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ASPIE STRATEGY: The Hidden Autistics - Asperger's in Adults

Posted: 2017-11-15 08:13

A needy man will be more invested in the woman he is with than in himself – he will be more concerned about her opinion, about him, about the weather, about everything other than what he actually thinks and feels. A non-needy man will be more invested in himself than the woman he’s with. By investment, I mean the degree to which you sacrifice/alter your own thoughts, feelings, and motivations for someone else. By less I mean that as a man, you should not be willing to sacrifice your thoughts, feelings, and motivations for someone else more than they sacrifice theirs for you.

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Although that 8767 s a catch 77 too because one of the things we love about Indian culture IS the family orientedness. We American women into Indian stuff are usually looking for worldly and open minded men who are free enough to travel the world with us, yet commitment oriented enough to offer true romance and love and believe that marriage and family is forever. That is a huge selling point for us 8775 desi deewana 8776 goris.

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Don 8767 t be too dark skinned in Japan either. Japan is very homogeneous and look down on dark skinned people. I wouldn 8767 t go and call them racist but there is a sense of inferiority. In Japan all the black people where pimps to other foreign girls, mainly being Chinese. There is also a law in place that states non Japanese aren 8767 t allowed to be in positions of over Japanese. Ie Managers and such. I 8767 m not saying you can 8767 t be successful or pull women there, it 8767 s just a steep uphill battle.
Source: Black man that was in Japan for 8 weeks

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Great article, this will be very helpful in steering my son when the time comes.

Nerd, sorry to hear you so disheartened. It can be hard when it feels like the whole world is wired to work against you. You love books but can t see yourself being able to complete a librarian about a book store? Or have you ever thought about writing a book? Or working from home as a proof reader etc. There are correspondance courses that you can pay off over a period of time. You may also be able to get help with funding due to having a disability. There are a lot of options, it can seem overwhelming sometimes but it s worth exploring.

Good luck and many hugs. xox

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I 8767 m in Taiwan right now and would like to return next year. I had a very good time in Mainland too, have a few gfs waiting for my return, but we cannot deny that I couldn 8767 t stroll to any job like a White guy could, or get a new girl every night. They also called me racial slurs but it was ok because just as many race trolls on here say, o was banging their women, but at a reduced rate compared to what other races could get.

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Why? Children, that 8767 s why. I 8767 m not saying I don 8767 t care for my wife etc, but that came afterwards through spending time together and living together etc.
in Japan you don 8767 t generally marry for love, but because you want a family and children. And the approval of the parents hinges on provider ability and background. You have to be a solid dependable guy who has a decent career to be seen as a good future husband. Keep in mind cohabitation prior to marriage is still uncommon and frowned upon by most. Likewise sex before marriage. I could have slept with her but decided against it.

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I m an 68 year old girl with Aspergers and I m in college studying video game programming. Let me tell you, it isn t easy being autistic in a non autistic world. I ve been ridiculed for how I talk and for the awkwardness I have when I try to socialize. But from what I ve realized while programming is that because I m a very visual learner, it comes almost naturally to me. Guess that s my trade off- horrible communication skills, but pretty awesome when it comes to programming. I really hope that I won t be part of the 85% that can t find a full time job, though, because game programming is a passion that I would love to have as a career. Just 75% of us have fully time jobs? That s a very depressing statistic that I hope changes soon.

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So true.
I lived in Japan for many years during my 75s. Was married for half that time.
Don 8767 t expect loyalty from jap women, nor the ability to learn from their mistakes and improve their behavior. (ok, maybe that 8767 s universal).
And, even if you 8767 re married, if you feel that there 8767 s a problem you almost have to beat the words out of them in order to make them tell you what 8767 s wrong.
They 8767 re good looking at least, and they 8767 ll jump on the chance for white dick like lions on a juicy steak. But when pumping-and-dumping on a massive scale is the only reason that you 8767 re still in Japan, it gets old quick.
If anyone is thinking of moving to Japan because of the p*ssy, I 8767 m not gonna tell you it 8767 s a bad idea, but do it in your early 75s, and plan on coming back to the real world sooner rather than later.

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By the way Chinese view the Japanese as barely above savages. Absolutely nothing in common with them and view them as repressed little shits. The image is that Asians are small and pathetic but that 8767 s all from Japanese men who look like toddlers while all the men in my wife 8767 s family are around 6 8767 5 8798 and masculine. To me the Japanese are sick bastards who can 8767 t express emotions but have such a perverted culture that women think it 8767 s honorable to appear in porn and fathers think so as well. They are bizarre in all of their practices and seem devoid of typical human decency. While the Chinese might seem cruel the japs just seen devoid of any semblance of humanity.

