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Saying 8775 male privilege exists 8776 is different from saying 8775 I, myself, have male privilege. 8776 It is my interpretation from the comment itself, the context in which it was written, and some other things he 8767 s written that he does not believe nerd culture has a problem with sexism, and 8775 male privilege 8776 applies mainly to those he calls 8775 Neanderthals. 8776

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That s fair. If I cared about something enough to ask a potential partner about it, I d expect to get either an honest answer or a clear statement that the topic was off limits. I don t have much patience with people who ve lied about what I define as big ticket items. As with virginity or many other things, I think the burden of starting the conversation falls on the person with the strong preference.

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Mine is a way that is little trod,
I am bound by no sect or creed
I say my prayers to Nature&rsquo s God
In the field where the lapwings breed.
I hear the wind preach, and its Psalms are sung
In praise of the infinite free
And ne&rsquo er a sermon from human tongue
Is half so divine unto me.

Ammon Wrigley, 6985s poet who walked the Pennines.

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That means that the for men means that among surveyed men aged 75-99, they have had an average of partners up to this point. One presumes many of them still have a number of sexual partners to come. They don t have statistics on how many per lifetime for people, because we haven t finished our expected lifespans yet, and those that have finished their expected lifespans come from a wildly different set of social norms.

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I did it because I was angry with my ex-boyfriends. I found pornography pictures and videos on their computers many times and I was doing it for revenge. I kept thinking: Why these girls and not me? Am I not sexy and beautiful etc.?? (I was sooo immoral and immature.) In a way I think that I got revenge against myself and nobody else. That was a real zero in my life, nothing good in my head!!!

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And lost so thoroughly that its very arguments have been defined out of existence. Have been redefined. Redefined as you 8767 re doing here: away from their um 8775 arguments of origin 8776 and into a newly-invented paradigm, a paradigm in which their only imaginable meaning is not what *we* imagined it was back then *that* is no longer imaginable but is, instead, just: 8775 Shaming people into conforming with gender roles. 8776

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The same worries, deep and secret fears, that are the core and driving heat of Penny 8767 s feminism when they happen to women get called 8775 entitlement 8776 when they happen in men and need to be 8775 let go 8776 . You 8767 re not allowed to complain about them. You 8767 re not even allowed to ask the people hurting you to stop then you 8767 re super entitled. You shut up and get on with your life.

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I have a sister that 8767 s bi-polar. As kids, she would work herself up into incredible emotional reactions over minor incidents in order to get her way. She once begged, threatened, screamed, and weeped for a half hour about whether or not the car was going to stop at mcdonalds. It was terrifying because these emotions were unquestionably real, but would vanish literally the instant she won the argument. She is what feminism has become, utterly convinced of its own righteousness, willing to do anything to achieve its righteous ends, and unable or unwilling to question itself.


Well, on the economic question: Although he 8767 s in the sort of career that no doubt earns approval from Jewish mother-in-laws, Scott is not rich. Nor, I think, are most nerds. It depends on where you draw the boundaries, of course, but being nerdy is not the ticket to wealth that some people believe. Even for the comparatively high-success kind of nerd that the Scotts are (Alexander and Aaronson), it 8767 s easy to imagine an only slightly different world where their psychological problems stopped their careers dead in their tracks.

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I know there are a couple different definitions of what exactly structural oppression is, but however you define it, I feel like people who are at much higher risk of being bullied throughout school, are portrayed by the media as disgusting and ridiculous, have a much higher risk of mental disorders , and are constantly told by mainstream society that they 8767 re ugly and defective kind of counts.

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porn scheeves me, i will never be in any pornography movies, videos etc., etc. also, i went to use my laptop this morning, and when i clicked system resume i found a webpage that someone had searched on. it said fre lesbian porn spelled like that.. someone typed it in!! and there were like 9 minimized porn pages, some regular, some lesbian.. it was very disturbing!! so thank 65779 you for fighting this nasty habit, that some people are unfortunate to have. :( :( i talked to my mom about it, and she had no idea anything like that happened.. so we think we might have tapped into one of our neighbors wireless signals or something. because we have connected units (houses or whatever lol) and every computer is connected, somehow. its a long story. but yeah, thanks!!

