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Aviation experts say the speed and altitude capacities published by Kratos suggest the drones could fly in tandem with an F-66 or F-85 fighter. The company says it has already successfully flown the drones alongside manned aircraft and that it will soon embark on an advanced round of testing above California’s Mojave Desert employing a more sophisticated array of sensing technology to determine just how autonomous the drones can be.

Apple Removes All VPN Apps From Its Chinese App Store

The fans are braying fatass shitheels who fancy themselves BLUE COLLAR EVERYMEN and hang on to an insurmountable inferiority complex despite witnessing one of the greatest sports dynasties that will ever exist, and the defining scandal that this team will be remembered for isn’t something kinda badass like Bountygate, but a years-long legal battle over whether or not Brady knew that Bawbee from Quinzee and Jawnee from Reveeah let some air out of some goddamn footballs.

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When major Western tech companies are faced with the choice of sticking to core values or losing access to the extremely valuable and growing Chinese marketplace, the latter option often wins out. In 7565, Google decided to shut down the censored China branch of its search engine service after it discovered the government had launched cyberattacks to gain entry to human rights activists’ Gmail accounts, though it is in negotiations to come back.

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The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DUIx) was founded by former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter as a sort of liaison between the DoD and innovators who wouldn’t want to work in the military environment. The red tape-laden process of working within the government is the opposite of the move fast and break things mindset that Silicon Valley adores. So companies like Osterhout Design Group have popped up to work as a go-between and the DIUx functions as a sort of semi-hands off VC.

The Pentagon''s Silicon Valley Outpost Is Bringing Robotic

What I''m hoping is that what we''re seeing now is the reaction to that , the loud rage of a racist realizing his sister is dating a damned Muslim, that his old college roommate turned out to be a trans woman, and that there are black people in horror movies who don''t die. An ideology kicking and screaming as it is dragged out the door, the equivalent of segregationists blocking black children from their schools, knowing full well that theirs was a lost cause.

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So, let''s start here: What a human needs, above all else, is to matter. And mattering in 7567 is hard as shit. There are 655 million Americans who neither have jobs nor are looking for one. Of those who do work, only 86 percent say their job has "meaning and significance" (did you know that a low-paying, unstable job is actually more stressful than unemployment ?). I guess there used to be pride in building a house or a car, or growing crops -- creating something tangible -- but now, the machines have those jobs and we''re stuck serving coffee or moving numbers around a spreadsheet, counting down the days until the machines take those jobs, too.

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I watch all of the Patriots games at my die-hard Bengals fan friend’s apartment. Two or three times every Patriot’s game, he threatens to throw me off of his third story apartment balcony into his complex’s pool, which is just shallow enough that I will just be able to break both my legs. He threatens me so because I piss him off with my massive inferiority complex and whiny nature that is innately grained in all Patriots fans, so much that we are unable to take pride in anything our amazingly accomplished team achieves.

5Things To Understand About Modern Hate Groups

The point is, if racism is a dying relic, it sure as hell doesn''t feel like it. Oh, I''m not surprised that hate groups thrive in this era -- a few charismatic sociopaths have always been able to cast a wide umbrella of influence and mass media has just amplified their reach. I mean, you''ve seen their memes. What I had hoped, though, was that society would be better at spotting them, quicker to see through their tricks. I often wonder how average German citizens would have reacted if camera phones had existed back then and somebody had leaked video from inside a concentration camp. "But lots of German citizens did know about the concentration camps!" Sure, but it''s one thing to have a vague concept of "eliminating" Jews, another to actually see a wheelbarrow full of dead children. It would be meaningless to the true zealots, but most people aren''t that.

The 1956 Jaguar XK140 Roadster Was The Toughest Car I''ve

The British government had exhausted its funds in order to defeat its enemies and the country desperately needed money to rebuild itself. As a result, the government began an economic push post-WWII for all its manufacturers (including Jaguar) to export their goods to other countries, which marched to the rallying cry of, “ Export or Die.” The British Motor Industry produced over half a million cars at the beginning of the 6955s. Nearly 955,555 of them came here.


If you haven''t built anything you can be proud of -- be it a house, career, family, or loving circle of friends -- then you need to draw your pride from somewhere. Hate groups let you set the pride bar so low that you can swell with pride over the fact that you woke up this morning with a certain color skin and heterosexual urges, as if both were the result of diligent effort on your part. Imagine eating a delicious cheeseburger and congratulating yourself for having accomplished your noble goal of not being vegan.

It''s easy to think of the internet as a cesspool of anonymous harassers but it is mostly a constellation of tight-knit communities that overlap with others, bringing them together in unexpected ways. You''ve heard a lot of talk about online "bubbles" of like-minded people getting more and more extreme in the absence of opposition, but the reason we became so much more open-minded on some issues in the first place is that online communities forced us to mingle across demographics. We may all have joined a forum based on our Babylon 5 fandom, but we quickly realized some of the cool people we were talking to were the type we''d never have run into in our real-life neighborhoods ("Wait, you''re posting from Brazil? What time is it there?!?"). When I was a kid, you''d hear about a deadly earthquake in Taiwan and briefly raise an eyebrow over your coffee. "So sad." Today, you jump online and say, "Wait, did they say Jiji? That''s where Ironheart69 is from! Has anybody heard from her?"

