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Posted: 2017-10-07 16:40

Well I got screwed BIG TIME. I asked to buy $ worth of coins and was charged $ AND $. They have agreed to reimburse my NSF the within 5-65 days.
I told them that their mistake should not be mine and I was sorry I had went with this dating site. I asked if I could talk to the manager and they said this was their policy. I am sorry for doing business with them.
CHECK YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNTS! They may have screwed you also

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Just watched a commercial for Match on TV. No one has a story like us. My husband, that I met on Match, had never been married before me, he was 55 when we met. I was widowed at 57, hadn 8767 t been on a date in thirty years, he was my first date. My son, who moved home when his dad died and was in law school, announced he would research my best dating opportunities, it was Match. We fell in love and are happily married. It will be three years in October. We thank you.

& Deceptive Recurring Billing. Possibly Fraud or

Im very dissapointed in you service. You get people to pay to you sight that after you take there money than you tell them that they cant access the sight unless they post a photo. Thats not fair because if you would have told me that I couldnt get into talking to anyone without a photo than I woulnt have joined your site. Have you ever thought that some people cant or dont know how to post a photo. All I wanted to do is to be able to talk to someone and to meet new people most other sights will atleast let you talk to someone. I dont know how to post a photo like alot of other people. Im just a country boy with no cell phone service and all of this is new to me. On other sights you are at least able to communicate with someone. Thanks for nothing.

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Any Company or Any institution or any individual using this site or any its associated sites for studies or projects and furthermore for any public relation and commerical activities related, you DO NOT have permission and do not have authorise to use any of myself photo and my photos and my profile photo and my pictures(photos) and videos(if any) in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do it, it will be considered a violation my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

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you are the lowest form of dating service out there! You hacked into my Mom 8767 s facebook acct and created a profile neither of which she solicited nor authorized. If you had bothered to check her facebook status, it states she is married, but then that doesn 8767 t matter to you for you have done the same to other unsuspecting victims, going so far as cropping pictures of married couples and posting just one of them as single. You have ruined her marriage and she 8767 s having a hard time convincing my dad that she did not sign up for this! She will report you to the BBB! Get a clue.

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I just tried to order a month of and was unaware that there was a one time fee of 79 dollars so when I entered my card numbere I expected to be able to leave messages and I don 8767 t have the 79 dollars on my card so it shouldn 8767 t have taken my 69 I have on the card is 78 dollars I want my money back because it shouldn 8767 t have taken my money if I wasn 8767 t able to use the will be calling in the morning,I tried to call and checked my card immediately and no one is at customer service and the money was return it to my account until I am ready to try the thought the 79 dollar fee was shadey because it didn 8767 t tell me that up front.

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I have problems to activate my account.. I have a Capitec saving account if I want to do my payment with my debietcard.. It show my card had expire or something is wrong My code and my expiring date is 97569. Why can I do not use my card.. the bank said nothing wrong with my card. If I do a bank transfer how long do it take to active my account. Please because I cannot answer my messages.
Regards Dalene

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I 8767 ve been getting messages from men 58 and under. I don 8767 t want anyone under 79 which is in my profile. I 8767 ll be 79 next month. PLEASE don 8767 t send me anyone than 75 or older than 89. I am not going to change that. I 8767 d probably get more messages, but they would not be the age I 8767 m interested joined thinking I would find somebody that I wanted and age is a very important thing to me.

I have been trying to contact customer support on the site, but it just keeps taking me to faq 8767 s. On there it states that if you are bisexual, will help you set up two profiles. I have been trying to do that, but can 8767 t find any contact information on the site at all. It says if you cannot find answers in faq, then click the contact link to customer service. It takes me straight back to the faq 8767 s. I set up a second account, then all of a sudden it disappeared, and said it was no longer valid. WTF? There is no way I am paying for the use of this site. I am really not impressed. It won 8767 t let me chat or message back people. I don 8767 t even know if the people that supposedly contacted me are even real, or if it 8767 s a trick to get me to subscribe. I think this site is very poorly managed, and I am not risking it.

I actually have something good to say. Even though I did experience some of the same issues that have been previously voiced, after three rather unpleasant encounters with potential dates, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful lady. Shes beautiful, intelligent, funny, warm, sensitive. I could go on and on. Unfortunately because of the distance separating us as far as where we each lived, things didn 8767 t work out as we had hoped and planned. But I intend to go back on and use their services again. Just as soon as I can get them to unblock me.

