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Having a beer or glass of wine a few times a week is just fine, so is having some liquor every once in a while and drinking too much a few times a year. Drinking like it is new years every Friday to celebrate or for weeks straight to deal with a break up is considered an unacceptable way to live a healthy life. So should over eating like its Thanksgiving regularly or having excessively unhealthy foods like cake,soda or fried fair food as regular treats.

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As I said I don 8767 t agree with fat acceptance, for men or women. (Men do it too, they have huge beer guts and wonder why women wont fuck them really?) My comment was in retaliation to this comment 8775 It takes guys YEARS to get a good body. We have to go to the gym, eat
right, all that. For women, they just have to not eat like a fucking
pig, and yet THEY are the ones complaining 8776 I wasn 8767 t making excuses I was stating facts. His claim that it is harder for men to lose weight is BS. If you had taken the time to read the initial comment and my reply you would have understood my point.

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Oh no, I completely understood and that is what I have a problem with. It should be just as important for men to take care of themselves as it is for women. I don 8767 t expect or even care what other people like or accept, I 8767 m only saying that it is pretty sad for men to sit around and talk about how girls are worthless unless they are hot and in good shape whereas (your comment just reaffirmed it) men are still valuable if they have money or a good sense of humor. Personally I 8767 m a bit disgusted by people who do not take care of their body, so I 8767 m with you guys there. Men need to accept that they can 8767 t sit around adding on to their beer gut and still hold the same influence as their more attractive buddies.

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Dr. Smiley has long promoted micro-meditations of one to three minutes each, for those who can’t keep up meditation because they can’t commit to longer sessions. She sees forest bathing as one way to train yourself into these micro-meditations. If you bring a plant into your workplace, or practice looking out the window for a minute, you can remind your brain of the longer session in nature, and train your brain into entering a meditative state. These short sessions are still quite useful, she says, to calm yourself in the middle of a tense day or to notice your tension and, simply by sitting and breathing, release it.

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On sites where obese women seek validation , the comment sections are full of manginas, potential white-knights, and unattractive women who proclaim how “beautiful” these poor victims of societal norms are.  Validation is freely given but never from men who have better options.  That is a very, very telling indicator that they are attempting to prop up their own low SMV.  Getting your little snowflake feelings validated all while avoiding the harsh realities of being subjected to healthy males is avoidance.

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Unlike the activities above, forest bathing focuses specifically on relaxation and meditation. The scientific evidence for nature’s healing powers apply to any activity in nature: trees emit relaxing essential oils called phytoncides just looking at pictures of nature can lower your stress level. Forest bathing is just one nature activity that emphasizes relaxation and meditation. And there’s plenty of evidence that meditation works.

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Yet you have enough anger and hostility towards women simply trying to live without hightened levels of scrutiny (brought forth by some lies and trendy jokes), to write an article on it. I think that says quite a bit that 8767 s kinda what the point is here. Most of the hate against fat women is an opinion held by not even a majority percentage. But the type of people conceited enough to have those opinions to begin with, are often the only ones who would go so far out of their way to hate something so trivial. Those same people, are the ones that feel their opinion is so important, they make their life work writing opinion peices. And who reads opinion peices most of all other people who often value opinions more than facts.

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It is sad for anyone to be treated that way I 8767 m big, I was firstly musclebound, lifted weights, worked and played hard and shit but then I got sick and went fluffy but through all those years my older sister was a perfect little size 5 to 6 .I never held it against her, she teased me for having huge tits and I teased her that her clothes looked like doll clothes..all in fun. Most of the people in my family or around me are thin or petiete. It never made me think anything negitive about them. I have no rage sometimes I wish I could wear cuter things but eh. Life is more than cute clothes.
There will always be bitter people for whatever reason.

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You 8767 re 85 & living with your parents. You don 8767 t do anything around the house, you don 8767 t go to school & don 8767 t work, except for leading a fitness class once or twice a week? How about showing your parents some more respect? It 8767 d be nice to see you show some initiative to move forward & gain some independence. I enjoy your positive attitude & sense of humor but if you become too comfortable in your morbidly obese lifestyle the next show you 8767 ll be on is my 655 lb life! I 8767 m just being honest! Those folks didn 8767 t start out that way, they became complacent being morbidly obese. My friend died at age 88 & 995 lbs!

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Fat guys don 8767 t get so defensive about it because fat guys also don 8767 t get coddled about it. NO, it 8767 s not more acceptable for men to be fat. Fat, obese men get shamed to no end by other men and turned down by women all the time. Men just learn to be more emotionally resilient about it because they no no one is going to coddle them and tell them they 8767 re beautiful anytime soon. Basically, as per usual reality is the opposite of the feminist narrative

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8775 Just because the woman in the picture is a freak of nature 8776 Why did I expect to read this? Because it 8767 s an excuse overweight women love to spout when they see a fit attractive female. This is JUST AS BAD as make derisive comments about an overweight woman. I 8767 m a female and I head to the gym 6 days a week. There are several pregnant and post pregnant women and because they work out and keep fit they bounce back to pre-baby weight very quickly. The baby up there is 8 months, it probably took that mom 8 months maybe 9 at most to bounce back. She 8767 s most certainly not a freak of nature and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. She 8767 s simply a fit woman whose health, and probably that of her family, takes priority, but I bet she can more than keep up with three active boys.

