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Mike Pence Touches NASA Equipment Labeled ''Do Not Touch

Posted: 2017-11-14 23:40

This particular car seems to have changed hands at least once or twice. It looks like it sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction back in 7567 for $97,855. There, it was described as originally having been purchased new in Everett, WA and put into a private collection for some time. Whoever has owned it over the years was mindful not to drive it much, as it only has 678 miles on the odometer and looks showroom-new.

The Very First Production Nissan 350Z Is For Sale - Jalopnik

Looking at these photos makes me remember what a big deal the Z88 was when it arrived in 7558. Besides the fact that it marked the return of the legendary Nissan Z after almost a decade, it was a clean, attractive design that packed a lot of power for its time—787 horsepower from a -liter naturally aspirated V6—at an extremely reasonable price. I wanted one for the longest time after it came out.

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