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There 8767 s this guy that I 8767 ve been (best) friends with, and like others, he stares at me. We 8767 re in the same classes and whenever I catch him looking at me, (I think) he grins with big eyes right at me to cover his caught action. (Doesn 8767 t want me to know that he 8767 s staring at me???) He also tries to hold my hand when I 8767 m unaware. I don 8767 t even know what he wants, but could anyone answer this? It really bugs me. LOADS.

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8775 His entire childhood played like a silent movie through his head. Every cherished moment with this woman had been the most absolute thing he had known in his life. Every missed opportunity to give back to the one who had given him everything. Every time he had hugged her. Every time he had yelled at her in anger. 8776 This is kind of a mix between backstory and inner monologue and a few pieces of action. Instead, you could make it all action by saying, 8775 He remembered when he was sixteen and he broke his leg playing football and she came to the hospital room and hugged him tight and he felt like a child again, safe in her arms. 8776 Of course, there 8767 s still some inner monologue there (any time you say 8775 felt 8776 and 8775 remembered 8776 but it 8767 s still more specific.

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8. Be casual yet confident
So exactly how does one reveal a secret without just blurting it out? “Its hard not to kill the mood with your health secret, because its probably not something that can be easily segued from a topic you would normally discuss,” Davis says. She recommends a conversation bridge, such as, “I feel like were heading in a great direction, so I wanted to tell you something.”

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So, I really like this boy, and I have for a while, (since grade 6) and we 8767 re good friends, even though he 8767 s a year than I am. We were put in the same class this year, and we sat with each other at the beginning, but we talked too much, so the teacher has never let us sit together again. We talk all the time, and I catch him looking at me in class sometimes, and all of my friends say he likes me, even though I think he doesn 8767 t. He also flirts with pretty much everyone but he teases me A LOT and grabs my arm while we 8767 re talking and stuff. But he also, like, hugs my other friend all the time, and she asks him to let go and he won 8767 t, and once he told her he loved her, but when people asks him, he looks dead serious and says No, I don 8767 t like her, so that 8767 s also really confusing
I 8767 m graduating this year and since he 8767 s in 7th grade, I won 8767 t see him again when I 8767 m in high school, but I think I 8767 m in love, pretty much.

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I have this classmate of mine who is my crush. He 8767 s a nice guy and treats girls nicely. Whenever we see each other in the hallway, he can 8767 t look at me and act like I 8767 m invisible. We never talk in class because I am shy and he always try to talk to me by asking senseless questions. He 8767 s a mysterious guy and lots of girls like him. I 8767 m wondering why he acts nice and cool with other girls, but when he 8767 s talking to me or near me he can 8767 t talk neither look at me in the eye.

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Please answer this, I 8767 m doing my head in thinking about it. So there 8767 s this one guy I really like and people think he might like me as well. One time a friend flicked gum at me and it got stuck in my hair (ew, I know) and the guy I like spent fifteen minutes with his fingers threaded through my hair picking it all out. He also spends a lot of time talking to me when he 8767 s normally quite shy around me. He laughs at all my rubbish jokes and he teases me too. One time another guy was threateneing to push me into the water and the guy I like picked him up, waded out to the water and held him an inch above the water before dropping him off on dry land again. Please I could really do with an opinion from a guy or indeed anyone. I can 8767 t stop thinking about him.

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hi Eric
well I have this friend he 8767 s just like my best friend we 8767 ve been friends for 68 years now well we were separated for 9 years but found each other again it so happened that I had a boyfriend by then and he had a girlfriend(we were in love for years but none had the courage to tell the other) it so happened that my boyfriend got me pregnant then left me after learning that my best friend apparently saw me through it all now she 8767 s 6 months,however my best friend says he 8767 s not in love with me but he gives mixed reactions he cares for me so much he says he can 8767 t stand losing me, he is always missing me and likes teasing me a lot,he plays father figure to my daughter and always trying to attend my important occasions he broke up with his girlfriend is he really in love with me?

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Hey Emma,
He might like you I mean, he moved closer to sit near you in class, you and him have moments together.
He might like you a little bit or he might like you a lot and just be shy.
Rather than drive yourself crazy trying to figure out if he likes you or not, be concerned with whether or not you like him.
If you do, your best strategy is to keep laying bait for him to get closer and closer to you like give him an 8775 innocent 8776 reason to call you or to hang out if he keeps taking the bait and taking baby steps toward you, then he definitely likes you and wants you.
And if he doesn 8767 t take the bait, then nobody 8767 s embarrassed and you guys can just be friends. And being friends with a guy can be good in itself.

