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I 8767 m so happy I stumbled across this article. The comments posted by everyone has given me hope that I might not die a lonely little old lady after all. I 8767 m most definitely an . I have always had acquaintances but never anyone I can actually call a friend. I absolutely love my alone time but I am also incredibly depressed because I am lonely. I smoke lot of weed to take my mind off the loneliness even though I know it contributes to to the depression. I 8767 ve tried anti depressants and anxiety pills but nothing blanks my mind as well as a fat j.

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6. Give them as much notice as possible about upcoming plans, social/family events/outings, and the need for conversations. This gives them time to mentally prepare to be with people, even if they are dreading it. When my husband comes home and starts talking to my son about his grades, etc, my son has nothing to say and looks despondent. When we tell him that we need to have a conversation about his grades tomorrow, he actually has a lot more to say because he 8767 s had time to think about it, and isn 8767 t put on the spot.

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im a pretty eccentric introvert with an offbeat sense of humor and from many years of experience, it simply takes trial and error and a ton of patience to find the right group to accept your quirky nature..some wont like you, some wont understand but there are a few that will really gravitate towards you..finding them is the hard part though, i got luck in high school and found a circle it all depends though, how quirky and 8766 offbeat 8767 are you?in what way exactly?as long as you dont give off a creepy vibe you will be fine i think..

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I just discovered that i am an introvert, I 8767 m 75 years-old & I 8767 ve been hit on by girls my whole life but didn 8767 t know how to react or what to do. I am beyond terrified of going up to a girl for fear of rejection, Because i have been humiliated & rejected whenever i did the approach. I always had a great sense of humor but only when i feel comfortable and accepted in my environment. because of having such bad luck with girls, a lot of people refer to me as being 8775 gay 8776 .which is really hurtful, because i 8767 m never invited to go out & when i rarely do, they act as wing-men towards each-other but never with me, I 8767 m always left out. most if not all people have no clue what introvert is or means, so people just run with what they think is the problem with people like me.

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Thank you for this article. I cried as I 8767 m reading this and the comments because I always thought there was something wrong me. Now alot of stuff makes sense. I 8767 m 88 and I 8767 ve been told I 8767 m attractive by complete strangers though I 8767 m one of the loneliest people you will ever meet. As I have aged I 8767 ve noticed my confidence has degraded overtime. My introversion has gotten worse. Thanks.

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I wish that I was still your age, knowing what I know now. I could have begun to change my outlook back then maybe improved my attitude a little bit. That might have started me on the way to turning my life around, so by now I possibly could 8767 ve BEEN something not just a bitter, hopeless wreck! And I 8767 m even starting to kick myself in the ass to make a change at my age, because I 8767 d hate to be so miserable when I 8767 m 65, or 85 (if I ever make it that far apologies to any 65-85 year-olds reading this).

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My problem is that I 8767 m more concerned with a person 8767 s intangible qualities than I am in the types of things that can be organized in a 8775 likes/dislikes 8776 type of list. I 8767 m more interested in what the person IS like than I am in WHAT they like. More interested in WHO they are rather than WHAT they are (for a living). I make the mistake of believing that most other people are like that too, but I forget how much this society is into superficiality and materialism.

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This really is a list of rules. And to be honest I have a tonne of extrovert friends who if you go by this list are actually introverts. Seriously, how many people love chatting on the phone for hours, several times per week? Especially those who are on the phone all day at work? Do you think that would be an extrovert? Seriously? It 8767 s like driving all day or sitting at a computer all day, of course you don 8767 t want to continue doing that outside of work too!

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Ah I 8767 m so glad to read an article like this, I feel like I 8767 m one of the few like this and to hear from guys like me too is good (in the nicest way). I 8767 m also reasonably muscular and I take care of myself and I nearly always get 8766 you seemed so arrogant at first and now I know you 8767 re actually a pretty nice guy 8767 . I 8767 ve even learnt to pretend to live with being 8766 a snob 8767 , even though I 8767 m not at all because I tend to keep away from loud bars and clubs which are full of extrovert people. I do this because my voice doesn 8767 t travel far in there.

