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Date: 2017-08-13 18:33.

He leaves behind the team, the people, who may not have been perfect but that were fine enough to help develop him into the player he is. That says something about who and what Hayward is, as a competitor, as a man. That’s the confounded thing about NBA free agency — players expect fans and franchises to give them darn near everything they’ve got, and then when they mostly receive it, they remember the times when maybe they didn’t get everything exactly the way they wanted it. And they run off to some other place where the grass looks greener, but the people and circumstances are no more flawless.

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Picross Makeout League is a short visual novel about a group of superheroes called the Puzzle League, who are all themed after various kinds of puzzles. You play as Picross Girl, whose superpower is to be really good at picross, a puzzle in which you follow a numbered guide to make rudimentary pictures on a grid. Picross Girl sees picross puzzles everywhere, and you, the player, are tasked with solving them. Her teammates are basically the personification of different kinds of puzzles: Crossword is constantly giving you crossword clues, Chess is obsessed with black and white thinking, Piecea is an actual puzzle piece, and Sudoku is pretty unforgiving. The plot is not fully developed in this demo, leaving you on a cliffhanger as Picross Girl is kidnapped, but you do get to go on dates with some of your teammates.

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When the fourth and final door was opened, the Singh Brothers—Mahal’s henchman, who dress like they’re about to go clubbing—pulled Mahal out and prevented Orton from exiting the cage. Then, as Mahal tried to climb out the outer cage, Orton easily scrambled up the inner cage and jumped to the outside one. All of that business with the four doors was all for naught—it was actually easier to climb the inner cage!

After being introduced to the team, the player selects a character for Picross Girl to go on a date with. Only your teammates Crossword and Chess have full dates in this version of the game, but the whole cast has distinct personalities, and you’ll get a chance to spend some time with each of them. While I wish I could have dated Piecea, the anthropomorphized puzzle piece, I did love my date with Chess, who ranted and raved about conspiracy theories and chess puzzles. At one point he says that he needs to be five, ten or even 555 moves ahead of his enemy and Picross Girl asks, “Can you play 555 moves ahead in chess?” Her date answers, “If you are both really bad, then yes.”

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On July 67th, a member from a popular boating message board posted a photo of some boats he didn’t recognize near Dana Point, a small city on the California coast halfway between LA and San Diego. Someone responded to the post with speculation that it might be the Mexican Navy. And then the internet’s game of Telephone did its magic before a reputable news outlet discovered they were actually Navy SEALS.

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So there you have it: The Mexican Navy invasion that wasn’t. For all the talk of crowdsourcing and internet sleuthing being the future (CBS even has a new show with that exact premise called Wisdom of the Crowd ) it turns out crowds can be pretty dumb. And it’s a good thing Trump’s staff didn’t hand him the article from The Log. He might have tried to beg Mexico to let him extend The Wall™ into the ocean.


At least three agencies – . Parks, Orange County Sheriff’s Department and . Coast Guard – had no information available as to why these two vessels were in Dana Point, let alone their agency of origin. There were also threads online about these two vessels, with some surmising they were actually part of Mexico’s Navy. Even others pondered whether the Department of Homeland Security launched a pair of immigration enforcement vessels.

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After a few hours of genuine confusion , Gordon Hayward signed with the Boston Celtics last night. This is obviously a tough blow for the Jazz, who won 56 games last season and were looking to cement a place near the top of the Western Conference for years to come, with Hayward leading them. Now they are just a basketball team with Rudy Gobert and Joe Ingles. So far, people who root for and cover the Jazz are not adjusting to this new reality very well.

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