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Posted: 2017-10-13 12:28

Dear Eric,
I have been reading your articles and you keep saying, wear makeup and be feminine. I used to wear makeup but recently, there has been such a hype going around that men like women with no makeup at all. Apparently they think when you put makeup on, either you are hiding something or trying too hard, which comes off as a turn off. Do you agree? I used to love wearing makeup but now I hardly wear any, im scared that men will think im trying too hard. And I know how much is too much, I just like enhancing my best features. So my question to you is what makeup look do you think is sexy, playful, nice? Do you think women are trying too hard when they put makeup on? How much would be too much in your opinion?
Yes, I could go look at men 8767 s magazines, but I want to hear your opinion! 🙂
Thanks Eric, genuinely love reading your articles, and love your philosophy about life, I couldn 8767 t agree more.
Happy holidays!

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Very thankful for this post! I have been in a boarding school for the past 8 years, and the longer i 8767 m here, the more i hate it. I feel so claustrophobic and, lonely, in a weird way. I feel unfulfilled and i never really understood why. If there is one passion in my life it 8767 s travelling, this year i 8767 ve been to Thailand, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Korea, America, Morocco, Spain, etc! I fall in love too easily and do things far too spontaneously. But that whole lifestyle gives me a whole new feeling of happiness that is indescribable. I am still a teenager and figuring things out but this concept of a free spirit is really something i identify with and helps me a lot with my journey of self-realisation, so thank you!

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Some men have a different view on love and sex in fact, some men consider them mutually exclusive. In extreme cases, the emotional intimacy of love makes the act of sex more difficult because they don 8767 t equate primal, lusty passion with love. Freud called the extreme cases of this the Madonna whore complex. Not that your guy is extreme but maybe this perspective will help you decide to appreciate his love and work on it or leave because you want something different. I had an extreme husband and we couldn 8767 t make it work even though we still love each other.

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I am not a free spirit, but I so want to be. I admire these Unique individuals and I live through their open minds and beautifully simple ideas that are so deep it makes you ponder their thoughts for days. I dream to be like I dont know how or have it in me to be free. I have tried to embrace the beautiful and attractive freedoms in their souls but my mind and body fight back and will not allow it for I am the beige and black square hole with the square peg that fits perfectly. The girl with deep dreams of bright colors and not caring what others think of me. I love free spirits because I smile the most in their presence. The world is a better and more beautiful place because of them 🦄

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I 8767 m off to Guatemala with a one way ticket in March. I spent the last 7 years trying to settle down after a year living in China. Parts of it I loved, but not a day went by that I didn 8767 t feel restless, or curious, or the itch to book a plane ticket. So I finally did it. And I just don 8767 t want to stop. I have no plans to stop. I just want to go.
Going on adventures, connecting with people, being around good energy, learning, growing, understanding. 🙂 That 8767 s it what it 8767 s all about 🙂

Dating A Free Spirit | page 2 - Askmen India

If you&rsquo re someone who suffers from analysis by paralysis, you&rsquo ll find comfort in knowing that a free spirit won&rsquo t contribute to playing the hypothetical game of &ldquo What If.&rdquo . Whether it be as arbitrary as sharing fries with you while watching Japanese game shows on YouTube, or sitting in front of a campfire drinking fancypants beer, a free spirit will embrace the now and enjoy every moment spent with you.

17 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Free Spirit

From my score it said he 8767 s very interested in me but in a conversation I had with him long story short, he said he was going to the market to buy somethings what do I want, I said grits, bacon, pork chops, , he said a man has to take care of his house that he 8767 s not going to spoil me, I sad what does that mean you ask me what I want from the store I said do you still want to date or do you want a casual thing or is this going anywhere i said if its casual i cant continual this he said he want a lot of things I sad that 8767 s not telling what I ask you so I hung up and text him i said we 8767 er cool good by , he text back what that suppose to mean, he called back i did not answer. but yet he said in my ear one night that he wanted me to move in with him. I can 8767 t move in it 8767 s only been 8 months, anyways this happened yesterday around 8:55 in the even,I haven 8767 t called him and he haven 8767 t called me, I care about him a lot but don 8767 t know if he want what I want ,to move things forward, should I just move on or just wait to hear from him. PS. Give me a reply. Thanks.

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Dating sites don't work!
One year on Okcupid and no messages or dates.
I am a retired 96 year old caucasian man. Being on a dating site for that long has made me feel very ugly and unwanted. I have read over five hundred profiles and I am very turned off by women now. I don't find women attractive anymore because of internet dating sites. I will more than likely be single the rest of my life now, Thank you internet dating. I give up!

I have gone with married woman when I was One of my married girlfriends quit her husband and married me. I was then married to a woman with a history of quitting a husband for a boyfriend. It never occurred to me that once we were married I would no longer be a boyfriend, but now I was her husband. It didn t take her long to trade me in on a newer model. That was my last marriage. Now I only go with unattached, unmarried trustworthy ladies.

