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Chris Perez’s Wife Filed For Divorce - Latin Gossip

Posted: 2017-11-27 04:05

You know, It made me angry for a minute when I learned that he remarried after Selena ONLY because, I love her and I don 8767 t think I could 8767 ve gotten married and had kids with another women. I don 8767 t know why they got divorced but I think if the reason is drugs and partying, then it might be because he 8767 s missing her. At this point, Selena 8767 been gone for 66 years. When they divorced Selena had been gone for what? 69? It 8767 d been a long time even then but she might 8767 ve been his first love, and she was beautiful inside and out and if it was ME that had lost her, I don 8767 t know WHAT I would do. I would lose my it. I kind of see it from both sides but if he didn 8767 t even waste any time hooking up with this chick after Selena, then I 8767 m going to PISSED! And if this guy already had Vanessa in mind while he was with SELENA?!?! I 8767 M LOOKING FOR HIM and THAT my dears is what IS REAL!

Hahaha oh please your so dramatic!! And wow if I would do all that BS ur saying I would 8767 ve done it these past days already but I wouldn 8767 t do that cuz I 8767 m not ignorant like other people getting on they 8767 re life, I don 8767 t even read the coments people write about her and her husband. I just curious about knowing Chris 8767 s new wife after Selena that 8767 s all Mrs. 8776 know it all 8776 Trying to guess what people wanna do!!!

I just want to say yall all have yall own opinion and chris loves selena no matter what! (BEST I CAN) that song was dedicated to selena by chris if chris married vanessa was for a reason.. Chris said he is never going to love anybody the way he loved selena and its hard letting go of selena thats chris sayings and we should respect that instead of talking alot of mess on here about Chris & Vanessa! YALL SHOULD HEAR THE SONG & YALL WOULD AT LEAST UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE DIVORCING

He will always love Selena, no doubt. When you lose your first love it 8767 s hard to replace. He loved Selena in one way and loved Vanessa in another. Just because they 8767 re getting a divorce doesn 8767 t mean that they don 8767 t have some for each other, sometimes things just don 8767 t work out. It may not be the same love that he had for Vanessa at first, but there will always be some sort of love because they share a very strong bond, and that 8767 s children. I 8767 m sure that 8767 s not a regret in his life. Had things not happened the way they did, his children wouldn 8767 t be here. So there 8767 s a reason for everything.

Selena was very progressive and inventive from what I could tell. I think she would want her loved ones and fans to focus less on her tragic death and focus on her life. Even though Selena 8767 s not physically here now, I think she would want her image reinvented to keep up with the times. Being the compassionate person she appeared to be with a heart of gold, I believe she would rather have Chris find love and happiness again than be emotionally burdened by her tragic death for the rest of his life.

Chris was nice to Selena and loved her so very much. Selena even said chris is a good loving man. She saw a good soul in him while everyone else just simply saw 8775 A rocker with out a life. 8776 Vanessa is potraying him to sound like bad man who 8767 s partying so much and never home with his kids. Selena would have not have married him if he were really like that. Who knows, maybe he did what he did and changed 8767 cause he isn 8767 t happy now. OR then again, his career of music keeps him away from home.

Oh and for the record, I am on neither side, Chris was an awsome father and awsome husband, Venessa is a great person, awsome mother and loving wife. This happen people and so what if MJ was used in there private life, you and everyone else knows HALF of AMERICA..more so half of this world uses MJ, so get over it..got made it..ya its illegal but if its in someones private home what does it matter, its not like thats what effected them in any way. Ah foolish people! Grow up and get a life!

I so agree with you Quintanilla it mad me more than mad when i found out that Chris was getting married to another wommon i know everybody has to move on but dame come on it was only 6 love in his life and that 6 love was Selena (God bless her soul) the 7nd thing i agree on u is with he probly did drugs because he was un happy with himself because Selena wasn 8767 t their if Selena was alive none of this would have been happening but he 8767 s a good guy but he can still look to find love but its not gonna be like Selena if he never got married than none of this would have happen but he could of married twice because everybody knows that when he got married to Selena he was very so maybe he figured he was older and married again but everybody knows that he thinks about Selena everyday and i know he wishs that she was still here and he would have a good old happy life us fans of Selena would wish that to but it cant happen only when god comes back so this is all why that happen with him on Drugs and all of that because if Selena was here none of that would have happen but he is a really good guy

I will always love Selena and I know She wants her soulmate to be happy. so lets all CONSTANTLY PRAY for Chris and Vanessa to work things out. Whats done. is done. 8766 WE 8767 cannot fix this problem alone. only god can. so lets pray for them and hopefully god can prompt them to make the best decisions for themselves and thier children. I talk from experience. I lost my ONE TRUE LOVE. My soulmate. Dallace Yakana back in november 66, 7556 he was only 76. and HE is my, how can i put this. he is what selena was and is to chris, that is who dallace will always be to me. Now, 9 years after his death i have dated, gotten to know and have been engaged with Zachary Duncan whom I will marry on July 65, 7559. Without Zak i don 8767 t know how i would have gotten through not over Dallace 8767 s death. WHEN GOD CLOSES A DOOR HE WILL ALWAYS OPEN UP ANOTHER ONE AND IF NOT A DOOR A WINDOW.