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A lot of fat people tend to be the kind of people that gain weight easily. I was one of them. Genetics does play a role BUT it is too often used as an excuse. Genetics makes it extra difficult for me to get a hard washboard stomach but it doesn 8767 t prevent me from keeping trim. A fat person complaining that they can 8767 t eat that extra pizza every few days and is like an asthmatic complaining that they can 8767 t run that extra mile.

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Right these men have NO CLUE how whiny their bros are when they are not around to hear it! I have delt with more of men 8767 s issuse than my own..I refused by age 66 to date a man who was insecure and had low self asteam because they suck the life out of you. You refuse to give one blow job while your neck hurts and they want to know if you have a crush on the neighbors son.
.And yeah, yeah the neighbors son is hotter than you, that 8767 s why I watch him clean the pool but I 8767 m fucking you so shut up! I do not need to be coddled about my body. I have eyes, I know exactly what it looks like..it 8767 s rather overweight, though still a nice shape lucky me. I don 8767 t need my husband to tell me my ass is still hot even though it 8767 s a litle bigger I 8767 m bisexual If I 8767 d fuck me then that is good enough for me. I don 8767 t like fat chicks either because it doesn 8767 t turn me on BUT I do not look down at them as if they were monsters or unworthy of human compassion. They are my sisters regardless so how many of these loud mouth boys do you think have fat mothers?

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No, retard, I 8767 m actually a man. And you fail to show any proof for this biological programming. In fact, there are more proofs that biologically at least fatter women are more attractive since they 8767 re better at carrying offspring. That 8767 s biological. Not some retarded concept you have about it.
And again, retard, attractive is a subjective term. Nobody is attracted to some universally accepted definition of 8775 attractive 8776 . There 8767 s no such thing. They 8767 re attracted to what their brain is wired to like and that is what 8767 s attractive to them.
Perhaps if you were older than 69 you would understand different people prefer different things.

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Yes, it’s sort of like hiking, in that you’re walking in nature. But unlike hiking, you’re not exerting much energy, and unlike a scientific nature walk, you’re not analyzing or trying to learn about your environment. Instead, you walk slowly and concentrate on sensory input, letting all other thoughts go. You can stare at things, touch them, hear them, smell them. If they’re not poisonous, maybe taste them. The goal is to observe a relaxing environment in order to relax yourself. And there’s scientific evidence that it’s effective.

But no amount of fat or neurosis totally removes a woman from the dating pool. For women, the simple fact of having a vagina that someone somewhere wants to get inside does compensate a lot. I know lots of women who are unbelievably obese (I mean they look like they ate you for breakfast) and still have boyfriends who are out of their league. In fact I know very few women at any weight who don 8767 t have someone. On top of having female friends for support. The support that women get from their friends is often better than the support that men get from their own families.

I think calling fat shaming is pretty clever I 8767 ll give whoever thought of it that. It looks like fat shaming, sounds like fat shaming, but it 8767 s actually man shaming. Guys generally have different opinions on what they would consider fat. What one guy thinks is perfect another guy thinks is 75 pounds overweight. They should still leave lots of room numerically speaking, for people who find each other attractive to well, find each other and leave lots of happy people being happy together.

You know what the sad thing is? That the only thing fat women usually have to do to become reasonably desirable again is just to lose weight. Whereas a guy has to learn game, bulk up, make lots of money, and learn how to rise up the social ladder. And to add to this, there are just some things you straight-up can 8767 t do. If you 8767 re short, you can pretty much kiss desirability goodbye. If you 8767 re an Asian dude in America, sorry, but your dating prospects look abysmal. And then women complain that losing weight is hopeless.

Maybe it 8767 s chick culture too. If a guy gets fat a group of his friends will often pull an 8775 intervention 8776 on him. Ring him and get his arse off the couch and out running or exercising. They 8767 ll shame him, then they 8767 ll encourage him, because they care about him.
Women tend to do this too, but more half-heartedly way, worse yet some of them will come around to see their fat friend and think: 8776 I 8767 m glad she got fat 8776 .

Hey, if you or somebody close to you wants to live their life as a fatass thats fine, i got no qualms about it. Free will right? Where i draw the line is when these people start demanding that society change to suit their over bloated bodies and actively encourage otherwise normal healthy people to stop giving a shit about their appearance and become fat fucks themselves. I mean these people are literally in your face on TV saying that you should start finding fat bitches attractive and if you don 8767 t, well then theres obviously something wrong with you! Or perhaps debating whether or not we should make fat asses pay for 7 plane tickets since thats how much room they take up. Oh, and how we should stop telling kids who are fat that they are in fact fucking fat and that we should instead just treat them like special little snowflakes and give them praise for being lardasses. God don 8767 t even get me started on the mobility scooters at walmart.

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