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What It's Like Dating a White Guy as an Asian Girl

Posted: 2017-10-01 18:10

I got one right besides me former model. Now a great wife and great mother. Married 65 years. I only dated hot ones. I 8767 m picky.
Honestly I 8767 ve seen many hot looking white girls with Asian dudes but rarely have I found hot Asian girls with hot white guy. Me and my Korean friends often jokes about that. Ya 8767 ll can have those ugly ones, they need love to. Lol
But really what Asian guy care about yellow fetish? This whole thing is stupid. Obviously if she likes the Asian culture than people are part of that culture.

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Sorry to hear that you 8767 re Bi or Near Bisexual ! See, with six major races of the world, and you to pick on the least masculine race, pity ! So, you like small dicks I see !
why are asian men bottom of the list. simple, they have oestrogen filled, feminine featured features and small dicks. i 8767 m surprised that you 8767 re European, bec European women go for real men ! You fell thru 8767 the cracks becase you 8767 re not straight !

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I feel that, in general, you 8767 re going to find a lot more women that like gaming as time progresses because more and more girls are growing up with it I grew up with the NES, N69, PS7, and now PS8. With the Wii as popular as it is, I think the generation of girls won 8767 t be as phased with gaming, albeit casual gaming at best. That is most definitely not limited to girls that like Asian guys.

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When it comes to abortion, we actually seem to be going backward. In the 6985s, the teen comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High had a very frank discussion about abortion between two of the main characters. Today? Abortions have pretty much stopped happening in movies. Even when unintended pregnancy is central to the plot and abortion has to come up, the producers get around the issue by simply never saying the word. Remember Knocked Up , when Jonah Hill's character says, "I won't say the A-word, but it rhymes with 'shamshmortion.'" In a movie where the plot revolved around an unintended pregnancy, the abortion talk was too disturbing to include, and that's straight from Judd Apatow. For context, anally raping an infant was a perfectly fine joke to make a beat after the avoided conversation. Abortion, dear lord, no.

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First off I have dated a fair few European guys being European myself and to a point you do start off by looking within your own culture or what ever it is that you find familair to you until you eventually find out through experience what works. I have found that the European guys I have dated to be ill mannered, little culture or structure in their lifestyle, can 8767 t hold much of a conversation and havn 8767 t treated me very well but I am sure not all 8766 White 8767 men are like this as everyone is different in every culture.

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Bottom line, if you are fit and take care of yourself, and do not buy into the mainstream radio/television 8767 s degenerate, immoral culture where ignorance and criminality are praised above being kind, smart, or noble I 8767 d probably like you just fine. But if you live up to all of your own negative stereotypes, and actively avoid rising above them, I 8767 ll have nothing to do with you. That goes for any race. I judge by behavior, not by color but i 8767 m not 8775 colorblind 8776 enough to ignore statistics and probability in favor of brainwashing for the sake of 8775 diversity 8776 .

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There 8767 s especially a lot of bad blood between blacks and Koreans in LA for a number of reasons, including the Rodney King riots. I have a couple of black friends who are acutely aware of that, so they have made efforts to educate their children and explain that such hostility as in vogue in their community will not get them ahead in life. Sorry to say, but no pun intended, they are a minority within a minority

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It 8767 s not about NEEDING another race to provide our self esteem. Some of us Black ladies just LIKE and PREFER White men cause they 8767 re gorgeous and that 8767 s our style and always will be. It 8767 s our business and our personal taste. I know who I am and I DON 8767 T NEED or HAVE to be with a Black man to prove I 8767 m proud of my race. I like White guys cause..Bro have you SEEN Ian Somerhalder, Rob Lowe, Chris Hesmworth? That 8767 s not about self esteem, it 8767 s about GREAT TASTE in men. I do have great self esteem and that 8767 s why I go for MY TYPE not the opposite.

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I don 8767 t really see anything wrong with having preferences for certain ethnic groups or cultures. I 8767 m not saying this because this benefits me in anyway for being a certain kind of ethnic 8775 Asian 8776 . It 8767 s because I am also biased towards to what I 8767 m attracted to. Just like a girl with 8775 Japanese Guy Fetish 8776 or w/e. It 8767 s unfortunate if it 8767 s due to the facade of artificial pop culture, but there are people out there with legitimate reasons for their preferences.


Interesting. I read the first few lines and thought I could have written this many years ago. When I was in my teens and early twenties I wondered my Black guys weren 8767 t asking me out. I would go out with my cousins,danced the disco scene and went to college. However it seemed that where ever I went, if there was only one white guy in the place he would almost always hit on me. At first I always said, 8776 No thanks 8776 . I knew my family wouldn 8767 t like it. Until after one too many nights alone I took up an , for us as women it 8767 s not who we are attracted to,but who is attracted to still make the final call when it comes to marriage. If they don 8767 t want to marry you,it won 8767 t be happening. Sadly,my cousins like many Black sisters, are waiting for that BMW that never comes or only passes her by.

