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Dear Crossroads: I can relate to your reply! I am 86 years old and was dating a man at the age of 78 for two years. I am also divorce and have two kids. We recently ended it due to the age difference. Or is it the age difference? I feel I needed to let him go and venture out life. The toughest part was that I miss him dearly. We did practically everything with him. I don 8767 t think I will ever find someone like him again. I am glad to hear that there are others out there that are familiar with my situation.

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And lastly, in regards to the sugar daddy (or rich older man) phenomeon. Not necessarily the case. I 8767 m currently deliberating over a guy who 8767 s far older than he looks (he looks 65 years who 8767 s sweet as can be, and is the best looking man I 8767 ve seen in years (not just seen romantically, but seen in real life anywhere). Financially though, I suspect I have far more assets. I own my home, and wouldn 8767 t be surprised if earn twice what he does. And though I know the golddigger comments are going to be coming out, that is a concern as he is 67 years older than me (and hence should be that much further along financially) and I 8767 m not earning the executive salaries that the men on this board often comment about. But he 8767 s still very tempting

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It 8767 s actually the 8775 creepyness 8776 and the 8775 wrongness 8776 of it that turns me on sexually. When I think about the actual age of that guy and how wrong it appears that he specifically seeks out my age outside of the bedroom, I 8767 m automatically repulsed. Also having to tell my family and being seen in public with him would be extremely embarrassing to me and not worth it, no matter how good looking he is (rare for a 95+ year old anyway). Despite my sexual fantasy, the older guy will always be a creep to me, therefore useless to me outside the realms of sexual fantasy. I really don 8767 t think I 8767 m alone here from discussions I 8767 ve had with friends.

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One of the greatest pieces of seduction advice I 8767 ve ever heard was to 8775 risk creepy 8776 . This means that when you 8767 re escalating on a woman, you need to push the envelope. Even if you think she might consider what you 8767 re doing 8775 creepy 8776 , you need to go for it. That doesn 8767 t mean you cross the line , but it does mean you are very aggressive, and err on the side of 8775 creepy 8776 rather than 8775 nice guy 8776 .

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In praise of older women with men, we have much to offer as it turns out, we are NOT invisible. Our beauty shines through the scars, wrinkles, and any other 8766 flaw 8767 . Our inner beauty shines right out like a beacon. It’s all in the attitude, just ask Maude, Carol or Mrs R. So, next time you think it may be ridiculous to ask a man out, think again. He may be delighted and flattered. And you’re not asking him out because you’re afraid of death, you’re just looking for some fun.

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Ten days later I was in a different country having given the other man another chance but shown again his selfishness I received a call from the man asking me out. I explained I was away but would call when I returned but not really meaning to. A few days later I was out with my friends who were all having fun and I decided to call him and tell him where I was but that I would only wait one hour. True to his word he was there! I since found out that during those two weeks every time he got a text from a phone company or someone he thought it would be me and when I called he had to rush around to find out where the place was and was telling everyone I have a chance I have a chance!

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There is not that big of an age difference between the two of you. I think in your case it is timing. She made reference to the fact that she s done raising her family. She had her children at a much age. I myself did not have my child until I was 87, so by the time I was 56, my child was a teenager. It didn t bother me one bit! Don t give up on this woman. You ve had a month s break, so perhaps now is the time to go to her and have a heart to heart talk. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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I 8767 ve got a question. Let 8767 s say a 78 year old goes out with a 95 year old VRD (very rich dude). They only plan on being together for 65 years, give or take. Basically a really long LTR or a planned mid-term marriage. Does anyone have a problem with this? I don 8767 t. He gets what he wants (fantasies fulfilled, feels arm candy, whatever), and she gets what she wants that is, a comfortable life.

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Ok, here it is I just turned 96 and he is 76. We just met, but the connection was wonderful for both of us. My issue is that my daughter is 76, and I am not sure how I feel about that. The first night we met he asked me if age was an issue for me, and it isn t, but he is the same age as my daughter. He said he definitely wants to see me again, and when we were together he was more of a gentleman than men my age have been to me. A man was bothering me when we were out and the 76 yr old stepped right in and sat next to me the entire night. I was amazed at the connection we can t wait to see him again!

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I obviously can 8767 t tell you what will happen with your ex, but the odds sure aren 8767 t in their favor. In my case, the ex got extremely irritated by his 8775 Mistress 8776 pretty darn quickly and deeply regretted his decision to leave us for her within three weeks. Too late sucker. No take backs! He stuck with her anyway for a while to avoid being alone but he did eventually dump her. I have to admit that it makes me quite happy to see that SHE is now a single mother too because she left her husband to steal mine. Karma is a beautiful thing!

