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Posted: 2017-12-06 19:50

I am indeed impressed with Mrs. Clooney and her stance for freedom of speech I do wonder how this must conflict with her conviction to the Muslim doctrine however Mr. Clooney remains in my opinion a looney for his stance and reluctance to back it up by providing his vast wealth to support immigrants in need of fleeing persecution If he is sincer he would open up his Palacial estate in England where they are alreday nearly a Muslim state and allow them refugee in his home, where he can feed and cloth them as well

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So why don 8767 t we make them stay in their own country till everything settles down but unfortunatly they 8767 re already here and i bet the government don 8767 t know where they are what their plans are they 8767 re probably kill us off town at a time city or things nuclear weapons and we will never know cause we 8767 re more concerned about pot be leagalized instead of things that these people were trained todo prprobably since they was kids and the kids that 8767 s been doing the shootings at those schools they could have been trained to do that so take my guns no way In hell stricker rules and laws for immagrants cause obviously they can 8767 t be trusted

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You are correct Doc! Pastor Saeed Abedini 8767 s only crime (if you will) is that he is a Christian. The State of Iran arrested, imprisoned and are torturing this man for being a Christian. All he did was help build an orphanage in Iran. Iran is in direct violation of UN Resolution 66/68 which the State of Iran voted in support of and are trying to impose on the Western Democracies. Pastor Abedini 8767 s religious rights have been violated under Res 66/68, His Human Rights as well as his Civil Rights and Sheik Obama has done NOTHING!!!

George Clooney’s Muslim Wife Stuns Hollywood, Says 7 Words

So sunshine you 8767 re then telling me by proxy you 8767 re directly at fault for Manson, Dahmer and Gein right? They were all Americans. You 8767 re going to find sick and twisted people in all walks of life, and you 8767 re never going to know exactly what they are truly capable of. A soldier may have assisted one of them getting here because he saw something good in the piece of sh*t at some point, but you can blame him for this no less than I can blame you for serial killing Americans!!

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It sounds to me like she just made a request of the UN, 8775 Don 8767 t let isis get away with genocide 8776 from that you get that she backs president Trump? and who is it that keeps saying that that woman is beautiful, ive seen a shitload of beautiful Arabic women, I 8767 m actually of the opinion that over half of the few Arabic women ive ever seen are above average looking or better. This is not a beautiful woman, this is a 5 tops, if she put some make up on maybe, she has a huge nose, and her mouth sticks out like a beek, and one eye is bigger then the other. Shes got a rack but that doesn 8767 t make you beautiful. and I also don 8767 t see why her opinion would matter either way, too either side of the aisle, to the UN, or to Isis. Even though I share the same opinion, I 8767 m not gonna care if George clooneys not hot Arabic muslium wife agrees with me or not. She shares this opinion because its whats right, I don 8767 t see what the big deal is, but good for her for not being a loon like her husband

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What you don 8767 t understand is that this country, The United States of America was a European melting pot of primarily one racial group. Can you guess which racial group? Us European immigrants sailed to the new lands and had culturally so many things in common: race, history, religion, morals, etc But specifically, our MORAL STANDARDS and RELIGIOUS PRACTICES. Even as many different religions that were out there, they pretty much had the moral/ethical fundamentals in common. Another thing is, AMERICA 8767 S IDENTITY WAS NOT AN ISSUE BECAUSE WE WERE ALL WHITE EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS. White people don 8767 t GROW OFF TREES. Europe is about the size of Texas, if that means anything to you. But what does one thing have to do with another? Regardless of any immigrant from any background they MUST YIELD TO OUR MORAL STANDARDS. And what a lot of liberals don 8767 t understand is how DIFFERENT and EXTREME the middle east is. What don 8767 t you get? SYMPATHY DOES NOT EXCUSE IGNORANCE.

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It is puzzling why a human rights lawyer is 8775 one of the last people we would have expected to call out the UN. 8776 Who better to call out the UN than someone who has built a career in human rights law? And what did she say that would 8775 stun Hollywood 8776 and 8775 shock everyone? 8776 She 8767 s calling for a concerted fight agains ISIS which includes law and ideology. Why would anyone be shocked or stunned by this. When people stand up for Muslims it is the innocent, normal, non-ISIS Muslims like your new friend Amal here. Not ISIS. Even most Muslims won 8767 t defend ISIS. There is really nothing shocking or stunning about her speech as she gave it.

