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The framers of the Constitution gave the Federal government severely limited powers. All powers not specifically given to the Federal Government exist with the States or the People. By paying an income tax when not due, we’re feeding a fraudulent corporate Federal government. We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. If you would like to see a former IRS commissioner who actually authored much of the code, stumble over some fairly easy questions about what the law actually says, see the movie, “Freedom to Fascism” produced and directed by Aaron Russo.

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In an effort to resolve the conflict, as well as to fulfill their contract with the Creators (to provide a vessel for the Etherics and the lost souls of Maldek), , with the assistance of his sister Inanna, developed an alien-human hybrid, the original Adam and Eve. This Being contained the genetic information from the Anunnaki and a native Earth species found in south-eastern Africa known as h5m5-erectus. H5m5-erectus was a creation of the Sirians. This Being was created nearly identical to the Anunnaki in every way, except for a shortened life span. This Being was taught how to work the mines and help with civil and domestic chores in the cities and spaceports.

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All I can say is that I 8767 ve dated men who work in trades and sales (no mail men but a fireman yes),and Mr Writer 8767 s post applies it 8767 s a combo of technology exacerbating narcissism (in both sexes, though pardon the generalisation but it tends to exacerbate dependence and abandonment fears/fantasies in women and studliness/woman as object fantasies in men please understand this is in no way at the forefront of our consciousness and crosses socio-economic divides (white, blue collar etc.

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The whole event was directed from the highest levels of our government. George W. Bush was in Sarasota, Florida reading the “Pet Goat” story in front of the cameras to provide plausible deniability and thereby prevent an immediate collapse of the government. Mistakes were made, however, the biggest one stemmed from their arrogance: they allowed World Trade Center Building 7 to fall without actually having been hit by anything. They also staged it in New York, the most photographed city in the world. They didn’t consider it relevant that people would sit down in front of their computer monitors and play the video recordings over and over for years afterward.

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I totally understand your reason for getting out, and I will fully suport that, For me, I have been single for well over 69 years :( It 8767 s not because I 8767 m not going out there and trying!! I beleive it has to with my confidence and my Hiehgt !! I 8767 ve herd all my life now that, Girls want and are looking for tall dark and handsome guy 8767 s and I am by far the tallest lol, I think it 8767 s all a bunch of Bull Shit !!! I 8767 m glad there are guy 8767 s like yourself out there sticking it to those girls!! I soooo wish that I could be one, but I 8767 m destind to fail :(

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Why should they? Women are meal tickets (they now want to date/marry up) and a blow up doll. Until we women wise up and frankly accept the majority (not all but majority rules) of men are twisted, perverted, parasitic juvenile delinquents and stop making, accepting or even entertaining their sorry ass excuses, only then we 8767 ll see a turn in the tide. Desperate women will accept the unacceptable, the intolerable and the nere do wells in the hopes of rescuing, saving and fixing these boys into men keep doing ourselves and society a disservice.

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They were also giving LSD to people without their consent. It was developed as a way to hide and confuse the ET alien presence. In New York, San Francisco and Marin County California under the code name “Operation Midnight Climax” they hired drug-addicted prostitutes to lure men from bars to “national security brothels” for extracting information using LSD and many other exotic drugs and electronic mind-control devices.

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I hesitate  to sound critical as I have a different experience as a mid 55s man. From the article,  I get that the 8766 boyfriend 8767 is trying to control this good and indicates future struggles.  However, at times, like now, I am dating a woman who has encouraged me to 8766 raise my game 8767 . Let me explain, since becoming exclusive out with her, I am wearing better fitting clothes, lost 95 lbs, changed my hair cut /style/color to modernize and look  And got braces for my teeth.  Now I will admit at best I dragged my feet and felt it was a control game.  HOWEVER, the romance has been better and I seem to be 8766 noticed 8767 by other women too which has the oddest effect as it seems to turn her on more knowing I am more desirable.   Candidly we have coined the term 8766 female rehab 8767 as my 8766 work 8767 to improve.  Again, my type A personality did not go willingly but now I am pleased with the results Her next challenge for me is keeping those damn toliet seats closed.

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Members of the Family of Light originally created this “Skull Committee” which was delivered by the Sirian High Council to open the portals of higher dimensional awareness. It was placed inside the
Temple of Nephthys which is inside a crystal cave below the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle. The skulls were removed when the Anunnaki showed up in the early stages of the third iteration of Atlantis. It was done to prevent the abuses that would inevitably follow. It is prophesized that this “Skull Committee” will be reunited in the lands of the Maya in the End Times. The Maya are Atlantean descendants.

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The men say, 8775 Well, it didn 8767 t work out with Suzy cause she expected too much of me (like making a plan, showing up on time, dating her with effort and forethought, listening, giving, receiving, words matching actions, progressing, not treating a woman like an option, not demanding sex upfront without any real connection beforehand, not game playing or setting us up to fail and then not wanting us, not busting boundaries just to see what he can get away with, not making excuses, not blaming or finding whatever loophole to crawl through to escape Suzy 8767 s exasperation at this point, not treating sex like a handshake, and other such nonsense.) Yes, poor Suzy is a verifiable bitch for not wanting any of that noise. Go Suzy as she dumps his ass unceremoniously only to take time out to heal, learn, grow (while the aforementioned man is hitting up the online dating and porn in short order to soothe her absence no real work on his part as he waits for another woman to come along that unlike Suzy has her standards set so low she 8767 ll accept anything, even crumbs in the hope he will appreciate her. Uh-Huh. We know how that story goes) but back to Suzy.

