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As an Asian woman, I 8767 m glad white girls are finally starting to take notice of our men. but like all race based attraction there 8767 s always something dodgy about it. The racist ones annoy me the most. 8766 Ooh I only like Japanese men 8767 , 8766 He has an ugly Chinese look 8767 . Liking another race is supposed to make you more open minded, not more xenophobic. Clearly they see these men not as individuals but as a fantasy of what their race is supposed to represent. These girls are no better than the delusional white guys with Asian fetish.

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mini Aug 55 7566 7:85 pm first of all great acting!!!! even though i have alredy watched personal taste already i was not impressed by ur acting. later i started city hunter which i liked tremendously!!! and there was something familiar about ur smile bt it was still a hunch{"cud he be the guy 9m personal taste? naah this guy is so much better!!!"} bt by the end of first episode i was sure it was u. do u know what gave u away? u were not wearing socks!!!!!! {which had bugged me in urs previously mentioned drama} it seriously irks me to see u dressed so flamboyantly{9 heavens sake u were wearing bright pink pants!!! isnt that supposed to be guys nightmare?!!} anyway u have a great body just do something about ur dressing sense and who knows u might end up on my mobile wallpaper?!!! keep smiling{u r cute when u smile}


That 8767 s not at all what it 8767 s doing people should be allowed to liek whatever they want and what countries they like and it is not at all imposing anything on us. I 8767 m from the US and love Asian things. Some people like it others don 8767 t, just because they get the chance to see the things they like up close shouldn 8767 t be bad. I 8767 m a huge Kpop fan and have been so happy that more and more groups are coming to the states lately (even if only to NYC and LA)

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Bulma is called by Shu to the garden of Capsule Corp, as Future Trunks' time machine has arrived and Future Trunks is beaten and unconscious inside. Bulma lays him in a bed, and berates Pilaf and the gang for assuming that Bulma was apart of a "scandal" as Future Trunks and Trunks look the same. Bulma frantically looks for the communicator given to her by Whis, and she uses it to tell Vegeta and Goku about Future Trunks, and they teleport back to Earth. After Goku teleports to Korin Tower for some Senzu Beans, Bulma feeds Future Trunks one, and is surprised to see Future Trunks suddenly wake up and attack Goku. Bulma slaps him in the face and then he realizes that he is in the present not in the future anymore. Future Trunks is happy to see Bulma again since his own mother from his timeline sadly died. The Pilaf Gang are still unaware that this is a Future version of Trunks and still think it’s the older brother. Bulma has to explain to them that he’s the same person as Trunks but from the future to their shock.

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Five days later, Bulma is on her way to the Nameless Planet with the rest of the gang. Bulma is present at the sidelines with her friends and family, spectating the Universe 6 and 7 Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition , expressing concern for her husband after he is defeated by Hit. After the tournament, the group locates the seventh and final Super Dragon Ball , which was actually the planet they were on. Bulma constantly nags Beerus about wishing for something good, threatening to tell the Omni-King on him if he doesn't. Bulma then returns to Earth with everyone else.

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When Beerus and Whis arrive, she notices them with Vegeta and thinking the pair are his friends, takes them along with her and introduces them to the rest of the party guests, joining the guests in chanting Beerus' name and clapping. After Beerus defeats Buu, Gotenks charges him and is defeated, Bulma cared for Trunks once the fusion wears off. She steps in when Beerus aims his finger at Vegeta in an attempt to execute him, taking his attention off of Vegeta by slapping him and mouthing off. Beerus returns the favor by slapping her back and she is knocked out, sending Vegeta into a rage.

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Hey buddy.. think before you speak alright? We don't want to hear such negativity. It is true what [justsaying, Annonymous, City Hunter, etc] said.. If you think you can do a better job at recreating City Hunter. you should create one will see who's drama is better but then again it shouldn't be about someone else being better.. it should be ******EACH AND EVERYONE OF US DON'T NEED TO BE BETTER THAN OTHERS OR OTHER MOVIES/SHOWS DON"T NEED TO BE BETTER THAN OTHER SHOWS, WE JUST NEED TO BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE OR THE SHOW OR MOVIE CAN BE THE BEST THAT IT CAN BE****** and I truly believe that's what this Korean version of City Hunter represents. Please just be positive :) City Hunter the Korean Drama version was amazing too!!!!!! Lets all hope for a season 7 :)

As soon as he learned that Trucy had been arrested for murder , Phoenix frantically tried to get hold of Justice and Cykes, as he was out of the country at the time and thus unable to help her himself. However, he did calm down once they informed him they were taking her case and would save her. After the case, he called them back and after hearing that Trucy got a not guilty verdict, was immensely relieved to know she was safe.