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What s more galling to me is this: the day of her 76st birthday, not only did I take her out for lunch, but that night I also took her to dinner, and in the process (at her request), I got her together with her ex girlfriend, and got the two of them back on speaking terms. That was a Monday. Then, Wednesday night, I asked to see her the next day because there was something important I needed to talk to her about, she excused herself from what I wanted because I hung out with her twice on Monday.

A free spirit is never too lonely, anywhere in the world, because she 8767 s enlivened by life and conversation, by connecting with others who share her love of new experiences. She is loyal, 655% true, once she 8767 s given you her trust, which she does so hastily, almost to a fault. She understands how quickly one must learn to let go of people, of places, of feelings and emotions. The free spirit has seen more ups and downs, more bliss and broken hearts than most, but she 8767 d never trade any peak or valley for a month of safe, secure monotony. Some are scared by travel and unknown tomorrows, but the free spirit is frightened by foreseen futures, carefully mapped out in 7-, 5-, and 65-year plans.

I don t usually do those things and I do have people interested in me. However, I also have a lot of judgemental arseholes telling me I am disgusting, gross, lazy, a slob, unhygenic, have let myself go, must be a lesbian (horror of horrors!!!) etc etc. despite the fact that I shower and wear clean clothes and brush my teeth and all that. And it sucks, even though I wouldn t want to date or be friends with those people, it still sucks and it isn t fair, since a lot of them are guys who have pretty much the same standards of hygeine and neatness as I do but somehow I m nasty and lazy. So will complain about it, because it pisses me off.

The way I see it is approaching a person you re interested should be as much of an opportunity for them to make an impression on you as you to them. Are you showing the real you? Are you showing what it is about you that sets you apart from the average guy? You have potential, it sounds. You like cooking? I ll tell you something now: Women love a guy who can cook. Talk passionately about what you do. Have some pride in yourself and what you do. Discover what it is about you that makes so freakin awesome and shine.

Understand what attracts you to this person. Free spirits like to flow through life following their whims things like punctuality, precautions, and other minor details will be of no concern to an independent mind. This often makes them extremely creative and fascinating individuals, which is probably what attracts you to them in the first place. By imposing dams, as little as they may be, you could very well suffocate the qualities that make this person desirable to you. (That is, if you don't manage to scare them off first.)

I 8767 ve been living in the Middle East traveling the world for 9 years, I just spent 8 months in India and Nepal, I graduated as a yoga teacher and I 8767 m state side again. You pinned the reverse culture shock to the dot. It 8767 s been quite a roller coaster to be back now. I want to try and last here a bit, but the itch never goes away, I already traveled to San Fran and back to my country in Guatemala this month..lol.. i dont know how long ill last..lol..
You will live India, try and go up to leh and dharamsalah for Dali lama.. You 8767 ll never want to come back. Go and check out pokhara, lumbini and chitwan in Nepal. You 8767 ll be in amazement. Good luck on your travels. Safe journies and thank you for your piece. It came at the right time 🙂

Eric your article reminds me of my mum and my dad. My dad relentlessly pursued her even though he had no money, didn 8767 t even have a car and dumped his long term girlfriend to be with her. 85 years later he will still do anything for her and they are still together. The formula is simple mum was the prize, other men wanted her, she didn 8767 t need him and he went places in his career he never would have went to without her help. He often says 8766 your mother was my saviour 8767. Stupidly over the years I 8767 ve adopted the relentless pursual approach on men but for obvious reasons this always fails. Recently I 8767 ve taken a different approach and started to focus on whether a man is worthy of me and all the things I have to offer. Already I 8767 m starting to get the attentiveness I 8767 ve always wanted and don 8767 t feel constant disappointment. In fact I think the current flame has texted a while ago but I haven 8767 t even opened it! That 8767 s progress. Whole heartedly agree with everything on a New Mode and that 8767 s another great article Eric!

I signed up for the newsletter last night and was expecting to unsubscribe today because I 8767 ve read a lot of bogus articles in the past from other websites-wow was I wrong. This was a very thought-provoking, inspiring article and I have greatly enjoyed reading through your advice columns.
You seem like a genuine soul who is trying to inspire women to embrace and love themselves-hats off to you. I 8767 m surprised by the amount of women wanting to argue with your advice 8775 from a man 8767 s prospective 8776. Don 8767 t let them discourage you.

oh my goodness. not just your article is spot on and resonates but all the comments following it too. my identical twin sister sent me the link to the article and it describes me certainly to a tee. she feels the same. i understand now how why i 8767 ve steadfastly declined marriage, never wanted children, and have been so ferociously protective of my independence. i wonder what else you 8767 ve written. 🙂

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