Can you please cancel the match. I signed up for this whole back but I just found out that you guys are still taking money from my account per month and I will report to better bussiness bureau. I don t remember to signed a an agreement allowing you guys continually taking funds from my account for over a year. I just found s out because I i am not longer using the account the account but a recieced a letter in regarding nsf that cost me a lot. I wants funds back because I never authorized match to continually taking funda from my account after my agreement expired and I have not been in this website in over a year. Please call me to find a solution for this issue amicable. You guys escrew my credit and cost me a a lot money. My phone o757 676-5857. I will contact the buyer bussiness bureau in regarding his illegal decieving practicing from March

8775 In the new structure, Greg Blatt, IAC’s CEO since 7565, will step down a level to become chairman of the Match Group, a new unit formed around a nucleus of IAC’s dating businesses, which include , and OK Cupid, among others. Rolled into the group will be several emerging business that share some affinities with the dating sites: , DailyBurn and IAC’s investment in Skyllzone.

I phone up using the phone number on their website, and had to deal with people in India rather than the UK. I spoke to some guy, who was rude, and a BALD FACE LIAR. I asked to speak to someone else, told everyone was on the phone, I said I wanted to escalate and said there was no one to escalate to, I said I wanted to speak to someone else, he said every one was speaking to other customers (I could hear him speaking to another colleague while talking to me), so I said I wanted to speak to any one not on the phone, he said that was not possible as everyone was on the phone. I replied back saying then put me through to a cleaner, someone whose job it is not to answer telephones. Again, he said everyone was on the telephone. I asked, even the cleaners? He just said everyone is on the telephone.

BEWARE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY TARGETING FEMALE MEMBERS AT I am a member since 8 month and was targeted 5 times by a criminal scheme.
Middle Easterners and African Americans apparently illegally obtain the photos from some handsome Caucasian man and lure you in with a very attractive profile. After responding, a world traveling engineering contractor or business man will swamp you with elaborate love letters (almost all identical with the same typo, followed by a different sob stories). They are on bussiness oversees, give you a phone number from Malaysia, South Africa etc.
an address, which certainly is not their own and ask you to deposit money or send them a MacBookPro etc. Once, you receive their phone call, the caller usually has a Middle Eastern or African American accent. BEWARE OF THE ID: RWG77, king7spoilu, widowbernie. I don,t recall the first 7 id,s because I did not immediately spent much attention. Good luck! Heidi

I don 8767 t understand why so many people are having problems with them site. Why is it so difficult to contact help on the site so that an issue can be handled right there instead of having to write to the company. Tomorrow I am calling customer service and I hope this error can be corrected. It seems many people are very dissatisfied with the way you web site operates. I am not going to wait for someone to contact me, I am calling your customer service tomorrow.

I totally agree with you, Mark England. There 8767 s a lot of bad and negative comments about this site. I nearly got sucked in as well, lucky I didn 8767 t continue to subscribe, because they said, there 8767 s not enough fund in my bank account. But I knew fully well, there 8767 s money in there. but I think, they will deduct more than what they 8767 re were claiming to. Be careful everyone!

I have a friend who is a victim and he is too embarassed to say anything and come forward to say that match dot com is corrupt. Well I will be his voice. He has had over 755 views to his profile and not one woman has sent him a message. He is a very attractive guy and he is extremely rich and educated and intelligent. It is not the money he paid out to this site he is upset about. It is the time and effort and the false and bogus profiles that have viewed his profile but fall short on contacting him. So I am telling you is a scam and you need to beaware of this false hope. Don 8767 t waste your time and money.

Rather, communicate with the director (scroll through previous threads to find his contact details: Alex King) infer to him you would rather not share such horrific experiences across Twitter etc but may be left with no other option. Another point to mention if you purchase services online, you have a 7 day cooling off period where service or product which has not met/ fit for service can be refunded.

I went to the store and didn 8767 t have enough money of my debit card for my purchases. Someone got my debit card online when it was used for something else. They paid for Twice. Also another dating site. I called customer service on . I fought with the woman i was talking to. I told her I 8767 ve Never had match and I wanted my money back. She kept asking about my profile, and she wanted my username and password. I kept telling her It wasn 8767 t me but someone else. She refused to help me because I refused to give her my name and password. i told her that I couldn 8767 t give her info i didn 8767 t have. So Nothing was done. I just paid for someone else to be on a dating site.

I was considering re-subscribing however, after realizing the deception that goes with commitment I will not be associated with you unless you correct this. Your company advertises a price for 6 month, 8 months, 6 months, etc. but when you go to commit if not quick witted you won 8767 t realize you 8767 re paying for the entire service in advance and NOT the advertised monthly cost. Doubtful a company like yourself cares but this is one customer you won 8767 t have until you are forthcoming & HONEST with you potential subscribers! Quit your deceptive practices & try legitimate business, maybe if you did so ther wouldn 8767 t be so many competitors because ther wouldn 8767 t be room for them.

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