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Ve Blended the Cake, You Can t Take the Parts : Black Gay

Posted: 2017-11-18 03:00

Never really talked about rap once I told them I don 8767 t even really listen to it. No one has ever asked me about 8766 current black issues 8767 . Didn 8767 t really have to talk about the N word either. I 8767 m not interested in white men with black friends. The white men I 8767 ve been on dates with never had to say anything about loving all types of women. It is not that serious. If they 8767 re on a date with me, I 8767 ll assume they have some kind of interest in black women. I don 8767 t do that black stereotypical talking bull$hit because if I don 8767 t normally talk like that, why would he joke with me like that. Who the hell would ask if you want hot sauce??? NOBODY EVER ASKED WHY BLACK PEOPLE DO [BLANK] SO WHY CAN 8767 T WHITE PEOPLE!

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not stereotype, I love spicy, I will generally order the spiciest meal in restaurants and when cooking for mates and family do two versions spicy and less spicy, not sure about the stereotype and I 8767 m not daft or ignorant, the more we can experience other cultures/tastes the better without being accused of pandering to stereotypes just for being interested in your culture. Get over it.

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According to my own understanding and to how I see things, % of South African white man are only just looking for s*x on black woman and 6% of them I can say they love black woman for real, I am a black woman and I 8767 ve never dated a white men before but I 8767 ve always wished to date one but when it comes to it I just loose interest even on going to meet up with a guy cause my mind always tells me that he is only looking for s*x. It just happens that maybe whenever I speak to them through the phone or chatting to them they always talking about s*x like always so I got confused but maybe it 8767 s my bad luck or something or maybe my ancestors don 8767 t want me to date white guys so I decided to give up on them. But I still get attracted to them.

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So much truth typed there, although probably falling on deaf ears. The authors of this site would rather label those that echo your sentiments as “bitter.” To address the psychological illness that drives many black men to chase after white meat (especially after they’ve realized any modicum of mainstream success- as exhibited in this post) is something the “love is colorblind” blacks are not even willing to acknowledge let alone discuss. It’s interesting how I only hear blacks (particularly males) adopting the “love who you love” philosophy. Other races simply do not do this. I still fail to see how making this observation makes one bitter.

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I date outside my race and trust me when I say, white men LOVE black women so the issue isn t with them wanting us, it s the fact that a lot of us aren t interested in them. A lot of black women are still loyal towards black men and are more attracted to black men. But sistas need to open themselves up more. You don t have to give up on brothas, just keep your mind, your heart and your eyes open.

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I 8767 ve been dating a wonderful black woman for over a year and a half. She 8767 s the first black woman I 8767 ve gone out with since my early to mid twenties. We live in South Carolina. I 8767 ve been surprised that it 8767 s such a non event. I wasn 8767 t expecting race riots in the streets, but maybe a grumpy look from an old couple in their 75 8767 s, an off comment from an acquaintance, just a little thing here or there. But there hasn 8767 t even been that.

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It is already written and will come to past. Judgement of all the nations for what they have done to Jacob. All of this is in Deuteronomy 78 and the punishment for those that have brought the curses into fruition are in Obadiah 6. Our father is just. Just as Jacob 8767 s descendants paid for their ancestors sins, so will the descendants of these slave owners. I had ancestors that were slave owners and I pray for forgiveness for what they have done on a continual basis. Judgement is coming in our life-time

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Wow, I don t know what problems the women who cower in fear have, and, truthfully, I ve never witnessed anything like that, LOL I am a black woman who is married to a white man who just happens to have money, and he would love nothing more than for me to stop working, but I won t do that. Oh yeah, I wear my beautiful hair natural with beautiful kinks 🙂 You sound kinda bitter about something wanna share? LOL

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I am a African-American teenager and I like interracial dating I find it very Influential to other people to see how different races interact with each other even though I have never dated outside my race I would. I find all the races attractive. Often times I find it scary to talk to people outside of my race because of the stereotypes that they put on African-American women. I 8767 ve often heard some people say I 8767 m more attractive because I 8767 m like skin and I have naturally curly hair. I often find it offensive because God made us perfect and often times we change ourselves because society tells us what we should think is beautiful. all people are beautiful no matter the color of your skin or where you came from

Women just need to accept or reject whenever a man comes their way and tries to hook up with them. For men on the other hand, we must take care of every detail from the very beginning. We must walk across, do the first move and get to know them. We must lead the talk and attract them. We must ask them out on a date. Then on a date, we must take care not to screw up. Then we must find the right moment for the first kiss and so on. Furthermore, we are always so nervous about it and this is always a turn off for both. It is a mining field where the first wrong step gets to a global failure. That 8767 s why so many times our motivation is too low to take action.

