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Yeah I feel the same way-
But then that problem arises within my head
What if he just continues to not text, and I don 8767 t text? Then I feel like I 8767 m failing as his girlfriend and I feel like it 8767 s partly my fault we 8767 re drifting
Because he doesnt text me. And when he does, I have to start the conversation. If I never started the conversation, we would never have it. Thus, we drift and become less close. 🙁
I don 8767 t know what to do!

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This guy that I 8767 ve gotten deeply involved with is leaving to travel for a year (cross country on a motorcycle) this coming week. We 8767 ve had an incredible time the past few months and my feelings have gotten really strong. He says that he really cares about me a lot and will always be there for me he said this as he made me turn around to face him, looked me directly in the eye w/the most intense eye contact I 8767 ve ever experienced and told me this. The past couple of weeks, he 8767 s been acting kind of distant though.

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To Sata: I 8767 m sorry to say that this might have just been a fling. You didn 8767 t specify why he was leaving the country, but if he wasn 8767 t being ordered to (as in for his job, etc.) he probably wanted to, and went of his own free will. And the fact that he 8767 s not calling or even texting you saying how much he misses you probably says all you need to know. A whole year?? Honey, if he was so into you, he wouldn 8767 t want to be away from you for a month! He may have just said that he 8767 d be back to keep your hopes up, and then dashed. You deserve better than that. Let 8767 s hope the next guy you meet doesn 8767 t literally move 5555 miles away from you!

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Because someone has to be the social justice warriors in any online beef, it turns out that Barstool Sports, the site built on sexist and ethnic jokes under the guise of offending everyone, is in fact a den of liberal cucks when compared to the guy who used to support Black Lives Matter but now makes Holocaust jokes because he found it to be more profitable under President Trump. This is especially ironic given that Kevin Clancy, who was present for Gionet’s segment and held court on what constitutes an actual joke, loves to make fun of Jews.

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hey guys 🙂 i need ur help its about a month or so that im into a 8767 s 8 years older than me and he 8767 s a college student in our city studying my fav major I send him a massage and ask him a lot of things about his major and told him i rly like this major and he said come to university one day i 8767 ll show u around and stuff i went there for both him and treated as a nice that day he didnt text me at all and till now i just texted him twice and asked stuff about that just treats me like a normal girl idk how to show him i like him u know he doesn 8767 t even like all my instagram post which i post them just for him to see how i 8767 m feeling or how my life goes idk what to do plz help me guys i dont want to just tell him 8775 I LIKE U 8776 .want to SHOW him that i like him..and i guess i have some English problems in this text sry my english isnt very good..waiting for ur advice guys 8


I have a guy called Hayden which we have been friends with benefits for a few weeks
We flirt, he said he likes me but I don 8767 t know if he ment I 8767 m a crush
He sends me mixed signals, which makes me confused on if he likes me more then just a friend.
We went out clubbing with friends and he got jealous when I kissed a guy
And the next day I asked him what he thought of me by text, he said wouldn 8767 t I like to know.
And then said his going to bed, I 8767 ve been waiting for 9 days with no reply
I don 8767 t know if I should play hard to get or message him just casually and pretend I said nothing?

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Hi Eric, could you please elaborate on this:
8775 I would encourage you to look for opportunities for the guy to make an effort towards you. The more of an effort he puts into seeing you or doing things for you, the more invested in you he’ll become. 8776
Are you suggesting that women should not initiate contact with a guy in the beginning so that he can put in more effort and become more invested? I may be misreading what you said so please correct me if I 8767 m wrong.
Also, what is your take on a woman sending a man a text message in the beginning stages? My ex recently reconnected with me and while he has mostly contacted me first to see me, there are times when I want to text him first. However, I worry that initiating first may lead him to pull away or put less effort into reaching out to me first. With that being said, if he initiates communication and makes plans to see me when I don 8767 t initiate texts with him, should I just not initiate at all?

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I personally don 8767 t think a person that you 8767 re not serious with is obligated to text you all day everyday, but I do think not texting back but having time to post on your social media pages is a bit rude. The guy I 8767 m 8775 seeing 8776 is very distant. We talked for a little bit and he changed suddenly. He told me that he wasn 8767 t looking for anything serious. But the thing is, I haven 8767 t mentioned anything about being serious with him simply because that 8767 s not what I 8767 m into at this point in my life I don 8767 t have the time. We went an entire month without communicating outside of work but suddenly he texts me out of the blue (I was indeed shocked). That lasted for about two days or so and now he 8767 s back like he used to be, he rarely texts me back. I told him that he was absolutely horrible at texting back and he responded almost a day later saying 8775 I really am 8776 . Idk If he 8767 s just not into texting or it 8767 s just me I think he doesn 8767 t show too much 8775 attention 8776 bc he thinks that I was fall for him or something like that. It 8767 s complicated.

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I have been having experiences where there is a fault with the cell phone provider a text was sent, but it doesn 8767 t even show up until hours later. I have someone that I really like, we see each other once in awhile, but we aren 8767 t together. Recently, he sent me a text shortly after one I answered him back, but it didn 8767 t reach my inbox until the next morning. It is dated the day before and tells what time he sent it, but it wasn 8767 t in my inbox until the next day. Keep that in mind that might happen. Another thing, I couldn 8767 t imagine getting upset with him for not hearing from him for 5 hours. He has a busy career. Also, I don 8767 t always answer him back right away because I didn 8767 t get the message due to being asleep (I was taking a nap, I work nights). Sometimes, I miss him for about a 5 hour period because I didn 8767 t check my phone I didn 8767 t know I got a message and I was busy.


