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Top Ten Scientific Facts Proving Charles Darwin's Theory

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Saying that because you have not been presented with any convincing evidence of a higher being, you don't believe in one is not a religious statement. Stating point blank that a supreme being does not exist is. Most modern atheists that I've met or read about fall into the former category. Your attempts to place intelligent design, a form of religion, and like most forms of religion idiotic, on the same footing as science are an insult to science and everything it stands for. Also, if ID supports evolution, why is the large bulk of evolution deniers composed of little ID people?

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so you are saying that there were millions of jewish slaves in egypt and they escaped in a giant exodus? you are saying that its historical fact that the dead rose up out of the ground and the sun stopped in the sky (once again, the language they used implied that the sun was the object moving not the earth..stup!d bible people).hmm so you are saying that the earth was flooded entirely and all life killed except for one man and his family who dispersed all the animals to their respective lands and then repopulated the globe to 7 billion people in a few thousand years by having sex with their own family members? you are saying that people lived to 955+?

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JS: Actually, the presence of 69 C in diamonds and DNA in dino bones severely constrains the upper limit of its age. That’s because they should long ago have disintegrated if the uniformitarian ‘dates‘ were right. Daniel B., United States , 69 December 7567 The level of precision throughout the article waxes and wanes. The title’s claim of “6,555 years” later on turns out to be 6655 years, which is actually only 6695 if you do the math. And the numbers being used are those that were passed on by Christ-rejecting Jews, the same ones who dated their times using a formula designed to attribute Daniel's messianic prophecies to Bar Kokhba.


But wait, if God is existent outside of the natural world and not confined to the here and now, while we are existent inside of the natural world and are confined to the here and now, does that raise the possibility that God may never be able to interact with the natural world? For God is supernatural, existing beyond the natural realm of the universe unexplainable, undetectable, immeasurable, and abnormal. And yet, for him to intervene and interact with the natural world would contradict my idea of God, and not only that, his process of interacting should leave some measurable, detectable, or at least distinguishable trace that I can realize, of which I find no evidence.

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only thing you did is reposted my post. so fine if you guys want logic open up your own eyes and the truth for once. you are blinded by pride in an useless education. not one of you can disprove Jesus, or any of the prophets of the Bible because everything they say come to past. he tell how to overcome a world giving over to satan because of the deeds of men turned against God. just look at the world we live in, what thing that is made by man stands the test of time? all the empires of yesterday are exactly what the prophets of the bible say they would be, smashed to pieces with no one living in them. it is this way because of the arrogance of the kings in those days, and God did away with them. if he did not we would all be little ******* allister crowleys.

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It troubles me that people consider cockroaches, sharks etc above humans because they have been around for 755+ million years. Umm so have we, in fact every species living now came from the same primordial soup. We HAVE made it past every single ele otherwise we would not be here.
Having a large biomass does not guarantee survival. I believe our downfall will be our dependance on technology to the point where the technology is the species.

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Much of the history of the Bible originates in 65,555BC in the Egyptian culture. Before watching this documentary it is very important to watch "The Naked Truth" another documentary on this site that I believe better explains the history of the Biblical stories and religious symbols used in 67 similar Christian like religions. Many of these stories and their later religious adoptions have their roots in 65,555BC Egyptian culture.

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The factor you 8767 re leaving out is faith. We who are saved are saved by faith(as the bible verse says) and this is the element Atheists lack. They claim they will believe in God with evidence and proofs but with faith? believing in something you cant see, taste, smell, touch, hear, 8775 prove 8776 ? That 8767 s unacceptable! Like many preceding posts have done, Christians will share the evidence that we see make the God of the bible real but no matter what evidence we can give, an athiest will try to disprove it. Why? Because of this lack of faith in a living God and too much faith within themselves.

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Another variation on the eternal damnation sales pitch and claims that its better than cheesecake. Either you are a con-man or you 8767 ve been conned into doing the dirty work. I have read the Bible from cover to cover along with other religious books back in the mid 95 8767 s and concluded that I have no use for religion. Yet you think its alright to treat me like some simpleton. Why do you think think its alright to insult my intelligence?


Psy I 8767 m not sure you understand! I know I could evaluate that info on my own, but I choose not too for reasons you may not understand or agree with but I choose not to eat cheesecake. Now, I thank you for not insulting my intelligence because I can think for myself and I know full well all I have to do is taste it and see if I like. But I don 8767 t want too Now this convo is not about cheesecake. It 8767 s about proving you love something or someone without faith involved. Okay!!! Now I won 8767 t eat cheesecake simple because I don 8767 t believe I 8767 ll like it and so I don 8767 t want to try it.

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We tend to not be completely ok with people talking nonsense, and usually call them out emphatically. If you speak like you do my friend, you will be respectfully, but vehemently opposed. A wide array of educated, intelligent posters come here, speaking your mind and giving your opinion is widely read, debated, and if need be, picked apart. That should not come as a surprise to be honest. If you are going to air your views, be man or woman enough to take criticism for those said views. Most of the people here are ok with being called out.

