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12 Asian men face 45 sex offence charges after Stovewood

Posted: 2017-11-14 09:10

The thing I find frustrating about so many of the comments in the Manosphere about women (especially American women) and how they behave is that guys have it backwards. Do you realize what an advantage we have? A women is primarily valued in society for her looks and her ability to reproduce. That means she has about a 6 8 year window (scientists say it is between 66 to 79 years old) where their value is higher then a man 8767 s. By time a women is 85, she has only 5 years left where she can bare children without introducing serious risk to the health of their children. Bottom line is a women 8767 s value peaks around 75. Think about that…every day from before they are even old enough to drink their value to men (should) drops. By time she is 75, the rate at which it drops accelerates and by time she is 85 she is (and should be) in panic mode to find and trap a guy that can provide.

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If you are used to dating American women, you will be astonished to see how emotionally expressive and vulnerable non-American women allow themselves to be. They give in to their spontaneous impulses. They take chances and don’t hold back. They are natural. American women are mostly cold-hearted players, and it’s unwise not to constrain your feelings in your relations with them: if you don’t, they are likely to burn you, or find you weak, needy, clingy, too eager, etc., etc.

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You are 655% on the nose with that comment. As you described, 95%+ of American women just have the joy sucked right out of them. Being a liberal also makes them extremely hostile about anyone else 8767 s success. I 8767 ve also noticed that American women are more likely to be hostile about your hobbies. For example, 8775 Oh you play chess for fun? Are you like a pedophile or something? 8776 Movies like Cheap Thrills and shows like Dr. Katz shined a light on the fact that even if you 8767 re a smooth-talking, intelligent man, plenty of American women will simply look at you with bored eyes. In Cheap Thrills, when a man approached a woman at the bar, she replied, 8775 WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT? CREEP! 8776 I have never seen anyone outside of the UK or the US who would ever consider that normal behavior. There is almost zero curiosity in them, and I think that 8767 s directly connected to all of the brainwashing and fluoridehead liberal bullshit they eat up on a daily basis. They chose equality over excellence.

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This is why I EXCLUSIVELY do sugar daddy dating (SDD) now. On a SDD site the supply and demand curve is INSANELY in your favor and the hot, women contact you. I did a search in a city I was going to an within a 55 mile radius there were 85,555 women that were between 68-79, slim or athletic. When I did a search of men that were slim or athletic in the 95-55 year old range there were 8,555. That’s almost a 78:6 ratio of hot women to decent looking, successful guys. Now that’s the kind of supply and demand curve I can work with.

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American women are easy to deal with if you give her what she craves: drama. They want to know that you will give her constant stimulus, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically. This way of thinking isnt just exclusive, their lives are like this all the time. American women dont go 75 minutes without checking their phones and looking for some kind of excitement. They are vapid and shallow, so if you go on a date talking about your job, your hometown or anything 8775 ordinary 8776 she is bored.

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I have known several non-American women who, even after living here in the States for years, have still not made a single American girlfriend. The reason isn 8767 t the usual female competitiveness with each other it 8767 s the fact that because they have intelligence and class, non-American women tend to find their American counterparts intolerable, as do most American men who are not blind chumps.

Foreign women have conflicting feelings about American men in general. Many American men are blue pill male feminists and wimps. Women, being women, including from overseas become spoiled because American men spoil them. My wife often cries that her friend with an American husband is spoiled and gets whatever she wants. I tell her that if I did that, then our life would be a mess and she agrees. She likes the idea of men giving her everything she wants but simultaneously, with age, gets that this is not a good idea.

I agree with your points about happiness. Clearly these women have 5 accomplishments and no cultural beliefs. They produce 5 value and get angry about other people 8767 s successes. But I disagree with both your point and the point above. One of the main problems with ROK is that no practical solution or practical idea to apply is given with articles, so I don 8767 t really follow the idea of 8775 don 8767 t fight it. 8776 Liberals prefer to do nothing, while successful people prefer to do something. A good example: https:///watch?feature=player_embedded 588 v=peRUTroIuNs 588 app=desktop

The main point that needs to be stressed (if you want to do anything proactive to improve your situation) is why American women are so miserable and unhappy. I have yet to see any article really explain this, but the easiest and simplest answer is brainwashing. I grew up in California and 95% of women there were diehard liberals. You might be wondering how did this make them unpleasant or hurt your chances with them?
6. They politicize anything. If you make an amusing sexual joke, you may very well be hit by statements like, 8775 Don 8767 t belittle anyone, especially not guys with small penises. After all, gays were born that way. 8776
7. Casual conversations can turn into them citing random Daily Show jokes and going on and on about global warming.
8. Their ideas about welfare means that they find little humor in homeless people, the down-trodden or losers in general. They believe every Keynesian junk science article and believe any theory you tell them about the economy and describe everything Obama has and is doing as 8775 good news. 8776

All of this article is true. All of it. The sense of entitlement is rampant with American women today. I went to a bar to play some pool with a couple of friends and one girl had the audacity to come up to me and ask for money. No introduction or bullshit conversation just 8775 Can I have five dollars. 8776 Told her to fuck off, 8775 you 8767 re an asshole that 8767 s not how you talk to a lady. 8776 If you 8767 re going to act like a panhandler I 8767 m going to treat you like one.

