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Posted: 2017-10-12 18:16

I believe my first comment on here was made a couple years ago during college. I 8767 m back to let you know that your eye for beautiful work has inspired me all the way through school and beyond. I still seek your blog when I 8767 m feeling unsure of where I should go next with my work and I always leave excited with my absolute love for art rekindled. Thanks so much for that. I see you get this often, but if you 8767 d like to take a peek at my illustration work, I 8767 d be beyond honored (it involves cats, flowers, vintage lingerie and swirly hair, yay!) and . congrats on your book!!

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With that being said, I ran across some work that fascinated me to the point that I spent over an hour going through her Flickr photostream. The artist 8767 s name is Fiona Watson, & she has two Flickr accounts the one that immediately drew me in is under the name 8775 fiona watson art 8776 , link here ~ http:///photos/fiona-watson-art/
Her main account is under the name 8775 wildgoosechase 8776 , link here ~ http:///photos/wildgoosechase/

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But. I actually wanted to ask you something that may be off the beaten path of your regular curation tastes. I 8767 m currently an intern for an app called Siren. It 8767 s a new dating app, a self proclaimed 8775 anti-Tinder 8776 . Centered around creating an atmosphere that stimulates community and conversation, it was originally targeted as a way for women to leave the people shopping and otherwise objectifying environment of other dating apps behind.

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Hello Danielle,
I just wanted to let you know how much your site and podcast have meant to me since I discovered them. I first found you through the Creative Block book and now have all of them and follow your sites closely. I have gotten so much relief, comfort and inspiration from the podcast in particular that I had to let you know what a service you are providing. I so love your honest approach and am proud of you for sharing your great work as well. So thanks again, you are much appreciated!

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My name is Matt Panuska, and I am an artist and Illustrator. I 8767 m also a big fan of the blog and a regular reader. The plethora of photos and detail shots is something that is missing from most art blogs, and it 8767 s something I 8767 m always looking for. I just wanted to say hello and share my work with you. Attached is a link to my work, and perhaps you could take a look at it. Hopefully you like it, and thank you for your time!

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from time to time I take a walk in the world wide web in search of inspriring blogs especially in the field of arts. (I 8767 m a German based painter myself…) A few weeks ago I came across your work and WOW I really love your idea and your high quality collection!!!! Great idea!! I wondered if it would be ok to you if i write about your work on my blog? … And of course it would be great if you might want to take a closer look at my work… 🙂

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I 8767 m hoping to go to grad school soon and coming to your blog always gives me that little bit of extra fuel I need to hit the studio after those long days at work. I totallyyyy understand that mix of deep respect, surprise, and jealousy It can be so inspiring, though! Luckily, most of the people I 8767 m 8775 jealous 8776 of are my best buddies and it 8767 s just another way they motivate me to be better.

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hi joana in the beginning i just spent a TON of time online looking for work that i loved i still do in fact : ) now a lot of my content comes from people submitting their work, which is great! a lot less legwork ) mind you, i still spend hours on pinterest, gallery sites, and looking at the link love lists on artists sites (if you find an artist you like, chances are they 8767 ll be friends/admirers of other artists whose work you 8767 ll like too) good luck!

I was on your site and noticed that you used WordPress as your platform. I thought I 8767 d reach out and invite you to use our free advanced content delivery WordPress plugin that reduces bandwidth costs. In addition to reduced bandwidth costs your site will also experience improved image serving based on your end users geographical location like a traditional CDN. This Swarm plugin also comes with a free advanced video player and only takes a few minutes to install.

Heroic singing cowboys of the 6955’s are the cultural source of my work. The contemporary hero cowboys I am creating are street and eco-conscious, built from everyday discards scratch tickets, cracker boxes, juice cartons, business cards, candy wrappers, and junk mail. The color palette is dominated by primary colors, echoing the innocence and purity of the singing cowboy while speaking to today’s technologically amped–up audience. As a nod to the costuming of the 55’s era icon, the works are often embellished with brightly colored pieces and elements such as rhinestones, glitter and silver studs – an equally contemporary fashion consciousness.

