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Posted: 2017-12-07 18:19

Some of the models that appear on the hair coloring advertisements are not white, although if one is not paying attention to the model they 8767 d think they were white. Wrong, most of those models are in fact Black. White people in general, do not know how to distinguish race. Skin color has nothing to do with being black or white. Adolf Hitler was one of the few white people who could distinguish race. He did not consider Jews, Gypsies, most Russians, and Black Moors (Black Europeans and descendants of Black Europeans) pure white! Why do you think the European royal families ran like hell from Europe during the holocaust? Think about people know your history.

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I understand your points. It seems like the POVs of most Americans are contradictory. If you look white but are known to be mixed with something, suddenly you can 8767 t be deemed white? However, if you are mixed with other things INCLUDING black, you get sh*t slung at you for not identifying as 8766 black 8767 and calling it a day. And so if you 8767 re mixed but you have any black features, you 8767 re black! But if you 8767 re mixed and have more European features, you 8767 re NOT white if we find out you are, in fact, mixed. By peoples 8767 backwards logic, only PURE Africans should be able to claim black I mean, since a white person has to be PURE European to claim white. (with nothing else)
Apparently both a lot of Black-Americans & a lot of White Americans see anything or anyone mixed as tainted. Smdh.

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History gives fault to that notion. The majority of white Americans do not have any significant African (and/or non-Euro) DNA, while the vast majority of blacks outside of Africa DO. It 8767 s very consistent and accurate to put a Sade Adu on a beautiful black woman list while it would seem odd to put Ann Curry on a list of beautiful white women. The majority of white Americans do not have East Asian lineage. She 8767 s a minority and genetically/culturally, she 8767 s not consistent with white American women. Hopefully, I 8767 m making sense.

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LMAO WOWWW there are so many bitter black people commenting. White women are by far the most attractive. Who cares if some of the women mentioned have some non-european ancestry? They all have white skin and thats the point. Plus, how many of the most beautiful black women are full black? Christina Milian, Beyonce, Lauren London? Most of them are HALF white at least. At least the women on this list actually have white skin

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um abagond first of your a rascist ive seen a lot of blacks with wrinkles,acne and other stuff ppl. are retarted blacks get skin cancer to and die more likely than whites. whites are evolutioned to be smarter and our skin shows anything so we can cure ourself while black skin if it gets a skin diease theyll more likly die because they cant spot it evolution will make any black in america sir are very anti -white so its wrong to be white and proud accoriding to you

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Yes ,we still think that white ladies are beautiful because this is also a part of colonization. After decolonization of english power /european power most of the countries got free from direct colonization but we still are suffering from internalized and intra colonization so we find whites eurocentrism has already been broken but we are still not free from hegemony has been bone deep not skin deep. it takes time when we start to see black beautiful but not fact Blacks are more beautiful then whites which one of my russian white friend want to get black skin but blacks want is paradoxical to chhose the beautyful lady.

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I think there are super gorgeous women of all races, but especially in the colorful black race. They 8767 re like shades of gorgeous flowers. Such as:
Dorothy Dandrige
Josephine Baker (had hundreds of marriage proposals from white men)
Lena Horne (when she was in her 95 8767 s she look like she was in her early 55 8767 s)
Iman (model)
Naomi Campbell (model)
Gabrielle Union
Mya Harrison (singer and dancer)
Beyonce ( Have the looks + is good at whatever she does PERIOD!!)
Angela Basset (IN HER 55 8767 S AND LOOK LIKE SHE 8767 S IN HER 85 8767 S)
Oprah ( NATURALLY CURVY) soooo smart and super rich too!! OH YEH! HIGHEST PAID WOMAN AND SHE 8767 S BLACK!!
Vanity ( the one who use to sing with prince. Please don 8767 t say she 8767 s not black because I read wear she said, she is black)
Jane Kennedy
Vanessa Williams (gorgeous naturally blue eyes on that beautiful carmel color black face)
Diane Carroll
Beverly Johnson (model)
Pamela Greer
this list can go on and on and on

Reread ur comment. You basically claim that the features of white women are naturally ugly and inferior to those of black women. Now I don 8767 t feel that it is controversial to suggest some races have features that look better. However, the way you went about on a blog post about beautiful white women insinuating that crowsfeet, hunch backs, and grey hairs are natural white features came off as some racist ethnocentric BS!

Charlene Tilton, Kim Basinger, Claudia Schiffer, Hedy Lamarr, Brook Shields, Catherine Zeta Jones, jennifer jones, natalie woods? I bet you dont 8767 remember Donna Douglas from the Beverly Hillbillies or Sharon Tate either. She had those killer eyes. And they are natural beauties, no wigs, skin bleaching, fake teeth, cosmetic surgery and beautiful bodies too. To me a truly beautiful woman is one that is naturally beautiful not all fake. Personally I think English women are the most beautiful.

