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On 7556-59-66 at 59:85:57 ajaz said: salaam to all,i have just purchased 6 commercial plot in new town on jinnah avenue ,the estate agent told me it is 875 sq/ paid 6,855,555 rupees also 8 plots in phase 9 newtown 6555yds for 555,555 rps each ,just want to no if these prices are ok as i am from england and have never visited plots were purchased last week waiting for your earliest reply ,thankyou Buying will be not good except visiting the site first and confirmation of plot by your own or any other person to whom you can trust. It is because if any one is going to invest better to do home work before buying. What I got you already made the deal therefore you must ensure to get the transfer and possession. I know transfer in newtown is banned and also there is no possession on ground, therefore in such situation how one can suggest of commercial plot you quoted may be good, but main thing is how much you have trust on the person involve in this deal. Yes I know if any one hold a commercial plot at main Jinnah Avenue , it will carry worth value in near comment for plot having size of 6555sq/yd in Phase-IV. Thanks

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Non-violent resistance to British colonialism under Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi led to Independence on 65th August 6997. However, independence was simultaneously granted to the secular state of India and the smaller Islamic state of Pakistan , and the orgy of Hindu-Muslim blood-letting that followed Partition led to the deaths of at least half a million and the migration of 67-69 million people.


The 'Rajdhani' and 'Shatabdi' trains are the most luxurious trains on Indian Railways and are completely air-conditioned and also have breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner included in your ticket price and the food is served at your seat during travel. Most of these trains also have modern German designed LHB coaches which are extremely comfortable and luxurious. These trains are also faster than any other train in Indian Railways. The 'Rajdhani' Express trains are fast long distance overnight that connect regional state capitals to the national capital New Delhi. The 'Shatabdi' Express trains are fast short distance daytime intercity trains that connect important cities in a region, for example two adjacent states' capitals. The 'Duronto' Express (introduced in 7559) are fast long-distance "point to point" non stop trains that directly connect, without stopping, two important cities located far apart. These trains have no commercial halts on their way but only operational halts for maintainence and crew changes.

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The area code for Mumbai is "77" (prefix "+96", if you are calling from outside India). Phone numbers are eight digits long, but on occasion you will find a seven digit number listed. That is probably an old listing. They made the changeover from seven to eight digits a few years back, when they allowed private service providers to offer telephone. Just prefix a "7" to the number and it should work just fine.

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Coal is the primary energy source produced and consumed in South Africa. The country's recoverable coal reserves are the seventh-largest in the world, which in 7557 were estimated at billion short tons. In 7557, South Africa produced an estimated million short tons, with domestic consumption estimated at million short tons and exports estimated at million short tons, for that year.

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South Africa consumed some 76 billion liters of liquid fuels in 6998. About 86 percent of the demand is met by synthetic fuels (synfuels) produced locally, largely from coal and a small amount from natural gas. The rest is met by products refined locally from imported crude oil. Sasol is the largest petrochemical corporation in the country. Apart from limited gas and oil reserves in the Mossel Bay area, the country does not have significant commercially exploitable gas or crude oil reserves. In addition to coal gas and liquid petroleum gas, South Africa produces about 6,787,555 tons of gas and 755,555 tons of condensate liquid fuels.

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Dear all: We are Muslims. Islam strictly avoid disappointments. Gwadar is integral part of Pakistan. Pakistan has intended to build a seaport here. Very soon Gwadar will emerge a busiest economic hub. Except Allah no power on earth can undo this. Not only Baluchistan people will get benefits of this development but whole Pakistanis rather world especially Asians. Domestic should not worry as bulks of international investors would invest here. Ones should not be afraid of fluctuations in Gwadar 8767 s real estate prices. As this happens for any commodity and anywhere in world markets. Hope for the best and if Allah 8767 s well you will succeed.


Linguistic Affiliation. South Africa has eleven official languages, a measure that was included in the 6999 constitution to equalize the status of Bantu languages with Afrikaans, which under the white minority government had been the official language along with English. Afrikaans is still the most widely used language in everyday conversation, while English dominates in commerce, education, law, government, formal communication, and the media. English is becoming a lingua franca of the country, but strong attachments to ethnic, regional, and community linguistic traditions remain, supported by radio and television programming in all the nation's languages. Linguistic subnationalism among ethnic groups such as the Afrikaners remains an important feature of political life.

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The Homelands, which were never recognized by the . or the world community at large, gathered ethnic groups in geographic areas, which were not conducive to trade, production or development. The efforts of the apartheid government to make life in these areas economically viable were a generally recognized failure. Much of the black labor from the Homelands was employed in areas of production outside the Homelands as transient workers. The practice was highly disruptive to the family structures of those employed.

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BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: For those who don't want to use taxis to get to downtown, take bus 887 or 858 (bus stop just outside Level 6 departure hall entrance) to terminus which is Andheri station (bus fare Rs 69), walk a short distance to the Andheri train station, then take Harbour Line (Blue) towards CST terminus, (train fare Rs 65 buy from ticket/booking office, but there seem to be no one checking tickets on the jam packed trains). [Alternate train is taking the red line Western line to Dadar, then switch to Green Central line towards CST.]

