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Posted: 2017-10-13 00:14

I could show anybody how to get dates on this site. Steve is probably doing a ton of things wrong. But the question is do you really want to meet these girls. Most of the supposedly compatible matches are not very attractive. If you 8767 re a minority, forget it. I went out with 7 white girls during that whole time and they were both overweight but posted skinny pics awesome. Just be glad you didn 8767 t get milked by these tricks. I wished eharm would kick me off. I don 8767 t want to pay them anymore for their automatic renewals every month.

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So, its not that there arent any good ones left, they are just hard to find or not a match. My ex is brilliant! Not that attractive, but intelligent, giving, always helping people, just has a great heart! And he says the same about me, I like to take care of my guy. Make sure he 8767 s happy. We are both good people but after a year realized it wasnt gonna work. Its ok. Yeah, some gals are dumb and not looking but some are smart enough to search and wait patiently. I know a good guy when I meet him his heart works like mine! 😉

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Eharmony does SUCK! The new format that just came out (July 7567) is horrendous!!! Seriously, how hard does this stupid website have to be??? NOW when you don 8767 t want to receive someone 8767 s request for communication you have to be a total ASS HOLE and 8775 BLOCK 8776 them!!! That 8767 s right, simply closing communication is now gone because some fucking jerk off computer fuck came up with this new brilliant idea. You know what was nice about the previous format? IT FUCKING WORKED! MY god, isn 8767 t anyone else out there with half a brain willing to start a new website to compete with eHarmoney, it shouldn 8767 t be too hard to out do there stupid new idiotic approach

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i really like Rabbi Skovac., and his teachings over the tube have helped me-immensely. Another view-Christians have been murdering forcing torching villages isolating persecuting Jews for a couple thousand years. Not to mention stealing our religion claiming they know it better than we, disparaging Jews and teaching low self esteem and disrespect as daily meals until the establishment of Israel, whereas now they can't do quite as much of their poison. The Christian Bible is filled with hatred of Jews and Judaism. Not all Christians hate Jewish people., that's true.

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Oh Steve 😉 that was the best read I 8767 ve had in like forever it was so hilariously true I 8767 m on eharmony getting ready to get off and no not in a good way. It was very lame and your right you get past the stupid first question and then nothing but you see they have looked at your profile a half a dozen times geez either respond or move on already. Well if you had sent me a request I would have responded or I would have moved on but I 8767 m not one to sit and do nothing. Best of luck to you it looks like you got lots of responses now :-))

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I had tried for years with , and and not one date.. in over five years. Aside from just the hurt of not being 8775 good 8776 enough to date, it was also a spectacular waste of money. And the only woman I did ever go out with for any length of time went back to her old boyfriend who I found out beats the hell out of her for the fun of it. I guess that says something about me when women would rather be beaten to a bloody pulp rather than be with me. I get it.. Don 8767 t treat women with decency, respect, honesty, and kindness BEAT THEM!!! If that 8767 s what it takes.. I would rather be alone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that concise explanation of why Jews do not accept Jesus as messiah. I converted to Judaism after being raised in a Christian community. When people ask why I converted, I say something simple about "beliefs." But your response brought back so many memories of all the questions I had begun to ask myself even in childhood! And eventually the answers led me to Judaism. Thanks again.

I 8767 m a guy who had been using Eharmony in the Dallas area. Honestly, I had way better luck just approaching women in person than I did on Eharmony. The only women contacting me on there are ones I would never date in the real world if you know what I mean. I met the woman I 8767 m dating now at Whole Foods and she is absolutely gorgeous with a genuine, fun personality. Women on Eharmony with even half her looks wouldn 8767 t give me the time of day.

I was raised Catholic and always wondered about the question we're all here wondering about. This page made so much sense its rattled me a lot! If there is anymore information I can get that is this straight forward please let me know. I think I should be a Jew ! Lol! Seriously this has made me open my eyes to the world. I will no longer be led blindly and believe what I'm told to just because I'm told to!!!

I feel so lucky that your blog exists. I hope you 8767 ve found your lady love. You two will do lots of giggling. So far my message sounds 6/7 old lady and 6/7 tweenager. I 8767 m on eH and get the grossest feeling from it, but i persist bc i am not meeting men organically and am much older than a tweenager. Godammit, why are there so many lame people out there who are married and blissful and i 8767 m single (despite the impression this msg is making, i am not lame). In summary, thanks for your blog. I 8767 m on eH just for the free weekend (but can 8767 t see dude 8767 s pictures!) and was thinking of giving them my $ (to see dude 8767 s pictures) but am not going to do that anymore.