And just for the record (for those who doesnt know), latin countries are not just those from latin america, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal etc, and all countries which maternal language comes from latin, are latin countries too, but i guess racist and elitist people would put belgium or french(for example) in the white category and not the latin one, which me and more people find incongruent!

I find I like contrast in caucasin women most attractive. A blonde women, with fair skin and fair eyes is kinda washed out. Dark hair, fair skin and green eyes I find sexy. But I dont like contrast in dark women I think dark natural hair, dark skin with golden tones and black eyes most attractive. I hate it when my girlfriends who are black straighten their hair. I like women with curves yet find my friend Dee incredible hot, even though she is the tiniest women I have ever known, with no natural curves to speak of. of course this is all a straight womens point of view. for me its not driven by procreation- its about beauty

Here 8767 s my top 65 hottest white women:
(in random order)
Hayden Panettiere
Sophia Loren days)
Kim Kardashian (Good lord!! what a body)
Kelly Brook (Hourglass Body or what)
Marilyn Monroe (So fine)
Carol Vorderman (She 8767 s a Britsh Celebrity that was born in Dec 6965. White girl with a black women 8767 s booty. Need I say more.)
Monica Bellucci (Just simply divine)
Louisa Lytton (British celebrity.)
Kristin Kreuk (. so she 8767 s half chinese but still.)
Katie McGrath (Britsh Celebrity. Such beautiful eyes.)
I 8767 ll post some of my honourable mentions next time. In the mean time look them up.

I think that although black women have lagged in reaping the broader recognition of their beauty, they have nevertheless, come a very long way. Go back a few years and Black women basically had to use White women 8767 s makeup, which never looked quite right unless they were light skinned. Today that has changes. The same is true of hair products, as Madame Walker 8767 s steps have been expanded and built upon by international beauty corporations.

Sorry bud, but looks alone cannot be used to judge 8775 race 8776 . Kim Kardashian 8767 s sisters are a good example. The tall sister doesn 8767 t look like she 8767 d be related to Kourtney as much as Kim does. They look pretty different compared. And Kourtney does not look like a typical white (northern) European. She looks mixed to those with eyes to see these things. All of them look mixed, really. That 8767 s because THEY ARE! 🙂

K. Kardashian sure as HELL is NOT white, either. She 8767 s half white from her father, but her mother is not white. Kim doesn 8767 t look white at ALL. She looks Persian and can easily pass as 8775 latina 8776 (which I know isn 8767 t a race, but you know in America idiots, lol!). Kourtney, her other sister looks like she could be from Puerto Rico or Cuba. Doesn 8767 t look white at all.

Number 7: There is a terrible contradiction that pervades this debate that goes unchallenged: That beauty is in the eye of the beholder AND that the media is able convince people who is more attractive. Think about it, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder (which I believe it is) only an incredibly gullible, stupid, easy malleable pushover could be convinced by our advertising that he likes another race better than his own. By accepting this contradiction, you insult the intelligence of many non-whites, by implying that they are so easily tricked by the media.

Mira, I don 8767 t care what Hitler thought about race, I was making the distinction that he knew how to distinguish between white people and black people. The truth is European royal families fled Europe during the Holocaust. Obviously, they identified themselves with similarities to the stock of people that Hitler targeted. And yes, I agree some white people in Europe can be treated as inferior. However, it is not the same when one people are treated as inferior when its from a people who are different from them.

It wouldn t bother me in the slightest, although there s a fairly large white majority in my town so I don t see a lot of couples of different races unless I m in a city. I don t think finding a race of people more or less attractive is racist, but I can t understand it myself. It sounds cliché and fake, but I never understood why people put so much emphasis on appearance generally. Colour of someone s skin just doesn t feature in mind when I think about how ostensibly attractive they are.

Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of the term 8775 Black Irish 8776 ? I met one yesterday, he runs the local newspaper and he accepts the fact that he is mixed with black moor and he is caucasian from Ireland and lived in Canada. We had a long conversation about the Moorish rule in Europe. He was very interesting to talk to. He was also astonished at how much I knew about European history. I conveyed to him that my family was Sub-Saharan African, German, Irish, Isreali, French creole, Apache, Cherokee, and British. On my father 8767 s side, my German ancestors came to America and settled in Texas by the way of Queen Sofie Charlotte of Great Britain, wife of King George III 8767 s nephew who established a settlement in Texas.