Your absolutely correct. Its not the numbers that matter. What 8767 s important is what kind of coupled black gay men get the coverage of major media. That coverage is what drives perceptions about us and its what drives our own ideas about who we are and how we should live our lives. Many of us copy what 8767 s popular regardless of how much sense it makes. The question remains why do such a high percentage of high profile black men (straight and gay) NOT chose black partners and how does this affect the self esteem and behavior of us black folks? Will some graduate student please study this already!

I understand, already know why girls, women are attracted to rich guys, because
subconsciously, women, girls, want a provider for her and her potentially
future kids, i don 8767 t blame them for that, but girls, women, are attracted to
guys, men who are successful in life and many of these guys, men, are not rich
themselves, don 8767 t have money, so it kinda makes it more frustrating.

I 8767 m glad that there weren 8767 t as many plantations and slave owners as I had thought while I was growing up. It wasn 8767 t all that widespread. But the AMOUNT of EVIL that existed on the plantations I just can 8767 t even absorb all of it! This is far more hideous than anything I had ever realized and that was bad enough, already. I am overcome with g-r-i-e-f that any human being had to live this way and with no end in sight.

That statement proves nothing. I’m a black woman. I’m proud to be black. I love the color of my skin, my beautiful features, and am proud of my heritage. However, I don’t date black men. Why? It’s very personal, but it made it changed the way I react romantically to black men and becoming involved- I can’t do it. I’m honestly not interested in who agrees or doesn’t agree or who supports it or doesn’t. It’s my life. I’m just pointing out to you that just because she doesn’t date black men doesn’t mean she isn’t proud of her own “blackness.” In fact, if I recall correctly, when Dennis Rodman was asked years ago about him not dating black women, he commented about being rejected and ridiculed about his looks so often by black women (probably before the $$$) that he started looking elsewhere.

The black church has always been the strongest organization in the black community and white men don’t go to black churches and listen to black pastors preach to them about sin and how wicked their lives are and how much they need Salvation. I don 8767 t think too many white men would be able to endure the 7 to 8 hour church service led by black men every weekend. So as long as black churches with black pastors and black deacons remains the strength of the black community it doesn’t really matter what white men think about black women (or black men). You won 8767 t see too many white men going to black churches with black women while the church is being pastored by black men. The Sunday sermon by the black pastors will set things straight for black men and women (in the absence of white men who won’t go to black churches led by black pastors which may be the reason why black churches remain so strong in the black communities).

The way we talk, the way we walk, our quick Witt, our sense of style non-European men typically don 8767 t have it. And despite the negative portrayals, black men are more than just great athletes and entertainers we are intelligent human beings who continually get knocked down by the system, yet get out of bed every day and try to find our way in a system that was strategically designed to result in our destruction.

I know this is a blog about Japan, but if you think about it, this is global. You can replace 8775 Japanese 8776 with any ethnicity in the world and the answer will basically be the same. It doesn 8767 t matter who you are or where you are from. Foreign is interesting. The only differences are the cultural faux pas. You stated 8775 foreigners are not highly regarded in Japan, including by Japanese women 8776 in the article at Japan. Socially I can believe this. But individually not so much. I know Japan basically works as a team. Everyone has their job. Everyone is expected to act in a specific manner. But still, I 8767 m sure the interest in foreign people is quite high. Unfortunately, it seems they were taught at a age that foreign is bad. So, if by chance they do like foreign people, the likelihood of them actually admitting it is slim to none. Too much pressure from family. To much pressure from society.

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you are out of your mind! black men and every other man is looking! getting a man to look is not a hard thing to do. I get checked all day by brown, white and whatever other colors you have made are being shown love around the world ..WHATEVER LMAO!!!!! YOU just don t like us. Funny how so many don t want the gorgeous other types of women to feel as beautiful as they are!!!!!!

this whole article and most of these posts are stupid! people are attracted to people for a miread of different reasons and so much more than skin color. Each of us has a different favorite feature, and a different combination of features that attract us. It has so much more to do with smell, too!! Opposites attract, yet we have attractions to either those like our fathers, or opposite. we all need to STOP focusing on the color of our skin and get back to morals and actions that count!!!

First of all, I 8767 m 655% in favor of people dating whomever they choose. Black, white, Asian, Latino , same sex, whatever. Like many people I observe people and things around me as I travel in public. And since leaving military service at the end of 6967, it has been very common for me to see in person and not on TV, Black men and white women, white men and Asian women but, in those 97 years I can only recall seeing 7 instances of a white man with a Black woman. I am not here to try and argue that white men and Black don 8767 t date much more often that what I have observed but I would make the case that there are far more cases of Black men dating white women, the white men dating Black women.

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