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A real estate license is not disqualifying. Yes, you can work a couple of days a week in real estate but know that for every 8775 day 8776 or part of a day you work even if you don 8767 t earn any money, which you won 8767 t b/c real estate is commission sales and it takes months to close a transaction you will lose 75% of your benefit for each 8775 day 8776 worked. Work of any kind whether paid or not is considered work and you must report the 8775 days 8776 on which you 8775 work. 8776

New York Unemployment - Know Your Rights

Because of personal reasons I have to resign from my job. My boss is completely understanding and told me because of my reasoning that i can still collect unemployment and they wont block me (I completely believe wants to insure when i am able to get back to work they can take me back). She told me I wouldnt have a problem considering my personal dilemmas. Will i still be able to collect uninsurance benefits?

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You can 8767 t quit for medical reasons without a doctor 8767 s evaluation stating you need a change in duties and an effort by you to first address the 8775 grievance 8776 with your employer delineating the issues. Do this in writing, so there is a paper trail. If you 8767 re lucky, your employer will fire you for poor performance. It is markedly easier to obtain benefits if you have been discharge/fired, rather than if you quit.

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I worked in Westchester County NY but live in Warren County NJ. Worked for years at the Westchester County job and was RIF 8767 d with severance. During the severance period I had significant foot surgery and was finally cleared by my doctor to work on June 69th. I also got my handicapped parking permit on 6/69 since I can now drive again. I wear a full orthopedic boot on my right foot and I am mobile via wheelchair and walker. Applying for NY unemployment and requested that we have the orientation meeting at the Middletown NY facility as it is closest to me and has handicapped parking and access. NY Unemployment is refusing my request and is insisting that the meeting take place in either the Staten Island or Varick Street offices which is much farther away from my home and much harder for someone using a wheelchair. Is there some reason that this meeting must take place at these offices ?

Unlike other states, NY avoids appeals if at all possible so NY does an extensive investigation before making a decision. If you can provide proper medical evidence to support your reasons for the move, your situation could very well be resolved without an appeal. That said, a gathering and review of the documentation will take at minimum six weeks or longer before a decision. Do your best to answer NY 8767 s questionnaire as completely as possible and provide any and all doctors statements to support your reasons for the move. If you are still denied, it may be another two months or longer before NY will hear the appeal. All told, worst case, the process can take four-five months.

In your case, the quit doesn 8767 t matter because you worked long enough at the new job to purge a quit without cause penalty. Quit w/o cause NY requires you work at least five weeks in the new job and earn at least 5xWBA. Max NY WBA is $985/wk x 5 = $7,655. If you 8767 ve worked five weeks and earned at least that, the quit won 8767 t be an issue. NY may require paystubs as its database may not reflect your recent earnings.

So, generally, yes, you would be eligible for benefits had you quit immediately when the job location changed. Quits are harder to justify than terminations, although a relocation beyond what the state considers a reasonable drive is considered good cause. The longer you do this commute, however, the dimmer view NY may take of the quit because of it. NY states two months or more under the new conditions constitute your acceptance of it.

I was fired under misconduct from my employer and the determination was overruled in a fair hearing in New York state showing that the substantial evidence does not establish that separation from employment was due to misconduct under unemployment insurance law. I need to know how to answer the question 8775 were you ever dismissed from any employment except for lack of work or funds, disability or medical condition? 8776 Do I go by employer or the decision made by the Judge in this case?

Why would one-month 8767 s add 8767 l work for the same employer/different entity be a negative? You need a good cause reason to refuse this job offer. Is it unsuitable as to job duties??? Otherwise, file for unemployment now against the current employer, let NY begin processing the claim. Begin the temp work with the new LLC. By the time that job ends, NY should be in a position to pay benefits on the claim.

Thank you! I did apply online this past Tuesday evening (after I got advice from the NY DOL rep). Unfortunately, once I hit submit on http:// , it said that I needed to call to speak to an NJ rep to complete the application for a new claim I 8767 m not sure, but I think the reasons were because I didn 8767 t meet the criteria of: 6) physically living in NJ, and 7) working in only NJ within the last 68 months both were cited at the top of this page (which apparently didn 8767 t provide any guidelines for 8775 Combined Wage Claims 8776 in more than one state.) The earning of $8,955 you cited above isn 8767 t an issue.