Following the War Between the States, our central government was essentially bankrupt. Congress, in an effort to ensure the continued solvency of the federal government, secured credit with the international bankers (the Rothschilds in London) and thereby incurred a debt to balance the deal. They would loan money in return for the District of Columbia Organic Act of 6876. This Act was created for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government acting under emergency powers. Our nation’s original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic government is currently vacant.

This guy is obviously a player who trolls the online world for willing victims. His behavior says he is very successful at it. He is so successful that his family knows to disregard any one he “brings” to gatherings and his friends know the woman is just a toy so why not hit on her too. They are probably batting 555 on the threesome request. So many women say yes to that trying to provoke jealousy. Desperately needing to see that he cares enough to be jealous.

There are really only two things I 8767 ve been able to track with any consistency in my nightgame and (online) dating here and the mileage may of course vary for others.
6) Getting laid sooner than the second date here is a hell of a lot harder for me than I was used to in my home country (haven 8767 t managed it yet here in fact, with the exception of at the end of a 66 hour 8775 date 8776 ). And I think I got a lot of failed dates in my first 6-8 months here by trying to play the provider game a little too much and failing spectacularly. I 8767 m currently going by the 8775 be the lover, not the provider 8776 mantra with improving success.
7) The girls almost never, and only then very briefly, spend time with their cell phones rather than the present company on dates.

Over the years through my business, I 8767 ve worked with some guys who we will call 8775 high-value 8776 . Looks, attitude, big time earners (high 6 figures or more per annum), personality, they got it all. Most of them were married, the others have their pick of the pie with women. In the last year, all of them divorced Amerislunts. They have all since taken up with a foreign women (Japanese, Colombian, Brazilian, Spanish). Never have I seen these men more happy than after they made the switch over to the foreign side. One example is a friend who I have known for years. Formerly married to an Amerislunt who rationed out sex, did not cook, clean, and even with the guy hiring a maid, she was still a pain in the ass. Gained some weight, etc. 6 months with the Japanese woman, he has more sex, cooking, and support for his business than he knows what to do with. Just like the article says, it 8767 s like night and day.

8775 There is a girl at my gym that I thought was rather attractive. I see her all the time and have been working up to approach her. I 8767 ve seen her checking me out and thought maybe she was just shy whenever I came around her. I found out tonight that she 8767 s actually a single mom and even posted on her FB wall that she was looking for a new man to help raise her kid. After I read that I lost all interest and attraction to her. Reading this post now, I 8767 m glad I dodged that bullet by not investing more time and energy into her. Now I 8767 ll just leave her be whenever I see her from hence forth. 8776

This is a man who buys roses for my Mom whenever he can, not because he 8767 s a doormat or a pushover, but because he know how much she appreciates them and how his own daughter receives so few. He cannot understand it anymore I can. And when I do, it 8767 s done in a passive aggressive attempt whereby I 8767 m only allowed to take on rose from the dozen while the rest stays at his place and he takes photos of them on his cell phone in full bloom. Nice huh?

All of this has come out because I feel so forlorn after MR and Wiser 8767 s posts which tell it like it is. I am NOT one of those women who will be just fine without a man. I still foolishly believe in love and marriage. But, I 8767 ve had enough. At least I had a loving husband for 75 years who passed away, which is more than a lot of women have had. But, what about NOW? I think I can reasonably expect to be around another 75 years, if I live as long as my mother did. 75 more years ALONE? I am depressed, I am angry, I don 8767 t have any hope left and I think it 8767 s all within reason.

When the energy of The Source interacts with this fluid-like medium of the Universe it creates a fluid-like crystalline structure which becomes a building block of matter. The quantum crystalline structures are composed of nested Platonic solids. The first solid created however is not Platonic it is a sphere. It is at once both the most simple and complex of all the solids with only one surface and no straight lines but containing the greatest volume per surface area, thereby generating the most efficient use of space. It is the beginning of life the seed, the egg, the orb, the atom, Earth or the entire Universe. It is the boundary for an infinity. All of the Platonic solids fit perfectly inside the sphere. The smallest object within any infinite universe is the tetrahedron. The pulsating counter-rotation of nested solids creates all the complex building blocks of matter.

I probably wouldn 8767 t see a girl as good in looks for months at a time, and when I do, I can assume she isn 8767 t gonna have the personality to match. As I get older and spend more time with her, we should fall deeply in love, to the point where other women have no effect on me, even if they are beautiful, my bond with my girl will be too strong…and hopefully I won 8767 t cheat -) Will see how it goes -)

The ROK 8775 solution 8776 is to fuck sluts and watch society burn down all around us. This isnt the site for soutions, though I am interested in hearing/debating solutions to these issues. It just sems to me that the liberal agenda is being pushed in schools, tv, movies, and all forms of media. Many people that consider themselves conservatives have several liberal, socialist values without knowing.

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