Selena perez her music means the world to me if I would have had a chance to see her in concert when she was alive I would have told her that I treasure her songs i enjoy her music when I 8767 m feeling sad I listen to selena her music it cheers me up at home in the car at work etc. Selena was a loving and caring person selena will live on in my heart for ever:) through her music and her husband chris perez I enjoy his style of music too:) chris if you ever read this I hope that you would come to akron ohio to put on a cool concert I would be very happy to get to meet you and talk to you about your music and your wife selena keep up the good work music is very important without it life would be a very boring take care chris sincerely Elizabeth mathes

welll honestly i think that chris shouldnt have gotten with that BITCH in the first place! she aint no good and all she was good for was his money and the fame that came along with it. and chris you made the biggest mistake of your life when you married and had kids by that FAKE ASS BITCH!!! i think you should stay single and be aware of all these hoes out in these streets like VANESSA thats only after you because of your money! one more thing STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT FAKE BITCH VANESSA!!!

i just want selena to be alive again.
her movie is so sad to watch, and i feel terrible for this man. i didnt even know her on any level other than through her dedication movie and music, and i miss her. i could not even begin to imagine what this man went through and is still grieving. this is something that will live with him forever. to him and all the family, my thoughts and prayers are with you!


Some people are so stupid, it doesn 8767 t matter how long after Selena died that he got with Vanessa, he did exactly what Selena would have wanted him to do which is get on with life. I believe that Vanessa filed for the divorce only she couldn 8767 t get what she wanted from Chris which is money, there is an article stating that she was trying to get money off Selena 8767 s boutique and Chris wasn 8767 t having it, in my opinion that right there was a low blow to Chris. She says she loves Chris but why would she go after the one thing Chris loved more than anything which was Selena, I do feel bad for the kids but if I were him I would have left her to because that 8767 s just not fair to go after something that has nothing to do with her. I don 8767 t believe that Chris does drugs it 8767 s just something that Vanessa made up to get back at Chris. Only Chris knows the truth behind the divorce so I think that everyone should just shutup and mind their own business.

Most of y 8767 all don 8767 t make since. They are fucking grown who tf cares.. Why wouldn 8767 t he get remarried. He is fucking grown shit. No one on here fucking him so why argue about him. Yea really grow up. Really pretty girl wonderful voice but no one is number one So many singers out there who can really pic a number one. Worry about yourselves and y 8767 all husbands and maybe y 8767 all will not have so much time to argue about someone 8767 s else knows how she could have been today. Everyone changes even y 8767 all have but no one has a right to talk about that man his kids. No one on here pay his bills or his kids bills. Don 8767 t do shit for them so how u gone feel sorry for someone. They may have had counseling for those kids y 8767 all don 8767 t know so how you going to feel sorry for someone when you don 8767 t know what goes done in they home.

Nobody has the right to think for him. He is his own person, and nobody has the right to call Selena his true love. We each have many true loves, and that all comes through the course of life. People come and go, and obviously he moved on. That 8767 s what Selena would have wanted. She was a very unselfish person. May she rest in peace. Anyway, the one thing that he has with Vanessa that he will never have with Selena is beautiful children. Vanessa and Chris will have the strongest bond ever and that 8767 s children. That 8767 s one bond that unfortunately Selena and Chris will never be able to have.

Sofia: I never claimed that Venessa is an equally-great woman. I 8767 m just saying there is the potential for him to meet an equally-great woman who is different from Selena. If you 8767 re someone who believes that you only have one great love in a lifetime then you are right: Selena was it and he will never 8775 love 8776 again. 8776 However, if you believe that there can be many great loves, then Chris has a great chance of finding another great love.

It 8767 s been almost 65 years since Selenas passing. At that place and time Chris was meant to be with Selena, and after that he met Vanessa, obviously he found something perfect in her that he had children and married her. Whether you guys want to admit it or not, he loved her enough to do that. He moved on with his life and as unselfish as Selena was she would have wanted him to find love and happiness, and he did. Unfortunately as many people do, he divorced, and life will move on again, he will find someone new. All of you people who believe that him and Selena were meant to be together and are upset that he moved on, you really need to get over it. Everyone deserves happiness.

I quote your words:
(If you’re someone who believes that you only have one great love in a lifetime then you are right: Selena was it and he will never “love” again.” ) Yeap thats what i believe Im sure thats what he felt for her (selena) or still feels for her. So why wait his time trying things out with someone else. Look how long it took him to remarry and even now he probably still loves her. They were one another for each other. To make the story short, you need to read some of #59 Inna rush. even though i dont agree with him remarring. I guess i sound selfish but i dont care! I guess i wanted him to stay attached to her for ever.

Ok here goes. Selena is gone and is probably better off where she 8767 s at.
For those looking from the outside in, it goes down like this We wish Venessa the best find yourself a real rocker-girl! That Micky Mouse bullshit AB does is for the clueless- sabes a chocalate lol! You and your beautiful kids will be fine. It wont be long till the next man comes around. As for the Quintanilla 8767 s who 8767 s scared of them eveyone hates them!