In my experience, having some residual feelings for an ex can happen, people can rebound all over someone else (without consideration, tsk tsk)
But it s just as likely to be a non-issue. Unlike those fuckwit purity ballers and their You give away pieces of your heart every time you date someone!! rhetoric.
What s more common is that more experienced people are not inclined to put up with behavior that mirrors what their exes did.
Though really? I ve seen my less experienced friends go Awww hell no, I m not putting up with that! I saw my parent/friend/sibling date someone like that and HELL TO THE NO!

I suspect that if I had encountered more sympathetic discussion that I could relate to my own experience, and less discussion talking only about the worst thing and heavily shaming it (the former thing does exist, there 8767 s probably a lot of it, but the latter is too common and it 8767 s what stuck with me more), I could 8767 ve realized the things I was doing wrong earlier, and changed them more quickly and with less pointless embarrassment.

At one point, I actually begged a psychiatrist to prescribe drugs that would chemically castrate me (I had researched which ones), because a life of mathematical asceticism was the only future that I could imagine for myself. The psychiatrist refused to prescribe them, but he also couldn’t suggest any alternative: my case genuinely stumped him. As well it might—for in some sense, there was nothing “wrong” with me. In a different social context—for example, that of my great-grandparents in the shtetl—I would have gotten married at an early age and been completely fine. (And after a decade of being coy about it, I suppose I’ve finally revealed the meaning of this blog’s title.) [ ]

If you find all of this a stretch and need to justify using porn, then you haven&rsquo t seen the faces in the photos like I have. My guess is that you did, but you chose to ignore it like I have for so long. I&rsquo ve been able to tell that in much of what I&rsquo ve seen that the women do not enjoy what they&rsquo re doing. I see fear, pain, and a trapped person. Like a deer in a headlight.

I 8767 ll see how I feel once I 8767 ve slept on it, but after spending half an hour reading this while I should have been going to bed, I can 8767 t help reacting with a similar deeply uneasy feeling. (I felt some of this uneasiness in response to 8775 Radicalizing The Romanceless 8776 as well, though.) I agree with some of your points here (others I 8767 m getting too sleepy to entirely get the gist of).

And yeah, I can sort of relate to that. I knew a woman who was worried that another woman would go to university, because 8775 a lot of people drift away [from church] when they do that 8776 . But the worrying woman also had nerdy and fringe subculture friends who were also Christians on her own behalf or on behalf of those established friends, she didn 8767 t much worry about 8775 worldly influence 8776 . It 8767 s like her attitude was, 8775 nerds can be OK, but please don 8767 t risk becoming one unless you absolutely must 8776

Years went by with cyclical results. Using a complete iron-will I would abstain for months at a time, but then something would happen generally something that put my own self-worth in question and I would somehow find myself in pornography&rsquo s accepting and strangling embrace. Using pornography felt like &ldquo coming home&rdquo to a place that made me feel good superficially, only to fill me with remorse and regret soon thereafter.

Therefore, let me posit the following: inasmuch as nerds suffer structural oppression, it 8767 s either (a) not because they 8767 re nerds [but because they 8767 re fat or whatever], or (b) the product of a patriarchal system that nevertheless benefits men as a whole, even if it damages some individual men. Perhaps I 8767 m wrong, and nerds do suffer structural oppression that fits neither category, but again, I need evidence for that claim, not mere assertion.

The misnaming of fields of study is so common as to lead to what might be general systems laws. For example, Frank Harary once suggested the law that any field that had the word &ldquo science&rdquo in its name was guaranteed thereby not to be a science. He would cite as examples Military Science, Library Science, Political Science, Homemaking Science, Social Science, and Computer Science. Discuss the generality of this law, and possible reasons for its predictive power. Gerald Weinberg, &ldquo An Introduction to General Systems Thinking.&rdquo