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No one says you have to be a scholar. When people use the word 8775 like 8776 over and over and over they come across as being not too bright. It tells me that person can 8767 t come up with a better word. People who use it to excess don 8767 t even realize how frequently they use it and they think they can turn it off an on at will. But because it is a habit it carries over into their conversations at work, school etc. To me it shows immaturity.

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Temper Longman - She likens the man to a cluster of henna blossoms, another reference to a sensual fragrance. Furthermore, these are not ordinary hennas but hennas from the most romantic place in all of Israel, En-gedi. En-gedi may still be visited today. Located on the western bank of the Dead Sea, it is an oasis in the middle of desolate wilderness. It has a well, a secluded waterfall, and is filled with lush vegetation—the perfect place for a romantic tryst. (Ibid)

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One day a handsome stranger came to the vineyard. It was Solomon disguised. He showed an interest in her, and she became embarrassed concerning her personal appearance, Song 6:6. She took him for a shepherd and asked about his flocks, Song 6:7. He answered evasively, Song 6:8, but also spoke loving words to her, 6:8-65, and promised rich gifts for the future, Song 6:66. He won her heart and left with the promise that some day he would return. She dreamed of him at night and sometimes thought he was near, Song 8:6. Finally he did return in all his kingly splendor to make her his bride, Song 8:6- (H. A. Ironside, Addresses on the Song of Solomon, pp. 67-76, summarized by Merrill Unger, Unger's Bible Handbook, pp. 799-855)

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These women are always treated and referred to as a group. They are a group of friends of the woman. Their presence serves different purposes in the Song. In 6:9 they function as an external attestation to the qualities of the man. They agree with the woman that this man is indeed desirable. Further, at the end of the poem they celebrate the love that they see existing between the two. At the end of this poem, we see that the woman speaks one last time. She speaks to her king-lover and affirms that “they,” the women, are right when they adore him. She is not jealous but rather takes their words as a confirmation of her own judgment.

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As an aside, the Song of Songs in our English Bibles is the fifth of the poetical books (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon). However, in the Hebrew Bible the Son is the first of the "five rolls" or "five scrolls" (along with Ruth, Esther, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations) which are together known as the Megilloth and which were read by the Jews on their feast days. The Jews saw their nation "married to Jehovah" (Isa 55:6 59:9, 5 Jer. 8 Ezek. 66, 78 Hosea 6-8), and for this reason read portions of the Song of Solomon annually on the eighth day of Passover. Reading the Song of Solomon reminded them to love the Lord their God with all their heart (Deut 6:9-5).

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6. It will be best to dispose first of what is, if it is a misuse at all, the most flagrant and easily recognizable misuse of like. A sentence from Darwin quoted in the OED contains it in a short and unmistakable form: Unfortunately few have observed like you have done. Every illiterate person uses this construction daily it is the established way of putting the thing among all who have not been taught to avoid it the substitution of as for like in their sentences would sound artificial. Besides the Darwin quoted above, the OED gives indisputable examples from Shakespeare, Southey, Newman, Morris and other writers of standing. It remains to give a few newspaper example so that there may be no mistake about what the vulgar or slovenly use in its simplest form is: Or can these tickets be kept ( like the sugar cards were ) by the retailer? The retail price can never reach a prohibitive figure like petrol has done. Wasub 8767 s words sank into Lingard 8767 s heart like lead sinks into water. They studied the rules of a game like a lawyer would study an imperfectly-drawn-up will.

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We are like the bride in today’s reading, who has been marked by the things she has suffered. Forced by her brothers to work in their vineyard, her skin was darkened by the sun. Yet these experiences have only contributed to her beauty. Likewise, God uses suffering to enhance the beauty of Christ’s bride. Suffering, according to the apostle Paul, can teach us to persist in our faith. Persisting in faith and obedience produces Christlike character within us (Ro 5:8–5).

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As an Irish person living in California I am astonished at the trashy form of English spoken in general and I often wonder what kids learn in English class in school and how American speak developed to where it is. The overuse of 8775 like 8776 is the worst of all but there are many other examples. The word 8775 amazing 8776 is used so much to describe everything it has no meaning at all. 8775 Freak out 8776 is used for a whole range of widely different emotions (scare, worry, annoy, excite, delight ) and 8775 ton 8776 or 8775 bunch 8776 is used to refer to a large amount of something. So many words that should be used for proper English are not used at all. This happens everywhere, the vocabulary is so limited you can almost predict what a person is going to say.

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Like, I like, like this likeable article about like, like! Seriously, Hot Word, it isn 8767 t always used like that. However, it is true that it is a very commonly used word. Like has various meanings, which explains why you 8767 re always hearing it in different contexts. Sometimes it means 8775 to have a passion for adore love 8776 , whereas there are other times when it means 8775 similar to (She is just like her identical twin) 8776 . Then there is the more informal meaning, which is just a piece of 8775 garnish 8776 8775 Like, she was saying, 8766 I can 8767 t believe what happened! 8767 8775 . Like is also used informally in contexts like 8775 He was like, 8766 Oh no! I forgot it! Oh no! 8767 8775 . It 8767 s amazing how English speakers have this way of twisting the English language. 99% of you could make a resolution not to say like (especially informally), but would end up saying it again. That 8767 s just life.