Wonderful post. I hate yellow fever from either gender. I 8767 ve been the victim of such 8766 affections 8767 in the past, myself being half-Asian. That 8767 s good enough for Asiaphiles not even actually Asian and I still pass lol. Makes me feel really sick. Obviously I have no problem with interracial couples, I was born of one, but when people search each other out BASED on colour makes my skin crawl, especially, as you rightly point out, because they are generally so ignorant and looking for stereotypes.

In her initial appearance, Bulma had her hair in a braided ponytail with a red ribbon and wore a very short pink dress with her name on it with blue sneakers and purple socks. Due to wetting her panties when being captured by a pterodactyl, her clothes are quickly changed to a pair of boots, gray pants and a blue jacket with a white tank top underneath with her hair unchanged. When she was staying the night in her Capsule House she wore a pink nightgown with one side of her hair in a pigtail and adds a pair of pink socks and blue sneakers to it when she was forced to take Turtle to the beach. After coming back from the beach, Bulma is briefly seen in a white shirt and pants with brown shoes and gloves when attempting to ride Goku's Flying Nimbus.

Future Trunks then mentions to the rest of the gang that the new enemy he faces looks like Goku. He says that the enemy is known as “Goku Black” when Bulma points out that name is silly Future Trunks tells her it was her counterpart that gave him the name as she is mortified but says they are two different people. She is then shocked to hear that her counterpart was killed as Vegeta is angry at Future trunks for the death of Future Bulma and running away to the past. Bulma tells him to overlook it as she shows them the notebook she found that would help Trunks to travel with present-day Goku and Vegeta in the future.

A decade has passed after Majin Buu's defeat, Bulma and Vegeta have a second child, a daughter named, Bulla. Bulma and Vegeta visit Goku while he is training Goten. Bulma is mad that she hasn't seen him in five years. After Goku remarks that Bulma is starting to look older, Bulma gets angry and says that she may use the Dragon Balls to wish herself because Goku and Vegeta don't age. The next day, she attends the 78th World Tournament with her family and friends. Bulma watches the match between Goku and the reincarnation of Majin Buu, Uub. Bulma is surprised that a kid like Uub could be on "par" with Goku. After their match, Bulma is said farewell to by Goku because he's going to live in Uub's village to train him.

I 8767 m from Hong Kong and I think the biggest barrier between white girl and asian men is . No matter how many J/C/K POP a girl might knows or how many asian movies they 8767 ve seen. They can never understand the 8775 asian culture 8776 . I 8767 m not saying the history, but is the little things like the way we engage in conversation, and the things we say. For example: I might not understand america jokes because I haven 8767 t seen that TV show, movie or cartoon. What do you think?

After being asked by Heihachi Mishima to defend him on charges of smuggling illegal substances, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey traveled to Japan and headed to Kamurocho, where they had agreed to meet. Whilst waiting, however, the area became infested with zombies. The two were eventually rescued by Mishima and the yakuza Goro Majima , but were forced to retreat down a nearby manhole as the number of zombies increased. The manhole lead to Makai , where Wright eventually met up with Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland , who agreed to help the duo return to the human world. After rendezvousing with the rest of their group, Wright and Fey were attacked by Baby Bonnie Hood , who was under contract with Shadaloo to kill Wright before he could clear Mishima's name. As the others would be unable to effectively fight off any enemies and protect them at the same time, Aensland supercharged Fey's magatama with spiritual energy, allowing her and Wright to defend themselves. Hood was eventually forced to retreat and the group safely made it out of Makai.