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hey. So there 8767 s this guy i really like and ihave him in a class. But iwanna know if he like 8767 s me. He play 8767 s around with me like poke 8767 s me everytime he see 8767 s me in the hallway 8767 s. And in class he playy 8767 s with me like fightinq with me but he just playing around and stuff. He hold 8767 s my hand 8767 s during he fight 8767 s with me. And try 8767 s to hug me too. I sit infront of him. And he sit 8767 s behind me and he bother 8767 s me alot. He poke 8767 s me alot. And when i put my head down to sleep he try 8767 s many way 8767 s to wake me up. And he only does this to me.. Does this mean he like 8767 s me to or no.. /:

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Best example I can give is from Vertigo, where Raymond Massey tries to throw Jimmy Stewart out the window. Hitchcock shot this in a bunch of confusing close-ups. A studio exec asked why he couldn 8767 t do it with some long establishing shots to make the details clearer. Hitchcock said, 8775 Because, when somebody is pushing you out of a window, the clear details are the last thing on your mind. 8776

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For me, giving the details of what it is like to be at that particular moment and experiencing what is going on is what it is all about. How else could anyone share in what the emotion is and have the imagination develop throughout the scene, if it were not written out to give the complete picture. In my mind, it is a necessity to give the full measure of detail, so that the moment can be shared and explored. Is that not what the beauty of writing is all about.

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i had a huge crash on a guy in my year but we don have any class together. my friends went to him to let him know that im interested in him and he thinks it as i like him (though it 8767 s true). i started to text him but not a lot cuz im worried he would find me annoying. then one day he started texting me first for asking my msn, after that we chat on msn till now. we didn 8767 t chat many times, but every time we talks for hours. even when he 8767 s very tired he still says he want to talk to me. when i tell him to sleep, he would ask 8775 you sure? 8776 8775 you want me to sleep? 8776 of course i dont, but i reply 8776 if you want to 8776 then he went to sleep. im thinking if he actually wants me to say 8775 no 8776 or im just overreacting?
At school, we rarely meet, and he doesn 8767 t look at me when he actually can see me. last time we went on family meal, everyone sit in the same table, he chose to sit far away from me and talking to other people except me. is he being shy cause he likes me too or just feeling awkward seeing me?

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so there is a guy I liked and he use to like me then said he liked me as a friend. and before he told me things he would use to rub my lower back and touch my thigh and hold it. Now he is giving me mixed feeling and mixed looks. and he still looks at me still. and then when he saw me he told one of his friends that he as a girlfriend
can u tell me
6)If he actually liked me when he said so.
7) still likes me
8) is he trying to make me jealous.
confused girl

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Now his girlfriend thinks that we don 8767 t talk to each other and also hate each is what we made her think and now she is less interested in him because she was dating him because he was 8775 the cool guy 8776 and she was competing with me,it was really an unhealthy competition, isn 8767 t ,that unhealthy competition helped me a lot, i got to know that no one can separate me and A.

Kaylia press the ring bell close to the door: 8775 Ok then, if it 8767 s like this, let me at least ringing at the door! 8776 Grayson tossed her hand. Too late. Kaylia observed him, lost. Grayson shivered: 8775 I I don 8767 t think I am ready for this 8776 Kaylia gave him a warm smile: 8775 It would be okay. It 8767 s nothing you need to stress about. -You don 8767 t understand, 8776 he said nervously, 8775 My parents are- 8776 he was cut by the door opening.

There 8767 s a guy that 8767 s in many of my classes. I really like him and when I 8767 m around him I usually blush and laugh a lot and he notices. My friend has been trying to set us up (she very much doesn 8767 t take no for an answer) and they talk about me a lot. Although he acts interested to her, when I 8767 m around he doesn 8767 t talk to me. I catch him looking a lot, though. Anyways, I just need some help catching his eye, he knows I like him and just need help getting him a little more interested. I would love it if you would help me, thanks!

There are these two guys in school, one of them I 8767 m sure really likes me and he has made some moves while the other one has told me and has chased me for complete 9mnths but I turned him down and now he has backed out and I miss him although he steal glances at me, but when he was after me he didnt regularly call but he texts regularly on social networks. The first guy regularly calls but don 8767 t always text, he is the shy type though. I just want to know how I 8767 ll start up a convo with the second guy that will make him chase me again without looking awkward. I try to make him jealous at times by hanging out with other guys.

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The slow road service arrived. A man in a black suit emerged from the dusty vehicle with AAA written on the side door. George began to sweat. 8775 Flat tire? 8776 the man asked. 8775 Y-y-yes 8776 George managed to blurt out. He looked over to Harriet. She began to reach for the glove compartment when the man pulled out a gun and shot her in the head. George barely had time to react when the man put a bullet through him as well. The couple melted into a purple goo. 8775 Goddamn alien scum 8776 the man exclaimed as he hopped back into his truck. He put in a CD. Highway to the dangerzone blasted through the speakers as he sped away.

So there is this guy I like A LOT!!! But, he has rejected every girl that has asked him out in our grade I mean he always starts a conversation with me, asks for a pencil with acute smile on his face, and many other things like today he walked me to my locker. But, I don 8767 t know if he likes me or not?!?!?! It is so confusing People says that he knows and he likes me back and my friend is blackmailing me about it What she is going to do is ask him out for me!! But I am too shy to ask him myself

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