Ha ha!! Lets work together cuz by my intuition, so far everyone that I see dating long term or marrying actually does now, I 8767 m not cupid but I knew enough about these people or I just saw how they looked at each other as 8775 just friends 8776 , well plus a number of calculations 7 years ago, I knew by looking at a guy that he 8767 d be marrying my friend. First time meeting him and she thought he was ugly a year later, they married and 6 years later still act like it happened yesterday. Offline success stories! I got you beat Eharmony!

Jewish concept of communication with G-d is always communal - even today certain daily prayers could be said only with quorum of ten adult male Jews. Such a major communication as prophesy requires majority of the people to be present - and it requires unity of the people. So the prophesy is from the people, by the people, for the people - a prophet himself/herself is just a mouthpiece G-d selects for the transmission. While prophesy does require the people to be in the land of Israel, there were some exceptions - like Moses and Daniel, who prophesied while they were with the majority of the people outside of Israel.

Hi Sarah,
I agree that guys are looking for supermodels. On other dating sites they ask you your body type and no kidding 98% want slim or fit and trim. I 8767 m sorry to say I 8767 m a middle aged woman with just a few extra pounds. The guys on these websites are superficial and narcissistic. What does body type have to do with personality. This whole thing is discouraging and I 8767 ve resigned myself to the fact that I 8767 ll be alone the rest of my life and that sux.

I always found it easy not to believe in Jesus as a messiah. After all when did the messiah actually be God Himself? The idea of a messiah came from the Torah. The Torah certainly never alludes to the Messiah as being God or the son of God, or both. I don't think Jesus ever thought that he was starting a new fact, it was much later, with Paul that really got Christianity rolling. And I doubt Christians are bothered by the Davids lineage. They could easily just figure that the Jewish Bible got that part wrong. But I'm here discussing why I don't believe in Jesus NOT why Christians do or could.

So please knock on the cross for the old timers for me, but for my friend Daniel, and all the men and women who served their country after leaving the watchtower society, giving their lives selflessly so men like the governing body can have the freedom they take for granted so blythely, please tack up a little hanging flag. The stars of the flag are to be on the left when it hangs. Thank you both for everything you do, and never stop the fight.

I have recently met the man of my dreams on and it cost me nothing but internet access. There are enough free dating sites out there with more active users use ad block and you are all set to go. Okcupid and tagged is alright too although the sheer amount of correspondence made me leave. I just couldn 8767 t possibly keep up with it!
Stay clear of POF the clientèle are on the rough side.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but the absolute and foundational belief in hell and the chiseled definition of original sin in Christianity do not exist in Judaism and never have. Jews do not have a vengeful G*d that damns people to hell nor do they believe that the first sin or Adam and Ava needs to be washed off of every new born baby's soul. The movie Defending Your Life from the 85s is a pretty good rendition of the Jewish version of the afterlife. As for the first sin it was a challenge to humanity to work to undo these curses. When men do not have to toil in work just to survive and women are not second class citizens whose sexuality rules and torments them then the messiah will come. We have to get the world to that point first though. This idea of people bringing the messiah by perfecting the world is not found in Christianity. Quakers and many others have the Tikkun Olam part down, but it has nothing to do with bringing the messiah. Jews just don't need Jesus, plain and simple.

Rabbi Shraga Simmons is the co-founder of , and co-author of 98 Ways to Wisdom (ArtScroll). He is co-founder of , and author of David & Goliath , the definitive account of anti-Israel media bias. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, and rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He lives with his wife and children in the Modi'in region of Israel.

Here is where my request comes in. 6 months ago I came across your channel. It opened my eyes to all of the fabrications of the organization and quelled that nugget in the back of my mind that asked what if the JWs are right. I started reaching out, subtly, to old friends to help them see ttatt too. The first one I tried to contact was Daniel, the friend who asked me to move out when I left the society. When I finally got a number and I called, his wife answered. She asked how I knew him and I told her. She started crying. After some time she told me what had happened after I left.

I read your article but really need to look more into it. I accepted Jesus as messiah many years ago but love the Jewish people according to what I have read in both testaments of the bible. All gospel believers read about the first Jews that started the early Church in the book of Acts. If Christ was the savior then i am dead in sin and of no hope. Also I will never know if I'm righteous enough by following mans traditions or Jewish/laws. Please if you read this read some of Pauls teachings and i pray we all find the truth. Be Blessed.

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