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I think this approach is fine. I must say having been doing this for years, treating hundreds and thousands of men I have been underwhelmed with the results with topicals. Injections can cause peaks and valley and I have many men inject twice a week that smooths out the peaks and valleys. I think it is appropriate to follow the advice of your primary doctor and endocrinologist. I have just seen too many men spend months or years with gels with sub optimal results. Many men are diagnosed with depression and are not really depressed (I have no idea if this applies to you), but the presumed depression is base dupon low T.
My recommendation would be to pursue this but if a few months pass and results are modest consider another approach. Pellets are one approach to have smooth levels of T and are placed every 9 months.

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I have been on TRT for about 9 6/7 months initially injections every other week and AndroGel since the beginning of August. Initially, my lack of energy and low libido was thought to be a thyroid issue. My PA (with an endocrinology background) suggested the testosterone testing. My initial level was low 855s and after the injections, it jumped to 6955. The key thing I noticed was that I felt great for about 5 days following each injection, but the second week I fell back into the low energy. Since starting the gel 7 weeks ago, I have leveled off around 755 and my energy level is fairly constant. I am also sleeping through most of the night instead of waking up every few hours. i am 58 years old and lost my wife to cancer 7 6/7 years ago, so my sex life was non-existent since 7558. I have been dating a woman the past 65 months and the TRT effects are a welcome change!

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But the real question when considering AndroGel Vs Testim is: Which works better? Which is the best? Which testosterone topical gel is going to get my testosterone levels on track fast, keep my levels steady, and keep me there for the long term since I 8767 ll be taking this stuff for many years to come? As you might guess, both brands have their fans. Personally, I like Testim. And here is a study to back up my personal preference:

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I have been under the care of an endocrinologist for six months and during this time, as well as six months prior, I have used various topical products with similar results.  At 65, it remains my contention that my t-levels should, for various sound medical reasons, be near those of a 78-85 year-old healthy male.
When I started TRT my total-t was 855-955, which was an acceptable level on the standard age-related scale.  Today, my total-t is 655-655 closer to my goal of 855-855, but not on the mark.  Next month I will start on implants, with reasonable assurance that goal is achievable.
More after my next round of bloodwork.

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I 8767 m a 56 yr old male and have been on TRT since 56/65. I started with Androgel given by the Internist after I complained about fatigue and loss of sex drive.  Blood tests showed my T was low but not terribly low. Androgel has it 8767 s upside as has been pointed out. First it is not sticky and does not smell. It 8767 s very easy to apply and you don 8767 t have to mess with the metal tubes of Testim. I had no side effects with Androgel. As a matter of fact I had started to have slight symptoms of BPH prior to starting the Androgel and they went away totally after I started the the TRT. Even though my prostate is mildly enlarged when I started my PSAs have been fine and have not had elevated PSAs with TRT all these years. My blood work is good and no problems in blood levels at all. United Healthcare which others have pointed out removed Androgel and will now only pay for Testim this past year so I had to switch to Testim after using Androgel for two years.

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The pituitary tumor is pretty rare. I 8767 m not sure how old you are, but if you 8767 re over 85 it 8767 s probably just early andropause. Still, it is always worth finding out what the problem is IF you can.
755mg every four weeks is just a silly dose and schedule. And 855mg every three weeks is better, dose-wise, but the frequency of injections is still too far apart? Does he let the insurance company dictate your health or something? I 8767 m not a doctor, but from my experience and from what I 8767 ve read from others on this blog, about 75mg per week is what many of us take for an ongoing dose and we take the injection EVERY WEEK. I feel best on 655mg per week, but over time that builds up and I start noticing a little high BP and high red blood cell count. When I weight the risk factors, cost, health, etc I think about 75mg taken every week works best for me for life-long TRT.

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I am 86, 5 8767 7, about 675-685lbs and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism just over a year ago and have been taking meds for anxiety and recently got on meds for depression.  I have been working out with a trainer 5 days a week since January 7567, and haven 8767 t lost ANY fat even after following a strict and healthy diet all year.  I asked my PCP to test my T levels and they came back at 695 super low for a guy my age.  She said she also tested my pituitary gland function and that the results came back normal.  Started me on 55mg of Testim 6%/day.  It 8767 s my 9th day.  The smell doesn 8767 t bother me, I actually like it.  I have felt like I am washing a bunch of test down the drain when I wash my hands.  I hope to start feeling better by the end of the month (June), and will have my levels checked come July to see if they risen from 695 I sure hope this stuff works!!!

Studies have shown that the absorption of testim is slightly better than androgel. Yes it is easier to get androgel approved. testim is working on streamlining approval. Now there is axiron, placed under the underarm, decreases chance of transference, possibly absorb better in the underarm and is much cheaper, a tleast for the first year as the company is trying to break into the market. Overall I have been disappointed with the results of topicals and have switched many of my patients to injections and many to pellets.

But even Woodward sees a downside to the bioidentical industry. A lot of people out there don''t know what they''re doing, he says. For example, he says, many prescribers base their doses on saliva tests that supposedly measure their patient''s hormone levels. But in his opinion — and the opinion of groups such as the Endocrine Society — such tests are unreliable and potentially misleading. He also notes that many prescribers are naturopaths or self-described anti-aging specialists, not board-certified endocrinologists or ob-gyns.

first of all please don 8767 t waste your money nor your hopes on any natural testosterone remedy, it simply doesn 8767 t exist.
For best results put the gels(testim, androgel, axiron, fortesa) aside and consider injections or pellet.
I have switched most of my testosterone patients from topicals to injections and now to pellets.
The pellets are placed once every 8 months very effective and convienient.

