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Posted: 2017-10-13 10:44

Haha, you attract female friends who have a preference for Asian features in men? Wow, where can I meet people like this? I 8767 m actually white, but my whole life I 8767 ve been asked if I 8767 m Asian or half, etc, because I have 8775 Asian features 8776 (I have an epicanthic fold but this feature isn 8767 t just exclusive to Asians but also occurs in Northern Europe as well see Bjork)

Sandra Bullock Jokes About Chris Evans: We're Married and

Totally agree with you.
I have lived for almost one year, here in Sundsvall I see many African men and Swedish girls couples. Languages should not be the problem of dating Swedish girls, since most of the African guy 8767 s Swedish I know are not that good, but your balls count. Most African guys dating Swedish girls, are somewhat confident and feeling good about themselves.
Thats my two points.

The tragic story of how a white girl being born black tore

In sweden, it was just plain ridicoulous, akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Latin guys are not that common, and just by being there at all I had their attention. They would be very happy that im just talking to them and some of them displayed this nervouness shyness around me towards me during initial contact. Most were happy I chose them over the other countless pretty girls there. In there I definitively had an edge over the local men, both as a foreigner, and possibly as someone that by their standards is a bit exotic looking. It took no work to meet new friends over there. I could say whatever I wanted almost and it would work well.

Modern Millennial Women are Absolutely Deluding Themselves

As my friend put it:  Swedish blond bombshells may be tough and viking-like on the outside, but they are still soft, delicate women on the inside.  A Swedish woman deserves to be treated as such.

PS I 8767 m well aware that this post constitutes a generalization. Please don 8767 t comment that I 8767 m stereotyping and stereotyping sucks, wah wah wah. Everyone generalizes get over it. Your comment will not be approved.

White girl who lured victims to Asian gang blamed them

True in large cities people are in a hurry and maybe not friendly but rest assured most Americans when unhappy don 8767 t walk around smiling and concerning themselves with your welfare. If I ask you 8775 How are you doing? 8776 it is because I am letting you know I care about you as a human being. If you answer terrible and I have any spare time even as a stranger I 8767 d gladly do anything I could. This is real happiness and warmth that comes from small town America. This is what not being afraid and helping neighbors and being there for each other is about. Watch some scientific documentaries on happiness and see what really makes people happy. Then maybe you 8767 ll understand just because you are bitter or miserable doesn 8767 t mean I 8767 m faking it.

I'm an Asian Woman and I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man

Just an observation, I think the fetishising of Swedish women or any other ethnic women is unhealthy. Too me, a preoccupation with a certain ethnicity debases the women or men from your own culture and possibly indicates an inferiority complex. There are beautiful women or handsome men to be found in every country although you might have to look a little harder in some. It seems some of the posters on here are interested in visiting Sweden not for the culture or scenery but for casual sex and hooking up

Are You The Type of Black Girl That White Guys Like?

I have the idea that you 8767 re an older man, with a fair amount of experience. I agree that individuals can navigate their way to a good life involving women, but that 8767 s simply not the case for the millions of men who have been 8775 divorce 8776 men, in particular, need to know much more about what possibly awaits them if they follow the herd into marriage. They need to know just how prevalent and enduring marital bliss is. Thus informed, they 8767 re in a much better position to abstain, and thus force changes that eliminate, or mitigate, the current women-and-children-first nature of our society. And, they need much more support to make the personal choice to make their own lives as satisfying as they can, despite what others believe they should do.

Meet a Beautiful Blonde Swedish Girl? Dating Swedish Women

Dating in a Black neighborhood is truly just having ***. Most of these guys 8767 8775 dates 8776 occur in the bedroom, and if she was 8775 skilled 8776 , she might get a $65 burger from Applebee 8767 s. Chris was right to compare these women to escorts. At least, an escort might get $555 for a service these Black women are sleeping with men for a $65 burger. Most of them do not enjoy it, but they have bought into the ridiculous idea that *** is necessary to keep a man.

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I want to echo what Stephanie said below. Some people are naturally attracted to people who look or act differently than they do or they 8767 re influenced when the media portrays a particular ethnic or geographic group in a favorable light. I 8767 m from Tennessee and speak with a very twangy accent. When I visit my company 8767 s HQ in New York, the guys there fall all over themselves to get next to the southern girl. They think I 8767 m a Daisy Duke!

And guess what? I’m not alone. I’m actually –- shudder to think -- part of a trend. Asians are marrying non-Asians at a rate much higher than any other racial group. This summer Pew reported that 87 percent of all recent Asian-American brides wedded a non-Asian groom. In an earlier study of the couples who married in 7558, 9 percent of whites, 66 percent of blacks and 76 percent of Hispanics did so with someone of a different race or ethnicity. Thirty-one percent of Asians did.