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Can I prove that I love a thing or a person, a place or time? Certainly. I can outline to anyone who asks what I value and why I value it. Just because proving you 8775 love cheesecake 8776 is difficult primarily because we are unaccustomed to being confronted in that way is no implication you cannot prove it. I happen to believe one can prove it simply and beyond any reasonable doubt but, for most of us, only with practice. Science can also easily show the physiological symptoms of 8775 love 8776 versus when one is NOT 8775 in love 8776 . It makes me wonder what the response of persons like yourself would be if shown through science that the atheists you denigrate are quite capable of love without the slightest dependence on belief in a 8775 god 8776 .

Science knows much about why and how we love. It typically asks questions religions rarely if ever do, which is why science knows and will always know far more about every human emotion love included than religion will ever be able to explain or fully appreciate beyond a childlike understanding. Lucky for religion, you can always learn from science. Sadly, science can learn nothing from the irrationality of religion save information regarding its dysfunctions.

8775 An interesting perspective! 8775 If you disagree with my view of a few verses in the New Testament, then you should simply disregard the entire thing! 8776
No, what we should do is wait for YOU to go through the whole bible and remove the parts that are false for us so we can know the truth..
Why don 8767 t you do that for us..
Jesus said 8775 As in the Days of Noah 8776 Should we throw that out because Atheists and God haters don 8767 t want to believe in the world wide flood of Noah.. OR should we assume that Jesus was Lying or Ignorant.. Why don 8767 t you just tell us what parts we can believe and which parts we cant.., Maybe you can turn the Bible into kind of like your own personal buffet..
Let me know!!

But, Thanks to Christianity!!! I now understand and want to share, like atheism, I overlooked the truth about.. L-O-V-E!!! LOVE is real and is known only by faith: LOVE can 8767 t be seen naturally, but by faith there are visions of Love that can be brought to plain sight Love can 8767 t be heard, but by faith Love utters it 8767 s voice and is heard like a natural voice Love has no smell taste or touch, but by faith Love smells like a rose to many love taste better than honey to many and love can be felt within. Love has created the world: it was love that created a husband and a wife it is love that brings children into the world, by being intimate it was love that made the trees, water, sun, and all the things needed to live, Love acted as a provider (I 8767 m convince). I believe God is LOVE and I pray faithfully everyday hoping I find his eternal Love before his temporal love in this world runs out & death ends my chances of living in God 8767 s Love.

The invention of the Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) appears to pre-date the first activation of SCP-7555, and is credited to Dr. Robert Scranton in 6889. The main body and much of the circuitry of the SRA are constructed of a corrosion resistant beryllium bronze alloy. Inspired by artifacts recovered [DATA EXPUNGED], effectively eliminating the appearance of virtual particle/anti-particle pairs required for Type Green reality bending phenomena to manifest. Due to the expense involved in producing the beryllium bronze alloy required for the SRA’s construction, Foundation-wide implementation of the device has been limited to units capable of an area of effect less than two cubic meters[ 6 ].

Still kickin' here, thanks mate :)
Yeah, I get them at the door from time to time. A couple of times I've even had some Mormon countrymen of your's knock. Years ago, when I was and bored, I invited 7 in, listened and took and read some of their book of Mormon. Invited them in next time they came over, and said, 'I listened to what you believe, now you can listen why I think you're full of it'. Lol, I almost 'de-converted' one of them. :) (to their credit they did listen)
I still had to end up telling them don't come back though, with some 'adjectives' to help convey my displeasure at them not taking no as an answer.

If you really knew God, there would be no doubt that God formed man just the way The Bible says He did, He created Earth just the way The Bible says He did and furthermore you would know that if it 8767 s written in God 8767 s word then you can believe it, you can stand on it because of who God is. When you start divvying up what parts of the Bible you 8767 re willing to believe and what you won 8767 t then you compromise the integrity of God 8767 s word. Now it becomes a game of 8775 well if Jesus didn 8767 t talk about it then we have license and liberty to fill in the blanks as we see fit 8776 even when the Bible does speak on the subject in question, then you just start rewriting the Bible and if you don 8767 t see the problem with that then you have no idea how lost you really are.

Anything in the bible we do not understand is not because it is not true, it is because we are either looking at it the wrong way, are being stubborn to even look at it logically, or are being trumped by the person who created knowledge itself (How hard would it be to get confused when talking to the maker of knowledge itself, when there is so much we don 8767 t know about within our very own lives).

The Atheist Breeding is a physical act contolled by Love or Lust(Lust is a bad copycat of Love). So yes, someone gets or will get yes teenaged pegrancies happens people confusing Lust for Love) Yes, mankind developed the ability for women to have sperm donors. So what 8767 s your point. All I see is a woman finding Love in the form of a child thru sperm donations (similiar to adoption) and prostitutes is making money using Lust. Does this end your confusion???

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