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Posted: 2017-10-11 13:38

The problem is I haven 8767 t had a date since and I 8767 m now 96. I 8767 m tall and very athletic. I bike 75 miles a week. I have a decent if not high paying job and own a really nice home, I have a college degree but I simply hate asking women out. The women my age are past having children. I tried online dating but it seems a big waste of time reading profiles and writing messages that go unanswered. The sites I 8767 ve tried are full of fake profiles and scammers, women who ask my salary before my name and very few who are willing to date someone older looking to have kids. Mostly single moms and very heavy women who would not fit my active lifestyle.

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Hi Kevin, I 8776 m sorry that 8767 s happening with you. There is a reason though. If you 8767 re not getting any responses then I recommend you work on your ad. (Do you mean profile, btw?) Google 8775 good online profile men 8776 or this type of thing. Get some ideas to help you better express yourself. Go out and smile, be open, start conversations. be social. There 8767 s no reason to be single so long, my friend. You can make some specific tweaks to change that up. Go for it! Bp

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The truth is that her theory is based on an assumption that everyone is so sure about what they want when involved with someone. I know, ethically, you 8767 re supposed to know what you are doing and what you want and what type of partner you are looking for, otherwise dont mess around with others etc. I totally respect that and hope that people could do this in life. The theory does have its appealing effect, everything is so clear-cut and we know exactly where we stand with everyone and in life.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and your wisdom, Randy. I agree with all you said. It 8767 s unfortunate about your child 8767 s mother that 8767 s sad but I 8776 m sure he 8767 s so happy you are there for him. Ladies do you see???? The MYTH that men never want to communicate or commit is BOGUS. You are reading it here over and over. You rock, Randy. And don 8767 t worry no spam coming your way. 🙂 Bp

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Think of your online dating profile as a first impression that you actually get to plan out ahead of time. Advertise yourself. Brag gracefully. Why are you a catch? If you’ve got a biting sense of humor, show it off. And if you’re an accomplished chainsaw sculptor, post photos of your work. Don´t forget to shave off that stubby beard. Get you your electric razor here https:/// if for some reason you don´t already own one

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The only way someone can feel what we here, obviously feel, that isn 8767 t inflicted with ASMR. Is to go out with friends, to your favourite club, drop pure MDMA, and 8767 ll see you on the dance floor. I 8767 ll be the six foot seven Infantry Soldier, waiting for you to come dancing, I 8767 ll be dancing with the biggest smile on my face, for you, dancing with friends, lovers, strangers, until we 8767 re all fucking annihilated, lying on the dance floor, in one mind, one moment, one achievement, shared and experienced together, forever and ever and ever. Then we go home, have a shower, lie down, and feel refreshed, and wonderfully happy, exhilarated just to exist, Lying there, that very moment, is what ASMR feels like. That beautiful feeling of peaceful serenity and contentment, just to be alive and kicking, together, connected, forever. That chemically induced empathic euphoria, is the only feeling that comes close to what ASMR feels like.

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What a breathe of fresh air!..as a 97 year old guy divorced 8 children and 6 grandchild , I find your types of women to be spot on.. I think I have dated each type you 8767 ve listed. I never expected it to be this hard. I guess it must be very difficult for women of similar age to realize that what they used in their 75s and 85s to get a guy, just doesn 8767 t work anymore..of course physical beauty is important but for myself you need to bring something more to the table than looks real connection, shared life experiences, intelligence, similar life goals, ambition, and a zest for way more important to me I 8767 m confident that person is out there

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Our amazing crossdresser singles are looking for love and romance and if that is something you crave and are not able to find someone the old-fashioned way, then this is the place for you. Crossdresser love is finally possible and once you start connecting with them, you will wonder why you ever wasted your time in local social scenes or on other sites. If crossdressing people really pique your interests and you want to make a real connection then this community will help you get started by finding you those singles who suit your interests.

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Looking for Amsers to this riddle for 85 years. I was born in 8767 77, experienced AMSR since childhood, asked thousands of people through my life, none empathised with me, I thought I was unique or touched in the head. I would activate usually from watching people performing simple tasks, like drawing and conversing while in deep artistic thought (Graffiti Artist since 8767 85), or watching a Teacher perform a task for the class.

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I am 89, no kids. I practically gave up on trying to date 85/95-somethings. They are either crazy, baby-crazy, one of the above categories or have been divorced with children and don 8767 t want to commit. Be the best grown up you can be? I do that at work (and made it to the top). In the weekend I just want to be a careless 77 year old 85 something women hate that. 75-somethings love it. Guess who I am dating?

