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I mean, we can continue dancing around trying to explain off or substantiate these inequalities. For instance, why would there be a subset of women who want to marry black dudes but not a similar subset of white men who want to marry black chicks? The one fact that remains is that people have different preferences, different cultures, different features. And I think that s O K! I m just already tired of all this egalitarian bullshit that is being pushed everywhere I look.

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I'm not sure if I find this offensive or if maybe you've just had bad experiences and decided now was the time to group people. I'm black and I don't consider myself fat, I don't act like a man I'm a retro barbie mixed with a nerdy side. I usually don't have an attitude unless your really trying me because I'm extremely patient I think that only thing you wrote the is accurate about me is that I'm loud and that not even all the time. I have all real long hair I'm really sorry you feel this way

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ANOTHER SELLOUT! you think you're a white girl and think you're better than black people because you gotta white boyfriend. I wonder if that white guy will introduce you to his parents or marry you one day? yeah I doubt it sista. there are decent black guys out there but a sellout would rather date white trash than find a good black man..if you wanna date outside your race - fine, but do you realize how much of a uncle tom you look dissing your own ppl? I bet your white boyfriend doesn't diss white girls

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Yeah that's true, I've seen many instances where a comparison between an extreme end of one spectrum and the average of another puts the average to shame. Normally comparisons like that are made because the extreme from the former would not compare favorably to the extreme of the latter case. I'm glad you've set your standards in such a way that you can feel good about yourself! Yay self esteem!

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Sadly, some other black women also seem to swallow the reductive narratives. When they discover I have a black partner, they'll suddenly start flirting with me. Again, they don't seem to stop to think that maybe I love my partner for who she is, not for her color. They just think I have a thing for "black girls" so therefore they also have a chance to be with me. Which of course is great for them, because they tell me that "white guys treat women better." In one fell swoop, they reduce me to just "some white guy" with a thing for black girls, they put down all black men, and both they and my partner become nothing other than "black girls" willing to play along with my fetish.

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I ve noticed a lot of males tend to do this, but it s just a joke. I m not actually racist. That may be true, but it s a sign of immaturity to use words like that casually or otherwise, so caution who you keep in your company. Your male friends are likely going to influence your life just as much as TRP, so consider the company you keep as a way to build yourself don t give your friends a free pass just because they ve been your friends for X years or pre-RP.

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I dated a half-caste girl once. The emphasis is on once. I don t know if this is a UK thing, but we got to the race part. I admitted I d never been out with anything other than white, simply because that s how life s happened, no other reason. She mentioned her Mom was white and her Dad was black, but she identified wholly as black. I felt, fair enough, whatever flicks your switch. But she didn t seem to move past it the whole night. Now don t get me wrong, she was hot as fuck! Her face was absolutely incredible, excellent tits presented like they were being served in a bra-plate.

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Ever since I began dating my White fiancee, people literally gasp when I talk about starting a family. They fall all over themselves envisioning our light-skinned children with their silky hair and light eyes. But what if they don't look like that? What if they look traditionally Black? Are they not as beautiful? If my daughter's hair texture is more like mine (kinky) than my fiancee's (fine), did she lose out somehow? If instead of getting her father's genes of being tall and skinny, she gets mine of being short and round, has she gotten the raw end of the deal? What if they aren't what you consider beautiful?

Im a black girl love rock music and alternative too. I only reallylike white guys..its just what im attracted always get shuned cuz i act "too white" I've been call "confused" and an "oreo" since i was 9yrs old. I am NEVER ghetto and hate when people see me they think that since im black that i will automatically act so called "ghetto". I've also heard that white guys think black girls are too "aggressive".what does that even mean? Does it mean that black girls come on to strong or that we just dnt take that much shit?

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I can confirm to an extent, black women really love men of other races. As an indian guy, I get hit on a lot by black girls and quite a few take the slightest chance to escalate with me but I am just not attracted to them. It s weird, I get along a lot better with black and hispanic women, can even relate more with them but when it comes to fucking I want to fuck a white girl even though most of the American ones are massive cunts if they are remotely attractive.

