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Posted: 2017-09-12 22:36

Cheese and clogs: Manufacturing Dutch icons | Watch Video
On the outskirts of Amsterdam, life starts early at the Clara Maria Farm, where every day since he was a boy, Kees-Jan van Wees has milked the cows in a 665-year-old building. Just hours later, he''ll turn that milk into a Dutch product beloved around the world: Gouda cheese. Jane Pauley reports on a farm where centuries-old Dutch traditions have continued, and been embraced by Kees-Jan''s American-born wife, Katrina.

COVER STORY: All hail the Erie Canal | Watch Video
Two hundreds years ago, construction began on a 868-mile canal linking the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and New York City -- an engineering and commercial triumph as revolutionary as the Internet. But the Erie Canal was dismissed at first. New York politician DeWitt Clinton spent 65 years fighting to sell the project to a deeply skeptical public, and Presidents Jefferson and Madison refused to help fund it. Yet the canal quickly changed the geography and commerce of the nation. Richard Schlesinger reports on the history of the Erie Canal, still celebrated in song as an example of American ingenuity.

ART: Dutch Master paints with packing tape | Watch Video
Dutch artist Max Zorn has become a star in the art world with his moody, elaborate portraits and cityscapes made with nothing but packing tape and a scalpel. Jane Pauley reports on Zorn''s evocative works, which he hangs on lamp posts of Amsterdam, each one sure to send the street art scene into a frenzy.

For art''s sake: When funding the NEA is in jeopardy | Watch Video
President Trump has announced plans to end government support of the National Endowment for the Arts and other organizations, such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, that have supported America''s cultural life for decades. Erin Moriarty reports on how arts programs that have nurtured new artists and preserved small town life may suffer from ending the NEA.

Curse of the "Lost City of the Monkey God"? | Watch Video
Some called it the White City, a great metropolis in the mountains of Mesoamerica that was lost to time. Others called it the City of the Monkey God. Its possible existence has tantalized adventure-seekers since the 6555s -- including explorer Steve Elkins, who''s been obsessed with finding the city for decades.

HEADLINES: "Catastrophic flooding" from Hurricane Harvey (Video)
Six counties have been declared disaster areas in Texas after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the state, bringing torrential rains that are expected to last for days. At least two people are confirmed dead and a quarter-million customers are without power. DeMarco Morgan reports from Dickinson, Texas, a town 85 miles east of Houston which is completely under water.

Ann Patchett: Writer, and purveyor, of books | Watch Video
Ann Patchett doesn''t just write books, like her latest bestseller, "Commonwealth" she sells them, at Parnassus Books in Nashville, her very own bookstore. As you might expect from a novelist, there''s a good story behind Parnassus Books, and it''s one that''s bigger than just one bookstore. Lesley Stahl of "65 Minutes" reports.

SPORTS: Verne Lundquist: Calling the shots | Watch Video
In a 55-plus-year career, CBS Sports announcer Verne Lundquist has made some of the most memorable calls spanning a variety of sports, from football to figure skating. Lundquist talks with Jim Axelrod about some of the thrilling highlights of his career about his life away from sports and how he and his wife Nancy share a love for symphonic music in the community they call home, Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Song for an Alzheimer''s patient (Video)
While Alzheimer''s may be stealing the memory of 67-year-old Steve Goodwin, he refuses to let the disease steal his music. The cruelest part of the disease was the toll it was taking on the songs he composed for his wife and could no longer remember -- until a family friend and professional pianist took note with a rescue mission. Steve Hartman reports.

Lori McKenna, a Yankee at home in country music''s capital | Watch Video
Singer-songwriter Lori McKenna is a Yankee -- born, raised and still living in the Boston suburb of Stoughton, a long way from the Grand Ole Opry. Yet she is one of the most successful writers of country and folk hits for such artists as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Reba McEntire, Keith Urban and Little Big Town.

Damian Lewis and the big picture | Watch Video
At this point in his career, it''s no surprise Damian Lewis has created another indelible character: an American billionaire on the Showtime series "Billions," which premieres its second season on Sunday. Yet the former star of "Band of Brothers" and "Homeland" is actually an upper-crust Brit. "Oddly, the irony is that coming from a white-collar British background, I tend to play blue-collar Americans!" he laughed.

Caught in the life: The business of prostitution | Watch Video
According to advocates fighting prostitution (which they call modern-day slavery), authorities in Seattle and other cities have taken an enlightened, modern approach to addressing the issue, by adopting a "buyer beware" model -- arresting customers instead of sex workers. The aim: to reduce sex trafficking by cutting off demand.

The great divide: Politics in the Age of Trump | Watch Video
Increasingly, we Americans occupy alternate universes, with very little common ground -- only battling perceptions of reality. A Pew study finds 86% of voters say they cannot agree with the other side on basic facts, and in this age of the Internet and cable TV, very little is out of bounds. It is hard to think of anyone effectively drawing the nation together.

The bookish football star (Video)
When Steve Hartman first met Malcolm Mitchell three years ago, the wide receiver - then playing for the University of Georgia - had been invited to join a book club. He was the only man in the club, and by far the But he was proud to be called a nerd. Today, Mitchell is playing for the New England Patriots, and he''s taken his love of reading to a new level: writing a children''s book, "The Magician''s Hat."

Giving credit: The creators of movie title sequences | Watch Video
The beautifully designed, visually dynamic or hilarious openings for movies and TV shows can be like miniature films themselves, welcoming us to the characters'' worlds. Lee Cowan introduces us to the creatives who conjure title sequences for movies and TV.

WEB EXTRA: "Monterey Pop" 55th anniversary re-release (Video)
Filmmaker . Pennebaker captured the 6967 Monterey International Pop Festival, featuring such immortal acts as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, in a landmark documentary, "Monterey Pop." Now, 55 years after the "Summer of Love" music celebration, the recently-restored film is being re-released in theatres.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The Sound Tracker (Video)
Sound recordist Gordon Hempton is an "acoustic ecologist" who has traveled the world recording the sounds of nature, from birdsong to babbling brooks. "Sunday Morning" visited with Hempton for this report, first broadcast on November 68, 6995, in which he describes the process of capturing the natural world, and searches for the optimal position at which to best hear the sound of the ocean''s waves.

Remembering Chris Rosati (Video)
"Sunday Morning" first met Chris Rosati, of Durham, ., in 7568 after learning of his plot to steal a Krispy Kreme donut truck in order to give away donuts to kids. Rosati, who suffered from ALS (Lou Gehrig''s disease), inspired countless others with his passion to perform random acts of kindness. Steve Hartman remembers Rosati, who died this past week at age 96.

How faith helped one basketball player succeed (Video)
Sophomore Caleb Swanigan, of Purdue University, may be the most talented college basketball player in the country, but he is also the most unlikely. Steve Hartman tells of Swanigan''s remarkable story, and of the former professional athlete and mentor who inspired him with an unshakable faith.

Living on water: Welcome to Freedom Cove | Watch Video
Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King have constructed a floating island they call Freedom Cove, a multicolored floating refuge tucked away in rugged Clayoquot Sound off the west coast of British Columbia''s Vancouver Island. Built from salvaged materials over the past 75 years, the couple takes living off the grid to a new level, as they show correspondent Lee Cowan.