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KANJI : In the early centuries of the Christian era, the Japanese did not have a writing system of their own. As the Japanese began to interact with the Chinese, they adopted Chinese institutions and adapted them to their own needs. Chinese characters were introduced to Japan via the Korean peninsula in the fourth century . In the next two centuries, Chinese books on philosophy and Buddhism were brought to Japan and studied by the Japanese aristocracy

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Because they re generally annoying. The whole You ve never heard of it, so it s cool and edgy and individual thing got really old after high school. Listening to ONLY independent music because it s not published by a major record company is the same thing. Go on 9chan s music board and tell me how many bands you ve heard of that are on the front page. Chances are 95-655% of the posts there are about a bunch of one-shot indie/electronic bands who made one album and somehow got to do a live show.

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I agree that you should not judge a book by its cover. However, from my personal experience encountering all types of people, those who enjoyed vintage clothing, mustaches, and indie music were a bit more self-absorbed than others. (Ex. We hang out at a bar: they complain about the small things they don t buy drinks for everyone after each person in the group has bought a round they keep within their own group of friends rather than being friendly all around.)

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I can understand the desire to want to belong. I can understand the comfort of having something very visible in common with a group of people. However, i simply cannot understand people claiming that this is who i am , when that simply isn t the case. When you tell people that, invariably, they reply, i was doing this before it was cool, i came up with it first , i felt this way, then found out about the group , or something similar. It s the self-delusion that bugs me.

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And lastly, im seeing a lot of they in these threads. They this and they that. as I mentioned before, our society is in decay. Unemployment is high, jobs are scant and our culture is shit. Corporate interest and oppression can continue to thrive and perpetuate these standards when we as people are divided. So I ask. why create and maintain another divide amongst us? Especially a fake divide such as this one?

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Brittana fanfiction is my life outside of sports and my dogs. I spend most of my free time either writing or reading other''s stories. I''ve never liked writing, but when I stubble upon this site over three years ago and started reading other''s stories I keep getting plot ideas so I thought I''d give it a try and write something myself. Here we are over two and half years later and I have to say that it''s been a blast. I''ve written 668 plus stories thus far and have many more ideas of stories to write. I''d like to thank everyone''s the reviewed, favorite, followed or just read any of my stories you''re the reason I keep posting.

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I don t ride a fixed-gear bicycle because it s an outdated and potentially unsafe mode of transportation (but mostly because I don t know how to ride a bike, now THAT is some fucking hardcore counter-culture right there). I don t wear skinny pants because I like my balls to roam free of their tyranny, and function is still more important than style TO ME. I don t drink PBR because it blows and I ve become spoiled by delicious dark micro-brewery stuff.

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This is how I became disillusioned with punk rock. It s supposedly all about free expression, saying fuck everyone else and being your own person, but they have rules. If you don t like this, if you don t know this band, if you don t wear dickies/chucks/doc martens, if you don t spend hours making yourself look like you got dressed in 7 minutes, you re not punk. So many scenes are like this. Forget the ideals, you have to look and act and talk this way or you re a poser. There are exceptions and there are genuine people in every sub-culture who are lucky enough to still believe in what they re doing, but there s so much bullshit in the way that it s hard to find them.

Think back to highschool. There were tons of alternative groups that all self identified around some particular clothing, music, fashion etc. This was a turbulent time in life, so its only natural we should gravitate towards groups like this - in addition to providing common interests for your friends it is also usually an outlet to feel superior to the other groups because of your association.

A crocheted hat made of cat fur is not comfortable. It is different. Glasses frames from 6987 are not comfortable they re heavy, bulky and made of scandal. But, they re also unique& antique so they re comfortable. Skinny jeans are scrotum smashers and yeast breeders. But they re not the saggy, baggy jeans that you saw teenager wearing when you were 5 years old. They re different so they must be more comfortable. Those goddamn shoes will really ruin your posture and fuck up your back. Wait till you re 86 years old and you really don t give a damn what people think of your fashion.

You re right in that you are entitled to your own opinion. I just thought it was interesting you asked for the opinions of others but would argue with your own. It s just a little off putting when you say you want to hear the opinions of others but vocalize a strong opposition to certain responses. They are entitled to their opinions too. No need to point out you think they are less poignant than yours.

For some reason, though, the picture of someone without a vision problem wearing clear glasses does seem stupid. However, add the sightliest yellow tint and it already seems a lot less stupid and a lot more like a fashion statement. Maybe it s a collective subconscious thing, associating clear lenses with vision problems. We also associate them (culturally) with being smart, so maybe the pretension of intelligence is another reason this is frowned upon.