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Date: 2017-08-13 10:19.

The next problem is Malthusianism. I am heartbroken every time I hear a liberal couple tell me that they have chosen to not have children because they 8775 want to reduce their carbon footprints. 8776 Children do not pollute this earth, it is our greed, gluttony, and overconsumption that ruins it. Our great societies will die if they fail to perpetuate it. We will lose genetic diversity and contracept many great scientists, doctors, presidents, and others out of existence.

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Mr. Chad Howse,
Even though I am a woman, I really enjoyed your article 8775 75 Characteristics of an Alpha Male 8776 ! It was very well written with conciseness, intelligence, and an excellent balance of common sense and new material for me! Numbers 8 and 75 were my favorite. Also, as a side note I especially enjoyed your defense about Jesus existing. I saw the video you posted and it was wonderful! I have never heard of Dr. Voddie Baucham but I have now thanks to you.

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I have a few problems with this post. First, I appreciate that you rightly acknowledge that not all feminists are anti-family. Back when I was an atheist attending Illinois State University, I was a member (one of the very few male ones) of the campus feminist club. One thing that I really liked there was the fact that several of the women there were Christians, and several Christian and Jewish girls there wanted 8-5 kids. That is nothing compared to a quiverful family, but it is a far more than Margaret Sanger or Gloria Steinem would have approved of.

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And I am also not accusing Kelly or any of the women here of doing the sort of practice I described. No, what I 8767 m describing is a more severe and therefore rare practice, from different places, but it 8767 s out there. I personally don 8767 t have a problem with a man describing his beliefs to a woman 8767 s father, in writing or otherwise, but it 8767 s the combination of ENFORCING such a practice AND keeping the parents totally in charge and the daughter practically hidden during these activites that repels me.

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Now that I have done my research and am older, I know that there are many, many wonderful Christian ministries addressing this need. But when I was in college, I didn 8767 t really see it getting talked about a lot at *any* church. And I was attending a very conservative brethren church, but spent lots of Sunday 8767 s visiting other churches with friends and family. So, I reached out to feminism as a possible avenue to help.

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How am I supposed to interpret that other than ignorance and a sweeping statement on arranged marriages or anything not fitting your POV ? You should have used 8766 IN MY CASE 8767 , I will not give myself to anyone in body, heart and vow without falling in love. That I understand and agree with because it is your opinion and cultural. There are certain things in dating I do not understand and it did not fit me or my needs. But I will not sit and condemn an entire system because I do not understand a part of it.

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I wouldn 8767 t say Alpha males are proud because they 8775 get the hottest women 8776 . A true Alpha male could care less about getting hot women in that sense because that 8767 s something a non alpha cares about in order to impress other guys into thinking he is actually alpha. In fact, a true man period isn 8767 t so shallow as to think getting hot women is what makes life so invigorating. It 8767 s more about finding a true woman who can stand by the alpha 8767 s side and the two can tackle the world together as lovers of each other and leaders to others. And I also wouldn 8767 t say that every man 8775 wants to be 8776 alpha male cause that 8767 s not true either. Only men who aren 8767 t alpha males want to be alpha. True alphas don 8767 t care cause being the alpha is instinctual it 8767 s basically a byproduct of them just being their true self.

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I know more about this than you ever can imagine. And yes, I do agree. But there are not representative of the majority which I have a problem with feminists painting every woman who does not make the same choices they make or come from the same environment they come from. I know the inherent evils where I come from and have marched against the same in college. For things like dowry death, female infanticide, female children aborted because of their sex, child marriages and so on.

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But a friend of mine told me she and her husband loved each-other, they are both good and kind christians. They take care of each-other, But they have nothing in common. Her parents thought they would make a perfect match. But in fact they can 8767 t really relate to anything together. And therefore there is no passion in their marriage even after 65 years. They love each other and will never divorce, and they treat each other kindly and respectfully but they both sense something is missing.

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No it isn 8767 t, not real love. Spouses are required to love each other in a very unique way, and this way can NOT happen with just anyone, even if you pray for it too. People do need to work towards loving each other and keeping love there, but it does not just magically happen with anyone because you 8767 re a Christian. I 8767 ve heard many say this and it 8767 s just as harmful as the infatuation love so many base weddings on. It 8767 s the equivalent of a Christian fairy tale.


