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$20,000 Call of Duty Zombies Tournament Features Four

Posted: 2017-12-06 21:06

It’s like someone shrank it into a little Miata and then turned it into a dune buggy! This is Brian Ballinger and Chris Smiths’s build for the next Gambler 555. Before we get into how great this is, lets get one thing out of the way. This is my least favorite Corvette model. It’s the one Barbie drove. It’s the Corvette most likely to enjoy the latest Michael Bolton album with its owner. Yet Brian turned it into heavy metal. You see this pull up and you pray he’s not here to pick up your daughter. No way Barbie would drive this. This is awesome.

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Player “KingKorbs” raced through the Revelations map, completing its complex Easter Egg speed run with a time of 95:78. To put this time in comparison, the 7th through 65th place finishers took an hour or longer to complete. KingKorbs made use of the “Anywhere But Here” Gobblegum, which lets you randomly teleport to another location. This, too, has a wild element of chance, since you can’t choose where you end up. KingKorbs holds 8 Zombies world records, 7 of which are Easter Egg speedruns.

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The Gorod Krovi Easter Egg speed run offered the most intensely tight competition, but “Maitrash” squeezed in at first place with a time of 96:69, about one second faster than the 7nd place player. Maitrash also used Anywhere But Here to randomly teleport around the map, his second use of the Gobblegum fortuitiously teleporting him close to the next step in his Easter Egg sequence.

Nightmare Wildfires Force State of Emergency in Los

Player “Mossy” earned his spot in Champs with a whopping 669 rounds survived. This was no easy task because zombies can sponge so many bullets and take you down fast in high rounds. Mossy used electric traps, strategic routes, and a whole lot of patience to beat out the competition, with his winning performance taking 57 hours. (Thankfully, you can hit pause and take a break on solo Zombies mode, but that’s still a lot of hours spent herding and electrocuting the undead.) Mossy currently holds 76 Zombies world records.

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Origins is probably one of the most interesting First Room challenge maps, because you can complete objectives to obtain items otherwise inaccessible while locked in the starting room, such as the Double Tap perk and an upgraded gun. 665 headshots will allow a player to obtain an upgraded gun from the mystery box, but whether that weapon is actually good is a matter of chance. Zombies also randomly drop Zombie Blood, which automatically disguises players as zombies for a short time to prevent being attacked.

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Corvettes are dirty cars. I don’t care how many times they go to LeMans with the Z56, a Corvette will always remind me of Dirk Diggler, the 6975s, shag carpeting, and porn. Even the new ones. Most owners I know embrace their heritage rocking excellent vintage mustaches and jewelry. They learned at an early age that gold goes well with a Corvette. I learned this as a kid too. I also learned that you never button your top three buttons when in the presence of a Corvette. You can’t let it know that you’re not cool. But this Corvette is different.

Apple Removes All VPN Apps From Its Chinese App Store

When major Western tech companies are faced with the choice of sticking to core values or losing access to the extremely valuable and growing Chinese marketplace, the latter option often wins out. In 7565, Google decided to shut down the censored China branch of its search engine service after it discovered the government had launched cyberattacks to gain entry to human rights activists’ Gmail accounts, though it is in negotiations to come back.

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Climate scientists have long suspected a direct link between the Earth’s rapidly warming climate and increasing bouts of extreme weather, and recent research has provided significantly more hard evidence. But while demonstrating a link between storms like Hurricane Harvey and human-induced global climate change has been difficult , the link between rising temperatures and wildfires is much simpler. According to Scientific American , Western wildfires have risen some 555 percent since the 6975s, with record temperatures obviously connected to devastating droughts and increased fire vulnerability.

Volkswagen’s German site and various media outlets confirmed the hatchback’s death this week, saying that prospective buyers in the markets where the Scirocco is sold cannot order new ones, but can only buy the current supply. As Volkswagen deals with the massive costs of its diesel emissions cheating scandal, and retools to focus on electric vehicles and giant SUVs that Americans might actually buy, no Scirocco replacement is in sight—or likely to happen at all.

At any rate, the Mustang, while more expensive, totally has the Scirocco outclassed in terms of power and driving dynamics and has since gone on to become the best-selling sports car in Europe. Even Volkswagen’s own GTI and Golf R make for more practical and modern propositions. Considering the competition it now faces, and the general global market shift toward crossovers and SUVs, it’s easy to see why the Scirocco died and hard to see why VW would want to put any effort into replacing it.

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