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Sometimes it seems to me that he even provokes me on purpose (may be subconsciously) to make me feel guilty and to make me say sorry for a whole bunch of things. He, in his turn, will also say sorry but for something almost irrelevant and definitely not for something I would like to hear 8775 sorry 8776 for. So in the end I still feel that it 8767 s unfair and wrong but I just can 8767 t so logically and consistently explain him why. Also because he will pick my words out of context, twist them, prevent me from being focused. When we 8767 re in an argument I often feel like he gets me into the corner.

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I love him with all my heart. He is my first love though I 8767 m 77. He 8767 s 79. I know that he loves me too. And he is really a wonderful person intelligent, talented, with a perfect sense of humor. He also is loving and caring. As well as this, hard working and he works a lot now for being able to visit me in my country. He 8767 s ready to take the responsibility for my moving in with him, also for the time before I find a job. Really, he 8767 s an amazing guy. But I wouldn 8767 t be on this website if there wasn 8767 t something going terribly wrong


Tell me about it. My ex pulled the handbrake on my car when I was drying, trashed me car, now its my word against his. he is is bits crying saying that I made it do it and that he is sorry but will never admit it. I love him so much and am internally fighting that he is a good person and I cannot cut contact. However, feeling so low and crying every time I talk to him is not helping. I am in the same boat, may restricting contact to just once a day may help you grow stronger. thats what I intend to do.. x

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I cant b too hurry and later i can explain am with a man who is the posterchild for all of these examples kmow people sayto just get away from me if it was that easy i do love him and we hav a 8 but he is never wrong and always has an xcuse for his sisters r the time i took a friend to church shes married to preachers of introducing herself and welcoming ignored her and asked her brother(one im with)who she was and how nasty she looked bcuz she wore makeup and had some tatoos!!!!they all claim to b i truly believe hitler and manson hav a better chance at cant tell u how much it hurts to feel like u r trapped n a horror ever knowing wat the day has n store 9 i cld tell my story but ran outa time gotta hustle on the !!

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It 8767 s been almost a year since the break-up, and I still feel creepy whenever a guy 8767 s nice to me, like it 8767 s going to be that same ride all over again. I guess the advice I 8767 d pass along is your feelings are important. Even if everyone else thinks you 8767 re crazy for feeling scared or whatever, DON 8767 T just go along and hope it 8767 ll work itself out. If your romantic partner (or non-romantic partner, as it was in my case) cares about you, they 8767 ll care that you 8767 re feeling bad and not just say you 8767 re crazy or make you feel bad about it. Even if they 8767 re nice other times, someone who invalidates your feelings is a jerk to end all jerks.

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I was told the same thing. dont beleive him it is just a trap to get you back. you left so he lost all control, he does not know how to handle it because you were in control of the sitution. I would cut my losses. My ex told me that he would change to and get help if I stayed with him, its a lie never happen, its all a head game to people like this. You have close friends and family spend time with them. They will help you move on with your life. You can do better!!

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actually this site helped me a lot, 68 out of 76 signs my gosh i cried a lot when i knew that im a psychopath my bf left me last week, it was our worst fight and he fed up, right now im so down but still thankful that i can accept the fact that im suffering this since i was in highschool and i know that i need to seek help just to help my self. i really feel sorry to my bf, he was good but maybe God gave him to me for reason.

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i have been married to a woman for 5 years, we dated for 5 years before that. she displays characteristics of items 7,8,9,5,9,65,& 69. we have two children, and i just don 8767 t know what to do from here on out. i love her with all my heart, but the anger, arguements, and her feeling she has a right to push me or start hitting on me doesn 8767 t seem to be going away. some days she is my best friends, and the most loving person in the world, but others, i can 8767 t stand her. my worst fear is to end up just another broken home. but sadly, i think if she snaps on me one more time (she has physically gotten violent with me 9 times) it will be the end. a very sad, messy divorce it would be.

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8.) My ex was a professional at having split personalities. You could always tell by how he woke up in the morning. One morning he 8767 ll wake up and snuggle and want to be cute and romantic the next morning he 8767 ll wake up and use the restroom and go sit in the living room on the game system without acknowledging your existence. I 8767 m sure you can put two and two together.. which days were good and which were bad. But he could also switch within the days as well. It never took much for him to get to his boiling point.