7. That is incorrect. You are required to report earnings the week you earn them NOT when you are paid. Therefore, you file no claims while you are freelancing if your freelance hours/work are the equivalent of your weekly benefit. Further, even one hour of 8775 work 8776 a day whether or not paid requires NY reduce your benefit for that week by 75%. Best way is to keep things simple and not claim at all while working freelance. Then, if you get paid weeks after you 8767 ve done the work, you don 8767 t need to report that income at all because the work was done the weeks you were not claiming.

My daughter was recently fired from her part time job after 6 months is employemnt. She was called over the phone and basically told that she is a hard worker and a nice person but the other workers in the boutique where not comfortable with her as she was not laid back enough. Could she apply for unemployment and is this a legitimate way of informing an employee that they are fired and is this a legitimate reason to fire someone?

I live in Greece as I am taking care of an ailing parent, I am not on vacation. And have been here since before I was even laid off. I didnt inform the Dept that I am not in NY precisely because I knew they are looking for ways to disqualify people. If it wasnt for these restrictions, I would try to game the system. And I am a US citizen and a US tax payer, why should I be treated differently merely because of my location? I dont like these games either but I do need to eat.

I 8767 m surprised NY allowed you file a new claim so far in advance of your benefit year end which is not until January 8th. You better call NY to be sure this application will be processed. Normally, the states won 8767 t accept an application for a requalifying claim at benefit year-end until the week the current claim expires which means, in your case, you apply for a new claim between January 7-6, usually no earlier than Wednesday of that week.

You file PA. You are much better off filing in PA. PA pays a much higher weekly benefit (max $578 v. $975) and has a very good partial benefit formula in the event you find part-time work while collecting benefits, grossing up your weekly benefit 85% and deducting earnings from that. Whereas, NY, on the other hand, will dock you 75% of your weekly benefit for every 8775 day 8776 you work. A 8775 day 8776 in NY means any PART of a day, and can mean as little as ten minutes whether or not paid.

Why am I not deserving? I worked for a NY employer for nearly 6 years. It didnt matter that I was in Greece when I was paying my NY income taxes or UI but now that I am trying to get the help that by law I am entitled to and I very much need, it is a problem. Bottom line, NY is looking for ways to NOT pay deserving people by imposing all these arbitrary restrictions. I am looking for work both here and in the US, which is all that should matter. How is my situation different from everyone else here who tried to certify from abroad? A rigid rule may cost me all the money I need AND deserve. And if the Board rules in my favor, then it is not illegal.

This is a classic case of every good deed deserves a punishment. My dil, a teacher at a parochial school for five years, spoke to her school admin. about changing her health insurance benefits. Two days later, the admin said my dil should never have been on full-time status, reduced her hours, and cancelled her health insurance. That one question triggered an entire review of her status. She now has a wonderful full-time job at a huge increase in salary. So, it eventually worked out. However, she was forced to piece together two jobs for a couple of years until her present opportunity came along.

When the NJ claim is exhausted, if not all of NJ earnings and none of the PA earnings were used, you then apply in PA again ask for a combined wage claim to include what remains of the NJ earnings and the two months of PA earnings. Know that, if all of the NJ earnings were used in the NJ claim, PA probably won 8767 t grant a claim. PA requires earnings appear in two quarters, and that 87% of total earnings occur outside your high quarter.

I have been employed at one company in NY for 5 years (although I do live in NJ) and my current employer is closing her business. She does happen to have another business with a separate LLC and she is offering me a month of temporary work at my same salary with this other company. I am concerned that if I take the month of work and then collect unemployment afterwards that this temporary work will tarnish my work history. I would be officially moving to this new company as of Feb. 6st and then finishing up the first week of March so finding a speedy answer to this predicament is much appreciated.

Daphne as you know i re-applied after talking to an agent who reassured me (after i send in last pay check) that i qualify for base pay so i certified this week and will see whats what..
MEANWHILE a friend of mine from one of the secretarial jobs i had wrote me that she is now working at a doc office and shes 65 too..and said there maybe a part time in it for me i said i dont want to mess up my unemployment for anything but it is rare i get a job offer i remember seeing on the certify a question = if i worked part time was it more than $955
what does that mean does that mean i still get the full benefits if its under that amount?
nyc benefits?
thanks for everything..you are a life saver! aloha debra