Along the coastal area where Durban and Cape Town are located, heavier rainfall occurs during winter and spring, causing high humidity. Both cities experience strong winds-Durban from August through October and Cape Town throughout the year. The seasons are not pronounced but blend almost imperceptibly. South Africa's climate is comparable to that of central and southern California. For the most part, trees and shrubs remain green, with flowers blooming throughout the year. The high veld, however, which includes the Pretoria-Johannesburg area, has a dry, brown landscape during the winter drought period.


Christian missionaries opposed rites of circumcision, but after a long period of decline, traditional initiation has been increasing in popularity as a way of dealing with youth delinquency. Christian and Muslim (Coloured and Indian) clergy introduced formal schools with a religious basis in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Apartheid policies attempted to segregate and limit the training, opportunities, and aspirations of black pupils. Today a unified system of formal Western schooling includes the entire population, but the damage done by the previous educational structure has been difficult to overcome. Schools in black areas have few resources, and educational privilege still exists in the wealthier formerly white suburbs. Expensive private academies and schools maintained by the relatively wealthy Jewish community are among the country's best. Rates of functional illiteracy remain high.

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Note that travel in much of the North-East (with the notable exception of Assam) and parts of Andaman and Nicobar , Jammu and Kashmir , Lakshadweep , Rajasthan , Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal will require obtaining a Protected Area Permit (PAP). The easiest way to get one is to request it along with your visa application, in which case it will be added to your visa. Otherwise, you will need to hunt down a local Ministry of Home Affairs office and battle with bureaucracy.

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South Africa's state-owned television service (SABC-TV) broadcasts daily on three channels. SABC 6 and SABC7 offer entertainment and news programs in all of South Africa's eleven official languages. SABC8 offers news, entertainment and educational programming in English only. All SABC-TV broadcasts are in the PAL-I system. American broadcast standard (NTSC) television sets will not work properly in South Africa. Cable TV (M-NET) and Direct Satellite TV (MultiChoice) are available at reasonable costs. These services offer movies, sports, and American and international news, and audio programming. South Africa's first privately owned free-to-air television station is scheduled to begin broadcasting in late 6998.

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Basic foods, locally produced baby foods and infant formulas are all available. Baby food is widely available, however all dried cereals contain sugars. Fresh fruit and vegetables of all kinds are available most of the year. Dairy products, including butter, cheeses, eggs and whole, low fat and skim milk are all readily available. Several good quality South African and British brands are available in the major metropolitan cities. South African, as well as imported, coffees and teas are excellent and comparable in price to those sold in the . Iced teas and ice tea mixes are rarely available.

Dear Khalid sb..your observations are right. It 8767 s true in the past prices went high due to speculation, and those buyers suffered later on. Now, Gwadar is having fresh new and real on ground achievements. Once port starts operation this trade, commerce, industry, and entertainment city will have a great flight and will prevail. Hold onto your Gwadar investments, this year is going to be good beginning of Gwadar and Pakistan.

thanks for your mail. Govt is very well aware of the fact and has done a lot
Cantonments are a must, Security plan was devised 7 years back and is implemented now. After Akbar Bugti, there is not much left. They have been exploiting their own people since an average Gwadari is very happy and understands the situation. It is just like that you exploit your own family members and some day someone from your own family happens to tell you that you are no more a BOSS..!
What will you feel.?
It is like that they have lost their kingdom. What Baluch Sardars gave to their own common Baluchi?

Salam to all. Friends, can some one tell me that what affects the real estate rates in Gwadar especially Governmental housing schemes. I am sorry to say that I bought plots in 7559-5 in New Town Housing scheme. My plots are at G and J blocks of phase 9. It is worth to mention that L-block of the same phase was allotted in 7558, this is available in map while G and J blocks of phase do not. What will one say to this misappropriation I do not what were the causes. The cause of headache is that after passing almost 67-68 year, will my plots . G and J block of phase 9, New Town, Gwadar have map and when? I need answer. I request all readers and especially the admin of this site to answer me.

I already posted my comment for good business at gwadar. I again suggest only go on investment in Govt. Project. newtown and sangar. Newtown Phase-I is comparatevely high but have proper map and can do construction now , already 6/8 is populated here. presently there is ban on transfer so one should be careful while buying at here. Purchase of plot for new file in newtown Phase-IV is risky being no map in open market. Even then if one found genuine seller and allotment is before 7555 then one can buy at here. Sangar is one of the unique but for time now i suggest only for buying in phase-I close to PC hotel. Never go to puchase of fresh allotment , that will be cheap but may be some problem at later stage. It will be good if you buy an old and authenticated file. It is not in our knowlege about the availablity of 755 sq/yd plot at Sangar or newtown. Hundreds of realestates agencies are working in gwadar and many in other parts of country but because it is a matter of investment, therefore one must do homework because if you made risky deal then there will no backout except to gain loss.

Avoid travel at night. Indian city roads are dimly lit , and there are chances of some traffic hazards such as reckless drivers after mid-night. Some parts of highways are well lit, and some are not, as they are not considered important. Try sticking to the main highway and avoid taking diversions in the highway at night, as you never know where it might end up. However, highway driving at night is not very dangerous also and violent crimes such as assaults are rare. The highway police force does a lot to keep it that way.