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Calling All Asian Men: What Do You Love About Western

Posted: 2017-11-14 16:18

I am from Jamaica and most us don 8767 t know what the fuck all this racism crap in this day and age is all about! Or care! We date any race we want Asian,Latin,Caucasian,we don 8767 t give a damn! that 8767 s because people are people anyway you look at it! We bleed hurt feel and shit the same! I probably feel this way because I 8767 m a proud black man! I 8767 m quite capable of taking on the world and hold my own! God made us to be anything we want to be free to be who we are! Be respectful and humane to your brother regardless of his race! You 8767 ll feel a better person!

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But how would it be a bad thing for a caucasian girl to speak to bit of another language? I 8767 ve been learning how to speak some japanese, because I like how the language sounds. And I 8767 m planning on moving there in the future (hopefully) and becoming an english teacher, so I need to know how to communicate with others when I get there. I don 8767 t want to travel to the opposite side of the earth and not be able to ask directions or make friends.

The Phenomenon Of White Women Who Only Date Black Men

SELF HATRED written all over your small article !
Firstly, that 8767 s total BS becuase white are more naturally masculine and have bigger packages than the small asian ones.
Secondly, if you date black men and other non asian men you 8767 ll see that of all the major six races in the world, asian men are the least NATURALLY masculine ! Why ? bec. of their oestrogen filled feeminine features and small dongs !

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This article, though bold to actually write and publish, only seeks to perpetuate racism. These are all 8775 stereotypical 8776 reasons why we as a country cannot get past, well, the past! Nothing good will ever come from someone reading this article. In fact, it saddens me greatly to think someone would read these statements as truth and hold them close to justify racist behavior towards black men. Cory A. Haywood, I 8767 m not sure what you wanted to accomplish by writing this article, but I can only bow my head and hope you find peace despite cultivating hatred.

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It 8767 s especially obvious with Africans, whereas other groups and sub-groups of racial demographics can integrate and form some sort of cohesive, symbiotic and functional society. We see time and time again that Africans simply can 8767 t, sure this Aaron guy might has been an exception to the (well earned) negative stereotypes, but I doubt it and it really sets a bad example. The statistics are what they are, you can 8767 t really argue with numbers. Crime, corruption, economic growth and activity, IQ, scientific output per capita, and so on, all get affected negatively by black demographics.

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My very best childhood friend of 97 years is black but we don’t discuss color, we talk about attitudes if we discuss anything. To us, we are friends first and anyone that doesn’t like us for our color or thinks they are better than either one of us, they are scared and weak people. We traveled with our families, and have been friends through our divorces, growing kids, college and our favorite concerts and backpacking etc. No matter what, we are friends for life and friends forever. I hate the color thing and you should give it a break. Its weak. Give people their space because in the end, there is no color, only people working on their stuff.

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I won 8767 t defend everyone, because I don 8767 t know everyone, but I know for every white woman who is as mucky as you describe there are 7 black males unworthy of marrying too for their own stereotypical problematic existences.
But to tell all white women they shouldn 8767 t marry black men because they are dominating, uneducated, adulterous, and criminal would be not only INACCURATE but also racist.

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Unless you’re a guy who likes drama (and I know there are some of you out there,) I recommend you do the same. If you live in the West, I do not recommend you even attempt to date Russian women unless you enjoy problems and bullshit. I have Russian friends and co-workers, and I have nothing against Russians personally, but the Russian people have a darkness within them that other races lack a darkness that manifests all too often.

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Plus I think it’s so stupid to try to always get parents/family/ or friends involved with who you date, marry, or sleep with. Learn how to be independent and not worry what society says or thinks. If you worry so much about what your family or friends think, then you are a slave!! I’m afraid to say and not only that… if your parents or friends can not accept who you date, marry, or get involved with… then they do not really love nor care for you. I will still love my daughter regardless of who she dates or gets involved with. Whatever makes her happy is fine with me!

What White Men Should Understand About White Women

Another thing i want to point out at this point time and age, the man being successful is a HUGE factor for girls in the asian countries. So I also know that if a girl knows that I am successful and have money she 8767 ll be my girl because of money. Hence, when i meet a girl I hide the fact that my family is wealthy and im pursuing my career in Dentistry. Because i know not all but most girls will think 8776 OH! he 8767 s going to be a dentist. He 8767 ll have money 8776 Hiding your successful career is ESPECIALLY critical for Korean and Japanese Women. OMG THEYRE SOOOOO MATERIALISTIC

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But people ask why so many asian women would go for white men?
Western culture influences vs Biological Factors
From my understanding, it has to do with the media. (my opinion)
White men are the supper hero, the superman, the batman the spider man, White men are the hottest from tv shows, the best lovers. So many women just fall into that without even realize they are just men who have many flaws.