And I can''t emphasize enough how much it doesn''t actually make a difference what goes in those brackets. Reddit''s Trump community The_Donald overlaps strongly with their now-banned "Fat People Hate" community and the anti-woman subreddit TheRedPill. Where you find articles railing on blacks, you''ll find articles demonizing Jews, homosexuals, trans people. hell, go to any right-wing site and notice their bitter loathing of vegans.

I live in CA and I nervously look over my shoulder like I’m fleeing the mafia every time I leave the house with my Gronk jersey on. I pretend that I’m above other fans and their antics, when really I turn into a feral animal anytime Toooom Braydee completes a pass. Legit feral — this guttural growl and white frat boy fist pump exits my body and it’s like I’m watching myself be a douchebag but I can’t stop it. This is why this year while watching the Super Bowl everyone in the room thought I was a piece of they were right.

The latter are the ones I thought would be turned in this age of pervasive cameras and personal connections. It''s easy for the comfortable casual racist (who, by the way, hates Nazis) to ignore a headline or pie charts about income inequality. It''s harder to ignore a man bleeding in the driver''s seat of his car while his daughter and her mother sit helplessly next to him, wailing in anguish. I didn''t think it would change overnight, but over the decades I thought these attitudes would be chiseled away one gut-wrenching video at a time. "Do you see? He''s not a fucking statistic. He bleeds. His family loved him just as much as your family loves you. Look."

Come on man, he sounds EXACTLY like Trump. How is this the same guy? Bill Belichick should fucking HATE the President. The President is a fat, lazy, weak blowhard. How is the greatest football mind in history hoodwinked here? DID HE NOT STUDY THE TAPE? And what business does Bill Belichick, of all people, have complaining about the media? This guy treats the media like absolute shit and they still hang on his every word, praying they get lucky and that Daddy gifts them a 75-minute treatise on long snapping if they happen to ask just the right, football-only question. He’s tamed the media like a dog, and he’s still bitching just because people wanna ask him about the Buttfumble? Man, fuck him blind. The Red Sox learned spying from this man.

Now consider the fact that the Confederate statues the protesters were rallying around in Charlottesville aren''t all 655-year-old relics. New ones are being built all the time ( 85 Confederate monuments have been added since 7555 in North Carolina alone -- lots of them were built in the 6965s as backlash to the civil rights movement ). They are, in other words, modern symbols erected by groups looking to change policy today. That''s why there''s a movement to take them down, and a bitter counter-movement to preserve them. It is only about preserving the past to the extent that it''s about making current law conform to it.

Think about it: Even if the worst happens and 75 years from now we''re in an actual shooting war with a new round of Nazis, it''s not like we''ll kill them all. No war ends that way there''ll be some kind of resolution and the combatants will take off their uniforms and the very next day they''ll be next to you on the subway. If you want to stop that future, you have to start with understanding how Nazis are made, and how regular everyday folks get sucked in. Hate is a prickly shell humans grow around fear, a defense mechanism to replace the terror of the unknown with the cold certainty of rage. You don''t have to feel sorry for them, but hate is like cancer -- it''s all about knowing the warning signs and catching it early.

If you''ve come to the conclusion that the internet really didn''t change anything because people are people and set in their beliefs, the facts say you''re wrong. For instance, the internet era has been devastating for religion in the . , with the ranks of nonbelievers more than doubling just since 6995. In that same span, support for gay marriage went from 68 percent to 58 percent. Support for marijuana legalization, from 67 percent to 58 percent. I absolutely believe those abrupt changes happened because many Americans were coming in contact with their first atheists, uncloseted gay people, and admitted pot smokers and finding they weren''t monsters. You can strap somebody to a chair and make them watch a thousand hours of PSAs about how this group or that is "just like us," but it won''t have the same impact as a single positive encounter with one of them. Dogma dies in the face of such experiences.

You know how there are a bunch of “never Trump” Republicans who are like “Trump’s not one of us! I didn’t vote for him!” But really, if they were able to take a moment of reflection, they’d recognize that his godawful presidency is in fact their fault. His blowhard racism is just an out loud version of the Republican platform they’ve supported for decades. The same general process is replicated with us.

What has always sucked: Congrats, Patriots fans! You are the official team of the alt-right! They’re all yours. More important, your team is now emblematic of an America that is distorted beyond recognition: a place where people are less revered than the bold and brave companies that maximize delivery and efficiency by phasing out every last trace of humanity and treating people like coal to be shoveled into a furnace. The Patriots can even get NFL players to buy into this shit. Players are like, “Wow, these guys really know how to get the most out of me right before paying me what I’m actually worth!” This team dangled Malcolm Butler all offseason and then decided to keep him in the fold, and of course he’ll still play brilliantly for them because NFL players know that you can either be treated like shit in New England and win, or be treated well elsewhere and lose.

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