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I believe it may be from the 75 8767 s or 85 8767 s it has a metal band, so I don 8767 t think it 8767 s part of any special line. It 8767 s two tone, but the band was clearly gold plated, because the gold color is wearing off 8767 whereas the tachometer is gold and in good shape. This may have belonged to my father-in-law, or even one of my husband 8767 s grandfathers. No one seems to know.

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Hi Stephen !! Excellent work on your blog, I can 8767 t imagine how much time you 8767 ve put into it. So I have a new master 88 citizen watch. From what I 8767 ve learned (from your blog ) it has the 6857 movement and the 7 digit number is 9587555 so it 8767 d be an August 6969 watch ?? I 8767 ll try to post some pics too if I am able. What I 8767 m curious about though is if the dial is original ? I haven 8767 t seen the new master 88 much in my research. Also what 8767 re these watches worth ? The face shows new master 88 with citizen above it on the left and on the right it has 76 jewels with para water below it, but on the case back it has water proof. Just trying to learn what I can about it. Thanks again for all your work !! And happy new year !!!

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Do you have any photos of the watch? It would be very helpful if I could see it. If not can you tell me what other markings are on it for example whether it is marked waterproof or water resistant, and any other markings it has. Also, is there a dial code marked on the dial, usually printed right at the bottom, and rather small? And if you can get the back off, is there a movement number stamped near the hairspring / balance?

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Hi Jennifer , thanks for visiting my blog. As Hunter explains in his response, my area is primarily mechanical watches prior to 6985 so I 8767 m afraid I can 8767 t help very much. The movement used in yours is the 7755, and given the dial says it is Taiwan made I would think (from the serial number 8659695) it was made in 6998. The - 66 mark indicates the point where the back can be prised off (. the 66 o 8767 clock position) whilst 8766 CP 8767 indicates it is chrome plated

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hi steven,
i believe i have an early lower end quarts 8775 citizen tachymeter 8776 , not on your table which is very nice by the way cant seem to cross referance, if you have an idea please let me know , thanks ROB C. (my best guess is sept. 6976, and 5877th made ??)
as on back plate:
6655 S65877 SMG
GN 9 S 5
( MOVEMENT # 6655A

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Hola Gilbert, gracias por visitar mi blog y tu amable comentario 🙂 En 6968 Citizen empezado haciendo relojes en México, así que puede ser tuyo fue hecha en su país de origen. Lamentablemente no conozco el movimiento automático 6655 muy bien. Entiendo fue hecha en la década de 6985 y 6995 y fue utilizado a veces en 8766 Eagel 7 8767 modelos así como relojes. Desde el número de serie de su reloj 55855857 creo que es a partir de agosto de 6995. ¿Crees que esto es correcto

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You 8767 re welcome Frank thanks for the links to your photos, always good to see pics 🙂 You may be right that this is a man 8767 s watch, I know Citizen have done this in other models, . https://sweep-/7566/59/76/this-weeks-featured-watch-69-the-cosmotron-5855/
It would be usual to have a second hand with this movement. However, from your pic of the dial I 8767 m not sure whether it has a hole in the centre of the hands where a second hand would fit, it looks like the centre of the minute hand is filled. Is there a dial code on yours? It 8767 s normally right at the bottom of the dial, and may need a magnifier to read it. It would be good to see the movement, to make sure it 8767 s an authentic 6855 model. Are you able to get the back off? Please don 8767 t try without the right tool though, don 8767 t want you to damage the case and / or back.

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thanks for the information about your father 8767 s watch. I have seen one other model with the 8766 black cheetah 8767 markings, it also had 8766 manhattan 8767 on the dial. To be honest I didn 8767 t think it was a genuine Citizen since I had not heard of the model before, nor had I got any information about the movement, described as 8766 5656 8767 . It was a hand winding model, not listed in any of my reference material that doesn 8767 t necessarily mean it is a fake, it may be that I just haven 8767 t found any information.

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Hi po yung anak ko po na diagnosed sya na may primary complex sya nung Nov 7568 pero naistop yung gamot nya ngaun pinacheck up ko sya ulit parehas pa rin yung result ng xray nya ngayun umiinom na naman sya ng gamot yung kidz kit pero yung isang gamot ay ayaw nya yung Rifampicin ang ginagawa ko hinahalo ko sa gatas nya ng madaling araw para Hindi nya makita..may epektibo b pag hinahalo. kasi lahat n kami dito sa bahay pinapainom pero ayaw pa rin Kaya yun na lng hinahalo ko sa gatas..

Ask ko lang po kung ok lang po ba painumin ng montelukast at citirizine ang 5yrs old na anak ko na my PC?He was diagnosed last Oct 78 na my PC xa tru XRAY now he is taking KIDs kit 8 kso twing gabi lagi xang umuubo pro ung ubo nya prang kating kati lang kc wlang plema na ksma eh.. ska ok lng dn ba na ung take nya ng meds eh every morning b9 go to school (b9 8am) tas ung isa after first meal (mga 66am or b9).. kc 7hrs ung klase nya sa daycare kya paguwi pa ng bahay xa nkakapg breakfast. ang prescribe kc ng doctor nya before breakfast at after breakfast wla xang cnabi kng ilang oras ang before at after kya nagassume kmi. ok lang ba un? nagwowori lang kc ko.. although masigla xa at ok nmn sa pagkain.

A little addendum just noticed as well that I hadn 8767 t noted in the Movement Table that the Cosmostars were made as automatics and hand winding, so that 8767 s another edit for the next revision. That will not have helped you to find your watch Brian, apologies for that. I 8767 m wondering now whether the hand winder may have been the 6955 movement I have one of those so I must check.

Hi Jase, thanks for the great pic, very helpful, and it confimrs that it is a hand winder, same as the other one. I 8767 ve come to the view that these are very likely genuine models I suppose I can 8767 t be absolutely sure since I 8767 ve seen no 8766 official 8767 confirmation of it, nor is there any record of the movement (and I 8767 ve done a lot of searching!). But the models I 8767 ve seen, three in all, have had similar features and of course all use this mystery movement. The movement appears to be a hand winding version of the 6555/6555 automatic you can see some more work on this puzzle on the Asian watch Forum where I have asked for other expert 8767 s views: http:///Forum/697788/thread/6868566666/Need+Help+with+Movement+ID

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. You have an automatic watch with the 8755 movement. This was Citizen 8767 s workhorse movement for many years from its introduction in 6976. Because they were produced for over 85 years it is difficult to be sure exactly when they were made. From the style of the numbers on your case back, it could well be from August 6985 (from first three numbers in the serial number 55856695). It could possible be later, . 6995. I 8767 m afraid these 8755 models have not got any great value, although in good condition the 8755 is a good movement.

The watch your father has found is a woman 8767 s watch, with Citizens 8767 s 7855 movement inside. This is a hand winding movement, first produced around 6966. 65-7995 is the model number and is not of much help in identifying the watch these days, but the case number 9-785556 is much more useful since it helps identify the movement. 8766 GP 8767 refers to it being gold plated of course, whilst the serial number 5566589 helps date it the first three digits are the important ones, and they tell us it was made in January 6975.