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Wish you had one for a Wounded Girl! I am wounded. And Im scared silly. I lived the life of an abused woman verbally, physically, and mentally. Doing counseling now with a local counselor. Just getting started. I can 8767 t imagine what it would feel like to have a man in my life that had my back! That would stay up with me late and clean! I think I 8767 d fall off my chair! To be supported and not ran down from the time he got up till the time he went to bed I 8767 d be blown away! I used to be afraid if I even left the milk out on the counter when he walked thru the door, because I 8767 d hear about it. To have someone help me and do it without bitching would be amazing. I think I 8767 d faint. And to have someone in my life that didn 8767 t try to attack me emotionally, mentally or physically, or anything I owned I think I 8767 d have to pinch myself, and would have to remind myself to even Breathe! Yea, I 8767 m scared. I was married 77 years to someone that I thought was an honorable man, who went from Jeckel to Hyde.

The most popular stuff discussed amongst ASMR community is whispering and tapping and I get it a bit from that but one thing is, I know that when the person is addressing me (or the camera as it may be), that seems to dispel ASMR for me. In fact, I 8767 d say a pre-req for me to ASMR is that I am in the role of passive observer perhaps that speaks to my personality? I know I have introverted tendencies. That leads me to the first of my questions:

I wonder if I have this ASMR thing too. The only thing that I don 8767 t have in common like the rest, is audio. I only get this feeling, this 8775 head-orgasm feeling, 8776 when someone or something touches, like a kitten 8767 s whiskers, a feather or someone 8767 s hand, the side of my temples or near my ears. This feeling is very difficult to describe. When this happens I automatically close my eyes, I smile involuntarily and I get this tingling sensation all over my head. It 8767 s a really good feeling too. Also, I 8767 m not sure if it goes through the rest of my body like the rest of you, because I guess I 8767 m feeling this sensation and I 8767 m unaware of it. I remember when I was little I would get this feeling when I would play with a cat and they would head-bud my face and this feeling happened. I wasn 8767 t sure what it was and was afraid that someone would see me making my face doing the 8775 involuntarily closing my eyes and smiling 8776 thing. So, I try to snap out of it as fast as I could my question is, is this the same thing? Do I have ASMR?

These scammers are changing identities very quickly..they have lots of fake profiles, phones with USA area codes and addresses..these monkeys may have terrorist ties and using any money we give them for terrorist purposes here in the USA!!! I was scammed and lost 68,555 dollars by a guy I met on Christian Mingle. I researched and found him on a site where he messed up and told who and what he really is. I have since reported him to the FBI and Malaysian police. He is Nigerian living in Malaysia at a student. He told me all lies..widowed, worked for BP oil working on a rig off the coast of Labrador. had a fire and needed money..i was in contact with him for 7 yrs.. They are psychopaths, sociapaths and worse. needs to be mules in the USA in Ohio and Texas. is another good site..search oil rig dating scam..

Of course it 8767 s not too much to hope for, Josie!!! I see proof of that every day. Thing is, if you 8767 re not meeting the right men it 8767 s because you are choosing and attracting the wrong ones. The man you describe most definitely exists! So think about what you might do differently to start attracting quality men. I highly recommend that you watch my Grownup Girls 8767 Night Out webcast for this month. You can find it here it 8767 s free 8776 http:///ggno This could be something you can shift that will make a huge difference. Stick with me. I will help you! He 8767 s out there for you. Hugs. Bp

I myself never knew what ASMR was until later in life and to be honest I cannot say that I really remember feeling the tingles when I was I found out about ASMR through videos of people doing hair and makeup tutorials. This has been about 6 year ago and since then I have fell in love the ideas of what goes on in the neural levels of ASMR interactions. Please feel free to visit my blog to learn more about what I would like to accomplish with ASMR and cognitive behavioral therapy! http:///blog

I 8767 m slightly late to the asmr party only just found out about it and am still in disbelief.. Like a lot of people on here I 8767 ve had it since childhood and thought I was the only person in the world who had it! Most intensely with dentists (talking to their assistants), school nurse inspections and air hostess safety demonstrations the obvious ones let 8767 s say but also to a lesser degree with nature documentaries from the 6975s (British Columbia Forest documentaries) and the Open University (in the UK) course module videos, also from the 75s. Both of which featured fairly spaced out electronic music and softly spoken boffins..

And part of the reason it is seemingly addictive is that it causes your brain to release endorphins (feel good hormone) in an easy and effective manner. Doing that regularly can cause you to crave more. So far it seems harmless, I never heard of someone who has issues because of it. And the research done seems to say it is harmless. But it is just a good feeling induced through sound rather than a substance so you seek more of it. Just enjoy it for all those who cannot

We live in an insulated society. Nothing bad with that, it has its perks..if a woman in her thirties / forties has a decent job, her activities, what she is into, what she expects or wants, had to do it all alone (like single men in her age bracket) a negative outcome tends to be 8775 I don 8767 t need anyone, I did life by myself during my adult years with job, education and other hobbies 8776

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