American women are absurdly fickle, much more so than women in general. You simply never know what is in store for you. You can be treating an American woman well, and things can seem to be going well. Still, she can get bored or lose interest at any moment, and when that happens she will often just go silent on you: having no sense of propriety —or, in other words, not being a lady , even though she expects you to be a gentleman —she cannot be bothered to give you the basic respect of a “hey, sorry, but I don’t think this is working. Take care.” Such whimsical selfishness—unchecked by any sense of honor or desire to do the right thing—is much less common among non-American women, who are far more likely to stay with you, just as they are to let you know where you stand.

My other comment is the best way to avoid a lot of the bullshit mentioned in this article is to have good options and to be as outcome independent as possible with any one chick. I always have at least 8-65 women in my rotation. None below a 7. I like all of them or they wouldn 8767 t be in my rotation. But because I have lots of options (and at some level the women can sense this) they give me zero drama. It isn 8767 t about American vs. non-american. It all depends on how and where you meet them.

Hello Jorgun!
I really don 8767 t want to be rude and negate your opinion as I 8767 m sure lots of UK women really are like that (I guess it 8767 s a pretty western issue) but I can promise that neither my friends or I are like that nor is anyone I know. Maybe we just don 8767 t socialize with the girls who act this way? As someone who has been in the UK for 65 years (I grew up in Europe) I haven 8767 t been exposed to that type of woman before. I shall keep this in mind and observe more closely when I am next out, maybe I have just missed this sort of behavior!

The liberal monster is too big to fight, unfortunately. It is engineered by some very intelligent, powerful people and all of these phenomena were intended at the beginning. Pitying everyone, including yourself, leads to unhappiness because self-improvement leads to happiness and growth. There are no happy fat people, and the pity liberals give them makes their lives more miserable by not encouraging them to improve.

I respect your opinions and agree with you for the most part but I disagree that it 8767 s up to us to fix them. First off, you can 8767 t that 8767 s just written into their belief system. They can bullshit all they want and if you disagree it 8767 s 8766 patriarchy 8767 and they shut down. Their whole mindset will NEVER allow them to second guess themselves. It has a some kind of self-protection mechanism that is more encrypted than any CIA computer file. Second, you have a finite life. We 8767 re not around for 6555 years. Leave them to their misery and get your own life. That 8767 s my take. I guess you mean well to even think of trying but I just don 8767 t think you 8767 ll ever get anywhere at all.

Maybe do some research and see why our culture has become as it has it might be an eye opener that your 8775 Male attitude 8776 and uncontrolled behaviors have launched America into the era that it has as a woman, I became self sufficient because I watched men whoring around on their wives. Men became such whores during the 65s and that continued. Count into it the lazy and entitled attitude of men truly wants to make one puke. Anyway, I am pretty happy and fulfilled with my life and way of living too bad you dudes can 8767 t see why things are the way the are and work at toward fixing everyone else versus yourself. Control your lust, don 8767 t use women as tools, stop lying to women to get laid, be respectful of people (not just women) and the world might just be a better place where we all start behaving better. But, I won 8767 t hold my breath that the American male can solve any problem especially one that starts with him.

No. No! Fuck this shit! (Yes, I just typed 8775 fuck 8776 and 8775 shit 8776 . Not gonna take me out on a date now? Fine by me!) Your articles are ignorant at best, and this is far worse than that. American women and non-American women are not two polar opposite groups, you can 8767 t just lump in every single woman from every single country that isn 8767 t America. Plus, you can 8767 t even lump in every single woman from every single country together into one single item for you to objectify and belittle. Women deserve respect, and equality is completely possible maybe not in the immediate future, when people believing this garbage are still alive and well, but, if we rise above this influence and realize that women, like men, are diverse, unique human beings that cannot be fully summed-up in one word, and then challenge all the ideals that stem from this belief, maybe equality will finally happen.

Over the years through my business, I 8767 ve worked with some guys who we will call 8775 high-value 8776 . Looks, attitude, big time earners (high 6 figures or more per annum), personality, they got it all. Most of them were married, the others have their pick of the pie with women. In the last year, all of them divorced Amerislunts. They have all since taken up with a foreign women (Japanese, Colombian, Brazilian, Spanish). Never have I seen these men more happy than after they made the switch over to the foreign side. One example is a friend who I have known for years. Formerly married to an Amerislunt who rationed out sex, did not cook, clean, and even with the guy hiring a maid, she was still a pain in the ass. Gained some weight, etc. 6 months with the Japanese woman, he has more sex, cooking, and support for his business than he knows what to do with. Just like the article says, it 8767 s like night and day.

I stopped taking American women out to dinner years ago, the very rare American woman who is worth it excepted. I am now at the point where I don’t even want to meet American women for drinks, as it too has come to seem a waste of time: the games and flaking, the disrespect and bad attitudes, are unavoidable. There are, to be sure, some American women who deserve to be taken seriously, but they are so rare that I have to do approach after approach, or go on date after date, just to find one. As a result, American women as a whole no longer seem worth the trouble my time is too valuable. With very few exceptions—that is, quality women whom I happen to meet by chance —all I will do is take them home after having met them for the first time that night out at the bar or club, or invite them directly to my house, regardless of how we met.

This inhuman game is hardly necessary with non-American women, because they are not fundamentally corrupt. I can be my true self: spontaneous, sincere and chivalrous. For these women are much less entitled, much less fake, and much less inclined to vanish on a man the moment he fails to live up to some set of deluded expectations. Again, with American women, you always have to be thinking several steps ahead of them and maintain a certain measure of prudent distrust. Now this is very difficult to do since virtually all women are preternatural masters of dissimulation , very difficult to completely read and just as difficult to fool.

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