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Jeff Douglas. Sorry, but you sound like a total waste of oxygen. You are the boyfriend of miss above? You guys are meant to be together. Keep your hypocritical racist shit off the internet (You are the racists). I can see this shit spreading Toronto like a disease. 75 year old Asian girl with 65 year old white men calling it love. It 8767 s ok to do this but then advertising it as love to other people. fuck off. It 8767 s gotten to point where matchmakers are complaining in Toronto about their racist clientele. Its only this bad in Toronto (The most multicultural city in the world!). Multicultural to nobody 8767 s advantage but white..

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and then she 8767 s always talking about how she 8767 s gonna get herself an Asian (or more like Korean lol) man and what not but wow I don 8767 t know what one out there would be able to stand her after a while honestly! lol! I 8767 ve been very close to telling her a few times to try to 8766 tone the Asian obsession down 8767 if she wants to successfully date great Asian guys, but I can 8767 t bring myself to tell her haha.


You have too take your meds darling, that psychosis is getting worse, didn 8767 t the orderly 8767 s give you medication before allowing you to get on the computer? I don 8767 t have the time nor patience to change my name just to harass a moron like you besides you 8767 re not THAT bright if you were you would know that my inflection and manner of talk is way different than those you mentioned. If YOU can 8767 t take the heat, don 8767 t start the fire. Now run along and go take your meds before you REALLY lose it. LMAO

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All women fight an uphill battle in the workplace especially black women. Black women are strong and powerful in general, because of life 8767 s challenges and when they make it to the coporate level, there is nothing they haven 8767 t seen or can 8767 t handle. So, it is understandable why a white man is afraid of a black woman at that level, because all they know is what the media portrays so they really don 8767 t know the 8775 black woman 8776 personally or professionally, therefore they are left with assumptions and media stereotypes. There is way more substance to a black woman whether she is a CEO or works the Drive-Thru at McDonalds.

Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective

This must be coming from a woman who hasn 8767 t really cared to learn the culture of her counterpart. It 8767 s not obsessive to do that or to learn a language. And it 8767 s not wrong to have a country preference if you bother to learn the culture. I 8767 m interested in East Asian studies but haven 8767 t really taken an interest in Southeast Asia because it 8767 s a completely different political history, and Southeast asia has tons more ethnic groups than the slightly more homogenous East Asia. I think this magazine is pretty terrible. I 8767 m going to continue to read it so I can figure out what other stereotypes and false information is spreading about Asian coming from the 8775 educated 8776 white women.

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Now let me just get right off and say this. Most people and most other cultures, most other centuries understand why that happened. If you’re a New Yorker and you have some objection to some part of the Bible that you find offensive, I want you to realize it’s your cultural location that’s causing the offense. Don’t you dare think that just because you find that part of the Bible offensive, everybody in the whole world would think the Bible is offensive. That’s culturally narrow of you to think that because most people, most places know that we are not just the product of our choices — individual choices. That if you can do something bad, the fact that you can do it, what helped you become the kind of person that can do it, was to a great degree your family.

I was born and raised in Toronto by my parents who were also raised in Toronto, so I was just as westernized as these guys were. When I received messages from other people of colour, they didn 8767 t even mention anything about the fact that I was Asian. As my boyfriend (who is a white male himself) puts it, “Every white guy wants to have sex with an Asian girl, but not all of them want to date one.” We all know the popular slang term “yellow fever”, which describes a (usually) white male who fetishizes Asian women.

Thank you for that. That clarification alone says a lot but most of my people dont understand or can comprehend what you just said thanks to wht people. My fellow brothers and sisters are so brainwashed its digusting and anything negative against thw wht man is concidered hate when in fact they hated us from the beginning. Again most of my fellow brothers and sisters dont even k,ow we are different from the people who live on africa,i wish most of ua did our research so we wont be so far up the wht mans a$$.

That’s one of the things the Bible says. If you are a poor person and you become a Christian, you should remember that you are a child of the King, you should think of your high position. The gospel takes white people and keeps them from really getting their identity from their place in society, and it takes poor people and it keeps them from taking their identity out of their place that’s been assigned to them in society. That helps destroy he power of the system.

No one should have to go through this and I 8767 m glad her parents are sticking up for her. What sense does it make to beat up on someone who wants to learn IN SCHOOL? That 8767 s what she was supposed to do and there is no excuse for it. How jacked up are some of us that our children to think to act smart/mannerly/childlike is to act white and to act dumb/obtuse is to act black? These are the same ppl who talk all day about what THEY do to us. Puh-lease.

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