As my luck with white men plummeted, I was inevitably pushed further towards black guys. I began attending parties where I was one of the few white people. Guys would approach me, rarely avoiding grabbing my butt or asking the question, “So you like black guys?” I became known as that girl who was only interested in dark men and suddenly, the body that took me years to become comfortable with became one I was questioning again. “You have no a**, Erica” one guy commented at one of these parties as LL Cool J’s “Big Ole Butt” blasted through speakers, while another told me he was willing to deal with my lack of a chest because I had “an a** like a dancer.” Many of the songs on the radio by black artists seemed to put emphasis on parts of the body that I was lacking. Flo Rida’s “Can’t Believe It” flowed through party speakers with its lyrics “Damn that white girl got some a** I don’t believe it” and “black girl got some a** it ain’t no secret”, taking me back to feelings of insecurity I started having as a little kid.

In our politically correct society everyone is under intense scrutiny to tow the party line. If ever you speak or write on a controversial subject it is inevitable that some spineless fuck will imply that your intolerant or racist. Fortunately, you are in possession of the Anti-Race Card. If I m such a racist, why do I go to sleep with a black woman every night? One of the few opportunities men are allowed to feel indignation is in defense of women. Go big with this one.

Each one comes from a different culture. And each one has different groups of girls. You have the ones that hate or distrust white people. In miami those are the ones who stare you down when they catch you looking at them. You have the ones who are really religious and don t have any sex. Then you have the white black girls who don t follow any black culture. Then you have the hood rats, the baby mamas, the ones that fucked every nigga in their old neighborhood, and the ones who are in uni with a free ride.

There really are no advantages or disadvantages to dating a black woman, at all. It is really all a preference thing, some guys are into black women and some are not (I am not). That said, whatever you said about Black women can be applied to women of mostly any minority groups and even foreign White women that haven t had the world pander to them. The real divide is White Anglo women (aka White girls) and girls that are not white, sure cultural issues will come up such as her parents not liking you or you probably having to change your religion but outside of that there isn t that much of a divide as one might think.

Sometimes it's not about race, but just preference.

You can substitute out black and white for fat and thin, or brunette and redheads.

The woman who posed the question wanted some clarity. she wanted to see if it was a racial reason or a preferential reason. I think the good thing is that there hasn't been an anonymous moron spewing racist/bible thumping "rationale" as to why people from different races/cultures shouldn't be together.

I am Interracial, Black and cherokee (well, my dad is half, so it counts. LOL) I agree with you 65,555,555%! I live in the detroit area and when I actually lived IN Detroit, I was herrassed because I don't screw and smoke marijuana! In fact, most of the women in that area had 9 kids, playing at least 7 guys and was high half the time! UNATTRACTIVE! I don't even date black women. I prefer asian or hispanic.

Eventually someone is going to say some stupid shit about your choice of women. Most likely its going to be a white woman. Anything that challenges a woman s value instantly causes scorn, which is why they might bring out their fancy words: objectification and fetishism. The same progressives who supports post op man ladies and naked gays dancing in the street, have reservations about your sex life. My advice is to laugh off their hypocrisy as you bring a watermelon home to your girlfriend.

But worse than the staring and gawking is the perceived judgment that so often comes with it. Waiters and waitresses, both white and non-white, are visibly shocked when my partner takes the bill at a restaurant, as they've obviously assumed she's with me for my money sometimes black women look at my partner and tut - they seem to feel that having a white boyfriend is some kind of conscious betrayal on her part we once had to leave a hotel where we were visiting my parents for the day, because my partner felt uncomfortable about the way some old Germans were looking at her as we sat by the pool - something about the situation led her to believe they thought she was my prostitute.

As I slowly prodded my way through middle school then high school, my body began taking on the features of a woman. My 5’9’’658 pound figure became more defined and I started to feel proud of my body. I felt that I looked the way that I was meant to look: small waist, small everything. But going to college challenged my standards of beauty. Previously I had learned to fear looking heavy from various places including sitcoms featuring women trying on dress after dress and finally asking “Does this make my butt look big?” Her husband would assure her that of course her butt didn’t look big in order to prevent her from trying another outfit on. Where growing up as a white woman had taught me not to be fat, I was now told by rap culture to have a “fat a**.” I began to feel that I could never live up to stereotypical "black standards" and that my body type would only be appealing to white men.

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