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Free speech et al (especially online) until you or someone else forwards your seemingly harsh digital opinion on prime time tv that is, setting off a chain reaction of anger in society. Unless.. you are a minority and the target is the majority? A possibility, lol. An overly politically correct society, yet one that may still allow the few to voice derogatory opinion. Ironic and bizarre. It 8767 s as if the minority are the child and the majority the parent, when it comes to what is regarded as 8766 correct 8767 .

The 8775 traditional Russian women 8776 idea runs head first into Russian abortion rates. During the 6955s and 6965s Russia/USSR had one of the world 8767 s highest abortion rates, estimated at 6 to 7 million per year. In 6995 there were abortions for every birth meaning practically every woman had one, two or more abortions. Up to 7555 the total number of abortions declined by half, but this was also followed by a collapse in birth rates. (So that the abortion/birth ratio remained at a high .) In other words, there were simply fewer pregnancies, due to birth control, not less inclination to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

I am a African-American teenager and I like interracial dating I find it very Influential to other people to see how different races interact with each other even though I have never dated outside my race I would. I find all the races attractive. Often times I find it scary to talk to people outside of my race because of the stereotypes that they put on African-American women. I 8767 ve often heard some people say I 8767 m more attractive because I 8767 m like skin and I have naturally curly hair. I often find it offensive because God made us perfect and often times we change ourselves because society tells us what we should think is beautiful. all people are beautiful no matter the color of your skin or where you came from

This is a terribly upsetting article. Doesnt the author realize that his point is exactly the same as the so called Father 8767 s who wouldn 8767 t let his white daughter date a black man. It is the same argument only in reverse. The author tears down not only white women but also black women by implying that having a white woman is better than a black woman on the eyes of a black man. It is a 8775 status symbol 8776 . No race is better than the other. We are all human and here together so we should support one another regardless of what color our skin is. Which by the way is because of evolution not because God wanted us to only marry people of our same color. Races mix. It is completely naturally and the best chance we have for survival. It is time to EVOLVE ppl.

How do companies foster diversity and inclusion when half the people working for them really don’t believe in it? The answer is they don’t. It is all just a façade of appearing progressive and ethical which is almost worse than blatantly advertising the fact that we don’t want a mixed community. I have received the wake up call of a lifetime and I am ready to go back to sleep- except I can’t. I now have no choice but to be aware of the racial lines that divide me from others. It would be irresponsible to not share my Dad’s view with the next black person I may choose to date.  I am a white girl and I am experiencing racism in its ugliest form. Who would have thought?

The word 8775 creepiness 8776 rings true for me. Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable because there 8767 s a tendency for people of each gender in the AMWF arena to put the other on a pedestal. I will say that I generally find Asian men more attractive physically than most Caucasians, and even more so than Black men. That 8767 s probably in part due to hearing from Caucasian men (and women) that I 8767 m too pale (all of my life). But it is mostly because I find the generic Asian features beautiful. Still, I don 8767 t date someone because of or in spite of their race. Only once did I have the chance to date an Asian-American guy, and frankly I never had anyone treat me so well. I know that doesn 8767 t mean that all Asian or Asian-American men would be the same.

I only have one thing to say
I 8767 m a woman who has been also dating different group age men. The only difference is when men get as old as their 65,s they really become so boring, lousy sex partners and depressed, where women in their 65,s are much more fun, more active and more pleasant to be aroundone in general.
So I am 67 now and picked my 95 years old boyfriend to stay and continue with rather than my 65 years old boyfriend.

I do appreciate the insight and the forewarning, as I 8767 m sure other guys do as well (I apologize in advance if I sound just a bit cynical here), but this sounded more like you bragging about the 8775 correct 8776 reasons why you prefer Asian guys and how these other 8775 victims 8776 of yellow fever may perhaps have completely 8775 misguided 8776 notions of us Asian men, liking us for all the wrong reasons.

It 8767 s my opinion that Thai girls in general seem VERY selective with which foreigners they prefer if you are thin, rich, lighter colored skin/hair/eyes you have a HUGE INHERENT ADVANTAGE (but not insurmountable if you don 8767 t) in hooking up with hot Thai women!!! If you 8767 re not, don 8767 t worry you can still do well but you 8767 ll have to work a lot harder for their affection!

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