Lol. If a woman wants to sleep around and can handle casual sex, then so be it. Although Im not a fan of promiscuity from either sex personally, and I think this ridiculous idea of hooking up being 8775 empowering 8776 is something that needs more criticism, pieces like this are clearly shaming and are driven by a fear of female sexuality. (Which is funny considering the author had sex out of wedlock and slept with her husband on the 8rd date, but that 8767 s another story!). This mentality only makes sense if you think sex is only for men 8767 s enjoyment and is only a form of currency for women. Personally, I think that 8767 s gross my body is not a bargaining tool nor a reward. But patriarchal women see women as trophies so I guess it 8767 s par for the course.

Secondly I find it amusing women complaining about women centric dating apps like Bumble because they have been designed specifically for women, and not men. I can 8767 t tell you how many countless dating articles I have read about women complaining about the the lack of 8766 good quality men 8767 on dating apps and how much harrasment and crass behaviour that have to edure. Fair enough. So to solve these problems an app has been created that give the power of choice to women and control their own dating destiny. So what do a lot of women do? Complain about how making the first move isn 8767 t producing 8766 manly 8767 enough dating choices. SMH.

i don 8767 t see them as sluts one bit. i have met a few and there great!! in which are like most women or ladys out you talk about how much balls a man has?? in my opinion i see how far will i take it? do i want to go to jail or go home? insted of hurting people and myself i choose a more 8775 civil 8776 idea. in which is not harming others or myself.
im 8775 american 8776 im shy . givin the situation. maybe ya should give the swedish men more credit. you and others have no idea whats going through there that man wishes to respect you in matters of maybe crossing bondries. who wants to do that on top of who wants to put themselves in a situation they may potentualy not want to be in.. anyhow i see your point and it makes sense to me. i wish the best for you and others!! keep looking its right around he corner.

I completely agree with you!
And i think if a girl likes anime, korean dramas or bands , etc. and she came to love asian culture because of that , it doesn 8767 t necessarily mean that she is a fangirl.) AND even if she is it doesn 8767 t mean that she can 8767 t make her asian boyfriend happy. We all have different preferences.) And it doesn 8767 t matter if a guy is asian or not, if he suits the girl 8767 s taste then she 8767 ll go for him and vice versa.) We 8767 re all a bit shallow when it comes to choosing our boyfriends and girlfriends. And if a girl started dating an asian guy just because she likes anime or dramas it doesn 8767 t mean that she can 8767 t get to know him as a person and love him for who he is. 
I find this article distasteful and inaccurate.) 

We are speaking of societal situations that have multitudes
of variances. What one woman uses sex to
obtain (your statement of power) is dependent upon what the other is willing to
give. Plenty of women attempt to use sex
as power and end up on the short end because the object of their attempt isn’t
playing along. So what has their “power”
gained them? On one hand, short term
satisfaction. On the other, not a damned thing.

That wasn 8767 t supposed to be a glob.  On people talking about Koreans being pretty farther down the line:  that 8767 s because personally, the Asian people I 8767 ve met in 8766 real life 8767 , all the Koreans have been stunningly weirdly pretty.  I 8767 ve never personally met an ugly Korean person. Yet.  Unfortunately, kinda like I 8767 ve never personally met a Vietnamese person I didn 8767 t clash with for some reason or another.  :(

Yes, Black women are stereotyped as loud, complaining, rude, baby mama, etc. Some of these labels are true for a lot of them and others are placed upon us by Black men. I have Black male friends that accuse me of complaining or whining every time that I disagree on anything but they can cry about how some rap song was not this way or that way for ages and I just nod and allow them to do so. Really, I 8767 m thinking about cutting some of them off as friends.

Hi! I am an albanian residing in NY City. There are about 755555 Swedish -Americans here and I have met some of them. I would say that their physical appearance is stunning. The one I have met were business women or girls. Tremendously mean they were making in average above a quarter million dollars a year. Because I am blessed with good looks always they were the ones approaching me. Down to earth and smart. Of course I bowed to pressure and married one. She still has relatives in Sweden but I have never been there since my wife was born here. But close where I worked I have seen 8 ladies from Sweden working in real estate office. Three of them obese, I mean real bottom heavy. Likable faces but strange life styles. I saw them with all kinds of colored primates that reside in New York. I did not know that obesity is a problem in Sweden and if the lifestyle of women in Sweden is like the girls I saw here, its not much to be proud of other than the looks. But again I am happy since my wife outsmarts me in many things. In my house I am the one blond and blue eyes, my swedish wife has light brown eyes, light brown hair.

But people ask why so many asian women would go for white men?
Western culture influences vs Biological Factors
From my understanding, it has to do with the media. (my opinion)
White men are the supper hero, the superman, the batman the spider man, White men are the hottest from tv shows, the best lovers. So many women just fall into that without even realize they are just men who have many flaws.

I am also not to proud of saying that I get lucky with girls here but it 8767 s only because I haven 8767 t met the right one, nor am I looking very hard. I see a lot of my european/north american/whatever friends here on exchange add too much emphasis on finding a pretty girl to practice their Swedish with and start something serious. Many of them fail to even hook up because they get too drunk, try too hard, treat local girls as they treat girls in their country, or simply do not assimilate into the dating mode. 8766 When in Rome, do as the Romans do 8767

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