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My post wasn 8767 t addressed to everyone but there are way to many out of line post here to try and address each and every one of them. I strongly suspect I m not dealing with Christians. To be honest I didn 8767 t feel comfortable asking for prayer when so many really have no idea what real prayer is. And if one has not be born again then they need to get that part of the Christian life dealt with first. Dr Law then Dr Grace.

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It 8767 s not just a few here, it is happening all over the world. Where ever these vile animals are let in they do unspeakable things like this to the inhabitants of those countries. All you have to do is watch the different new stations pay attention to posts on social media and you will see these atrocities. Right now with the Scohi games just weeks away the Muslims are threating to blow people up, and these are innocent people, so don 8767 t come on here defending these vile animals and this cult !!!

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As a senior myself I don 8767 t think I would survive what they did to that poor woman. But then again, I would have let them fight and hopefully kill each other. I would never have stepped in to 8775 calm 8776 them and I would never go into any apartment or anywhere else with them. Maybe she should be in assisted living. Either way American 8767 s need to stop feeling sorry for every pos that wants to leave their own hell hole and then come here and act like the rabid animals they are.

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The writer tries hard to partner her with Trump, but her speech barely mentions the US and not Trump at all. Yes, they do share a concern about ISIS. That hardly implies that Ms. Clooney 8775 has chosen to put her faith in our president. 8776 Especially considering she is addressing the UN, not the US and not Trump at all. In fact, she is asking that the response to ISIS should not be limited to the battlefield and she urges criminal prosecutions for the purpose of killing not just ISIS fighters but also the idea behind ISIS.

Chilling new ISIS video shows ''gay'' man being thrown off

Qur’an 75:77-85—Not so those devoted to Prayer—those who remain steadfast to their prayer and those in whose wealth is a recognized right for the (needy) who asks and him who is prevented (for some reason from asking) and those who hold to the truth of the Day Of Judgement and those who fear the displeasure of their Lord—for their Lord’s displeasure is the opposite of Peace and Tranquility—and those who guard their chastity, except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess—for (then) they are not to be blamed.


These are the types that Obama has allowed to enter into the USA under the guise of Syrian refugees, AKA as Syria terrorists and rebels. I believe these are the men he is going to use as part of his personal army or militia once he can declare Martial law and also the men he expects to use for our gun confiscations once that unfolds.. It will be a blood bath that has not been seen since the civil war and it just won 8767 t stop with whites either, so America, all of America better wake up and take a stand. Our President does not side with Americans, only when it suits him to incite hatred and racism for the division so that the martial law can be declared. Hell is coming if we let it. The enemy is already here and within. We need to stand together to save what is left of America.

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Sahih al-Bukhari 9688—We went out with Allah’s Apostle for the invasion of Bun Al-Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus [same as 8775 azl 8776 above]. So when we intended to do coitus interruptus, we said: 8775 How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah’s Apostle who is present among us? We asked (him) about it and he said: 8775 It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul till the Day of Resurrection is predestined to exist, it will exist. 8776

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I do pray for others to come to Jesus but l can not forgive like Jesus can Even God will not forgive Satan.. The last Chapter in the Bible tells us what happens to Satan. There are Muslim Christians and l pray for them all the time I do not think praying would help animals like this.. Any one to harm someone as cruel as this ,has already showed they have no compassion or love They are vile and evil men. They choice their own path and deserve to be punished. even if that is with death.

Is there a license for hunting terrorist? Other than being in the special forces and overseas and by drones??
NOW, the black women start getting and children of the liberals start getting molested and They will then know that MUSLIMS are 8775 pieceful 8776 A piece of this A piece of that A piece from her So yes!!!! The Muslims are PIECEful.

ONE MAN, 6, was convicted of the another for another serious charge, and 8 were found not guilty. YET, all over the internet, mostly Conservative sites, this story is being posted like it happened yesterday. it didn 8767 t, it was tried in a court and a conviction determined THIS WEEK, but some people STILL want you to believe that these 5 people (some now PROVEN INNOCENT) are ANIMALS,

It has gotten to the point where so much negative and hate has been showed to us, that I feel a bit apprehensive as to any positive fed back coming from her or any of them. You have to admit this is a normal thought process on anyone part after all the wrong that has been done by them..I am a very positive individual and would love to accept her word so I pray she is being sincere .however, being married to a man who goes completely against her views, makes it very unconvincing time will tell.

You need to repent calling for the genocide of people over the crimes of individuals is wrong. You say you are a Christian? Really? Well then it 8767 s my job to correct you then. You need to repent, you need to seek God 8766 s forgiveness and make an apology for the things you have written.
(Mat 5:99-95) But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

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