I love your blog and thought you wouldn 8767 t want to miss our new show with brand new work by Christian Faur his first new body of work in 5 years!
Encaustic artist Christian Faur 8767 s all new body of work, “Waxed Fruit,” challenges the limits of pointillism by tackling the succulent colors, subtle textures, and intricate lighting of vibrant still life imagery. Each piece is made entirely with hand-cast encaustic crayons, over 65,555 were used to make this new group of work!
See the show at http:///christian-faur , scroll to the bottom for process videos and images!
“Waxed Fruit” is on view at Sherrie Gallerie in Columbus, Ohio through April 65th.

I just wanted to say that your blog is wonderful. Also, I read with sadness the Facebook post about the teacher who had a negative effect on your painting and congratulate you on picking up the brush again. As an art teacher, I often hear of destructive comments being made to students and it is terrible every time. Everything you do adds to the world and you have done way more for people than that 8775 teacher 8776 ever could. Huzzah!

Hello. I love your blog and use it regularly in teaching the concept of a consistent body of work to my high school AP Studio Art class. The last time I showed the site to them, my students asked if I 8767 d ever been featured. I said no. They said why. I said there are millions artists out there. They said, it 8767 s a blog, just submit your stuff. I said, can I do that? They said, duh. So, here goes nothing. Thanks.
site: http:///fear
accompanying blog: http:///7566_57_56_

Hi jealous Curator,
Thankyou for showcasing so much fabulous talent out there. Its both overwhelming and super inspiring at the same time and I look forward to checking them out. If you ever get the chance I would love for you to have a look at my drawings. i draw what I see and I kind of think you might enjoy them. Happy curating 🙂 https:///shop/NayanaIliffe http://

I don 8767 t know how I stumbled on your blog a few years ago, but I never miss a post! I love the art that you have exposed me to and it truly is worth every bit of envy! I am an artisan jewelry designer. Yes, I have had my art jewelry in exhibitions and most notably of late two pieces selected for the Showcase 555 Art Jewelry Necklaces publication by Lark, but I wanted to share with you a local artist in our artists cooperative that I am a part of. His name is Alexander Landerman. His website features a beautifully produced video showing timelapse of how he makes one of his letterpress and charcoal works of art. I am smitten with the detail in his work! I think you might be too! I hope you will check it out: http:///

Recently, I have launched a Sketchbook project on Kickstarter in collaboration with another 7 very talented artist from South East Asia, Kerby Rosanes and Vince Low, the project is called TIGA | Sketchooks with Beauty, Art & Soul. Three of us (which is Tiga in the Malay Language) have contributed our art (and our soul) into this refined collection of sketchbooks, notebooks, and art prints. – all designed to share our passion of illustration to the world to inspire one 8767 s own creative journey.

You have a wonderful blog and curatorial eye! Thanks for featuring artist Chris Turnham who we featured earlier this year in our gallery. This May 78 we are exhibiting art by Elle Michalka who was an art director on the cartoon Steven Universe and is also friends with Chris. Her work is reminiscent of Eyvind Earle, Grant Wood and other mid century american painters but with a contemporary sensibility.

Hi João: I 8767 m honored to be included thank you SO much. It 8767 s also evident to me how much work went into creating this list. My blog could havebeen listed as 55+. solo women, or even photography, but the fact that you placed me in the 8775 Journalism/Storytelling Travel Blogs 8776 category means (to me) that you really took a lot of time to determine which category best suited each blog. This should be a great resource for people, so I 8767 ve shared it all around and followed you on all platforms. Barbara

Finally found another source of inspiration! Thanks for this great blog! How you have come to this blog is pretty much where I am at right now with my own work. Almost a standstill yet I create and trash works constantly in my mind. I would be honored if you could take a look at my work when you get a chance. It goes in several directions, but enough said.
my ballerina, sleep, and heart series good places to start.
thank you in advance and thank you again for putting together such a great site and source of inspiration!!
John C Miller

I follow your page on Facebook, thank you for your work. As a collage artist, I think you wrote 8776 your inner critic is a big kerk 8776 , for me 😉
Here is the link to my site, and a youtube 8775 making of 8776 video 8776 And don 8767 t be jalous, you have many talents on your own 😉 https:///art-corner https:///watch?v=gOWYjokIXWg 588 t=7s
Merci et bonne continuation from France !