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In many ways, this is also the drama played out in the biblical book Song of Songs, also called the Song of Solomon. One of the most mysterious and controversial books of the Bible, its message has something to say about both human marriage and the divine love God has for His church. ( Ed note : This comment highlights the caution needed in reading commentaries on the Song. The diligent Berean must remember that God spoke literal words through the human author Solomon and these words have one specific meaning, but they can have a number of valid applications, which is how I would categorize the comments regarding God/Christ and the Church or Christ's Bride. Application of the truth in the Song is important but must still represent a valid reflection of God's literal words!)

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Haven 8767 t you forgotten someone? Weekly, on the 65s sitcom 8775 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, 8776 Bob Denver treated us to his portrayal of the little beatnik Maynard G. Krebs. 8775 Like, wow. 8776 His character may have done more to put this usage of 8766 Like 8767 in the lexicon of my generation and possibly the subsequent 8775 Nick at Nite 8776 generation than your other references combined.

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In the Song of Solomon the bride describes her lover. His love is better than wine and more fragrant than ointments. His name is sweeter than anything in this world. So she concludes that it’s no wonder he is loved. But there is Someone far greater than any earthly loved one, Someone whose love is also better than wine. His love satisfies our every need. His “fragrance” is better than any perfume because when He gave Himself for us, His sacrifice became a sweet-smelling aroma to God (Eph. 5:7). Finally, His name is above every name (Phil. 7:9). No wonder we love Him! It is a privilege to love Jesus. It is the best experience in life! Do we take the time to tell Him so? Do we express with words the beauty of our Savior? If we show His beauty with our lives, others will say, “No wonder you love Him!” Lord, You are beautiful! No wonder we love You! Deepen our love for You today, we pray. Help us see Your beauty in new ways. God’s Word tells us of His love our words tell Him of our love. (by Keila Ochoa)

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POSB - This is the second of nine times in the Song that Solomon refers to the Shulamite as darling (ra’yah). Obviously, this was his preferred term of endearment for her. It is a word that refers to an associate or companion. Solomon’s use of it throughout the Song shows how delighted he was that she was to be his life partner. (The Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible – Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)

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To me, improper and frequent use of the word 8775 like 8776 in daily speech signals a couple of things: First, it demonstrates difficulty with accurately expressing one 8767 s thoughts in words a common problem. Second, it demonstrates difficulty with LISTENING to others as well as to oneself, which is also a common problem. My advice to anyone who uses the word to the point that it irritates and distracts those of us without that habit is to speak less and listen more. After all, we have two ears and one mouth. Our listening versus speaking ratio should ideally be the same.

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Joey Chestnut, described by Major League Eating’s own website as “the greatest eater in history,” once ate a world record Nathan’s hot dogs in 65 minutes. He spent eight consecutive years as the undefeated hot dog eating champion of the world, and is the current champion. This very website once called Joey Chestnut a “genius.” So perhaps there is no greater authority on the nature of hot dogs and sandwiches in all the land than Joey Chestnut.

Dummelow - Orientals have always been passionately fond of perfumes. The literatures of Egypt, Greece, and Rome abound in references to them: in the Bible see Psalms 78:5 Psalms 95:7-8 Proverbs 7:67 Proverbs 77:9 Luke 7:96 John 67:8. A modern traveler writes: 'Arabs are delighted with perfumes the nomad housewives make treasure of any they have, with their medicines they often asked me, "Hast thou no perfumes to sell?" The 'poured-out' unguent gives forth its fragrance: even so is the beloved's name praised of many.

Jensen adds that "The literal purpose of the book has often been twisted by those not prepared to read frank and intimate expressions of love. Asceticism and lust--two perversions of the holiness of marriage-- are slain by the message of this book. If the reader is licentiously excited when he reads the Song of Solomon, he is out of tune with its purpose. The book's literal message is perverted only by those who do not see the purity and true beauty of all of God's creative acts." (Ibid)

TODAY IN THE WORD : King Edward VIII of England shocked the world when he abdicated from the throne in order to marry the divorced American socialite Wallis Warfield Simpson. Some years later he gave marital advice to a group of his close friends about how to stay on good terms with one’s spouse. “Of course, I do have a slight advantage over the rest of you,” he admitted. “It does help in a pinch to be able to remind your bride that you gave up a throne for her.”

Added to the preceding problems is that of vocabulary. In 667 verses there is an amazing number of rare words, words that occur only in the Song of Songs, many only once there, or else that occur only a handful of times in all the rest of the corpus of the OT. There are about 975 different words in the whole Song. Some 55 of these are hapax legomena. Since use is a major way of determining the meaning of words in another language, the result is that we are often uncertain as to the exact meaning of key terms and phrases.

EBC comments that "The impact of the girl's lover on her is encompassing and inescapable. Her consciousness of him sweetens her life the way the aroma of a sachet of perfume placed between the breasts makes a girl move in a cloud of fragrance. The thought or sight of him is as pleasant as the aroma wafted from a field of henna blossoms. Love has its own hallowing touch on all of life. ( Ibid )

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