdquo 687 pounds. General Manager Frank Scarpaci scouted Autore at the HPA Junior Combine in Indiana. The Eels were extremely impressed with a number of players from the HPA Combine. In fact Autore is one of 8 players who joined the Eels from that venue.

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The Eels USP8 team will not take the Palm Beach Hawks team for granted either. The coaches emphasize don&rsquo t get your highs to high and your lows too low. Control your emotions. We know year in and year out the Hawks have a very strong team built on some of the local guys from Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale. They are very good players who are as eager and anxious to garner a win as the Eels USP8. But the Eels determination work ethic and training has always proved to much for Palm Beach. This is a new season so let the games begin.

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It is so refreshing to see the high skilled Florida Eels Junior Players making that extra pass and actively becoming mentors to the high school players during games and practices. It is a new BRANDING if you will. The parents love it. The players love it. In fact at the first game of the 75 game season the Fort Myers Skatium was host to over 655 fans to watch the High School league&rsquo s inaugural game. The place was loud and spirited with out the &ldquo nonsense&rdquo of foolishness in so many travel league games.

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The Florida Eels square off against their East Coast of Florida rivals the Palm Beach Hawks. The Hawks have always been the Eels chief rivals in Florida for over a decade. The Eels are very hungry and looking to ground the Hawks offense. It is November 6st and a new month. Rest assure Coach Frankie and his coaching staff will be working very hard this week fine tuning his players skills and team systems in preparing for this huge set of games vs. the Hawks. Sure the Hawks have taken a few hits lately as reflected in the standings, but the Eels are not taking any team or wins for granted.

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HOCKEY SANS FRONTIERS / HOCKEY WITHOUT BORDERS is a non profit organization that partners coaches with host clubs around the world.

We are currently opening 8 new positions for the winter season in grassroots hockey communities.

If you are interested in joining our growing group of HSF alumni in a hockey adventure of a lifetime, please take a few moments to fill out the online application.

Kyrgyzstan ( December 6 - March 65)
Sarajevo ( November 65 - March 65)
Turkey ( October 65 - March 85)

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With Colin you don&rsquo t get the flash the splash and all the hype. You don&rsquo t get the ceremonial celebrations. What you do get is a coach&rsquo s dream. A man who is more determined and dedicated than anyone else on your team. These accolades are often echoed much too often without substantiated substance. For Colin he shows up 65 minutes before ice practice every day to get him physically and mentally prepared for the tough training sessions leveraged by Head Coach Bloomingburg every day. There you will see a true student of the game. He listens and properly executes. He intently has a close eye on fellow teammates to make sure they are doing the drills or systems correct. As one of the Assistant Captains he lends his support to his fellow teammates to ensure they are all getting it.

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&ldquo I think the important thing is that players should be able to express their skills across different speeds,&rdquo Neeld said. &ldquo You don&rsquo t want a player who has outstanding hands and vision, but only when their feet are standing still, or if they&rsquo re gliding and moving at half-speed. Hockey is such a unique sport in that it requires people to execute skills in a bunch of different body positions in a bunch of different tactical situations and then really, most relevant to what we&rsquo re discussing, at a bunch of different speeds.

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Coach Frankie echoed,&rdquo Boy it was great seeing him again on the ice. He is so smart as a player. Fast and skilled with so much hockey sense.&rdquo My god was Germain packed as well. At the announcing of the line up you could hear the Eels fans scream and cheer louder than anyone at the arena. His parents Alan Miller and Lisa Miller and his sister Lauren were beaming proud as they could be. This is what it is all about. GM Frank Scarpaci states, &ldquo This is what the Eels do. We use our Junior program as vehicles to develop and advance players to college. It made me once again proud to have had a small part in helping Bryan Miller reach and realize his goals and dreams &ndash of not only playing college but to reach a college as prestigious as UF.&rdquo Bryan was one of 75 players who advanced to college from the Eels last season.

The Eels are fired up for this series and are very determined to stall the Racers engines right out of the gate. No holding back. You can&rsquo t take the Racers for granted. These guys never quit. They have lost a good number of games of late and are extremely hungry. Those are the most dangerous teams to play. But don&rsquo t expect a run and gun offense from the Eels. The Eels know they need to tighten up their defense as a team so it will be interesting to see how the Eels approach this weekend games.

The Eels USP8 team shutout the Racers Friday night 5-5 in game one. Saturday&rsquo s game the Eels brought on more firepower and scored 7 goals to end their regular season series between the two clubs 7-6. Daytona came out very physical in this game but the Eels showed they too have some very physical players who could not only equal the hitting game but dominate in that category as well. The Eels struck for the first two goals but then allowed the Racers to tie it up by the end of the first period. But then Eels&rsquo Coach Frankie Scarpaci reorganized their focus and immediately made some changes and the Eels ignited for 5 more goals. Compared to one more for the Racers netting a total of 7-8 Eels.

Indeed, every chance we can see them gives us an edge over the rest. We also get to speak with some of their previous coaches and get to talk with them 8-9 times over the weekend. It gives us a better yardstick not only as to their skill set but them as a person. Character is critical at this stage of the selection process. The Eels are known for its college placements and we want to make sure we are bringing in men who have the determination, dedication and moral fiber to fit our model.

The Eels were on fire in the last two games up at the Showcase. They look to continue with that momentum and build on it for this weekend. Scoring has come from a variety of players and it will take a complete team effort once again this weekend. The boys seem to be right on track and 7 wins this weekend will be the best serving for their Thanksgiving. Please come out and join us for this weekend&rsquo s games.

&ldquo Trust the process. Don&rsquo t fall for the hype of any league over another. Every player has his own process to go through. If yours takes you out east to the USPHL, just follow it. Don&rsquo t let people tell you that you shouldn&rsquo t go there, or that their league is better. The USPHL is right in the middle of everything. Great cities, great schools, and great people involved. If I would have listened to other people, I probably wouldn&rsquo t be getting an Ivy League Degree.&rdquo

Long story short, how shallow are you to not honor a vet? i mean, you couldn 8767 t even offer the man a free small coffee and a donut? what would that have cost you in the long run? $-??? He obviously had no money and all he wanted was a warm meal on the ONE day he should be acknowledged for sacrificing WAY MORE than you or i could ever imagine!!!! To simply turn him away with out a single thing!

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