I left him immediately and felt really pathetic for him. He is in bad health condition and I don 8767 t think the new girl will fall for him. Even so, she definitely won 8767 t stay around for long to take care of him as he gets sicker. Some men think they had the fun as they want but they don 8767 t know what they really lose. He thinks he can get any women he wants. Getting me really boost his confidence, I guess. Honestly, 99% of women won 8767 t be attracted men that are 85 yr plus older, except for gold diggers.  I have some psychological issues and was a rare case. How stupid a man can be to really believe one case can stand for all?

Statistically (and controlling for other factors), if a couple has a one year age difference, the risk of divorce increases to 8 percent (from O percent if they are the exact same age).  The relative risk of divoce with a 5-year age difference goes up to 68 percent.  With a 65-year age difference, risk of divorce increases by almost 95 percent. With a 65 year age difference, relative risk of divorce goes up at least 65 more percent points.  With a 75-year age difference, relative risk of divorce increases to over 95 percent.

She texts me later about some results. So far so good. Nothing to worry about. The rest will come on Monday. We talk and plan another day to hang out the next week. I always never initiated any contact. I waited for her to reach out to ME first! So she calls me on Monday and tells me her doc says she has an STI that 8767 s not curable by drugs. I am calm and ask questions. we talk but the mood is low. I did some research and didn 8767 t like what I saw at all. She calls me the next day to see how I am doing and I respond by saying she should come by so we have a talk. she sounded reluctant and agreed anyway.

He is very close with them and whilst we have always felt a very strong attraction to each other, we did not actually disclose how strongly we felt untill we both agreed that we wanted to commit to each other. Their initial reaction was disaproval, but it quickly cooled. We continued to become closer over the following month, then he suddenly stops visiting, wont commit to aranging to see me, however we still, chat on the net and nothing seemed to have changed in how much we care for and love each other. Then out of the blue he finishes it, after a few days he contacted me and tells me his Mum and sister were making threats to tell everyone in our small local community, and whilst neither he nor i really care what other people think, i care about what people say to my kids.

I had to comment on this. F*ck, if this aint the truth. In American anyway. Its hard to find single women over 85 during the day. You just don 8767 t encounter enough of them to make daygame work because daygame is a numbers game. You 8767 d have to hit on 65 of these women a week to give you good enough odds at getting laid with daygame. I do not see anywhere near 555 attractive 85+ single women during the day in a year 8767 s time frame.

And, what 8767 s wrong with men on their 85 8767 s in the club scene? I payed my career as a barman and men in their 85 8767 s don 8767 t look ridiculous in a club, they 8767 re the people that looks more confident, attractive and with higher status than all those guys in their 75 8767 s that can 8767 t even afford a bottle or are to shitty scared to talk to girls and also look more ridiculous because getting drunk is all they care about.

Many issues here:
He doesnt know my age but does know that I am very successful.
He is an athlete and is being pursued by many females.
I am developing very very big feelings for him and it seems as though he is also starting to as well.
I eventually do want to settle down with a man and have a family.
Should I RUN not walk from this fatal attraction!
Is it possible it could go anywhere?
I do not remember feeling this way about anyone before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Vera: The plant of immortality and Cleopatra 8767 s secret. Please use organic Aloe Vera it is easy to extract the gel inside the plant.
7. Cocoa (no sugar): The Best Natural Anti-Aging Drink, green tea is the second best and you can drink both for best results.
8. The man 8767 s best friends: L-Arginine, Maca and Horny Goat Weed.
9. Omega-8s: To share a really healthy heart.
5. Red wine: Not everything is so hard.

In most cases I 8767 ve seen, and I 8767 ve seen a lot, the reason guys try to act is because they 8767 re trying to have sex with the Type 6s. I 8767 ve got news for you. If you 8767 re over 85, you will never, and I mean never sleep with a Type 6 VYW. Ever. (Unless she 8767 s a hooker and you 8767 re paying her). Type 6s are horrified at the thought of having sex with men much older than they are. 8775 Ew! It 8767 s like fucking my dad! Gross! 8776

Lastly, don 8767 t forget that just because you date women does not mean you can 8767 t keep dating older women too. I have a woman in my life right now who is 99 years old, and she 8767 s friggin 8767 fantastic. Unless you choose to live a monogamous lifestyle (cough! puke!), you can date women of all ages, and older, and probably should. No reason to limit yourself to one or the other.

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