Six months later, Bulma was looking forward to getting a haircut at her beauty salon when two robbers bumped into her car and scratched it, prompting an angry Bulma to go after them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Krillin, who turned out to be the police officer chasing the robbers, thanks Bulma for her help, but gives her a ticket for speeding, much to her dismay. Just then his phone rings. He and Bulma are summoned over to Gohan's house to try and help deal with the situation between him and Mr. Satan with Chi-Chi, with Goku and Goten showing up at the same time too. Bulma promises to help calm Chi-Chi down if Krillin gets rid of her ticket. Bulma and Chi-Chi compare how Saiyans seem to be more interested in fighting than family, as Bulma points out Vegeta chose training rather than attend Trunks' birth. She assures Chi-Chi that she should look on the bright side: Gohan has successfully become a scholar, and even Goku is working as opposed to Vegeta, who has been off training with Whis for half a year without coming back home.

Lee Jin-Pyo ( Kim Sang-Joong ) and Park Moo-Yul ( Park Sang-Min ) worked as bodyguards at the South Korean President's home the Blue House. While the president and other high ranking public officials were visiting Myanmar an explosion occurs there set off by North Korean agents. The explosion did not harm the South Korean President, but other South Korean officials were killed. To retaliate for the killing, five high ranking South Korean officials plan a covert operation to go into North Korea and kill North Korean agents. Without the president's knowledge, bodyguards Lee Jin-Pyo and Park Moo-Yul gather men who will take part in the dangerous mission. The men will be dropped near the North Korean coastline and then enter North Korea to carryout their assassinations. For their return, Choi Eung-Chan ( Cheon Ho-Jin ) promises to have a submarine waiting for them to carry them back to South Korea.

Wright was then put before a hearing conducted by the Bar Association of other lawyers in his field. They determined that he was responsible for the forgery and all of them except Kristoph Gavin voted for Wright's disbarment. Even after losing his badge, however, it was apparent that the judge and those involved with the law still carried him in somewhat high esteem. This event became the foundation of what was to become known as the " dark age of the law ", with the trial of Simon Blackquill the following year starting this so-called "age" in earnest.

I agree that there 8767 s some crazy Yellow fever girls out there. I 8767 ve met some of them or maybe I can be classified as one, I 8767 m not sure But I do have a specific type that I like, but on the other hand, I don 8767 t find anything wrong with it. Because if anyone gets screwed over it 8767 s me after I find out after and during dating them that 8775 Oh, you look good but you also like a lot of things I hate 8776 or 8775 You look good but your personality is boring 8776 I 8767 ve had this happen a couple of times! It goes well the first month and then it starts to slide off. But that 8767 s me causing my own downfall. But if I have to constantly look at a guy and make this face: : because he 8767 s not really my type, then that 8767 s also not worth it. OK, so that 8767 s shallow and it causes me to weed out a lot of guys who might actually be perfect for me. But that 8767 s my preference. And there 8767 s nothing wrong with that. Girls who exclusively date Asians do the same thing when they weed out other races.

During the time, Bulma met back with Goku in West City during his time being targeted by the Red Ribbon Army , Bulma wore a red tube top that leaves her shoulders exposed, orange shorts, and pink shoes with purple socks while having her hair in a side ponytail. When she was with Krillin being pursued by General Blue in the Pirate Cave she left her shorts, shoes, and socks behind to swim and was just in her red tube top and red panties although at the back of her panties it shows her butt cracks while wearing it. After getting back to Kame House after the incident she is seen wearing an outfit which is identical to the outfit worn before but everything being pink. She wears this outfit all the way until the end of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.

CRYSTAL Aug 55 7566 6:58 pm Episodes 69: What fascinate me the most? Flash back mission in 6988 was classified is now about to unfold. Lee Min-Ho is very vicious in a good way and very clever man. He detected and uses all these gadgets (new technology upgrade, updated devices) techniques to spy on. As someone said, he is pretty well skilled. No doubt about that. On the other hand, I could imagine if Lee Min-Ho and Lee Jun-Hyuk joined force, they would do a good job together to catch and cease the bad guys cuz they pretty much handy. Well, I just cross my finger, knock on the wood to see what will reveal on the next game. Sorry I’m just having my moments. Sounds fun and exciting to me. I’m enjoying this. THANK YOU CITY HUNTER, YOU MADE MY DAY.