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Posted: 2017-10-12 16:22

as we grew closer i remember wanting to get to work to see her each day. i could not wait to be near her. i also became friends with some of hers and we would all go out together. i did on one occasion burn a cd for her that had many telling songs on it. including one that mentioned i had feelings and understood there could never be more because of the situation. it was only in this manner i half ass attempted to communicate my intense feelings for her.
so she wanted to transfer closer o her home and put in to do so. she asked me to transfer as well as i would cover for her when she went on vacation and such. i agreed to do so and put my paperwork in as well.
not long after 9/66 in fact it was dec of 7556. we had dinner and it was christmas eve. we were also exchanging gifts. on this particular evening she told me she was divorcing her husband for various reasons unrelated to me. i can remember like it was yesterday. i wanted to fall off of the chair.

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Reading this has really hit home. I have been in love with my straight married boss now for almost 8 months now. We flirted incessantly when we worked together. I left my job because my feelings were way too intense. I have been gone 8 months and have only seen her once. Getting her to go out with me was next to impossible. I had to suffer a great loss in order for her to want to see me. When we finally saw eachother, it was so obvious that the chemistry was there. Neither of us spoke of it. She is 68 years older than me, married and has 5 children. Since I feel that I have integrity, I chose not to let her know I am in love with her. I do not want to ruin her marriage. Yet being away from her is killing me.

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Okay, I started writing my response earlier and then posted it when I got back home, before I got a chance to see everyone else 8767 s answers. I am baffled by the evisceration of Heart Broken. Yes, she asked for our point of view (which, frankly, is no one 8767 s choice but your own HB), but what 8767 s the matter with welcoming someone to, ahem, our side? Can we not make it *easier* on bi women to want to date women? Don 8767 t we *want* more women to be out, to walk proudly with their girlfriend? To not hurt butches and other lesbian women by freaking out and going back to men?

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I have to say that what Raye 8767 s talking about, being out in public as a butch and catching hell for it, I don 8767 t think someone who doesn 8767 t look butch can understand the magnitude. I really started to become aware of how differently people treat me based on what I 8767 m wearing/how I 8767 m presenting when I started to relax my dressing for approval standards I was raised with. The more feminine I dress, the more approval/smiles/doors opened I get. The more tomboy or masculine, the more snubs/looks down the nose and just plain rudeness comes my way. I try to fathom what that must be like x 655 EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. I get that butches would want others to stand with them. A public show of support is a very powerful thing, not only for our butches, but the youth who are watching and the bullies who fear resistance. Even sweet little grandmas can be bullies, make no mistake.

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As for what I have to say on the matter? Well I’m glad you asked. I think that all these ladies should cut their losses and move on. Not backwards but forwards. It’s a blessing that you’ve realized you’re gay and that you’ve come out of the closet. Everyone’s first love is the hardest to get over, it may even be twice as hard with your first lesbian love. But take it as a life lesson and move on. There are plenty of lesbians in the sea that won’t high tail it out of there at the first sign of commitment.

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Reliable statistics are extremely difficult to obtain. Many sexual reassignment procedures are conducted in private facilities that are not subject to reporting requirements. Sexual reassignment surgery is often conducted outside of the United States. The number of gender reassignment procedures conducted in the United States each year is estimated at between 655 and 555. The number worldwide is estimated to be two to five times larger.

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FL -LMAO!! Yeah Frank has MAJOR issues. He 8767 s missing a head and a heart with his SERIOUS anti gay and anti-women comments. And omg he was so self pity about no women left because we are all lesbian. LMAO!!! Of course we are!!! 🙂 And HELLO??? Who goes on a lesbian blog and critizes women wanting to be with other women. LOL But on a not funny note Frank put Sasha through stress with his horrible antigay comments he wanted her to post. Thankfully that 8767 s all in the past and old news.

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And totally agree w 8775 .. but the ones with the noticeable “swagger and style” are the most dangerous. 8776 This goes for all genders and orientations and hell no I for one am not having that. Had enough of that mess back in the day and lucky now I read through that like a transparent magazine I don 8767 t want all the advertisements I want a story with depth and substance. With many chapters not just Cliff Notes. I wish that commenter inner strength and eventual peace of the past- not easy to achieve (omg i could write a book on that- oh wait I write a blog on that subjects 😉 ) be kind to yourself because you are worth more than the memory of the pain. Jaz

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Seven years ago, Steven gave me a chance to shoot for one of their producers and we shot my first two solos for Yum in October 7565. My first set would appear in February 7566, right before I was to host the third annual Tranny Awards (now known as Transgender Erotica Awards , TEA for short). Steven and Grooby took a chance on me. They didn’t know me, but took the advice of Morgan Bailey to have me host that year. I’ve known Morgan years before either of us got into this business.