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Wow! Been in this situation for 8 years of my life, I 8767 m always at the fault, he always complains, never appreciated anything, wants to sleep with me every night and if I don 8767 t sleep with him no one will sleep, he hates all my friends, my family and friends can 8767 t stand him. I just don 8767 t know what to expect from him every time we meet, I have tried everything to leave him even tried hooking him up with other girls. I even told him I do no longer respect him but I 8767 m scared of him. And now he is planning to marry me, the plan is to relocate once I get financially stable. Please help I can 8767 t take this anymore he just drains the life out of me

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One night, when I was eleven days away from giving birth to our child, he smashed me across the face(breaking my nose) , slammed me into a recliner ,smashed all my expensive called my mother in a panic thinking my child was going to die if he continued anymore abuse towards me. She called the police and showed up to the apartment. He smiled in her face , and said 8776 yeah I hit her 8776

The truth is, these psycho 8767 s present themselves as angels from heaven, and all the while, they are so damaged that they could NEVER be that. They are so damaged that there is NO HOPE for them. Does that sound harsh? Well.. I hoped and hoped for 6 years and guess what. He never changed, but the day I started sticking up for myself and our kids, was the day he disengaged and found a new victim.

yah,i have been roller coasting in one for 5 yrs=but it was someone who said he was making for her ,calling me a diva ,telling her my financials and that he was sick of my problems and then finally after supporting him getting some major surgery(IVAD) he starts saying he is friends with her and takes her 6bout hrs away to a bank where she has a account her husband doesn 8767 t know about,then she contacts me again on FB saying I am terrible to him and she adores her husband

I just want to say to those who are being abused your not alone and its true were not alone, there are resources out there that who are willing to give us a second chance in life. I also know that feeling when just about damn near about to break down give up type of moments but I always grab myself inside my self and say i 8767 m beautiful God loves me and my children and get the strength to keep on fighting. and yes its going to be hell getting out but if free or have reached our freedom sooner LISTEN DO NOT-LOOK BACK PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL THE NATIONAL HOTLINE and I guarantee you that you will start to be able to feel again, wanting to do your very hobbies again, and then after being free you will be able to love again and forget most of the times your ex and start to place some one and loving ones.

I totally agree and have been told by him that he doesn 8767 t care about my feelings, because feeling don 8767 t matter. None of us are special so there 8767 s no reason to feel special. Whatever I do out of my own way to make him feel good or happy is only because I want to and if I mention it .im told that it was my choice and it doesn 8767 t make anyone special. I feel as if I am no one and have no right to even breathe half of the time. Life sucks!!!

What ever you do, did not committ suicide, he would then win. You have to assess yourself from how you were before you had gotten involved with that person. Find your past strengths and your weaknesses, you must turn them into strengths. I hope that you attend a nearby church or have a strong religious family or member that you can talk with and pray with or contact an abuse out reach program, take part in sessions. You may have to get a peace order against that person, so that the threats are being legally recorded. You are a beautiful human being and you need to be treated as such. God bless you always and may God keep you protected.

Men tend to make the mistake of thinking that attractiveness solely means aesthetically pleasing with 6 pack abs. In reality, women determine if a man is attractive through the whole picture: personality, goals, drive, look, fitness, dress, grooming, hygiene, social life and status. They don 8767 t just simply look at your face and think, 8775 oh he is attractive I want to have babies and spend the rest of my life with him. 8776

I am glad you got away from someone like that. This website helped me a lot to. I was with someone like this for 8 months and i will have to say it was the worse 8 months of my life. The mental abruse was horrible and i felt a weight off my back when I finally got rid of him. I went back to school and finishing my degree which I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have gotten to a point in my life were I can pick a person out that is like this and I dont even talk to them period. I am finally letting go of the hate that I had build up inside and moving on. I hope that everyone on this site finds someone that is good to them. I will say that it was a lesson learned but I would never do this again.

there has been times while we were broken up that he would catch me coming out of my hallway no one is around and corner me then he would verbally abuse me, the physically abuse me and if he felt like sexually abusing me he would and I would feel so low that I deserved it from not being strong enough to fight back and knowing that after being put in a chokehold ten feet off the gowned and instantly loosing my breath was the scariest feeling in my life. and now Yes I am afraid of him and he knows it. he makes damn sure that I know how he feel and how it makes him feel good to me scared of him (I just don 8767 t understand why I really love this Man but he stole my heart and he kept it for twenty years

My ex was abusive. I 8767 d just shrug it off, because I weighed 655 lbs. more than her, and figured she was being emotional. Of course, it got worse. I even got a black eye once. When I finally had enough, and held her down, she threaten to call the cops on me and said I abused her. The physical abuse extended towards my possessions. She broke two of my phones, did all kinds of things to my car, among other things. And that 8767 s just the physical part. She was far more emotionally abusive. That was her specialty. Talking to other guys, making me feel like sh%t. This wasn 8767 t every day, mind you. Only when she was mad or sad. But a lot of times I couldn 8767 t tell when that was. A lot of the time, she 8767 d be sweet, and nice, but then she 8767 d turn on a dime.

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