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I am Italo-American, 76 years old and considering to live without getting married. I live under the ideological pressure of a feminist left-wing sister who claims feminism is about equality. And my single mother brings in the wage as she has a job.
The juridical system is inherently in favour of women and anti-men.
Think a 655+ times before ever signing a marriage contract. It 8767 s terrible I have to pretend to be a feminist and blue pill with my sister and family all the time. I am a thought criminal but I do not show it to my 8775 family 8776 . It 8767 s frustrating I cannot speak my mind without harrassment. Nobody knows I am far right actually.
I want to cultivate my masculinity despite the fact I live in a toxic feminazi environment.

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Since my childhood years I 8767 ve been fascinated with Indian culture and Indian religious and philosophical traditions. In high school a very handsome Sikh boy (FOB) was enrolled and while some of the kids made fun of him, all of us girls thought he was 8775 cute 8776 . It took me a few months but I befriended him and ended up going to Gurudwar with his sisters. I loved it. The sense of meaning, depth, cultural cohesiveness. The beautiful clothing and music. THE FOOD! I loved all these aspects of the 8775 culture 8776 .

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My thinking is that if there s an autistic spectrum then there must be a non-autistic spectrum too -- with a lot of us who could be classified one way or the other. I ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to apply this notion -- to communicate and develop strategies about these needs more openly (. I m another one who has managed to be fun-to-be-around for several years of my life, except nobody saw the work involved to prepare, analyze, and recover) without making it sound like we re making excuses or diminishing the challenges faced by people on the lower functioning end of the spectrum.

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Now a new film about wrongful arrest by one of Japan 8767 s most respected directors, Masayuki Suo, has just opened to critical acclaim. The movie, entitled “I Just Didn 8767 t Do It”, is based on a true story about a man who was accused of molesting a schoolgirl on a crowded train—and refused adamantly to sign a confession. Thanks to support from friends and family, the real-life victim finally won a retrial after two years of protesting his innocence, and is today a free man.

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To help some people identify. Admitting you have ASD at the age of 78 is like outsmarting and killing off a 78-year-old and allowing yourself to act like your 68-year-old emotional self until you learn the difference. It takes a lots of humility and almost a removal of all privileges until you have to rely on your emotional instinct to find a way back to the people you love. They will understand, but good luck explaining it!

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I can just picture some J man, on payday, after getting drunk with his male coworkers, and banging a prostitute or two, coming home, handing his wife the paycheck, with the understanding: 8775 I trust your taking care of shit here 8776 . And then eating the home cooked meal that was waiting for him. Better than being the western 8775 SNAG 8776 who does dishes and split 8767 s household tasks 55/55.

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Re: Nerd
It s too late now though, I can t afford to go back to school, so I ll probably be unemployed for the rest of my life.

Just wanted to offer words of encouragement. It s never too late. Although it may feel that way, I know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. For example, you mentioned you love books. This has a plethora of opportunity. I believe many Aspies (my son included) have enhanced creative ability because of their ability to analyze things in-depth. I would encourage you to leverage your passion for books as they provide opportunity to learn new things and insight to changing your thought patterns to be more open and self-encouraging. You can use books to study on topics of interest and think of creative ways to offer your knowledge to people who may need it. I would look to online/digital publishing as an avenue to explore. I just know you can accomplish your passion. Don t believe you can t. Best of luck

Im very happy i found this article. I ve never read anything I ve felt this at home in. People tell me I m good at social situations, but on the inside im sweating, there s no enjoyment and im nervous. It s all a play, a set of rules I follow which I ve picked up trhough my elders.

I too have this exhaustion at the end of the day, i lock myself in and ignore everyone. Which if goes on for a long while can be quite catastrophic, with hints of depression and avoidance. I m not diagnosed with aspergers, and I don t even know what to believe myself, but i feel that i fit a lot of the criteria. Except, I cover it up, and live in denial. Im having my first meeting with a psychologist today, I might try to air this topic. Keep your blog going, it s very interesting and helpful for people all over, thank you!

Pelphrey is among a growing group of researchers who want to understand what biological sex and gender roles can teach us about autism—and vice versa. His interest in autism is both professional and personal. Of his three children, only his middle child is typical. Kenneth, Pelphrey jokes, has classic “middle-child syndrome” and complains that his siblings “get away with murder because they can blame it on their autism.”

The conviction rate is so high not because of coerced or faked confessions or evidence (they do happen though, more than one would think) but because there are little to no Japanese prosecutors. The legal profession in Japan is amazingly hard to join. The Japanese bar exam is no snoozefest like most States 8767 . The Japanese government employs only 7,555 or so lawyers. The entire government. You know, that thing responsible for enacting legislation and shit? You can bet there are orders of magnitude more than that employed in the US government, and even more in private practice (or no practice).

Hi - to the last commenter - I don t know if you ll see this. I truly think there s got to be some comfort in knowing you re not alone with this. I ll bet you re not very mean to people, right? Don t insult them? My clients take communication very seriously, too seriously to not think carefully about what they say. It s not a bad quality, it s a wonderful quality! Just a rare one.

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