8775 75. The alpha male doesn’t try to be an alpha male. That’s where so many fail. 8776 This is so true. I am a girl, and my idea of Alpha male is: males don t care whether they are alpha/beta, they simply focus on their works that all he received is respect. He doesn t check every minutes on others reactions to see if they are alpha male YET. IMO, when a man has a family to support, he will automatically be appointed to be the head of the household, there is no choice for him NOT to be a alpha male.

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Yeshua is his given name. Jesus is the translated version. All in all it 8767 s semantics. It doesn 8767 t matter if you call him Jesus or Yeshua. He lived. There 8767 s actually more evidence that he lived than there is that Plato or Aristotle ever lived and that list could be expanded. Watch that video I posted above. It 8767 s interesting. Not trying to push anything on anyone, we 8767 re talking history here.

People have to be held responsible for their own actions. It was her DUI. For you to shut down your business would hurt the both of you financially. It could hurt your business, you could lose clients, staff etc I think you did nothing wrong at all. She should have the strength to understand where you 8767 re coming from. She should know your heart is in the right place. The fact that she sought out someone else ain 8767 t right.

Ideas are not bad. It is what we use them for is what is bad in my opinion. God gave us discernment so that we can separate the fruit and spit out the seeds. We can only pray and make our choices. My own children may not make my choices. I cannot get offended or think they made a mistake. I can only teach them, pray over them and give them to God. For my life and array of choices are so different from those of my parents. We can only walk the path God has destined for each of us.

if my husband dies and I have to enter the workforce, I will make a good living for my family because I am a fighter. I have no fear of living in poverty just because I am a stay at home mom now. I know the Lord will provide for me. I won 8767 t crumble under hard times. Feminists are saying we have to go out and work because we won 8767 t make it if we fall on hard times ( like divorce or the death of a spouse)

You don 8767 t choose who you 8766 fall in love with 8767 . The love you seem to be talking about is in a dating culture in a prelude to marriage which I have no idea about. The love I am talking about is spousal love in a marriage which comes from knowing all the weakness of your spouse and still loving them. You are not trying to impress them. They have already seen you in your weakest moments. The love that takes someone in their 8766 better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health 8767 moments of a marriage.

We are blessed,as christian women to have these choices before us. Why can 8767 t we give each other grace ? I just do not understand why feminism must be such a big issue among the christian community. We all do what is necessary for our families. We could honor each other, both so called stay at home and working moms, help each other, especially as christians instead of driving a bitter wedge. And fall on our knees and give thanks to an Almighty God that we have choices to be a stay at home mom or a working mom. Which so many women around the world do not.

Female genital mutilation is a big issue for me because my husband is from a country where a vast, vast majority of women are mutilated due to cultural reasons, *including evangelical Christians*. 🙁 Dh 8767 s father is one of the few evangelical pastors in the country who takes and open stance against it, and dh thinks his sisters might very well have saved up money and had it done to themselves when they were teens, though he doesn 8767 t know for sure because to discuss it would be taboo. The cultural pressure is *that* strong, that even if a girl 8767 s parents refuse to comply, she may herself have it done when she is grown. 🙁

I know there are real feminists, and that can be a real threat to our life choices and to our daughters and granddaughters, but I would suggest that most women who go out of their way to attack another woman 8767 s life choices are really dealing with deeper issues. When we can identify those issues, and pray over them and love through them, then we see God 8767 s transforming hands in the lives of those who are honestly seeking Truth. And if not, and they continue to attack us, and if we know we are following Truth, then we need to just shake the dust off, and move along letting God handle the rest.

I don 8767 t mean to pigeonhole any group, that 8767 s not my intention. Read more stuff on the site and you 8767 ll see how highly I regard women, but that 8767 s just not the focus here. I see more of a need to build stronger, more self-reliant men, and an ability to aid in that mission, than I could with women. I think someone needs to start a site for women, a site like this, it 8767 s just not my mission for now.

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