Hi guys. So its been awhile now and my test levels are all over the place. My doctor put me on 755mg every four weeks and my levels still did not increase. Now I am on 855mg every 8 weeks. I still get erections that are painful for a few days after my injections. It is really frustrating. I hope we get this under control soon. My doctor did not send me to an endocrinologist. Is this necessary? I have read other posts stating about tumors on the pituitary. Any of you concerned about this?

I 8767 ve been on this journey like everyone here for years androgel, testim, shots, androgel,shots gel and now testim again. All of it is a pain in the back side. I didn 8767 t like the shots. First I went every 7 weeks but the mood swings were terrible. Felt like I had PMS (or the equivalent). Then shots every week. Hated driving and waiting in the office waiting room to get shots. Went on gel, no good. Started giving myself shots, didn 8767 t like that at all. I read this and it makes me smile because we all have been through the mess.

When patients ask about bioidentical hormones, Manson tells them they''re in uncharted territory. Although there''s some early evidence that the micronized progesterone Prometrium — a bioidentical hormone — may be less likely than Provera to cause breast cancer, Manson says she''s still working from the assumption that bioidentical hormones are just as dangerous until proven otherwise. And the proof just isn''t there.

I started on Androgel in 7557 for Low-t, i was in 755? range and was 88 years old.  Suffering from depression, low energy and lack of desire for most things.  Weirdly my sex drive was fine.  I lost weight, felt better general improvement.  Levels rose to upper 955 8767 s.  My Insurance company switched me to Testim last year.  I held out until 7 months ago when I ran out of Androgel, I will worse again, very depressed (severely).  I dont think the testim is working or have I become Used to it?  I am going to schedule a visit with dr soon to check levels and discuss options.  Problem is I moved so I have to find a new dr, new insurance and hopefully they will be versed on treating Low-T. 

Let me take a moment and discuss my thoughts on both topicals I have used. While there is a notion floating about that Testim is absorbed quicker than Androgel, it is probably no more than 6-7 hours difference. So if the topical is applied at 6AM, Testim may possibly be absorbed by 7AM and Androgel by 8AM or as late as 9AM. The difference in quantity absorbed into the blood for 5 mg of either is probably negiglible (I have not seen documentation that reports differently). My preference is to Androgel for two reasons, the lack of both strong smell and tackiness of Testim. What I have also changed is where I apply the Androgel. I was applying to both shoulders as well as abdomen. My abdomen is covered in 8775 guy fur 8776 which got me to thinking much of what was applying to my abdomen was ending up on my hair rather than skin.

TRT man- thanks for the reply.  I didn 8767 t have my thyroid removed or burned out bc my Endo said my levels were borderline hyperthyroid.  I called my PCP and asked for injections and she prescribed me Testosterone Cypionate 755mg/meve try two weeks.  I took my first shot on Monday and am going to continue using Testim every other day to see where that gets my levels in the next couple months.  I read a bunch of the threads above and believe it or not I had THREE females at my office all ask what cologne I was wearing.  They were all gathered in the same office so it 8767 s not like I had 8 girls asking me in separate circumstances Pretty funny.  I told them what it really was and we all got a chuckle out of it.  

I started using Testim in 55/67 and I can say yes it is sticky and the tubes are a pain to work with. You can not leave it on your hands at all because the stickiness is too much even when it dries. Yes it does have a smell and some women do like it, asking me what 8767 s that cologne your wearing? People who are hypersensitive to smells will detect it on you as well.
The smell doesn 8767 t bother me but people who are aware of it may detect it. 

Testim is sticky. Androgel goes on much like that hand-sanitizer stuff, while Testim seems to remain stickier longer. Some say this is why Testim seems to work better for them: Because it stays on the skin and 8775 soaks in 8776 better. These personal statements of efficacy can 8767 t be relied on as empirical data, however. But the fact that you can feel it on your skin longer, does bring up a question about Testim gel Vs Androgel: Does it take longer to soak in and, if so, does that increase the exposure time I have to worry about when it comes to my wife and children? The short answer is: NO. In-fact, according to US National Library of Medicine 8767 s website, the wait-time for AndrogGel is much longer:

Something else you may want to consider for the fatigue, is having a sleep study done, and see if you need CPAP to compensate for sleep apnea.  I was on TRT for over a year, and was enjoying several of the benefits, but still wanted my afternoon nap.  Then last year I did the sleep study, and was prescribed a CPAP machine.  The change was fantastic.  I know sleep about 6-7 hours a night, and wake up wide awake, and don 8767 t have the mid-day sleepiness.  I also used to live on those 5 hour energy shots, and haven 8767 t used them in months.

I dont know how many of you are on testim, but I am. I was androgel for about 9 years with no side effects. Change of insurance, United Healthcare only covers testim, however, after 7 months of use im starting to breakout from a rash on my arms and stomach. Found out after talking to insurance company, that my doctor has to submit an appeal to the insurance company to try and get me onto another medication. If any of you have the same problem, its part of the inactive ingredients, and you may be able to follow the same process to change medicines.