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In work environments, I 8767 m told how anti-social I am, its a running joke not to bother me until after 65 am. I joke and say let me get some coffee and wake up and then we can chat. It 8767 s my self-preservation mechanism. It allows me to get myself organized and my thoughts together. Its like I 8767 m bracing myself for the extrovert onslaught I must endure all day, before I can slink home and recharge but then I have kids and house and hubby to attend to, so I 8767 m constantly running on E. Extrovert co-workers especially are the worst. I mean they have no qualms whatsoever about 8775 telling me about myself 8776 however can I say to them how they overshare, and interrupt my work and thoughts and how I do not need to know every single solitary detail of every single solitary event that has occurred in their day down to them combing their hair and burning their eggs this morning. I DO NOT..GIVE A CARE but no, I must smile and endure and fake interest and enthusiasm in your bfast tragedy or else I 8767 ll be labeled the office pariah.

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It started to feel like 8775 my lady doth protest too much 8776 , and not being a doormat, I naturally had to state the obvious to her. I probably should have left well enough alone, and let her simmer down for a while and hope that she would eventually see how ridiculous the situation had become, when you consider that the whole thing really was due to a lack of communication (technical issues inability to dial through at the worst of possible moments). But could I keep my big mouth shut? NO!!! I actually thought it would be prudent at that moment to point out how her inability to forgive over such a minor, and understandable, mistake on my part in the face of how much mutual affection existed between us up until that point was really being unfair, and childish. And that it showed a real lack of empathy on her part when she couldn 8767 t accept how it felt from MY point of view.

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I have been undergoing psychiatric therapy and am on some heavy anti-depressants to curb a lot of the insecure, self-loathing thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and ruin me for a weeks on end. I was socially deprived as a child (heavily religious parents at the time), only allowing me to hang out with family/church friends, no one from school outside of school, no parties, heavily censored media usage, and not allowed to date. Glad I am catching this right now and trying to figure things out for the future. Definitely have improved the last few years, but still a ways to go yet.

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Has anyone else noticed an abnormal amount of cartoon images on their Instagram feeds lately? I have. Last week, one of my friends posted a picture of a cartoon girl 8767 s face with short hair and glasses. Her caption said, 8775 It 8767 s me as a cartoon! 8776 I brushed it off because I had no idea what it was, but the next day, three more of my friends had posted similar pictures. And the next day, even more. By the end of the week, I was like, 8775 Okay, what the heck is going on?! 8776

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Anyway, what I was trying to get at was that advice is not 8775 one size fits all 8776 , and that there are subtleties to our attitudes and behaviors which make it quite possible for one of us to follow one bit of advice and it will work, while another one of us tries to follow the same exact advice, but it turns out blowing up in their face! All because bachelor #6 was suicidal, and bachelor #7 was in fact a misogynist, and no one clocked either one of their 8775 little 8776 secrets!

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In all seriousness though, as much as it goes against our nature, I feel we need to forget about seeming weird and start talking openly about introversion. Because the more introverts talk about it publicly, the less weird it will seem, and over time people will finally just accept it. And so it will be so much easier to find like-minded people. No-one else is going to speak up for us so we HAVE to start doing it ourselves or the message will never get out there, and then we WILL be alone forever!

If they felt exactly the same they wouldn t be approaching me, as there s no way I d go around approaching people. But anyway I m not sure it would change too much, I m just not comfortable with unfamiliar people. Which of course makes becoming familiar with people nearly impossible. So I ve got a couple people I ve known essentially my whole life, and everyone else just makes me spades and spades of uncomfortable.

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Your family seems to have the same mind-set so many people have, and it is one that drives me crazy. There is nothing more important in my mind than the children we are raising, and yet child care and teaching are both seen as non-jobs and not worth good pay. I 8767 m not sure how I got through the years until my kids could fend for themselves after school (around 65 or 66), because I had to come up with the money for childcare, which wasn 8767 t easy, but I still thought 8766 these people are not making enough for what they do! 8767 If you enjoy your job and do it well whether introvert or extrovert more power to you!

The more likeable you are, you notice that it 8767 s a lot easier not to have the dark cloud of doom and gloom hanging over your head every single day. And when you can stop worrying about how much you DISlike other people, you magically find that not only do you have time, but you probably hadn 8767 t even realized that you started thinking about things you LIKE instead. Without even trying, your brain wants to be happy, and it will put all the energy you used to use worrying about how bad you felt around 8775 normals 8776 into more pleasant thoughts, automatically.

Also there is the practical importance of 8775 how 8776 to get it, rather than just pointing out 8775 what 8776 to get. The hint of a smile, the friendly, light type of smile is the type you can achieve with a more mild approach to all people, including yourself, an important concept when practicing mindfulness for instance. This can be helpful for those who have difficulty with smiling and understandably would hate to fake it until they make it.