During this lunch date, she was on her phone and not paying attention to what I said. She revealed to me that she had been depressed and that her life sucked. She didn 8767 t seem too happy. I kept carrying the conversation and finally it died and we sat there for a while not saying anything to each other. Turns out she was called in for work that same day after lunch, so she must have been stressed because she would have worked 7 days that week. I tried to not take it personally

I use to obsess over why any guy I am talking to doesnt text back right away but two of the guys I have been involved with over the past 6 months are sherriff officers. We text each other a lot when they are at work. I HAD to learn to be patient because obviously their job is way more important than any text message conversation. Sometimes it takes hours for them to answer. Sometimes I never get an answer, they will just text me the next day or even a few days later. It 8767 s not that big of a deal. I will even do the same thing myself now. It doesnt hurt to make a guy wait for you to respond to him. You don 8767 t want him to think that you have nothing better to do than sit around with your phone in your hand waiting on him to text or call you. Go MIA during a text message conversation with him, let him wonder what you are doing that is more important than answering him right away. You have to give them time to miss you.

Hi Girls, I wanted to add a comment because basically over this weekend i have been goggling, searching pages like this for some kind of advice or recurrence as to why the guy I was seeing hadn 8767 t text me back. Constantly checking my phone, social media, worrying, so many thoughts and stress. We had been seeing each other for quite a while about 6 months I would say, he would tell me he loves me, can 8767 t see himself without me blahblah. So on Sunday night after he had ignored me all weekend and said he was 8766 staying at a friends 8767 he was tagged in photos from this girl saying 8766 Had a lovely weekend with this one 8767 my heart sunk, there was photos of them hugging and smiling had having a whale of a time. We messaged back and forth and he said he did love me at one point, he was scared to tell me, he lied, he had been sleeping with her and so on.

. To try to relieve some of this doubt I hacked my own facebook account to see who has been viewing my profile. The facebook ID are in order from most recent to latest, but it doesn 8767 t give me anytime general time span before the data renews itself. The data is ever changing, however each time I check, his ID has shown up more than two times, so I know he has kept tabs on me. Each time I check, I see that the range of the times he has viewed my profile is from 7 to 9 times. Just a another important piece of information.

Okay, so I don 8767 t understand if this guy likes me or not. All my friends always says that he likes me but I don 8767 t think he does. Like he would play around with me and stuff. Such as, tap my shoulder when i 8767 m not looking, flirty stuff. But like my friend asked him if he liked me and he said not really. But everyone else thinks he does because he seems to 8775 flirt 8776 with me all the time. I don 8767 t know if I should just move on or keep giving him signs I like him too?

But he told me The other day That hes so in love With mee i felt It! He looked to My eyes nd he asid i cant Live without you ! Im so confused be9 7days he was fine With me But now hes diff !!! Aah nd he asid smth yesrerday i asked him him Wts wrong ge said I 8767 m bores I need to relax go somewhere I just need to relaaax life is boring I asked him Wt do u mean ur bores of meee he told me ofcourse not baby not you but I need to relax we can go to a hotel or something for 7 days I Dnt know Wts wrong with him I 8767 m sorry I know I look like I 8767 m crazy but I 8767 m so in love with him Nd I 8767 m afraid I Dnt want him to leave I 8767 ll die !!!!! Nd the proble m is I can 8767 t give him a space I can 8767 t live without talkin or see him every dayyyy !!! ThAnk you

And yesterday I didn 8767 t text him all day. I saw a text the next morning that had been sent at midnight with my name in all caps. So I thought that was sweet and I texted him back today and we 8767 ve had the start stop convo about what we were both gonna do today. -.- I can 8767 t figure out if I should ask him about a double date or just leave it until further into the week. Should I just shut up if he 8767 s not the one texting me first? I think it 8767 s so dumb there has to be rules to liking someone!

Im confused my friend n I were texting each other non did said once that he likes me how serious he was idk. Not to long ago he invited me to go with him n we did go out n it was nice. After that he started to not text back like how he use to. A day n a half passed n he texted back (ok maybe he needed space, not a problem I understand) I didnt mentioned anything bout y he didnt text back when I texted him I ignored that. We texted each other again but for me something was not feeling right. We went out again like three days ago n everything was ok as it textes after that but then he didnt texted back again its gonna be 8 days now n he hasnt texted back n I havent texted him either since that day should I text him n see whats going on? Should I ask him if everything is ok eventhough we are only friends? Or should I just ignore this again n wait until he textes back? Im confused!!! Help!!!!

I don 8767 t even know what exactly you are saying and I know it 8767 s completely dumb. First of all, I don 8767 t think I have to go any further than your first paragraph to explain why it doesn 8767 t make any sense. You are talking about a guy you presumably like and then you talk about using a tactic on him that it appears you yourself say is what you would use on somebody you don 8767 t like.
Second, every guy is different of course, but in general if you don 8767 t text/contact a guy you are giving the impression that you don 8767 t like him. We don 8767 t play games in that way (if at all). If you don 8767 t show interest then we assume there is not interest. Sure if you text a lot it can get to a point of being needy but atleast we know there is interest. We don 8767 t know anything from silence. You are COMPLETELY wrong that guys don 8767 t take it as a loss of interest. We will give you a few chances to keep it going before giving up on you, but that 8767 s all it is.

If you 8767 re always available to the guy, it 8767 s only natural that he 8767 ll expect you to be available whenever he feels like contacting you. If your availability is limited (and therefore requires planning and coordination to reach you), then he will make an effort to set time aside for you and make solid plans with you (instead of contacting you only when it 8767 s convenient for him).

Possibly answers:
Booty call.
They are ADD.
Some other girl responded back faster than you.
Regardless, you 8767 ll do best to get to a mental place where you don 8767 t care whether they do weird stuff like this or not When you start living your life as the desirable prize and not as an 8775 emotional detective 8776 , dating in general gets a lot easier.
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