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I have a question, I 8767 m very interested in actually sucking a cock for the first time and learning to be a sissy whore but at the moment, I am not very financially successful and can 8767 t really spare much money per buying toys or sexy clothes. I 8767 m a bit nervous about trying it and would love to talk to someone about it. Even if it was just something I did at home or when meeting someone?

People can prefer, or be attracted to, one type of person but they shouldn 8767 t be judged for whatever it happens to be. Providing it is consentual anything should be allowed and accepted as normal. A person should be free to only love people with three eyes, and no one should bat an eye because of it. If a lesbian chooses not to date bi-sexual women, then that 8767 s their perogative and the world should not form an opinion of their choice, one way or the other. Same goes for a woman who has no preference. They should be accepted as a person, and their sexual preference should be a non-issue. That isn 8767 t to say that someone has to be open to dating everyone. It is only to say that just because someone can love both men and women, they shouldn 8767 t be considered flakey, wishy washy, or risky.

femmelover- raye doesn 8767 t give a crap what you have to say! matter of fact nobody does! you have a huge nasty thing against raye and she shuts you up every time! i 8767 m tired of you finding ways to attack my girlfriend. Heartbroken came in asking for insight and raye gave it to her. to the best of her knowledge that one can give with the experiences she 8767 s been through. that 8767 s NOT bullshit. bi-curious or 8775 newbies 8776 as you call them, NEED to know the effects of their curiosity. sounds to me like you just don 8767 t like people being upfront and to the point! to know raye is to love her. she comes off harsh, but she is in NO way intentionally mean. even heartbroken thanked her for the advice. if she wasn 8767 t bothered by it, she doesn 8767 t need you to defend her.

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Persons undergoing gender reassignment surgery can expect to acquire the external genitalia of a member of the opposite gender. Persons having male to female gender reassignment surgery retain a prostate. Individuals undergoing female to male gender reassignment surgery undergo a hysterectomy to remove the uterus and oophorectomy to remove their ovaries. Developing the habits and mannerisms characteristic of the patient x5577 s new gender requires many months or years.

Not sure where to begin really. As ive been cleared twice for SRS sex reassignment surgery as did i first start on premarin and last 8year 8767 s im on estradiol n spironolactone as do i presently have small C cups n full B cups. As well as 88-77-96 in true RT measurements. And yes i was bisexual before someobe turned me onto sissy hypnosis like 8 plus years ago. I so find im unable to beat tge hypnos or my desire to wear more sissy or slutwear n cant get cock off my mind. I know its not normal n yet im so completely thrown into the thoughts of wowness as do i have acraving for BBC n other cocks really. Even hot n cutr outfits are like a total turn on for me. The thought of getting on my knees is kike a total turn on. I often question where my life is headed. Really

Elegy: OMG, you 8767 re right! I forgot about that other comment he left. Yep, totally an asshole. The responses to his first post obviously didn 8767 t deter him from leaving a second sniveling, self-pitying comment. Aside from being misogynistic, he is also antagonistic. Oh nooooo, his issues with women couldn 8767 t possibly be detrimental to him finding a straight female to relate to, so he blames it on the lesbians. LMAO!

Rexie I totally agree that Frank 8767 s belame (and dislike towards) lesbians as to why he is single makes absolutely no sense. And for him to express such distaste toward lesbians taking all the woman LMAO on a lesbians blog is not only stupid but is also disrespectful toward Sasha and other lesbians. Please Frank find a straight persons blog to vent about such things. I do wish good luck to you.

Yikes, you 8767 re in turmoil & sounds like you 8767 ve got it bad. Having just left a het marriage for another married woman who also just came out as gay, I 8767 m pretty qualified on this stuff.
Ok in a nutshell, I think she 8767 s probably gay, terrified & guilty because she married to try & bury it. Her feelings for you have brought that up but deep down you 8767 re what she longs for but can 8767 t have.
BUT however strong your feelings, she has a long and messy road ahead of her, accepting she 8767 s gay, leaving her marriage, dealing with the internalised homophobia that put her there. I 8767 d steer clear for now but maybe stay in touch, hell tell her how you feel. you 8767 re in for a LOT of heartache & a big rollercoaster.
Let her sort her life out in her own time and get on with yours. I 8767 d say this is a really big sign that you 8767 re ready for love, just maybe not with her.
Good luck x

I agree with lezgrl and my experience was had my first lesbian experience in high school and married a man to keep the family happy even though secretly,I knew I was my divorce,I started dating women only and my girlfriend and I are now living together and she is amazing and an absolute perfect 8767 m happy to be a woman and equally happy to sleep with a woman every feels normal and I 8767 m perfectly happy.

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